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Is Traffic Authority A Scam? [97% of Other Reviews Won’t Tell You These 5 Things]

You must be here because you’ve seen ads and testimonies about this “affiliate marketing” opportunity and yet you’re still unsure if it’s truly worth the splurge or if it’s another investment with little ROI.

Well read on because we’ll weigh every perspective so you can decide for yourself. Here you’ll read about some perspectives that 97% of written reviews haven’t discussed yet.

I do have my own verdict of whether is Traffic Authority a scam or not, but what matters is that you decide on your own and see if it’s a worthy venture or not.

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A Traffic Authority Review Summary

Product Name: Traffic Authority

Founders: Greg Chambers, Doug Wellens, and Chad Stalvey.

Products and Prices: 
Traffic Store (depends on your budget from $220 to $8,397)
Traffic Optimizer ($47/monthly)
Traffic Academy ($97/monthly)
List Leverage (starts from $49/month)

Rating: 33/100

Best For: People who need a unqualified traffic, costly tools, and those willing to shell out a load of money

Recommended: Not Recommended

What Is Traffic Authority About: A traffic creating service for businesses to drive and create more leads and conversions for their client’s website.They also have a commission-based reseller program for interested individuals.


Traffic Authority is a traffic-driving service which may help business websites to establish leads and create sales. They also offer a reseller program with training and provided tools. While this may help businesses and has a legitimate business scheme, the quality of traffic is not definite and the upsells are very expensive. People also find it hard to reach their support teams. They also seem to be less upfront with their other terms and conditions which could be a reason why there were issues with their users.

Get ready because here’s a Traffic Authority review that looks into different perspectives that the other reviews have missed.

What is Traffic Authority About?

Traffic Authority offers a traffic-generating service and an MLM-structured reselling scheme which can be summed up in the video from their website:

People behind Traffic Authority and Related Businesses

is Traffic authority a scam logo

The founders of Traffic Authority are Chad Stalvey, Greg Chambers, and Doug Wellens and they run it under Streamlined Marketing Systems.  Mack Mills, a reputable affiliate marketing figure, is also a front person endorsing Traffic Authority together with Multiple Funnel Income (a product created by Traffic Authority in 2020).

When you investigate the founders of Traffic Authority, you might encounter other businesses that some of them are associated with like Finish Line Network,  Infinite Leverage System and Cash Club.

Finish Line Network

As of writing, Finish Line Network seems to be at their finish line too. Not sure if they forgot to renew the domain or it’s going away for good.

Is Traffic Authority a scam finish line network domain detail
Finish Line Network on the finish line

But just a quick run through, Finish Line Network is composed of three other companies (one of which is Traffic Authority) and aims to help marketers learn the ropes of marketing through their online products.

Infinite Leverage System

This one is also an MLM structured venture with a product they called Click Brilliance that offered functions like analytics, website tracking and monitoring. While they offer premium prices for the products, these features can actually be integrated on your business for free using different Google tools.

While you may see reviews about this product, as of the moment, the domain is no longer active and is not redirected to any website.

But if you will watch the video on the first few paragraphs of this article, you’ll find that Traffic Authority mentioned this as the scheme that they use for their referral program.

The question now is, is Traffic Authority the rehashed Infinite Leverage System?

Club Cash Fund

Now this is quite interesting since this one is a direct mail cash gifting system where a member initially pays $100 for membership (which includes receiving tools for learning about marketing). For you to earn, you need to refer people and have them sign-up like you do, and from there you can clearly see how it’s the typical MLM scheme with no guarantee of returns.

Is Traffic Authority a scam Club Cash fund log in

As you can see from their website, you can’t actually know what they are offering since the landing page requires a Sponsor’s name for you to access. They also admit that there is no guarantee of income plus, there are no refunds according to the website’s Refund Policy. (See image below)

Is Traffic Authority a scam Club Cash fund refund policy

With all these businesses associated with the owners of Traffic Authority, the question now becomes, is Traffic Authority just an overall rebranded and a rehash of their failed businesses?

