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Turn your Passion into Profit

Turn Any Of Your Passions Into Profit.
By Promoting Products You don’t need to create or own!

It’s Free to Join, No Credit Card Details Required

I’m happy to say that many people are making money in Wealthy Affiliate, as you can see from the pics below. You’d be surprised at HOW many other people, everyday regular people just like you, are making money too.

Turn your Passion into Profit
Turn your Passion into Profit

Hi, I’m John! An accounting and finance professional who’s learnt how to make passive income online. I can personally coach you to make passive income online too.

You can learn more about me in the video above or carry on reading…

Turn your Passion into Profit

I’d been in the rat race for too long!  its all well and good having a professional job with an impressive sounding title.  But after decades toiling 40 to 50+ hours in the working week. I’ve been itching that there must be a better way.  

After trying EVERYTHING else,  I started a blog in 2018 with no idea that it was possible to make money online from it.

I always wanted to have a lifestyle that could allow our family to travel and spend more time with our family and friends, particularly now that we have a beautiful child of our own.   Can you relate?

Eventually, I realised that other “bloggers” and online business owners were making a full-time income.

The exciting part for me was that some people seemed to make passive income that allowed them to live life on their own terms rather than trading their time for money like most jobs.

It became one big puzzle for me that I wanted to put together.

But I had no idea where to start.

Everyone I turned to claimed to be a “guru” and some people would say they could help us make $1,000’s within a month.

I had quite a few setbacks on the way…

Strike 1: I bought a $1,000 course from some people that turned out to be outright scammers. They just abandoned the course leaving loads of people out of pocket.

That was a tough pill to swallow!

Strike 2: Even before that, a friend called me to tell me about this great opportunity in selling health and wellness products.   Sure the products are great, but with the MLM program I really didn’t like the idea of recruiting or selling to my friends and family.

I just ended up more confused than ever!

But then one day I watched a random Ad on YouTube…

It was the first piece of the puzzle…

It was sharing about a business model called…

Affiliate Marketing

It stood out as a great model because:

  • You don’t have to create products yourself.
  • There are hardly any upfront costs you need to get started or to maintain it.
  • You don’t have to spend lots of money buying products, stockpiling or paying for Ads on Facebook or Instagram.
  • You don’t need to sell any products to your friends and family.

I realised this was the perfect opportunity for someone in a full-time job that was serious about starting an online business.

You could build this business model over TIME.

Consistent actions would help it to grow rather than needing to dedicate 40+ hours a week to get any results.

So I looked online for some ways to learn more about this.

Guess what happened…

Strike 3: I found more scams!

More false promises from these online schemes…and more unrealistic claims that were not met.  

Why do so many people try to sell you expensive funnel building software and their high ticket upsells?  Or is that just to me?

I felt like giving up. It just didn’t seem like it was worth the effort of trying this out.

But then I asked a few more questions in Facebook Groups about making money online.  All while dodging all those people trying to sell me their expensive funnels.

Eventually,  a wonderful guy introduced me to a platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Logo Black

I was so skeptical at first as I’d been burnt from very similar things before.

But it seemed different straight away.  For a start, it was completely FREE to try out and I didn’t need to put my credit card information in there.  Also my mentor was super helpful as my personal coach and gave me wonderful customized help.

I still was a bit wary, but figured I didn’t have anything to lose by trying it.

So I followed the step-by-step training.  

And having a personal mentor made ALL the difference for strategies, focus and my pathways to success.

John Stanley
Personal Coach, Affiliate Marketer

I built a website and learnt a lot about how to create content that can be found by Google every month by learning and applying  search engine optimisation (SEO).

Things started to make sense so I committed to sticking with this for a year.

It took a while to see anything happen and it felt like I was putting in a lot of time for no reward.

Until eventually this happened…

Free Traffic from Google SEO learned from Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate taught me how to get real visitors to my website every month. 

