What is Fx Goat About? 100% Truthful and Unbiased Review – Earn From Your Laptop

What is Fx Goat About? 100% Truthful and Unbiased Review

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Trading requires a lot of time and work to get started, and it may be a frightening task. In this regard, everything that will shorten the learning curve will allow you to make money faster. Is it worth it to buy trading courses?

What is Fx Goat About

I’ve been keeping myself busy for the past few days by evaluating trading schools available, and Fx Goat is no exception.

What is Fx Goat about?

Can you really make money with Fx Goat?

This Fx Goat review will undoubtedly help determine whether or not this is worth investing your hard earned cash.

Fx Goat Review – Summary

Fx Goat claims to be one of the nation’s leading providers of forex education and online trading courses. They stated that providing not only technical and educational data, but also market insights, practical information and recommendations, real-life examples, and a wealth of expertise is their top goal.

The question is, what is Fx Goat about and what separates Fx Goat from other online trading course providers?

Is there something unique about Fx Goat?

Let’s find out!

Product Name: Fx Goat

Founder: Thapelo Mabitsela

Price: $250 – $300

Rating: 5/100

Best For: Learners in a Hurry

Recommended: Not Recommended

What is Fx Goat  About: Fx Goat claims to provide forex trading learning materials online through their Fx Goat Forex Trading Academy.

Summary: Fx Goat is confident that with the help of their lifetime mentorship, anyone can achieve success and obtain access to their online trading resources and network.

What is Fx Goat Forex Trading Academy About?

What is Fx Goat about as well as Fx Goat Forex Trading Academy?

Fx Goat took the first step in delivering learning materials by establishing the Fx Goat Forex Trading Academy, an online learning institute and it has a lot of positive Google reviews. Well, as I always say, I want to always make sure those comments weren’t fabricated. 


How Does Fx Goat Forex Trading Academy Work?

The Fx Goat Forex Trading Academy claims to offer complete mentoring on how to trade forex effectively and eventually become a professional. They further asserted that they provide lifetime mentoring and that they have a recommended broker who handles account management and investments.

The Man Behind Fx Goat 

What is Fx Goat About CEO and his Twin Brother

Thapelo Mabitsela is the CEO and founder of Forex Goat that is based in South Africa. He created an endless wheel of fortune with the help of his twin brother, Emmanuel Mabitsela. Despite the difficulties they faced, they were able to get back on their feet and get back on track.

Apart from his social media sites, there is no additional information about Thapelo Mabitsela available online.

Courses Offered

When a trader joins FX Goat, he or she will gain access to online Forex trading classes as well as educational materials such as videos, slides, quizzes, voice over teaching and PDFs. Full mentorship only begins the moment you finish the course and acquire a Certificate.

They have 2 courses offered.

FX GOAT NASDAQ 2.0 – $250

What is Fx Goat About Nasdaq Course 2.0


What is Fx Goat About Currencies Course 2.0

Each session has been said to be meticulously prepared and taught by FX GOAT mentors, the greatest industry professionals, and focuses on a critical issue. It is said that each session will only be unlocked once you purchase either or both of the courses.

It’s a completely self-paced online course, so you may start and stop whenever you choose.

You’ll find a link to their VIP Support Group at the end of the course, where you’ll be able to communicate and interact with them on a daily basis.

Can You Make Money with Fx Goat?

Everyone can make money through trading but it only boils down to being able to get a solid guidance and structure to follow.

What is Fx Goat about by the way?

Fx Goat claims to be able to make up for losses with gains just by following simple rules. 

Actual people claimed that Fx Goat helped them in earning more money and achieving financial independence.

How to Make Money with Fx Goat?

If you have an Internet connection, you can get started on trading. You can be online immediately, regardless of your schedule or where you are located. Fx Goat doesn’t require you to go anywhere near your home office; all work is done online and from anywhere there’s an Internet connection. You can create your own trading schedule and manage your time as you see fit.

Once you’ve learned how to do it, you’ll be making money from home every single day without fail – no matter what happens. You’ll have a choice: work as many hours as you want or set your own schedule and work around your life. You can do this from the comfort of your own home, in any country you like, or while traveling the world.

You don’t need any special skills. What is needed? SIMPLE!

They want you to mirror their strategies. 

They encourage you to follow their techniques being taught through their online courses. 

The only problem is that they no longer provide investment and account management services. All you have to do now is use their suggested broker to take care of the rest.

Fx Goat Forex Trading Academy Online Reviews

Any business concept, strategy, course, or program will receive both positive and negative feedback. Since we cannot please everyone, we also have no influence over how other people should feel especially on what is Fx Goat about.

