What is FX Scalper X? | 6 Great Reasons Why It’s A Hard Pass

You’ve seen Facebook ads about FX Scalper X that’s why you’re now searching for “What is FX Scalper X?”. Let me just congratulate you because you found this article and you’re doing your research before putting in your money on a “seemingly promising” financial opportunity. Well is it? Or is FX Scalper X a scam?

Let me take you on a thorough evaluation of the entity in this comprehensive FX Scalper X review.

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What Is FX Scalper X: Summary

Product Name:
FX Scalper X

Owner: Got It All, LLC

Prices: $95- $195

Overall Rating: 2/100

Recommended: Not Recommended

What Is FX Scalper X About: FX Scalper X is a trading software that can be used through MetaTrader. The software is being endorsed by Ciro Golden an entrepreneur based in Canada.


What is FX Scalper? It’s a trading software offered by unknown developers and an unregistered company.

What is FX Scalper X About?

Scalper X is a trading bot that claims to have made $100 to $150,000 during the pandemic. They have a sole video in their YouTube account which is below.

Most of the video ads that you may see on Facebook features Ciro Golden who claims that he uses the bot for trading. According to their website, FX Scalper X is a series of products (trading robots, software and algorithm) working together and designed to help those having a hard time with trading, since they mentioned that 99% of manual traders fail…

But is automation really “the way to go”?

Their selling point is how they market the robot as something that could trade for 24 hours and that every purchase includes 3 robots! Sounds like a good deal right? It’s a subscription-based product and they give a flexible offer for everyone. Here’s an overview of it:

What is Fx Scalper X review subscription offer
Subscription choices for FX Scalper X

While I’m not a fan of Expert Advisors (EA) robots for trading, it does seem promising especially as you can also check the MyFXBook profile of their bot which shows that it has a great performance! MyFXBook is like a social profile about trading performances. This is usually used to exhibit the performance of trading robots.

  •  For people new to Forex, please note that in Forex trading EA are a type of software that both monitor and trades in financial markets using algorithms.
What is Fx Scalper X review MyFXbook performance
MyFXBook performance of FX Scalper X

MyFxBook is a good judge of a trading robot’s trading performance… It’s a good thing too that both verification details above are ticked green because it’s one way that you can make sure that it is verified trading information. However when I looked further into their details:

What is Fx Scalper X review MyFXbook performance other details

It shows that the trading manner that it was done was Unknown. If it was really done through a trading robot it should be marked as Automated…

A Deeper Look Beyond FX Scalper X

So I decided to check out the actual legitimacy of the website and the company, and thus I looked into its website creation date, and registration details of the company and you wouldn’t believe what I found.

Website Details

Their website was created just in 2020.

What is Fx Scalper X review domain creation details

Then I checked on Archive.org when it was first indexed. I found that it was only in 2021 that the website had its screenshots which means that even if the domain was acquired last year, there is a possibility that it only started creating its website this year. Below is a part of the older version of their website content, archived version of their older content can be accessed here:

What is Fx Scalper X review archived page version

On their archived page, they mentioned that their bot has been tested for 10 years now… well if it really existed 10 years ago, why only create a website in 2021? Is FX Scalper X a rebranded EA trading bot? Or is FX Scalper X a scam?

Company Details

As I tried to probe further into the details of FX Scalper X I then tried to look for the company it is under. Now, why is this important?

Any product or service offered online should have a mention or at least have a company that could be linked to it, because it is a way to hold liability in case it turns out to be a fraud. That’s one tip for anyone who’s in doubt of a product or service: look for its parent company so you know who you can hold accountable.

Most of the time, corporations, or companies are mentioned in their Terms and Conditions or Terms of Use, and here’s what we found about FX Scalper X:

Under their Terms of Service:

What is Fx Scalper X review Terms of Service

I tried to look for Better Trading but I couldn’t confirm any relation this website that I found that offers free training, courses and private mentorship is related to FX Scalper X.

What is Fx Scalper X review no Better Trading details

But even if it was a dead-end with Better Trading I was able to find the company details of Got It All, LLC.

Surprisingly, this Limited Company in Virginia has long been INACTIVE! It seems like they were only legally operating for a year.

What is Fx Scalper X review dissolved company details
Got It All, LLC is dissolved since 2018.
Source: State Corporation Commission Virginia

Now, what does this mean for FX Scalper X?