And this translates into affiliate commissions…

And with consistent effort, those affiliate commissions have grown!

Wealthy Affiliate Commission January 2021

And a year later, with consistent effort, those affiliate commissions have grown even higher!

Wealthy Affiliate Commission January 2022

Wealthy Affiliate also taught me how to get real visitors, real buying visitors to my other niche website every month. 

John Stanley

And this translates into sales…

ThriveCart all time income JohnJStanley

Real money!

I know that screenshots often don’t mean anything because anyone can use photoshop these days.  Mine are real.

But is it life changing money overnight?

Absolutely not!

The thing that separates this to so many other “make money online” programs is that everyone is so upfront about the fact that you need to put in TIME and EFFORT to see results using proven long term strategies.

But once the traffic gets momentum, you can see the growth and income is exponential.

What other Wealthy Affiliate members are achieving


What is Affiliate Marketing?

Simply put…

Affiliate Marketing is earning commissions from promoting other people’s products or services.

Then when the person buys something through your referral link, you earn commissions.

This may sound a bit vague, so here are 2 real-life examples where you get paid by making referrals:

Real-Life Example 1: Uber.

You probably know Uber is most well known as a peer-to-peer ridesharing app.

Have you noticed the “incentive program” on the App where you can invite friends? Well, it’s possible to earn around $5 per friend that you refer to the App.

That is Affiliate Marketing!

You “get paid” to recommend a product you like and you don’t own i

Real-life example 2: Booking hotels

You’ve probably booked a hotel on booking.com, hotel.com or Agoda before.

Did you know the same principle applies here?

If a friend uses your special link (called an affiliate link) to purchase accommodation on the website you can earn money!

You don’t own the hotel, but you can make an income from people booking through your link!

These are just 2 real-life examples. But almost every company has some sort of affiliate program these days. Which means there are unlimited opportunities for you to earn commissions.  

And the best way to do this is by building your own website and getting visitors to your website.

But I have no idea how to build a website!

Here is the great thing…In the mid 2020’s it’s never been easier to build a website.

I have no idea how to code or do any super techie things.

It’s pretty much as simple as creating a Facebook account today.

I’m not even joking!

Just watch this if you still don’t believe me…

And the amazing thing is…

You can build 1 website for FREE if you join Wealthy Affiliate now!

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Update since December 2023, Wealthy Affiliate has made this even easier with the launch of your own Business Hub.

This first pivotal step of your online business journey involves building a website or Hub. You will be learning by “doing” immediately. This ‘Hubs Wizard’ walks new members through the process of getting their initial foundation setup and creating their brand.


How to turn any passion into profits

So you may be thinking… but I don’t want to promote Uber or Hotels.

Well, there’s more good news for you!

You can make money in any “niche” (topic to write about).

For example, let’s say that you love camping. You can build a website related to camping with tips and tricks for campers including the best camping equipment i.e. tents, furniture, cooking equipment, backpacks etc. Your own Business Hub within Wealthy Affiliate makes the whole process of niche selection very easy and tailored to you.

This Wizard (shown in image above) includes a few steps:

  1. Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate Message
  2. Choosing a Direction (own niche or promote Wealthy Affiliate)
  3. Choosing a Niche – AI Driven
  4. Choosing a Brand – AI Driven
  5. Choosing a Domain Name and Building Website

This process is largely driven by AI, which helps newcomers work through this process with efficiency.

Now, you have the niche idea, the only thing to do is find some products to promote.

You can find individual deals with almost any company as already mentioned earlier, but one of the most common places to search and see if these exist is of course…


You can see there are whole sections for this type of camping equipment, which suggests there are so many products you could promote or become an affiliate for.

But how can you make money from Amazon?

By using their affiliate platform “Amazon Associates”…

This is where you can pick up your affiliate link to place on your website. If someone clicks on your link and buys some of this equipment you earn a commission.

