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Nathan Lucas-Freedom Influencer [What Is Freedom Influencer About?]

We grew up in a world that acknowledges how important education is.

Now that we are striving to be successful in various businesses, we are all willing to invest in courses, training, and other learning programs that would equip us with the invaluable skills that we need.

However, not all these programs are legitimate. Some of them are run by pretentious financial and business “gurus” and are just utter waste of money.

The fact that you’re here means that you have come across one of these gurus and would like to know if they can offer you real learning and not just a bunch of well-packaged product offers.

In this post, we will talk about Nathan Lucas-Freedom Influencer and discover what is Freedom Influencer about.

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Nathan Lucas Freedom Influencer Review Summary

Product Name: Nathan Lucas Freedom Influencer

Founder: Nathan Lucas

Price: Free

Rating: 48/100

Best For:  Anyone who’d like to learn more about earning income online especially through affiliate marketing

Recommended: not recommended because of the products he promotes, but is a great source of free knowledge

What is Freedom Influencer About: A Website used as a platform to learn about affiliate marketing as well as find products recommended by Nathan Lucas

Summary: Nathan Lucas is an affiliate marketer famously known especially on YouTube. What he does is recommend products and services from his Freedom Influencer website. However, you just have to consider the products that he gladly throws in your direction and find out if it is the best fit for you or if it would just be another rip-off.

What is Freedom Influencer About?

Nathan Lucas is a well-known affiliate marketer. He recommends products and services from within his website which is called the Freedom Influencer. He also has a YouTube channel to produce relevant video marketing content, which as a by-product gains additional traffic over to his website.

Nathan-Lucas-Freedom-Influencer youtube

His YouTube channel has over three hundred thousand subscribers bragging a rather large fan base. 

So to be honest he is actually very successful in that area too, not just affiliate marketing.

Recently, he has even joined the TikTok craze and is doing business through that platform also.

How Does Nathan Lucas Freedom Influencer Work?

Nathan-Lucas-Freedom-Influencer website

When you get to his website, the first thing you’ll see is Nathan’s pretty face and that big inviting smile.

What is he selling? Uhm…nothing. Sort of?

Nathan doesn’t have his own products to sell. What he actually does is sell other people’s products on his site. Just like a true affiliate marketing soldier. So, he is earning some cash by recommending products to you.

nathan lucas wink

So which products is he recommending through his site?

Nathan promotes the following products below:

Legendary Marketer
Legendary Marketer is a questionable training program with large upsells for online marketers and entrepreneurs that offers Digital Marketing Training. 
My Lead System ProMy Lead System Pro is a  high ticket affiliate marketing program. It has a few MLM characteristics.

GetResponse offers smart tools and solutions to grow your business through email marketing.
GoDaddyGoDaddy is an Internet domain registrar and offers web hosting for you.
Divi ThemeDivi is a WordPress theme which claims to offer a complete design framework that allows you to design and customize every part of your website. 
Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes claims to provide advanced, and simple-to-use WordPress collection of website tools.
Lead PagesLeadpages is a landing page builder that offers built-in analytics that you can integrate with other tools.

Clickfunnels is an online sales funnel builder that offers users with funnel options that are pre-built for a specific business, service, or product.
OptimizePressOptimizePress is a web tool for creating landing pages, secure membership portals, sales pages, launch funnels, blog sites and other various functions.
AweberAweber is an opt-in email marketing service that is a better fit for small businesses, bloggers, and entrepreneurs.

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services that you can employ for any online needs.
Source-WaveSource-Wave is a questionable course by Alex Becker that is aimed at how to make money online. But it seems to be no longer operating.
UpworkUpwork is a worldwide freelancing platform where businesses and  individuals connect to conduct business.
3 Minute Expert by Ray Higdon

3 Minute Expert is an online course that offers learning on discovering your own personal niche.

So what Nathan does is create content that you can learn from. In fact, most, if not all of his content is very valuable and has lots of substance that you can take advantage of in your business.

And—also earn affiliate commissions for Nathan. Of course.

Background Info

Nathan Lucas started his business career in MLM. He was invited by someone he personally knew. However, like most people who join MLM, he hit a wall within the first year and even decided to be an Uber driver so he can have more people to talk to about the business. He already started running out of people to talk to before he learned about affiliate marketing.

When he started online marketing, that was when he started becoming successful.

