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Jaaxy is an indispensable tool for me to consistent rankings in search engines and growing traffic.

It’s the best Keyword Research Tool to help me rank my blog posts high in Google & get Free targeted traffic from Google and search engines to my website.

So, if you’re trying to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing, you’ll definitely need Jaaxy to help you!

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review

Other Legit Programs

  • Affiliate Lab – Affiliate Marketing Course by Matt Diggity
  • Affilorama – Affiliate Marketing Training, Software and Support
  • USANA Health Sciences – Cellular Nutrition/Health and Wellness MLM (Top Company with the best health supplements)
  • Young Living – one of the best MLM companies with highest grade Essential Oils & good business model
  • Webtalk – Social Media platform and MLM

Surveys And Reward Sites

Tools for Internet marketing

  • Pixamattic – a graphic design software
  • Surfer SEO – a promising tool to help you improve your SEO rankings
  • Wishpond – a marketing platform for generating, managing and nurturing leads

Not Recommended

Affiliate Marketing

Crypto and Forex

Digital Marketing

Make Money Online Products


Lead Generation

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

Pyramid and Ponzi Schemes

  • EmpiresX– Unregistered cryptocurrency and trading platform with MLM elements (possible Ponzi!)

Surveys and Reward Sites

  • AI Marketing – Cashback and Advertising platform with hints of MLM
  • CoinPayu – Paid-to-Click platform where members can earn cryptocurrencies from viewing ads and doing tasks
  • Field Agent – paid reward site
  • Maru Voice Canada – survey site that revolves around UK and Canadian market
  • Octopus Group – survey site that revolves around Australian and New Zealand market
  • PaidViewPoint – paid survey site
  • Rakuten – An Affiliate Marketing site that pays commission when you shop at their affiliated physical or online retail stores by Hiroshi Mikitani
  • Swagbucks – paid survey site
  • Univox – paid survey site
  • Web Perspectives – paid survey site


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