An exciting thing about Amazon is that if someone clicks your link and decides to carry on with shopping on Amazon you will earn commission on everything else they purchase within the next 24 hours.

But what if the products you’d like to promote are not on Amazon?

You can find them on a range of other platforms such as:

  • Walmart
  • eBay
  • Target
  • Clickbank
  • Shareasale

And if you still can’t find what you are looking for then you can search for a company directly.

It’s becoming more and more common for individual businesses to offer an affiliate program (you can often find this at the bottom of their website)

There really is no end to where you can get affiliate links from.

But just getting these links doesn’t make you money.

It’s now up to you to provide helpful information for people to find.

And Google is one of the best ways to share this information as it provides FREE visitors to your website EVERY month.

Let’s say you wrote an article about “14 Best Tents for Camping Holidays”.

If you can write a good article that’s helpful to the people searching for this information, then you can rank on the first page of Google like the websites have above.

This means there are a certain number of people that will find your website every month, without you having to advertise or promote it.

If you place affiliate links that solves peoples problems, you can earn commission every month by putting the work in once… and getting paid over and over again for it.

And that is how people make passive income from an online business.

But I don’t have a passion

You honestly don’t need to worry about this.

An interest or even something you want to learn more about works just as well.

Another Wealthy Affiliate member even proved this doesn’t matter and started a very obscure niche to start making money within one month.

What was the niche they chose?

Football Snack Helmets!

True story!

I can even show you the case study if you’d like to see it inside Wealthy Affiliate.

There’s no limit on how many products you can promote.

And there’s no limit on how many websites you can build over time.

The sky really is the limit with affiliate marketing!

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What other Wealthy Affiliate’s are achieving

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story Craig

So what are your options now?

A few years ago, I read a book called F.U. Money.

The author, Dan Lok, is straight-talking, very direct and even a little bit crude at times.

But he did make a lot of sense.

What the book did for me is made me realise I am the only one who is in control of my future. I needed to hear this message at that stage of my life as I was  really – stuck in the rat race – doing the 9-5 (already a few decades in) and just coasting – waiting for life to happen to me.

The end of the book says that if you do not take action within the next 24 hours, then it’s almost guaranteed that you will never take ANY action and never reach F.U. Money.

Another key takeaway is that the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t, is that successful people always make decisions faster than unsuccessful people.  Unsuccessful people are always waiting, on the other hand successful people look out for opportunities and they also take action when this opportunity comes.

Soon after I found Wealthy Affiliate.

This is the place where I started as a complete newbie to the online marketing world.

  • I learnt how to build websites without any coding required
  • I learnt how to choose and define my niche
  • I have learnt how to get thousands of visitors for free to my website EVERY month and I can use this skill for any website in the future
  • I found out I can make money whilst I am asleep, enjoying my hobbies or even travelling

Was it fate? Maybe

Luck?  I don’t think so because I put the effort in.

The thing is, I believe the same thing.

Option 1- Continue Doing
The Same Thing
Option 2 – Take Action To
Get Different Results

If you do not take at least some sort of small action within the next 24 hours, then chances are you will still be in the exact same situation this time next year

… and the year after that.

The only person who controls your future is YOU.

Wealthy Affiliate members are Achieving Success

You may be wondering…

Do I have to promote Wealthy Affiliate to make money?

100% no.

In fact, Wealthy Affiliate has a strong emphasis on you creating a website within a niche about something that you are passionate about.

There are many people making money in all kinds of niches such as Debbie who has a website on home decor, flooring and painting..

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story Debbie

Over $3,700 in a month after 2 years taking Affiliate Marketing seriously.

Are you beginning to see this is not a get rich quick scheme, but a legitimate way to make passive income that can grow exponentially?

Just look at Ralph’s progress after 2 years…

What is included in Wealthy Affiliate?

Next, for you to implement the strategies and start promoting PROVEN products to make money online, you’ll need Wealthy Affiliate training and mentoring community and personal help from me.