I guess the fact that he is actually a very good public speaker made a huge contribution for his success. When you would go as far as being an Uber driver and have the confidence to bring people into an MLM business, YouTube will just be another step.

Nathan Lucas Freedom Influencer Membership Costs

From what I found from my research, Nathan doesn’t have any price for the information he shares. In fact, you can get a lot of his courses for free. I actually got his free ebook right away on my email when I signed up for it.

Nathan-Lucas-Freedom-Influencer free ebook email

The Free Stuff by Nathan Lucas

Here are a few of Nathan Lucas’s free marketing guide:

  • How to Make Money With Legendary Marketer: A Helpful Review
  • Top 14 Video Marketing Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2020
  • The Complete Amazing Selling Machine Review: What to Know
  • What Is the Best Alternative to ClickFunnels? 7 Great Options
  • How to Make Money in the Fitness Industry Through Affiliate Marketing
Nathan-Lucas-Freedom-Influencer free marketing guides

Can You Make Money With Nathan Lucas Freedom Influencer

Nathan Lucas focuses on affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing itself is a viable way to earn a sustainable and continuous income online.

If done right, affiliate marketing can be a great opportunity for you.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is anchored on a very simple concept which boils down to finding a way of selling other people’s products for them.

Affiliate marketing has two pretty basic steps:

  • choose which products you want to promote online
  • find a way to get your special affiliate links to post on the internet, such as on your social media or website

Affiliate Marketing is a huge and growing industry. An untapped source for generating passive income, it is beneficial to understand that affiliate marketing and how to make money with affiliate marketing can be very advantageous to someone like you. Once you are all set up with your affiliate marketing system, all that is left to do is just to follow up on your progress and wait for your income. 

However, affiliate marketing is not as simple as ABC, and just like any business, it needs a lot of effort to take off.

Affiliate marketing is highly dependent on solid online traffic and as well as synoptic online content that is able to bring lots of viewers and traffic in your direction.

What is the best thing about affiliate marketing is that it is an unalterable form of passive income. With Affiliate Marketing, you earn once multiple times and not only once for a job you performed. Affiliate marketing has proven to be one of the most profitable ways to earn a passive and stable income online. 

If you want to know more about affiliate marketing, click this button below.

Is Nathan Lucas Freedom Influencer a Scam?

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not a student of the Nathan Lucas Freedom Influencer myself and I do not endorse Nathan Lucas or Freedom Influencer in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials, and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what the Nathan Lucas Freedom Influencer genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt from programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn Ways to Avoid Online Scams then click the highlighted text.

Now that I made this clear—what is Nathan Lucas Freedom Influencer about? Is Freedom Influencer a scam?

My answer: No.

Nathan Lucas is actually a really great speaker and gives you lessons that are of value. However, the affiliate marketer side of him will prefer products that he can earn an income from.

Take for example Legendary Marketer and My Lead Systems Pro. Both of these products are what they call “high-ticket”. It means that the prices of the courses that they sell are really expensive. I even wrote a review about Legendary Marketer on this site where you’ll find the list of prices for the product as well as their offering.

Now another thing I’ve noticed is the theme he uses for his website. Thrive Themes claims to provide advanced, and simple-to-use WordPress collection of website tools.  Nathan promotes it, yet he is using Astra theme on his main website, just for affiliate commissions Nathan?

I am not saying that Nathan is trying to hoodwink anyone into buying a crappy course or product. Of course, he also has to protect his reputation that is the foundation of his more than 300k YouTube subscribers. I’m just saying that the price tag on the services he is affiliated with can be such a HIGH price to pay when you actually have the option to start with this business for FREE or half the price.

When I look at Legendary Marketer and their expensive upsells.  I feel that Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday $299 or currently $495 is LESS THAN HALF the price of LM with their upsells.

What I Don’t Like About Nathan Lucas Freedom Influencer

Too. Much. Spam. Not the yummy easy breakfast choice but the annoying kind of spam you wish would leave your inbox alone. When you sign up for any of the free stuff on his website, Nathan would then bombard you with all these emails now that you’re on his email list. Ugh!

Expensive recommendations. If you follow Nathan’s step-by-step instructions to the letter, I’m not sure how much money you’ll be left with when you reach the other side.

What I Like About Nathan Lucas Freedom Influencer

FREE stuff! Who doesn’t like free stuff right? So, their squeeze page is very engaging where Nathan would actually offer you some free stuff, whether a book, marketing guides, or videos.