Common positive reviews

What is Fx Goat About Google Reviews
What is Fx Goat About Good Reviews
What is Fx Goat About Good Reviews
What is Fx Goat About Good Reviews

Common negative reviews

What is Fx Goat About Bad Reviews
What is Fx Goat About Bad Reviews
What is Fx Goat About Bad Reviews
What is Fx Goat About Bad Reviews
What is Fx Goat About Bad Reviews

Is Fx Goat a Scam?

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not a student of Thapelo Mabitsela or Fx Goat or Fx Goat Forex Trading Academy myself and I do not endorse it in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials, and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what is Fx Goat about and what it genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt from programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn Ways to Avoid Online Scams then click the highlighted text.

As I always say, it is not for me to determine whether or not it is a scam. 

The truth is that trading courses are meant to be educational tools, not get-rich-quick schemes. They are created for novice investors and traders who want an easy way to learn about the basics while being entertained by the instructor, as well as a couple of cool perks along the way. Think of them as a guided tour through the world of investments with an experienced guide who has been there before.

There is no hidden agenda or magic formula that makes you rich overnight; no one can promise that.

What I Like About Fx Goat


What I Don’t Like About Fx Goat

  • The CEO’s history, track record of achievements and trading education are nowhere to be found.
    I couldn’t locate a single piece of information that Thapelo Mabitsela had a solid track record in the industry. Only his Instagram account, where he regularly updates and flaunts his accomplishments. Emmanuel, his brother, has a YouTube channel with roughly 100,000 subscribers, but that’s it. They both don’t have a LinkedIn profile. Their biography isn’t even available on Wikipedia.
Is Fx Goat a Scam Emmanual Forex YouTube Channel
  • They don’t have a company website.
    This is unacceptably dangerous. A business, no matter how big or small or new it is in a certain industry, must have at least built a website where people can see what they’ve done, what they’re doing, or anything else about the company in general. A website serves as a portfolio for a company and the fact that they don’t have one creates a total disaster. The only thing they have is the site where they offer their online courses. In this case, by having no website, we can’t fully distinguish what is Fx Goat about.
  • No FSCA (Financial Sector Conduct Authority) license which is the main reason why they no longer offer investments and account management.
    Legalities and permits are critical in running a company that involves investments, and Fx Goat unfortunately appears to lack one.
What is Fx Goat About No FSCA License
  • Their courses practically have identical descriptions and don’t provide an overview of what exactly someone might learn if they purchase either one of those.
    They just did not make any effort to create at least an overview that would aid future students in determining which course they needed the most.
What is Fx Goat Nasdaq 2.0 Description
What is Fx Goat Currencies 2.0 Description
  • Only relies on excellent Google review scores and revolves around claims from people.
    I have been firm about this since day 1. I don’t trust online reviews anymore as some may be fabricated. Having a large number of winners should be cause for concern. Always keep in mind that every trader has periods when he loses money. You should be extremely careful if you come across someone who consistently makes huge profits with no glitches. There’s a good probability it’s all made up.
  • Fx Goat doesn’t have a solid reputation.
    Despite the fact that Fx Goat has a weak reputation, they claim to be one of the few forex education providers available online.
Ready to make Passive Income Online?
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Final Thoughts About Fx Goat

What is Fx Goat about? Will I recommend this?

I definitely would not recommend Fx Goat.

Absolutely, NOT!

It’s important to remember that there is no such thing as a perfect system. The key to gaining the trade knowledge you desire is to learn it and seek out people who can demonstrate their dedication to the industry through their actions and it just so happens that Fx Goat and the people behind it don’t even have one.

Always look into the instructor’s history and track record of achievement. It pays to have a genuine and reputable educator, not just any other self-proclaimed guru.

Many trading courses concentrate on common technical analysis and how it can be used to explain market behavior rather than teaching specific trading principles. These classes usually cover common indicator ideas, trend patterns, and chart patterns, all of which are useful to know but take a long time to develop into something that can be traded.

The problem is that trading and investing are not widely taught in schools and few people have experience with them, especially when it comes to actually applying what you learn.

But just because something isn’t taught in school doesn’t mean it isn’t a valuable skill to learn or that it can’t be presented in an interesting way for you to absorb the information. The people selling trading courses know this and take advantage of it.

Trading courses are worthwhile if you can locate someone who trades for a living and isn’t simply looking for quick cash. By investing in a reputable trading course, you may drastically shorten your learning curve and start making money much quickly.

A trading course will give you a method and a template for how to go about trading, so you won’t have to waste time figuring out what method to use. Instead, you can concentrate your efforts on what genuinely produces results, such as the trading process. There’s a significant difference there!