Let me show you why…

First of all let’s cover what is included inside Wealthy Affiliate…

1. 120+ Step-by-Step Training Lessons (Value $997)

This training will guide you by the hand and walk you through step-by-step by:

  • Learning the basics of affiliate marketing
  • Choosing your niche/market
  • Building your website from scratch
  • Driving unlimited traffic (visitors) to your website completely for FREE
  • Finding your affiliate products
  • How to start collecting affiliate commissions

All of this will be covered in the training with video & text tutorials. Included throughout are the step-by-step actions for you to take.  You can ask questions and get them answered at any point.

2. Super Simple Website Builder (Value $197)

Wealthy Affiliate Website Builder

Apart from the training, you’ll also need the best practice tools.  Starting with this Website Builder it is both easy to use and powerful.  You really can make a website in a few minutes as you can see in the video above. 

And this is my secret of how I’m able to build websites easily without knowing any coding or techie stuff.

Drag and Drop simple.

3. Web Domain Marketplace (Value $99)

If you don’t know yet, every website needs a domain. You can think of your domain being like the address of your ‘house’.  

So a domain is basically the name your website calls its home.  It’s how people online can find you.

When you’re building your website, you’re walked hand-in-hand through this process with ease.

With this marketplace inside Wealthy Affiliate, you don’t have to go to external places like GoDaddy to buy your domain and be dodging their upsells.  You get full privacy protection, SSL certificate and full access to emails with no upsells.

You can do everything seamlessly in Wealthy Affiliate.

4. State-of-the-Art Web Hosting (Value $300 Per Year)

Web hosting is kinda like your house. It’s where your website data are stored.

As with all the other amazing tools, this is also included in this membership.  Meaning that ALL the technical tools are provided to you directly inside this platform. Other affiliate marketing training courses DO NOT include hosting, keyword tool and the other tools here.  

Cheap hosting after discount periods is over $150 per year with Bluehost. I did the calculations and it was $156 a year before upsells like SiteLock security for malware protection at $96 to $504 per year.

Better quality hosting like SiteGround GrowBig which is $24.99 per month ongoing adds up to over $300 per year with a few upsells.  Hostinger Cloud Hosting starts at around $14.95  per month for decent speed, this also adds up to $180 per year.

Comparable hosting with Pagely or Kinsta is $200/month.  Yes $200 PER MONTH.  

Wealthy Affiliate’s start of the art hosting includes site security protection and anti-spam features.  It’s far superior to the standard hosting platforms you will find elsewhere AND is all included in the membership.  Can you see how much money you can save with Wealthy Affiliate just for the hosting alone?

5. Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool (Value $588 Per Year)

Keyword research tool is something you need to help you get your unlimited traffic (visitors) for FREE to your website.

This tool also helps you decide what to write about, create a plan moving forward, analyse your competition and much more.

This is another huge advantage unique to Wealthy Affiliate’s training and membership.

Other training courses would require you to be paying crazy amounts like $99/month for third party tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush or Moz. 

But again, you’re getting Jaaxy included for FREE inside Wealthy Affiliate.

6. Affiliate Program Marketplace (Value $197)

As it’s name suggests, it helps you find affiliate products easily so that you can promote and make money fast.

This saves you a lot of time by going to different websites to look for affiliate programs for you. Wealthy Affiliate is constantly improving its platform, resources and tools.  This one didn’t even exist when I joined!

7. Weekly Live Training Calls (Value $497)

Yes, this is really LIVE. Wealthy Affiliate’s live training coach, Jay, will hop on LIVE every week to teach you a variety of topics ranging from mastering everything related to ranking on Google, to YouTube, to website design, to email marketing, to setting up landing pages and funnels etc. 

He even hosts ‘Hot Seats’ once in a while to help you review your website and tell you how to improve.

This is another form of training you can expect from this community.

