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What is Location Rebel? | Why It’s ‘Almost’ Worth it

What is Location Rebel? Sean Ogle spent years as a financial analyst He traveled constantly, lived in different cities around the globe, but he never found anything that stuck. After some time Sean began to wonder if developing a location-independent business as possible. It didn’t make sense to him that he could spend all this time working his butt off and still be stuck in the same place.

This Location Rebel review will let you know why I think it’s ‘almost’ worth it.

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What is Location Rebel: A Summary

Product Name: Location Rebel

Founders: Sean Ogle

Products and Prices: $49-$749

Overall rating: 66/100

Best For: Those with a steady stream of income and aware of the difficulty of maintaining and ranking a website.

Recommended: Not Recommended

What is Location Rebel About: The course teaches skills and points of improvement to find work opportunities that are location-independent and or build a business while traveling.


This course by Sean Ogle is packed with information and probably the most straightforward way to location independence you’ll find anywhere. However it still has a few issues that I think are vital when choosing a course that you want to invest in

What is Location Rebel About?

What is Location Rebel? This is a blog run by Sean Ogle. The purpose of the site is to teach you how to become location independent and travel the world as a digital nomad. His blog currently has videos and blog posts on how to pursue this kind of nomadic lifestyle with good pay. What a great concept right?

On his website, you’ll find a link to his offers that includes a course, job opportunities, and strategizing for a lifestyle business. Everything that he offers teaches about business basics, blogging, getting your first job online, taxes, insurance among other things. It also contains some information on how you can launch your own profitable internet business and live a location-independent lifestyle.

Who is Sean Ogle

So a few years ago Sean Ogle was doing the 9-5 thing just like everyone else. He wasn’t happy with his job and he wanted more from life. When he realized that, he decided to start working on becoming location independent and traveling the world as a digital nomad. Not long after learning how to make money online, becoming a freelance writer, and starting his own website, Sean quit his job as a financial analyst and never looked back. Ever since then he has been able to travel the world while working from the comfort of wherever he’s currently at.

Sean Ogle is a location independent entrepreneur and blogger. He started his career as a financial analyst, but was tired of living paycheck to paycheck. So he researched how others travel the world with the digital nomad lifestyle and wrote about it on his blog that we now know as Location Rebel. Now Sean’s website has become one of the most popular websites for location independents and travelers who want more tips on where to go and what to do in certain destinations around the world.

A deeper look On The Course

So as with other courses that we’ve reviewed, I took my chance to check out the domain creation date so we can have an idea if it’s a relatively new course or not. Here’s what I found:

What is location rebel domain details

Now that’s quite impressive!

But when we looked into the archived pages of the website, I found that it was only in 2011 that Sean Ogle fully optimized his website. Still it’s not bad. Plus points for credibililty since it seems to have been running for like 12 years now right?

While there was no mention of a company on his website, it’s great to know that we can associate Sean Ogle with an active and registered company in Oregon.

What is location rebel Location 180 LLC registered company

It would a great thing if Sean actually has a Terms page that cites his company as the one running the course. But while there isn’t any Terms page, we can surely associate Location 180 LLC as the one running the Location Rebel website since we found that the company owns the trademark for Location Rebel:

What is location rebel Location 180 LLC trademark registrations

As a course taker, I find it a great thing to know that a course is run by a legitimate person and company because I surely wouldn’t want to waste my hard-earned money for something that’s illegitimate right?

What is Location Rebel Offering?

The following are the different offers of Location Rebel:

Location Rebel Academy ($749)

Location Rebel Academy provides you with an eight- blueprint system to teach the basics of online marketing and sales. This blueprint aims to help students build their confidence in this new medium by getting them ready to make money within a couple of months. According to Sean this Local Rebel Academy started out in 2008 as a free course, but up until he optimized the price point he realized that the students were more willing to commit and get back their investment by abiding by his tutorials.

These are what’s inside the course:

Overcoming the Fear of Uncertainty
Learn how to stop letting uncertainty stop you in your tracks, and how to embrace it and use it as your most powerful asset
Interactive worksheets and templates to help you break down your fears so that you understand exactly what’s holding you back
Learn how other successful entrepreneurs like Chris Guillebeau and Pam Slim overcame their fears in our interview series

✔ Location Rebel Academy
The Location Rebel Program which breaks down the exact steps you need to take to get started
14 Entrepreneur Blueprints containing the most detailed skill and business building blueprints ever
Extra Module How to Build a Blog and Influence Online
Life Call Library. Recordings of all of our member's office hours calls and interviews with other experts.
Proven tools for creating a successful remote work agreement
Members only interactive forums with a thriving community
My personal templates I've used to run a freelance SEO business
Priority email response from myself and my team