A deeper look beyond Traffic Authority

To gauge the legitimacy (or otherwise) of a business let’s look at other points that most Traffic Authority reviews have missed.


You can see from the photo below that they claimed the trademark under a “Christian Barker” and it is described as  “Workshops and webinars for educating others regarding online advertising and generating an increase in web traffic for business purposes.”

Now I wonder how they create traffic if they categorize themselves Education and Entertainment…

Is Traffic Authority a scam trademark information
Trademark information from Trademarkia

Domain Age

It would be worth noting that the domain name was created in 2015 which means that their website must have been live for 6 years now.

Is Traffic Authority a scam  trademark information domain details

Well that’s a shock because they claimed that they have been “supplying premium top tier traffic of the past 18 years”. Well let’s just say that it’s a typical “bloating” tactic by businesses.

Is Traffic Authority a scam claims
Traffic Authority’s claim on their website

So I then tried to find relevant information about Streamline Marketing Systems. Maybe they cumulatively used the years with its parent company.

Here’s what I found from DNB, aside from mentioning John C. Stalvey, it also showed an overview of the company:

Is Traffic Authority a scam streamlined marketing systems
Hmmm, 4 employees only?

We can then say that they are still a few years short to claim 18 years of service! While we can’t fully know how they actually counted their years of providing service. It’s just confusing how there are only four employees and they generate that income.

But realistically, we can look at it that maybe the four of them has their own “product/service” and Traffic Authority is just one of them.

I’m sure that these information are not enough yet to answer “Is Traffic Authority a scam” but it’s good enough to show how they branded the company and inspirations behind it.

What does the Traffic Authority Offer?

Traffic Authority offers products related to creating traffic for websites and provides educational resources about it. Together with these is their offer of reselling their products for commissions which they term as their Affiliate opportunity. 

Below is the summary of the products.

Traffic Authority Products

Traffic Store ($220 to $8,397)
Traffic Authority wrote that the Traffic that you can get from here is premium traffic which is 100% from the USA and Canada. 

Simply said, we can assume that they offer geo-targeted advertising according to your budget.

Traffic Optimizer ($47/monthly)

For this product they mentioned that they offer resources for Email Capture Pages. Link tracker, Split-Testing, Pop-ups, Timers and Exit Pages. 

Since Traffic Optimizer is the least costly of all the products it’s likely that it would be the popular choice. And here’s what I found on their checkout page for this lone product. One word: UPSELLING

Is Traffic Authority a scam traffic optimizer checkout upsell

While the instant features of this product are valuable for marketers these can also be easily integrated for free through your website’s page builder (pop-up, timers and exit pages), Google Analytics (analysis of traffic and geo-location) and Google Optimize (split testing of landing pages). 

Traffic Academy ($97/monthly)
These video modules offer certification and training for traffic and lead generation. They offer a 30-day training plan.

Let’s assume that you could complete the training in 30 days, then that would be $97.

Now we wonder why there is the option to subscribe to it monthly, are videos aplenty? Or are there hidden upsells and conditions in the courses?

List Leverage (or Email Builder)

They mentioned that this “software solution” can help people build their email list by creating high-quality leads through their capture pages. 

For this product they offer two options:

Newbie Program = $49/month
Super Affiliate = $398/year

But for this product they have additional one-time payment upgrades ranging from $97-$497.

Traffic Authority Affiliate/Reseller Program

Surprisingly their affiliate program comes in two options:

1. A person can become an affiliate once they buy the product themselves

2. A person can become an affiliate once they have sold the same product thrice.

Traffic Authority Refund

This is the Refund Policy posted on their website :

Is Traffic Authority a scam refund policy

While this mentions a 30-day satisfaction guarantee of all “initial fees” it did not mention which fees are included and which fees are “subsequent”. 