8. Member Generated Training (Value $299)

If you have something valuable to share, Wealthy Affiliate allows you to share your knowledge with the community and get paid.

On the other hand, all members can benefit from other members’ training With my personalised coaching for you, there are also some amazing training lessons in here that I can direct you towards. For example, I have learned how to win the featured snippet on Google and how to outsource and scale.  This is priceless! I am constantly learning and growing and will help you too.

9. Worldwide Community: >2,600,000 Members (Value $349)

You not only can make friends, but you can also mastermind with like-minded people from all over the world.

Also, Wealthy Affiliate has a Live Chat area where you can chat anytime of the day with other members or get immediate help.

10. 24/7 Technical Support Team on Standby (Value $299)

If you run into any technical issues, you can easily get help within minutes because Wealthy Affiliate has this 24/7 technical support team on standby.

The website support team are wonderful and have helped me quickly and professionally over the years.

All of this Training, Tools & Support Adds Up to a Value of: $3,822

Your Special Offer + 7 bonuses

Congratulations for making it this far down!

It means that you’re interested in creating an online business that has the potential to help you live life on your own terms instead of trading your time for money.

On top of what you will receive from Wealthy Affiliate, I’m also going to include some additional bonuses for FREE.

These are key resources that can help you speed up the process and avoid a lot of mistakes that I made when I started out…

Earn From Your Laptop

PRICELESS BONUS #1: PERSONAL COACHING from me to help you choose your profitable niche ($ PRICELESS).

  • Personalised coaching with you to help you choose your profitable niche
  • I’ll help you with the exact process I use to choose a niche that is both profitable and based on your passions, hobbies or interests
  • Skype strategy call and unlimited chat for questions and answers for your individual needs
  • ANY help for implementing YOUR Personal business SUCCESS Blueprint
  • 12 months unlimited website consulting via email or chat. I normally charge $97 an hour for one-to-one consulting


YOUR Personal Business SUCCESS Blueprint + Checklist ($139 Value)

  • I’m also giving you this Personal Business SUCCESS Blueprint where I’ll give you specific instructions to help you set your goals and plan your schedule.
  • I’ve also created a custom checklist and daily tasks for week 1 to assist you in Wealthy Affiliate’s training
  • AND 7-Day Bootcamp style eCourse and will be sent to your email


Top WordPress Themes & Plugins Guide ($97 Value)

  • Unsure what theme & plugins to use for your website?​
  • If you’ve tried WordPress, WordPress has TONS of themes and plugins. I understand it’s confusing for beginners.
  • So, I’ve created this guide to help you based on my experience.
  • This guide will be extremely helpful to help you kickstart your website!
  • AND keep Google happy with a fast website!


Content Creation & Hypnotic Writing Blueprint + Checklists ($97 Value)

  • Content Creation Blueprint to help you create blog content with ease
  • Include scientifically proven words into your writing that helps to keep your readers engaged and hooked to the end
  • Make editing your writing much quicker
  • Persuade and seduce your readers to take action that can help them


The Traffic Handbook ($97 Value)

  • Discover proven Traffic Methods You can apply today to grow your Social Media following, Get more Email Subscribers, and Increase Sales
  • Compliments nicely the Wealthy Affiliate training to make you a traffic expert
  • Covers Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Paid Advertising, Building YOUR Brand, and powerful content ideas


Email List Secrets ($97 Value)

  • Help you to engage your audience more and get them invested in your brand. As you build your Authority site
  • How to drive massive traffic to your landing page that will result in huge conversions and sign-ups
  • How to generate sales from your mailing list and how to profit from it in other ways
  • Guide is written in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step fashion for you to easily follow with screenshots and images.