As a result, you should always make sure that the courses you purchase include tradable tactics with explicit guidelines. Otherwise, you risk receiving something that is too vague to be traded.

If I were you, I’d think twice about enrolling in Fx Goat Forex Trading Academy.

Don’t waste your money on something that hasn’t even been proven to work.

How I Make a Passive Income Online

Allow me to introduce the most effective method for making money online. 

I never gave up hope that one day I would find a system that would satisfy my needs and fortunately, I was able to start my online business because of this. It also offered me the freedom to do anything I wanted, manage my time, and have complete control over my life.

Imagine being able to do the things you enjoy while also earning money. Consider how you would buy the things you need and how you would treat your family in different ways.

Clearly enough, after doing extensive and thorough research, I finally found the one that is way better than Fx Goat honestly.

Here’s where you may get my TOP RECOMMENDATION! You can start for free, then upgrade to premium for only $49 per month if you want to go full-time.

Of course, I’d be happy to tell you everything there is to know about it, personally mentor you and prepare you for a whole new level of worthwhile journey building your online business. 

To get started, simply click on the image below.

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Fx Goat


Business Model




Income Opportunity







  • Nothing


  • CEO's Missing Biography
  • No Company Website
  • Not FSCA Accredited
  • No Specific Course Overview
  • Inauthentic & Untruthful

8 thoughts on “What is Fx Goat About? 100% Truthful and Unbiased Review”

  1. First red flag is that they are not on their own website. Teachable is a community course site similar to Udemy and does not fully vet course providers. The second is the Cheesy amateurish imagery. If they were making the money they say in Forex, enough to be GOAT or Greatest Of All Time, they would have the Cadillac of sites and professional images and Video Sales Letters. They would have business details and registration information in plain site and they would most likely have a full blown affiliate program of their own.

  2. Hi John, never heard of FX Goat before or the owners. I looked at a product in I think it was February last year called FX Trendy I think it was called that was set up to identify algorithms that could help you invest in the right time. It did seem quite interesting but I get quite put off with these FX and Crypto trading courses – I guess I’m not that much of a gambling man but also I never really hear much good about these products themselves. I mean I am sure these product creators aren’t all scam artists they probably have had a bit of success themselves but just aren’t very good teachers. I guess it is just trial and error till you find the right thing for you. All I say is if you can’t really afford something financially just be very cautious and do your research before buying.

  3. Thanks for your comments Andy,
    I appreciate that you have identified even more red flags with Fx Goat Forex Trading Academy.
    The lack of professional website as well as cheesy imagery is a concern. Just having a Teachable course site is not compelling.
    I did also notice this course is onsold in other marketplaces for cheaper than the listed price.
    We all know there are far better options to make money that this course.

  4. Hi John – This is a very helpful review. For all the reasons you listed, and I’m sure there are more, I wouldn’t give this course the time of day. With so many other resources available online, a person can do so much more research into investing without having to pay large amounts of money. Personally, I opened a TD Ameritrade account last year. It costs nothing to open an account but right away you are able access their entire education library and can sign up for live webinars/classes that they offer every month. To those of us who are new but interested in learning about investing and strategies, I found this to be very encouraging. Thank you for providing your knowledge and expertise in this review!

  5. Thanks for your comments Alex,
    By showing my readers all the pros and cons of Fx Goat Forex Trading Academy as well as all the facts, info and things to be aware of, I want people not to have to experience the “trial and error till you find the right thing for you”. People can spend $300 on courses such as this one that are a waste of their money and time.
    I guess I agree with you in terms of finding the right business model. Some prefer Forex trading with the risks and costs involved. Whereas others may prefer to build an online business, that may take longer but is real and sustainable.

  6. Thanks for your comments Dereck,
    Yes there are many free options for those interested in Forex trading rather than risking your money with Fx Goat Forex Trading Academy.
    For those considering Forex trading, it would be wise to seriously consider the free training first like TD Ameritrade that you mention. Then if that is not working or you need more specific/advanced coaching then you could consider paid training
    Or another business model if Forex is not your thing, doesn’t suit your risk tolerance, time commitment etc.

  7. I really love this review and I wish I could’ve seen it before wasting my hard earned money. I do regret joining Fx Goat. It’s nothing but a scam. There’s no lifetime mentorship as they claim, it’s been 8 months in their students groups but I have never heard from the so called mentors. Students in there complain from time to time but they’re crashed by others who are already making little money. It’s just a mess, none they opened their own broker lol

  8. Hi,
    Thanks for reaching out and sharing your concerns about Fx Goat. Sharing your real user experience helps protect all internet users to make a fully informed decision.
    I also appreciate your kind words. I make these reviews to help people and am glad this helped you.

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