But you’ll be more confused with what I discovered next.

How does the Traffic Authority Work?

Driving traffic to websites and businesses plus having premium traffic from US and Canada can mean that Traffic Authority drives leads through geo-targeted advertising about your business.

Or does it really? 

But the thing is if they are running ads, then they should have a Google Partner badge as an advertising agency or third party. So how else would they create traffic, even if they can actually create traffic for your business how can you be sure of the quality of traffic to your page?

This next one is quite a surprising revelation that I found.

Traffic Authority Compensation Plan

From the Compensation Plan on their website here are the  details on how you can earn from their products as a reseller:

Traffic Optimizer License Key $20
Traffic Academy License Key $50 
Annual Membership $80 – $400* 
Basic Traffic Package $100 
Bronze Traffic Package $200 
Silver Traffic Package $300
Gold Traffic Package $500 
Platinum Traffic Package $1000 
Titanium Traffic Package $2000 
Diamond Traffic Package $4000

Oops look at that they never mentioned a hefty annual membership fee! Plus look at what I found regarding Refunds as an affiliate:

Is Traffic Authority a scam refund policy as affiliate
So if you’re an affiliate, you can’t have a refund?

So does it mean that if you become an Affiliate – which they push you in even when just want and you plan to purchase or upgrade your Traffic Package (from your commissions, or maybe from your own pockets), then does it mean that you’re no longer eligible for the “30-day satisfaction guarantee” that they mentioned on their Refund Policy page?

Can you make money with the Traffic Authority?

There would be two ways that you can make money from Traffic Authority. 

  1. Quality leads that convert to sales on your website
    You can make money with Traffic Authority if they can actually give you high-quality leads that would convert on your business website.
  2. From their affiliate program
    If you make enough reselling (without purchasing anything) and your commissions aren’t consumed up by their membership fee then maybe you can make money here.

Traffic Authority Income Disclosure

A good measure of how much you can earn from an MLM scheme would be their income disclosure. Here’s Traffic Authority’s income disclosure or rather their “disclaimer”.

Is Traffic Authority a scam income disclosure disclaimer

They said that there is no guarantee of income because it would require “hard work, dedication and good sales skills”. Whatever figure they intended to post in this disclaimer seems to have been left out too.

Since we’ve only had a thorough Traffic Authority review this 20201, we now wonder how long the “illustration” for “educational purposes” has been missing. 

A Traffic Authority Review: Pros and Cons


  • Has long been established (since 2015)
  • An elaborate business structure
  • Offers educational resources

Here is a review from an affiliate of Traffic Authority:


  • Vague Refund Policy
  • Questionable Traffic Source and Quality
  • Hidden Upsells
  • Hidden Fees (Membership Fee)
  • Other unsuccessful/obsolete MLM businesses set-up by owners
  • Overpriced products with features that can be accessed for free on other platforms
  • Testimonials cannot be verified
Is Traffic Authority a scam income disclosure disclaimer
An honest and verifiable testimonial will likely link to the business website of the reviewer
  • They seem to be in a bit of fiasco when accessed through Multiple Funnels Income (see BBB Complaint below)

The above is the most recent Traffic Authority Review from BBB. While it has been resolved already you can find in their thread conversation that people availing Multiple Funnel Income (another MLM by Traffic Authority created in 2018)  seems to be a bit misled or maybe confused through their MIF purchase. 

Is Traffic Authority A Scam?

Traffic Authority is an MLM business that aims to create traffic for websites. Their source, method, and quality of traffic is questionable, and they offer products with features that are mostly free from other services.

They also have hidden fees, upsells and quite confusing elaborate policies. Their products would only be good if you have the financial means to try out what they offer.

It would be fair to say that their affiliate program could be profitable if you can continuously sell their products without paying anything– and hopefully you won’t ever be enticed to upgrade. 