YouTube Authority Course ($97 Value)

  • Teaches how to build a YouTube channel and use the traffic to grow your business
  • YouTube is one of the best platforms to promote affiliate products
  • All the steps, strategies and secrets to build your successful YouTube channel, and become a YouTube authority
  • Your YouTube channel will compliment the blog you create from Wealthy Affiliate’s training making you an authority in your niche and skyrocket your affiliate earnings

Here’s what you’re getting today…

  • PRICELESS BONUS #1: PERSONAL COACHING from me to help you choose your profitable niche and ongoing help ($PRICELESS Value)
  • 1-Month Wealthy Affiliate PREMIUM Membership (Value $319)
  • PLUS Other BONUSES to help you be successful
  • BONUS #2: YOUR Personal Business SUCCESS Blueprint + Checklist ($139 Value)
  • BONUS #3: Top WordPress Themes & Plugins Guide ($97 Value)
  • BONUS #4: Content Creation & Hypnotic Writing Blueprint + Checklist ($97 Value)
  • BONUS #5: The Traffic Handbook ($97 Value)
  • BONUS #6: Email List Building Secrets ($97 Value)
  • BONUS #7: YouTube Authority Course ($97 Value)

PRICELESS + Total Value: US$943

Your Investment TODAY: US$49

How to Get these Bonuses?

1. Click the button below.

2. You’ll go to Wealthy Affiliate where you can start an account for free and test it out (no credit card details are required).

3. Upgrade to premium for $49 for your first month and receive your free .com domain and also bonuses! This will better equip you to create a long term, and successful business online.

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Disclaimer – Many online scams use these timers as a “scarcity tactic” to rush you into a decision. At Wealthy Affiliate you genuinely get 7 days to test out the free account to see if it suits you and if you upgrade you will receive a free domain (I recommend a .com domain).

What Wealthy Affiliate members are saying


Finding and joining Wealthy Affiliate was a complete game changer for me. If you want to build a real online business then it will take some time and hard work but it will be profitable and sustainable long term. If this is your goal, look no further – WA has everything you will ever need to succeed online.

– Lynne (South Africa)
Current Premium Member

eddy-salomon-Wealthy Affiliate-testimonial

It’s been over a decade since joining WA and it has helped me achieve financial and personal freedom that a job could never provide me. At one point my wife and I were able to quit our jobs, buy our dream home and travel the world with our daughter as a result of the business WA helped me build. Here’s to another decade of success for all of us!

– Eddy (USA)
Current Premium Member

Wealthy Affiliate transformed me.It turned this ordinary guy with no clear career path into someone who will ALWAYS be able to generate an income online. At Wealthy Affiliate you get ABSOLUTE clarity in every aspect within an otherwise foggy and often confusing ‘online biz’ industry. Thank you for everything, Wealthy Affiliate!

– Marcus (United Kingdom)
Current Premium Member


Your choices are limitless here and everything is included in the membership. From keyword lists and tools, endless training, platforms to get comments or help you write content, and those to engage with the community, you have endless resources all available 24/7. I have met people around the world. I love WA and believe it is the best resource available for learning to build a website and a business!”

– Jessica (USA)
Current Premium Member

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a guarantee?

I’m going to make this really clear straight away…

Wealthy Affiliate do not give refunds. 

With that being said remember you can try the program out for free. And if you expect to see monetary results from the program within the first month, I haven’t done my job right by setting the right expectations, or you haven’t read all of this page. 

The point being, you get to have a full look of what you will be paying for before you upgrade and to get the bonuses mentioned you can pay $49 for your first month. You can cancel your membership at any time.

2. How long does this deal last?

To get your free domain, your first month for $49 and the bonuses above you have one week.

3. Will I actually be able to make money?


Again if you read all of this page you will see there are lots of real people making some very real money through Wealthy Affiliates training, tools and support.

But remember building a sustainable online business does take time and effort. 

It will not happen overnight or even within 1 month if you are brand new to online marketing.

4. Am I guaranteed to make money?


Only the people that follow the training and take ACTION on it will make money from this course. 