It seems like it’s illegally operating and offering products despite being a non-registered company! Therefore, their customers are devoid of any consumer protection because in the first place they availed a product offered by a ghost company!

Better run if you’ve been initially considering their product! If you’re still unconvinced, well read on and let me give you more reasons to make a hard pass on this one!

What Is FX Scalper X Offering to its users?

Let’s have a look at the claims of FX Scalper X and compare it with the actual feedback of their users so we can answer, “is FX Scalper X a scam or is it legit?”

Claims or Expectations

What is Fx Scalper X review claims and expectation

Other than these that we mentioned on their current website, here are the other details that they claim on their ads and videos:

  • It has generated $150K from the deposited $100 wayback in 2020
  • The bot can be used by both experienced and beginner traders.
  • There are Instagram and Telegram accounts or community help and support

But are any of these true?

Well here are a few reviews that we’ll look into.

It seems like they have claimed their Trustpilot page only last April, and just last September there was a great flood of positive reviews.

What is Fx Scalper X review Trsupilot flooding of positive reviews

But suspiciously we can see that they have been flagging the Poor and Bad reviews that they had over the year:

What is Fx Scalper X review Trustpilot flagging activity

Well, the thing is, when a business has claimed their Trustpilot profile, they can invite reviews, reply to reviews and flag them if they believe it’s breaching a Trustpilot guideline. So most of the time if an anonymous poster decided to make a review on let’s say FX Scalper X if they won’t reply or try to resolve the issue with the business, their comments can be easily removed!

I would have given FX Scalper X the benefit of the doubt on their negative reviews more if they didn’t claim their profile or if they didn’t flag the negative reviews!


24/7 Support? I don’t think so take a look at some of their negative reviews on Trustpilot:

What is Fx Scalper X review Trustpilot bad reviews

Even on their Telegram Community chat, people are complaining that their support doesn’t respond:

What is Fx Scalper X review telegram community

Even from the comments on their YouTube account, you can see actual users complaining about their spotty support:

What is Fx Scalper X review Youtube video comments

FX Scalper X Refund Policy

According to their website, FX Scalper doesn’t offer any refund, any sale is final… yep so you better think 5x before you hit that purchase button!

What is Fx Scalper X review no refunds

Can You Make money with FX Scalper X?

Well, maybe you could make money with FX Scalper X if you can actually get the email with a link to the software download if you can set it up according to their recommended settings and… if you have the recommended starting amount that is $500! Let me just add that there still is no guarantee that it would give out profitable trades for you… but if you’re really a risk-taker, well at least I gave you all the warning that you needed.

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FX Scalper X Review


  • Has promising performance on MyFxBook


  • Limited company that they operate under has been dissolved since 2018
  • Suspicious flooding of positive comments on Trustpilot last September
  • No refund, chargebacks or disputes after purchase
  • Reports of buyers not getting any software after purchase, invalid software license, and lack of technical support
  • No technical support means you may have a hard time unsubscribing from it especially is you’re using your card.

100% Honest FX Scalper X Review | 6 Reasons Why It’s A Hard Pass

  1. It is offered by Got It All, LLC which has been dissolved since 2018, therefore no consumer protection
  2. FX Scalper X doesn’t offer refunds and demos
  3. They don’t seem to have a dedicated support team
  4. Thre are reports of investor not getting any product at all after their purchase
  5. They claim that their bot thas been tested for 10 years, when the actual website only existed just this year
  6. FX Scalper X has funds for running ads but not for customer support

Is FX Scalper X A Scam?

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not a user of FX Scalper X myself and I do not endorse it in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials, and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what is FX Scalper X about. This is because I have been burnt from programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn Ways to Avoid Online Scams then click the highlighted text. 

There is a chance that the EA is legitimate software, created for trading, but with the unregistered company that they mentioned on their website, the complaints of users like not getting any technical support or even the actual email with the software. there is a greater chance that FX Scalper X is a scam.

[Final Verdict] What Is FX Scalper X?

FX Scalper X is an automated trading bot with unknown developers, owners, and running the website under a dissolved company that was last registered in Virginia last 2018. Even if the software may work for some, it’s not a guarantee that it would work well for everyone especially as they don’t have a dedicated support team to help people in setting it up.