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not an affiliate of Traffic Authority or any of their other products myself and I do not endorse it in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials, and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what Traffic Authority genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt from programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn Ways to Avoid Online Scams then click the highlighted text. 

Is Traffic Authority a scam hand choosing option

What I Like About Traffic Authority

Educational Resources about creating Traffic

$97 would be a reasonable amount if you want to learn about creating traffic and capturing leads. Hopefully if you have the time in your hands and tools that may be needed, you can finish everything in a month.

It would be best if the Traffic Academy can be rewatched over and over again, but maybe that’s the point of the monthly subscription plan.

An option to not purchase anything but still become an affiliate

While Traffic Authority Affiliates could choose to not purchase anything, they still need to create three sales for a product for them to be eligible for a Compensation Level. 

Is Traffic Authority a scam online purchase hands laptop

4 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Traffic Authority

Unqualified Leads

There is no explanation how Traffic Authority generates traffic, and in business the quality of traffic doesn’t depend on the number of clicks generated but should be on the sales conversion.

This means that even if your website has good traffic and only a few conversions, what you then need would be to remarket on your email leads. Truly it’s not as simple as just a click and wait program.

Hidden upsells and fees

When you choose the Traffic Optimizer Package you’ll be brought to a checkout page that will try to convince you to upgrade to a $144 Package with a Traffic Academy Access. Another would be the List Leverages overpriced Membership Fee and upgrade packages.

Overpriced products with features that can be accessed for free on other platforms

Features of Traffic Optimizer and Traffic Store are almost the same when you use Google Ads, Google Analytics and Google Optimize. You can even try Google Skillshop if you want to learn how to use these tools for free.

You can generate traffic geo-targeted population for your business on your budget through Google Ads; track the geo-location of the source of your traffic on Google Analytics and split-test landing pages through Google Optimize.

Unsuccessful/obsolete MLM businesses set-up by owners

While it’s good to admit that not all businesses find success in just one try, it would be best to check past reviews of their other business, find actual people who availed and gauge their experience.

My Final Verdict About Traffic Authority

I would say that I don’t recommend Traffic Authority because it’s pricey and there are better and cheaper services and tools out there to help you generate traffic for your website for example:

  • Google Ads (Free, for geo-targeted traffic)
  • Google Optimize (Free, for split testing landing pages)
  • Google Analytics (Free, for tracking the performance of your website and traffic analysis
  • Page builders like Elementor, Brizy etc., for Pop-Ups and Exit Pages
  • Google Skillshop (Free for learning about tools and marketing tips)

While there are available tools that you can use anytime, self-learning how to generate traffic for your business is actually achievable- you only need to dedicate your time.

Also the point of affiliate marketing is about direct commission without ANY uplines. 

Quick summary: Is traffic authority a scam? No. It’s not a scam but it’s an MLM business strategy which is overpriced for an unqualified paid traffic.

What 97% of Traffic Authority Reviews Leave Out (5 Things to Consider)

  1. Traffic quality is crucial for conversion

    No matter how many leads you capture in your pages and no matter how much traffic you get, traffic quality should be measured in conversions. Imagine paying for traffic but only getting a handful of conversions. You might want to recompute your ROI.

  2. Traffic generation for marketing is about keywords and targeting

    Keywords are the root of all the marketing facets. From ads, to landing pages, web content, to lead generation! If you’re a business owner or an aspiring blogger or affiliate marketer, you may need to understand how keywords play the ultimate part. It’s not enough that you get traffic for your website, you need to have traffic with the right keywords so you can create more conversions for your product.

    Yes. It’s not as simple as clicking something and generating it.

  3. It can be profitable for affiliate/resellers only if you can manage to sell without purchasing anything

    I find Traffic Authority’s reselling scheme profitable if you won’t purchase anything from them. I mean that’s the point of affiliate marketing, you should have the choice to purchase or not.

  4. Traffic Authority products may be useful but only for those with the financial capacity, reach, and for those with solid knowledge of sales and marketing.