Remember, the training here is real and delivers, but it’s not a scheme that you plug in and sit back and wait for cash to come in. How much you make depends on how much time you put into it, how much you stick to the training, and how patient you are with your success.

The key to truly understanding online business is understanding where revenue comes from. The short answer is, it comes from TRAFFIC.

So the better question one should be asking is “How long before I start getting consistent traffic?”

You can read, watch and learn all you want but unless you take action on your own website nothing will happen.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a ‘get-rich-quick scheme’. Also they do nor imply that you can make money quickly with their training program. It’s a legit step-by-step training for making money online.

Building traffic takes good techniques put into consistent practice. You will learn all of this from the Wealthy Affiliate training.  Traffic begins as a trickle, then grows into a stream, and then finally blossoms into a river. And when it does come, that river is a strong one and the time you took building your business patiently will pay off more consistently.

5. OK I’m interested and want to make a profitable online business, but what is the actual price to join Wealthy Affiliate?

You can get started for free and even build 1 website without spending a dollar (or even giving your credit card details). 

After that if you want to upgrade to premium to access all of the features that you see above it will cost $49 for your first month. Also if you upgrade in your first week you will get a free domain, this will better equip you to create a long term, and successful business online.

To continue as a premium member to build a potential full-time online business it costs either $49 a month or $495 for a year.


If you were to go with a year Premium membership it works out at $41 a month or less than $1.36 per day.

There is also the option of Premium Plus+ for the future if your online business gets very big. Premium Plus+ certainly is not an “up sell”. Rather it is a package of products that you would pay a lot more for if you were to purchase separately, and certainly if you purchased it outside of WA you would be looking at a MUCH higher cost.  You won’t need this initially and the decision is yours as to whether the extra investment is needed in the future.

If you don’t need the:

  • hosting of an extra 40 own domain name websites 
  • or extra 200+ Expert Classes on specialised/advanced topics (you already have 52+ Expert Classes)
  • or Jaaxy Keyword Tool Enterprise

then I’d consider the yearly Premium membership to be the best value for money.

Now let me ask you this… how long do you think it takes to build a successful business? 

And how much would it normally cost?

6. Will I need to purchase anything else?


The tools and training in Wealthy Affiliate Premium or Premium Plus have everything that you need to start making money online. 

You will get:

  • Training
  • Weekly live webinars
  • Keyword research tool 
  • Website hosting
  • 1-1 mentoring
  • Access to a live chat to get your questions answered immediately
  • Access to a community of 800,000+ like minded people, just like you

If you are serious about making a profitable website you will need to pay for a domain name (that is standard for any website) which will be around $10-$15 for a year i.e. I pay for $14.99 each year for earnfromyourlaptop.com. Note you can get a free domain if you upgrade to Premium within your first 7 days of the free starter account.

The one thing I would personally say is that you will need an autoresponder (email collecting and delivering service) at some point. 

But you certainly can use: 

  • MailChimp or MailerLite for free 
  • or Sendinblue free plan is free for up to 300 emails a day for unlimited contacts, the only drawback is Sendinblue imprints its logo in your email. (Better for affiliate marketing)
  • or Aweber free plan is free up to 500 contacts but any emails you send feature Aweber adverts. (Better for affiliate marketing)

and this is not a necessity to make money from your website.

7. Do I have to promote Wealthy Affiliate to make money?

100% no.

In fact, Wealthy Affiliate has a strong emphasis on you creating a website within a niche about something that you are passionate about.

Wealthy Affiliate Training Online Entrepreneur Certification compressed

Again you can see real testimonials on this page and also read more about the thousands of people that have success promoting their own niche website here

8. Seriously though… is it possible to be successful with Wealthy Affiliate?

I know, I know! I was asking these questions myself when I started. 

How can you believe these random people?

Once you’re inside Wealthy Affiliate you can personally message anyone. You’ll be amazed at how much people share and help each other out. 

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