Nathan-Lucas-Freedom-Influencer free offers

Effective speaker. Nathan Lucas is a really great speaker. This is also perhaps the reason why his YouTube is quite successful and the things that he teaches you are worthwhile.

Final Thoughts – Nathan Lucas Freedom Influencer

In the end, Nathan Lucas is a legitimate and successful affiliate marketer. Being an affiliate marketer that he is, he advertises his top list of software tools and services.

He basically leads you or points you in the direction of these recommendations rather than showing you how to succeed by using them, or if you actually could. The typical trait of an affiliate marketer—profits first, then his audiences’ best interest second—yikes!

Nathan Lucas markets a plethora of products and services that can be quite costly. Now, if you want to take on Nathan’s list of recommendations—that is all up to you.

But I do know of an affiliate marketing opportunity that puts you first.

How I Make a Passive Income Online

Thanks for reading until the end of my post about Nathan Lucas-Freedom Influencer.

I hope I was able to help shed light on what is Freedom Influencer About.

If you are still in search of an opportunity for a legitimate and honest way of making money online, then I have just the opportunity for you.

People have different reasons for wanting/needing to work from home:

  • Being mentally drained from the 8-5 job that suck the life out of you
  • desire to be with your children more and have more time for them
  • inevitable health problems that do not allow you to work at an office

Furthermore, nothing beats a good amount of training and guidance for you to develop aptness and achieve success.

If it was up to me, I don’t think I’ll be taking Nathan’s word for it or follow his exact lead with his recommended products, especially Legendary Marketer.

On this note, I rather recommend Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium Membership. What is great is that you can start for FREE with the Free membership to see if it suits your style.  Then if you like the Free membership, consider Premium for just $49/month because it grants you access to the whole plenitude within the platform, such as:

  • 50 Affiliate Marketing Lessons
  • Regular Live Training on phenomenal internet marketing topics
  • uncountable Community Training on a wide range of topics
  • 24/7 Technical Support that can help you with any problems you face on your website
  • 24/7 Live Chat within the WA community for you to get prompt help anytime
  • opportunity to Message all the members so you can get help directly from more experienced members
  • Discussion areas within each training to guide you in every step
  • opportunity to privately contact Wealthy Affiliate owners should you have any inquiries

Plus you’ll get personal help from me. If you decide to join, I would really LOVE to be your coach. We will have one-on-one coaching as you need to show you the ropes of the business as well as answer any questions you have.

Joana is a dedicated content writer. She learned how to search for keywords well and write straightforward perky content writing for EFYL. She loves learning a lot of new things as she writes about them.

Above all, she sees herself as a cool wife, mom, and furmom. She used to be an elementary and college teacher but chose to work from home to have more flexibility with her time and be more connected with her family and rescuing stray and abandoned pets.

Freedom Influencer




Range of products


Training Support


Income potential


Price range



  • Great Speaker
  • Gives Free Stuff


  • Sends Lots of Spam
  • Expensive Recommendations

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  1. Nathan is a very successful Affiliate Marketer but he is not marketing his products however he does try to make people think he does.

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    I still believe Wealthy Affiliate is better as it teaches everyone how to build a great business to move forward to a great future.

    Nathan is a little bit too much ego for me. 

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  2. Hello, a big thank to you for sharing this beautiful and unbiased review on Freedom Influencer…
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  3. Thanks Vicki,
    Whilst Nathan does have useful free content, ultimately he is promoting Legendary Marketer as his main offering.  So its best that everyone is fully aware of this.  He drops it in on his third email in his autoresponder, then I lost interest after the repeated selling after that.
    Certainly, you can learn successful affiliate marketing frommy #1 recommendation.

  4. Great decision Oscar,

    You will have no need to look over your shoulder for the whopping upsells that Freedom Influencer can lure you into.  I’d suggest learn some of this free stuff, but for real training and community to learn affiliate marketing, I’d steer clear of what he is ultimately promoting,

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  8. Thanks Edah,
    Sure Nathan Lucas does have useful free content in his free marketing guides, ultimately he is promoting Legendary Marketer as his main offering.  So I wanted to make my readers fully aware of this.  He pitches this to you in his third email in his autoresponder, with that I lost interest after the repeated selling after that.
    Certainly, you can learn successful affiliate marketing from my #1 recommendation.

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