    We have to acknowledge that Traffic Authority products may be useful to others who already have the network, influence and resources to pay for their premium products. So again I may have to repeat, I don’t recommend this for beginners.

  5. A true affiliate marketing opportunity won’t need uplines

    A true affiliate marketing opportunity lets you earn through direct referrals. Anything that has uplines means it’s a good old MLM scheme. Not that MLM is a bad tactic but it’s actually a lot harder to outright earn from it.

A better way to learn how to create traffic for your website- and it’s FREE!

So is Traffic Authority a scam? I don’t think Traffic Authority is a scam since they have a good business structure. But while it’s not a scam I can’t recommend it for marketing beginners.

First, it’s costly. 

Secondly, you need to have a solid understanding of marketing for you to understand how it can actually benefit you.

Here’s what I can recommend for marketing beginners: affiliate marketing. But let’s be clear, affiliate marketing is not like MLMs with uplines and downlines.  

Beginners and those who are looking for real affiliate marketing opportunities need to first learn about actual keyword research and how to create content that generates traffic. It would be best to find a guide to tread through the ropes of  creating good sales, and traffic-generating content and not instant tools that are overpriced. 

To sum up this Traffic Authority review, I’m letting you in on a FREE community and training to show you how actual affiliate marketing is. You can learn comprehensive marketing techniques and access a course here without paying for it first.

And yes, NO UPLINES.

Here is a comparison of the program I’m talking about vs. Traffic Authority:

You can check it out for FREE with a starter account, then if you want a consistent income and a means to sustain your affiliate marketing career you can also opt to try the premium offer of Wealthy Affiliate inclusive of courses, guides, tools and support just about everything you may need for only $49/month. 

If you want to read more about Wealthy Affiliate here’s a comprehensive review about it.

You can also click on the link below to find out more!

Louee Gonzales Author

Louee Gonzales has been a content specialist for 4+ years now. She has been enjoying writing investigative articles for EFYL. If she’s not writing, she’s either painting or traveling somewhere fun.

She has a degree in Psychology, and quick fact: she can’t read your mind. She has authored articles on the School of Positive Transformation.

Traffic Authority




Income Opportunity






Business Model



  • Has long been established (since 2015)
  • An elaborate business structure
  • Offers educational resources


  • Vague Refund Policy
  • Questionable Traffic Source and Quality
  • Hidden Upsells
  • Hidden Fees (Membership Fee)
  • Other unsuccessful/obsolete MLM by owners

12 thoughts on “Is Traffic Authority A Scam? [97% of Other Reviews Won’t Tell You These 5 Things]”

  1. I have heard about Traffic Authority before and the review wasn’t very positive. Although I can see that they offer some value, I usualy stay clear from MLM’s or anything that works similarly to an MLM. It is also a little pricey, and you have to invest a lot before you can start making money – if you’re even making money, because it does take much time and hard work, which is something many companies fail to mention when they lure people to sign up.

  2. Thanks Christine for reading my honest Traffic Authority review.
    I’m pleased you agree with the concerns we have raised and it is also consistent with other Traffic Authority reviews.
    There were a LOT more red flags in Traffic Authority when we investigated them. The hidden upsells, other unsuccessful/obsolete MLM businesses set-up by owners and all the other cons mentioned in the article. Also Tthere is no explanation how Traffic Authority generates traffic. So why bother with it!

    Traffic quality is the key for a sustainable online business. I have presented a far better alternative to building a solid online business with sustainable traffic, free organic traffic from search engines. I can personally help you or any reader to do this. Feel free to click on the links above or contact me at [email protected] for personal help and mentoring.

  3. Hi John,

    No refund and no income guarantee make me want to run away, not to mention that you can’t know what they are offering on the landing page. I am not a big fan of paid traffic since it’s expensive and may not generate any leads or sales for you, so I still prefer free and organic traffic. The other products from Traffic Authority seem overpriced compared to your recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate. I will take a closer look at Wealthy Affiliate very soon. 🙂


  4. I wanted to learn more about Traffic Authority so am glad I searched online and found your Traffic Authority review. I would certainly be turned off by the price. It’s just way too expensive.