Hacking the High Life
How to Get a $3,000 Ski Trip for 1/6 the Cost
How you can get private tours (and free meals) at the most exclusive resorts
How to live in “jetset” destinations like Bali on a backpackers budget
How to get discounted media privileges (even if you don’t have a big an audience)
How to hack deal sites as well as get free office space anywhere in the world

** Update on pricing April 23, 2022, Kae from Canada/USA region commented on March 26, 2022 (refer also the comment and my full response in comments section at end of this article **

Hi there I thought I would just let you know from someone who has been currently looking into possibly entering his course, the price point you have is off by quite a bit, it’s a one time payment of $897 US or three equal payments of $327.

Kae (Canada) March 26th, 2022

We strive to provide to provide the most independent, comprehensive reviews and fact check with our in-depth research. So I checked myself on April 23, 2022 and the pricing I am offered in Australia is a one time payment of $749 US or six monthly payments of $149.

How much does Location Rebel Cost - Honest Location Rebel review

Sean Ogle the owner personally reached out to us to clarify this which was great of Sean. He has said to Kae’s comments that “we’ve never had that pricing for our course.” and this is confirmed by the checkout page.

These questionable pricing tactics raise a potential red flag and all readers should consider if that high cost can be justified and whether an alternative business model better suits your needs.

Beginner’s Guide ($97)

This offering is about the technical and business side of a locatioin-independent lifestyle. Here’s what’s inside which are less skill-based information that any freelance beginner may need:

✔ Know once and for all if you’re ready to start a business of your own
✔ Introduce you to all of the different business models and give you a detailed sense of what to expect and how difficult each is
✔ Help you create a realistic timeline and create goals/milestones for your new business.
✔ Introduce you to online marketing techniques and concepts, so that you 1) can apply them where necessary and 2) be aware when someone is applying them to you
✔ Give recommended starting points based on your specific situation, personality, and level of online proficiency
✔ Most importantly, give you the baseline knowledge you need in order to finally start the business that will help you make big changes in your life.

Freelancer’s Friend ($49)

This offer is about his email service or newsletter that includes tips, strategies, and job opportunities. Now I think if you want a free email service about job opportunities check out our Freedom with Writing review. I mean, why pay when there is a free version right?

What is location rebel 49 USD newsletter offer


Currently, only the Location Rebel Academy and Beginner’s Guide are within the 30-day refund policy of Location Rebel. The Freelancer’s Friend can be canceled anytime with just a few clicks.

How does Location Rebel Work?

Location Rebel is a course offered as a lifetime purchase with access to communities, course topics, and support. It’s 30-day refund policy only applies to the Location Rebel Academy and its Beginner’s Guide offer.

How do you make money with Location Rebel?

The best way that you can make money with Location Rebel is when you actually implement those course teachings. However, it seems like Location Rebel also has an affiliate opportunity for their previous course takers. If you’re curious how it’s done here’s a quick discussion about affiliate marketing.

Quick take on Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a kind of Internet marketing that enables individuals to advertise goods or services of other businesses. In return, they get a fee each time the goods are purchased through the business’ website. Affiliate marketers may profit from promoting items from a variety of sectors such as travel, health, music, dating sites, and so on.

How Affiliate Marketing Works - Earn From Your Laptop
How affiliate marketing works

The greatest approach to learning how to generate money through affiliate marketing is to join an affiliate program that you are enthusiastic about promoting since it pertains to your area of expertise. Don’t rush off to join the first affiliate program you come across! Instead, do some research on the numerous alternatives and seek a respectable brand with an inexpensive commission rate.

Because there are no start-up expenses and anyone can do it, affiliate marketing has exploded in popularity. People are now using ad blockers online, so companies must find new methods to attract interested consumers to their websites.

Location Rebel Review

Most of the Fat Stacks Bundle review says good things about it, but one crucial detail that we found is that their company’s registration is not verifiable. It’s quite important for me especially when I’m going to shell out quite a lot of money.


  • Course creator is legitimate and runs an active company that can be associated with the website
  • The course has an affiliate marketing offer for course takers


  • No Term of Use page that legalizes the website as an entity under the company run by Sean Ogle
  • You can have free newsletters with job opportunities from other programs
  • Price point is steep
  • There are other less expensive programs that teaches the same thing.

What is Location Rebel: Is it a Scam?

