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What is Freedom With Writing? | The Real Deal Behind it

What is Freedom With Writing? Is it worth signing up for? Are there risks in using the website? In this Freedom with Writing review we’ll unveil the real deal behind this seemingly unharmful website. Find out what you need to do to mitigate the risks…

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A Freedom With Writing Review Summary

Product Name: Freedom With Writing

Owner: Jacob Jans

Products and Prices: 

Rating: 54/100

Best For: Freelancers

Recommended: Recommended

What Is Freedom With Writing About: Freedom With Writing is a website where you can sign up for their email listing where you can get free resources about writing and publishing opportunities.


Freedom With Writing is more than just a website where you sign up and you get emails from them. It’s part of a network of businesses where it aims to get leads from the customer base that they are serving, which are freelance writers.

What is Freedom With Writing About?

Freedom With Writing is a website offering a free email subscription. When you sign-up for their email list you will receive job opportunities, writing tips, and writing contests. For a budding freelancer in the writing niche, this is a great resource to learn and find work possibilities and other writing-related options.

But what else is there? How effective and how helpful really is the blog?

People behind Freedom With Writing

From a thorough look at the website, it seems like there is only one person whom we can associate the website with. A Jacob Jans. This person is mentioned in their disclaimer page:

what is freedom with writing jacob jans

When I looked further into the website details I found out that there seemed to be no other company or person that runs this website. But we’re not sure if it’s just not mentioned if maybe Jacob Jans and/or his team is the one running it.

However, when I looked for his name on company directories especially in New York I did not find him or any company associated with his name. It might seem forgivable that a website sending out emails about job opportunities and learnings are not associated with any company, it still concerns me that they are actual affiliates of some companies but they are not disclosing the company that they are running the blog with.

I thought at first that not having a specific person or company is not much of a concern up until I read on their disclaimer that with the use of the website and registration on, it will subject the user to an agreement that their registration details can be disclosed to third parties:

what is freedom with writing data to third parties

Yup, I thought at first that it’s just a website that gives free resource and job pitches…

A deeper look beyond Freedom With Writing

The website has been around since 2010. It has long been running and the truth is I couldn’t find any bad reviews about Freedom Is Writing!

what is freedom with writing domain details

I actually find their offer very fair and inclusive for every writer who is struggling to find clients and gigs out there. While the opportunities they present are not definitive that is suited for everyone, it’s truly someplace to start and get going. But what does Freedom With Writing truly offers? Well here’s what I found.

What does Freedom With Writing Offer?

Freedom With Writing offers job opportunities learning resources and job opportunities from their partners and affiliates. They also offer paid writing opportunities on their blog. And from what I gathered, the pay is actually just right for a starting freelance writer and for those looking for quick writing gigs!

Here is part of their submission guidelines for writers who are up for quick bucks.

what is freedom  with writing submission guidelines

So by now, do you think Freedom wWith Writing truly offers value for those who signed up on their email list?

How does Freedom With Writing Work?

When you reach the website, the first thing you might see is their email sign-up prompt. But let me just tell you that this is just the first!

what is freedom  with writing first sign up

Now after signing up your email on this, you’ll be taken to another page where you can choose to watch a guide to starting up your freelance writing journey or subscribe to another email listing for those who are interested in publishing their creative writing pieces.

what is freedom with writing second part where you have to choose

If you choose to watch the webinar to help you launch your freelance writing career, you’ll be taken to the Writing Launch blog by Ian Chandler where you can watch a replay of his webinar:

what is freedom with writing writing launch webinar by ian chandler

Notice how you might need to sign up again.. which I believe is a strategy to capture leads. I also found out that Writing Launch seems to be a coaching or a writing course by Ian Chandler and Jacob Jans, here is Writing Launch’s About page:

what is freedom with writing writing launch about page

On the other hand, when you choose to sign-up for the publishing opportunity for creative writers, you’ll be take to Authors Publish Magazine website:

what is freedom with writing author publish

Author’s Publish works just like Freedom With Writing but they also offer free and paid workshops for writers:

what is freedom with writing author publish workshops

So basically, Freedom With Writing is affiliated or is a partner of Authors Publish!

Can you make money with Freedom With Writing?

Yes, you can make money with freedom with writing! The website gives out resources on how to write for the web and get paid for it. So if you’re already a good writer or are willing to learn, Freedom With Writing is definitely worth the time in your inbox!

What about getting published?