    It sounds dodgy from the beginning and it’s sad to see how people would sign up for this.

    High traffic should also be quality leads, like you mentioned. If there is a low turnover rate, then I would rather pay for ads to the right target audience. And you are right, affiliate marketers should first focus on keywords and the content.

    Thanks for sharing the review! Wealthy Affiliate seems to be the better program between the two.

  5. Thank you for this review article for this program.
    I have been looking at this recently and I was curious about it since I wanted more traffic for my website.. I dont like the hidden costs in it as this is normally is a scam to me. and thank you for highlighting such points.

  6. Thanks Thabo!
    I’m glad you liked my honest Traffic Authority review.

  7. Thanks Matt!
    I’m glad you liked my honest Traffic Authority review. I agree with you 100% about your concerns about the paid traffic and preference to get free and organic traffic from search engines.
    I can personally help you or any reader to do this. Feel free to click on the links above or contact me at [email protected] for personal help and mentoring.

  8. I heard about Traffic Authority so am glad to have found your Traffic Authority review to REALLY find out what Traffic Authority is about. I recognize their strategy from several other products and offers in the same niche. What caught my eye immediately was how “difficult” it was to find out how long they have been in business.

    Further the no refund policy. That raises my red flag immediately. The final blow is the poorly hidden extra costs to get something that is free elsewhere or doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg in getting guided tuition (coaching).

    I wouldn’t have known how to promote Traffic Authority at all if I had access to it.

    As you have concluded Wealthy Affiliate is a solid and trustworthy platform to learn and earn. Further Wealthy Affiliate has full transparency to what you get from the membership fee and support service that is unparalleled in its niche.

    Looking forward to more well-written and well-researched articles from the world of affiliate marketing.


  9. Hi John – Thanks for providing this in depth review on Traffic Authority. Reading through this, there just seems to be way too many red flags about this business/service. From all the upsells, vague conditions, shady beginnings with the founders, and a money back guarantee that doesn’t really guarantee your money back, I would stay away from this. I also like how you pointed to the quality of traffic that they are promising, who knows truly what kind of traffic that will be and if it will increase conversions?
    I haven’t really looked into paid traffic as I try my best to implement non-paid traffic strategies, however do you have any suggestions as to what a good paid traffic solution would be? Thanks again for sharing your knowledge!

  10. Thanks Roy for reading my honest Traffic Authority review.
    Yes it’s amazing how many operators there are like Traffic Authority – no explanation how Traffic Authority generates traffic so it is probably low quality traffic. These types of ads and solo ads providers play to peoples emotions and desires to get quick traffic and results. But this is an unrealistic expectation.
    QUALITY Traffic is the key for a sustainable online business. I have presented a far better alternative to building a solid online business with free organic traffic from search engines which is sustainable. I can personally help you or any reader to do this.

  11. Thanks Dereck for reading my honest Traffic Authority review.
    I’m glad you have shared the same concerns about the red flags I identified in the review. QUALITY of traffic is the key.
    There’s no explanation how Traffic Authority generates traffic so it is probably low quality traffic. These types of ads and solo ads providers play to peoples emotions and desires to get quick traffic and results. But this is an unrealistic expectation.

    Personally I prefer free organic traffic from search engines first. Once that is working and converting then you can scale into paid traffic sources. There’s some solid training on this in my #1 recommended training community that is constantly updated for the latest effective techniques. Here’s just a sample you might like to check out.
    1. An introduction/overview of all the pay per click traffic and methods
    2. A comprehensive course on paid traffic including Google, Bing & Yahoo.
    If you need anymore training and resources after checking these out, feel free to contact me at [email protected] I am happy to help.

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