Chain Reaction Trading Robot [DON’T FALL for the YouTube Ad]

Are you here because you’re looking for information about the YouTube ad of a certain Harry Fisher and his Chain Reaction trading robot? Read this fast in case you have signed up (hopefully you did not) and let me expose what’s truly behind the advertisement.

WARNING: It would be best not to click that website links of in this Chain Reaction review to protect you and your computer. I’ll give you more details early in this article.

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A Chain Reaction Review Summary

Product Name: Chain Reaction

Founders: Unknown

Products and Prices: Unspecified

Recommended: Not Recommended

Overall Rating: 1/100

What Is Chain Reaction About: 

It’s supposedly a trading robot that can help you gain $1000 a day


Chain Reaction trading bot is an unreliable product advertised in a 16-minute video. Details of the company and the owners are obscured from public and it has a “chain” of websites and is tagged as probable malware which are more than enough reasons to stay away from it.

[READ FIRST] Why You SHOULD NOT Visit Chain Reaction Websites Written In This Article

Just before we investigate further I want you to be wary of visiting Chain Reaction’s websites that I will mention here unless you have a fully protected computer against malware and adware. I’m using a Macbook Pro with installed antivirus with a firewall and VPN, and while it does not guarantee my safety, I suggest that you stay away from the malicious websites that I may mention here.

Here’s why I’m telling you to stay away from them. I found an article posted last 2020 that Chain Reaction Pro Ads is most likely a malware:

Chain Reaction Trading Robot Warning before Reading

Even if the website recommends a tool for removing it, it would be best to just read through this article so you can save money, time and be safe from any online threat that the Chain Reaction websites may pose.

Here are other details to convince you more if you’re unfazed by my warning:

Chain Reaction Trading Robot mode threat details

What is Chain Reaction Trading Robot About?

If you haven’t seen the ad that rings red flags all throughout, we’ll here’s the actual video for you, come waste 16 minutes of your life by watching it:

When I first saw this Chain Reaction ad, I can’t help but ask why it was so poorly written. I mean, without even coming across this article, I know that your instincts are screaming that it’s a scam.

In case you fell for the story and have mistakenly signed up, here are a few other details that you have to READ RIGHT AWAY!

People behind Chain Reaction

Chain reaction trading bot website logo

The ad mentioned the narrator as Harry Fisher, and mentioned someone named Matthew Jordan. But as I tried to look for more details… there wasn’t any, even on the webpage that they linked into. No details for associated LinkedIn profiles of those people, no social media connected, no public mentions.

As someone from the marketing field, having no public record or verifiable proof of an owner or founder is a pitfall of a marketing strategy. And even as a non-marketer, that should ring danger alarms in your brain. But the truth is, it’s also an often overlooked verification strategy by people, especially when a product presents urgency (being time-limited) and when a narrative has already imprinted and picked the scab of your pain points.

So is the storyteller a real person, or is everything is just fiction?

Here’s some shocking revelations that I found!

A Deeper Probe on Chain Reaction

I found a Reddit thread about Chain Reaction and it was mentioned that the ad puts out different links. It’s most likely that the domains got banned (if people reported it), they expired, or maybe the company is just really keeping everything spread out. Below are some of the posted old links of Chain Reaction on Reddit, I couldn’t tell if the other websites are geo-blocked because I can’t access most of them but some are actually now inactive (WARNING: Just to be safe, I don’t recommend accessing them):


So far my friend John came across the ad and the link that he saw was and it goes to this website:

Chain Reaction Trading Robot Sevenup site

But look what I found next.

Domain Age

For this Chain Reaction review, I checked when the website was acquired and created, I totally expected that it was just created recently and lo and behold:

Chain Reaction Trading Robot sevenup sre domain age

Just this month! I was not shocked, but it really got me curious that it is hosted by a company from Ukraine. But as I was doing further investigation, the algorithm brought me to a website with the same Chain Reaction logo!

Same Brand, Different Websites

Well what showed up was a link to the website and take a look at its homepage:

Chain Reaction Trading Robot ketten reaktion

SAME LOGO but it had a different video but almost the same story and urgency tactic. Here you can see another website link under the video ( and when I went to the page (sit back and let me do the work for you) here’s what’s in it:

Chain Reaction Trading Robot chain reaction pro co uk

Another website just like the other one!

So which website really is it now? More red flags!