Just by looking at the years, the Freedom With Writing has been around, but the seemingly lack of bad reviews of the website, I believe that their listicles may have already helped a lot of writers in the past. But then again as with every opportunity, the success of one truly depends on their skill level and effort. But it’s also safe to say that. If you want free resources on how to become a successful writer, Freedom With Writing could be a great way to start learning and finding opportunities!

A Freedom With Writing Review: Pros and Cons


  1. Free resources on how to start a writing career
  2. Free listings about writing content and opportunities
  3. Free information on magazines or publishers that pay for submissions


  1. Email might be prone to being bombarded by lots of different email promotions
  2. There is no mention of a registered company associated with the website
  3. Lots of signing up poses a risk on personal data

What is Freedom with Writing?

After looking into what they offer versus what they get from you, I can now conclude that Freedom With Writing is a lead-capturing website that also aims to help writers as they start their freelance writing journey and find legitimate opportunities to jumpstart their careers. Although they present themselves as a free resource website, they also have paid programs associated and affiliated with them.

While it’s could be safe to use their website and those affiliated with them, you can always use a different email so your main email won’t be bombarded by email sequences and promotions. Using a different email for services and email subscriptions is a great practice to ensure that your personal details are safe and any means to hack the email that you used won’t affect the actual emails associated with your payment channels and banks.

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not an affiliate of Freedom With Writing or any of their other products myself.

I have researched the website, testimonials, and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what Freedom With Writing genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt from other programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes if ever it’s a fraudulent program. If you’d like to learn Ways to Avoid Online Scams then click the highlighted text. 

My Final Verdict About Freedom With Writing

Freedom With Writing is definitely not a scam. It’s a lead capturing website which gives out valuable resources, advice and job oppotunities for freelance writer. While there is a great possibility that future email sequences may mention their paid workshops and courses, it still is a great option to learn and find writing gigs.

As with every program or course, what they offer may work for some people and it may also not work at all for others. Some people may get published after reading out their free resources, while others never do! So it really depends on the person using the knowledge and opportunities that they may find from Freedom With Writing to make money or be a better writer in order to succeed .

The bottom line is this: no program can guarantee success but if you put in the effort Freedom With Writing might help you get there faster. So if you want to start out freelance writing, do I recommend it? Yes!

A great Addition to Jumpstart Your Writing Career – and it’s FREE to Start!

The problem with free resources is that there is no personal touch or guidance that you may get from it. From my years of writing, I actually learned a lot more when I started taking courses and coaching lessons about it. I mean it’s one thing that you know the concept by reading, but it’s another thing when you actually know how to implement it and use the tools to help your career.

The truth is I wouldn’t have a great grasp about SEO and ranking articles up until I learned of a community that has helped me understand how to actually determine the metrics that can help my article rank on the first page of Google! I thought all I needed was to read about it, but when I got into a quick training with guidance from John, I could say that it was all I needed all along! It truly is helpful when you have someone you could ask questions and learn from!

I learned more things about SEO, plus I learned how to actually tread through affiliate marketing. As a freelance writer myself, I find affiliate marketing as one of the most flexible passive income opportunities because it is writing something that I do and something I love doing plus:

1. You can do it in your own time
2. You learn different things by doing it
3. No deadlines to beat
4. Can earn passive income that grows rather than working gig jobs and competing on price like you do with freelance writing.

It’s a bonus that I was able to find the Wealthy Affiliate community from which I learned tons of things that I wouldn’t have learned on my own! If you’re looking into partnering with brands and companies that pique your interest, you can click below so John can guide you on the FREE TO START community. You’ll see what more they can offer, what you can learn inside, and get a feel of the tools that you may use if you plan to tread the path of being an affiliate marketer!

No pressure. If you happen to like it and the tools that you can use, you can always avail of the Premium which is just $49/month! If you want to read more about Wealthy Affiliate here’s a comprehensive review about it.

You can click below and let John guide you with personal mentoring and whatever help you need!

You can also click on the link below to find out more!

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Freedom With Writing




Income Opportunity






Business Model



  • Free resources on how to start a writing career
  • Free listings about writing content and opportunities
  • Free information on magazines or publishers that pay for submissions


  • Email might be prone to being bombarded by lots of different email promotions
  • There is no mention of a registered company associated with the website
  • Lots of signing up poses a risk on personal data

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    I am concerned though that, as you say, one will be bombarded with emails from several different sources, but I think it is worth giving them a try. Thanks for sharing. 

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