There are other EAs that offers refunds and demos before purchase which are also under legitimate and active companies so it would be best if you don’t willingly waive your consumer right by such disadvantageous details.

It’s truly alarming that a product is being offered by a dissolved company and its ads are still running on Facebook up until now. Here’s proof:

What is Fx Scalper X review facebook ads

As a conclusion to this FX Scalper X review, I don’t recommend the product and advise everyone to stay away from it… unless you want to risk your hard-earned financial resources.

There are tons of EAs and trading robots offering refunds, demos and offered by legitimate and proven companies. I believe you’d want to invest in something legitimate than something that could likely be a scam right?

A Better FX Scalper X Alternative

If you found this article as you were deciding if you’re going to purchase from that ad on Facebook, then I hope you fully understood the risks of actually purchasing from them. However, if you decided to skip reading this let me wrap it quickly for you:

1. FX Scalper X is distributed by a company that has been dissolved last 2018, therefore they are illegally operating now
2. If you decide to purchase from them you are most likely waiving your consumer protection rights, they don’t even have refunds and demos!
3. Users who previously purchased reports of unhelpful and unresponsive customer support plus some don’t even get the link to download their purchase.

If you’ve been at a crossroads deciding about a trading-related product, service, or course, I could say that it’s truly relatable because who doesn’t want to earn passively just by a click or picking your own time to work right?

Well let me give you an alternative to trading, it’s affiliate marketing. Basically, it’s partnering up with different brands that you choose to partner with and endorsing their product while you get perks from any purchase through your created content. Let’s just say that you have the choice to choose who you want to endorse and it’s not limited to just one brand which is unlike most MLMs that you see people getting involved with.

It’s not a pyramid or Ponzi scheme where you need to maintain downlines, hit quotas, and have unsubstantiated claims and earnings just to attract members. Affiliate marketing is a legitimate earning opportunity that requires consistency, hard work, and continuous learning.

In my years of writing, I recently found a great community that helped me fully understand and maximize my ability to have a chance to actually earn from it. What I love most about it is that it’s free to start! You can have a good overview of the community, the platform, tools, what’s inside and what’s in it for you.

If you finally decide that it’s the right business opportunity for you, you can avail yourself of the Premium Membership for only $49/month! with discounts for annual membership.

Here’s a chance to choose an investment with no risk of being associated with an unregistered company! If you want to read about our comprehensive review of Wealthy Affiliate, just click here. You can also click below and let John guide you through it with personal mentoring!

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FX Scalper X

$95 - $195



Income Opportunity






Business Model



  • Has promising performance on MyFxBook


  • Limited company that they are under has been dissolved since 2018
  • Suspicious flooding of positive comments on Trustpilot last September
  • No refund, chargebacks or disputes after purchase
  • Reports of buyers not getting any software after purchase, invalid software license, and lack of technical support
  • No technical support means you may have a hard time unsubscribing from it especially is you're using your card.

2 thoughts on “What is FX Scalper X? | 6 Great Reasons Why It’s A Hard Pass”

  1. Thanks for showing us the details about FX Scalper. With the false claims that they have been running the business for ten years, negative comments on the review site, and no support from the team, I won’t spend my hard-earned money on this product. Not to mention that they don’t offer a refund policy. When many products claim to help you make money online, you need to consider those with bold claims and be properly skeptical!

    Most of the time, they are nothing but hype and lies. So, I am grateful for coming across your comprehensive FX Scalper review before purchasing.

    • Hi Matt,
      Thank you for reading my honest Fx Scalper X review and sharing your thoughts in such detailed comments.
      Yes I agree with the many concerns you raised, Fx Scalper X has too many red flags. You’ve highlighted all big red flags for you – the false claims they have about 10 years of trading and lack of refund policy.
      Also another concern you agree with worth warning readers about is where are the success testimonials? All the reviews we found were poor – so this made me even more certain not to buy this. 6 Reasons detailed in this review why people should really move on.

      So I would much rather build a real online business that helps people than this low quality course. Fact based, proven since 2005 and a lot more quality (Training, tools, mentoring, community & support) and for reasonable pricing. This is why I recommend this over all others. And yes you have read that there is no need for any credit card information to create a free account to see if it suits your style.
      Hope to see you on this inside, John


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