I don’t think Location Rebel is a scam since its course creator is legitimate and it can be associated with an active and registered company. However, the price point is quite steep without including the tools that could be used in the process of transitioning. I also think that the newsletter program is quite a ripoff as other programs offers the service for free.

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not a student of Sean Ogle or Location Rebel myself and I do not endorse it in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials, and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what Location Rebel genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt from programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn Ways to Avoid Online Scams then click the highlighted text. 

This Location Rebel review is truly an unbiased look at the course because I’m not an affiliate of the program.

Points to consider If You Want To try Location Rebel

  • You’re willing to commit to a long-term learning
  • You have the financial resources to shoulder the tools needed aside from the course price
  • Course creator is legitimate and runs a registered company
  • There is an affiliate opportunity so you can earn back your investment

What I don’t like about Location Rebel

  • It lacks a legal document that can be good evidence of accountability if ever one can’t process their refund

[The Verdict] What is Location Rebel?

Location Rebel is not a scam but it has a steep price. While it offers a 30-day refund, there is no legal page in their website that mentions so that could be valuable in case of dispute resolution. There are also a lot of other less costly alternatives for the course contents and services that Sean Ogle offers.

A Badass and Legitimate Course To Make Money Online

I believe that no matter how legitimate a course is, it still needs to have its appropriate legal pages plus it also needs to consider the additional expenses that a course taker might need in their pursuit of change and learning.

I remember when I was just a freelancing beginner running on pure curiosity and work-related chores with no course or instructor to consult. Although I was able to learn on my own, I benefited from having a community of individuals with the same interests and profession as me who could help me navigate further ahead in the field. But you know what, I realized these things:

  1. Not all courses are created equal. Even non-premium-priced courses may be significantly better and more comprehensive than competing ones.
  2. The course doesn’t teach you all there is to know about digital marketing. You can’t put your faith in a course to give you everything you need to know.
  3. Adaptability is a selling point of many online marketing jobs, but it would be ideal if you could apply what you’ve learnt in your actual work.

Over time, affiliate marketing kept piquing my interest. It was a topic that concerned my work and enabled me to make money!

Imagine trying out a course first before committing to it. I do know of a community that offers learnings and tool use to help you start out your freelancing journey. The greatest thing about it is it’s FREE to start!

Let me just say that, especially in the realm of affiliate marketing, constant effort, dedication, and passion for what you do are required. The affiliate marketing business is huge and increasing, with more and more people buying online. Remember, it’s not a brand-new strategy; it’s been around for years and this community that I know has been running for years now too!

If you’re curious and if you have eventually decided that it’s something that is worth doing in the long run (best done as a business giving you passive income) you can always upgrade to PREMIUM for JUST $49/mo! With it, you can access more courses, tutorials, tools, perks, and personal mentoring. If you’re curious here’s a comprehensive article about it. My friend John below can tell you more about it and guide you there…

want to master affiliate marketing

Take a look into what is considered the best training platform & mentoring community

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She has a degree in Psychology, and quick fact: she can’t read your mind. She has authored articles on the School of Positive Transformation.

Location Rebel




Income Opportunity






Business Model



  • Course creator is legitimate and runs an active company that can be associated with the website
  • The course has an affiliate marketing offer for course takers


  • No Term of Use page that legalizes the website as an entity under the company run by Sean Ogle
  • You can have free newsletters with job opportunities from other programs
  • Price point is steep
  • No Term of Use page that legalizes the website as an entity under the company run by Sean Ogle You can have free newsletters with job opportunities from other programs Price point is steep There are other less expensive programs that teaches the same thing.

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  1. Thank you for this super detailed and helpful review of “Location Rebel”. Like many, I dream to live a freelance life and be a travel nomad and be my own boss! I know that it is possible and that it is what I am working at becoming. However, the journey to make it there is not done overnight! Location Rebel sounds legit, but you are right, why not try to start a business for free first and see if it is worth my time and money? Your number one recommended training “wealthy affiliate” is a great program and community! I have joined in 2018 and don’t regret it. I now run my own website and monetize it!

  2. Hi Anne-Caroline,
    Thank you very much for reading my honest Location Rebel review.
    Yes the dream of freelance life, being a travel nomad and being your own boss is an alluring dream to many. Location Rebel is trying to tap into that market with its questionable and some expensive courses. Thanks for sharing your own success – how you are currently monetising your website/online business. That is great to hear and that readers can do this through learning and applying everything from the Wealthy Affiliate Training and Mentoring Community.

  3. Thank you so much for this detailed review. I am venturing into the freelance writing industry and want to make sure I don’t waste hard-earned money on courses that are not worth their price.

  4. Hey Alanna!
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