Then I tried the technique done by John on his Analysts Class investigation where he searched Verbatim using a unique phrase. I copied a phrase from and I found another website just like it,

Chain Reaction Trading Robot gemeni pro store

I did it too for the and I found another! So I tried to compare the active websites that I found:

sevenup.siteNovember 11, 20210$
ketten-reaktion.orgMarch 3, 20212£
chain-reaction-pro-co.ukMay 14, 20200£ October 11, 20210 $ 1, 20211 £ 26, 20210 $

If Chain Reaction really gives out free help for a limited number of people, then why would they have different websites where you can sign up for?

Are they meant to find you out of their goodwill, or do their chain of websites mean to target different populations?

If it’s an actual product or program that works, I believe that you wouldn’t need to have different websites for signing up.

What does the Chain Reaction Offer?

Chain Reaction Trading Bot

Their main claim is that their trading robot can help you earn 1000 GBP or USD. And even as they promised to help you for free, a previous user posted in the Do Not Deal With website that a minimum of $250 was asked for the program:

Chain Reaction Trading Robot DNDW warning post

It’s not clear if there will be brokers that will handle your funds or if you are the one that will use their program. While they claim on the video that there will be brokers, it’s not what’s in the risk disclaimer of some of their websites:

Chain Reaction Trading Robot Risk disclaimer

What’s unfair here is that they claimed that they mentioned a 100% financial guarantee but Chain Reaction’s risk disclaimer says otherwise.

How do you make money with Chain Reaction Trading Bot?

The website was not clear of how the Chain Reaction Trading Bot delivers and the process for the program but from our pooled investigation it seems like after you’ve signed up for on their website some “brokers” would call you and ask you to put a minimum amount to a trading platform so you can start earning.

Well if I were an interested trader, I believe that I would still walk away from Chain Reaction not just because of their ad with lots of mistakes and typos but also because I couldn’t trust a program and website without any public information or any mention even if it’s just a newly established one. I can’t deny that the power of the Internet and the credibility established by social media pages are factors for me to trust something that involves putting my money in it.

A Chain Reaction Trading Bot Review


  • Can’t find any


  • No social media presence and public record
  • Grammatical errors in their ads and videos
  • Obscure process and product details
  • Misleading financial guarantee claim
  • Unresolved user complains
  • Probable malware and adware

Is Chain Reaction Trading Robot A Scam?

From all the red flags we’ve laid out in this article. I can say that it’s most likely a scam and if it’s spread out now, then soon it could become a global threat. Not only am I concerned about it’s probability of being a malware, I am also thinking that it might be a Ponzi Scheme where they promise high returns claiming that there are no risks whatsoever.

Best to stay away from Chain Reaction!

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not a user of Chain Reaction Trading Robot and I do not endorse it in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials, and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what Chain Reaction Trading Bot genuinely does. This is because people have been burnt from programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn Ways to Avoid Online Scams then click the highlighted text. 

Why I Might Consider Investing In Chain Reaction

  • If I want a risk of malware, and losing funds

Reasons Why Chain Reaction May Not Be For You

  • You don’t like losing money
  • You don’t want to risk your personal details and getting malware
  • You don’t trust businesses without social media presence

Additional Questions for this Chain Reaction Review

After a lengthy investigation what do you think would be my answer for “Is Chain Reaction trading robot a scam?”.

I believe it’s a probable scam because not only does it mislead people with their ad that trading with them has 100% financial guarantee but it goes to the extent that it created different websites for people to sign up on and what… after a months will it vanish like their client’s investment?

If Chain Reaction has the financial capacity to run 16 minute ads, why haven’t they created a singular website for people to signup on? If their spots are limited, why create different website to cater to different populations (a reason why they may have used different currencies and video ad story).

Is Harry Fisher just fishing people’s money, or phishing their details?

My Final Thoughts about the Chain Reaction Trading Bot

I don’t see the point of creating different websites even if it’s meant for just lead generation. If Chain Reaction is a real program then they still have a long way to prove the veracity of their product and their company. What people need is not a long advertisement but actual users, demos and registration documents to prove their authenticity.

Until there are no such documents and proofs, then my stand about Chain reaction bot will remain that it is a probable scam.

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Chain Reaction

Minimum of $250



Income Opportunity




Business Model



  • None


  • No social media presence and public record
  • Grammatical errors in their ads and videos
  • Obscure process and product details
  • Probable malware and adware
  • Misleading financial guarantee claim

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