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Is AI Marketing A Scam? [Here’s 3 people you won’t read from other reviews]

Is AI Marketing a scam? In this AI Marketing review we’ll try to review and collate evidence to evaluate the credibility of this advertising and cashback platform.

This would be the first article where you’ll find about the actual people behind AI.Marketing. You may find lots of AI.Marketing testimonies and articles about how great the platform is… but try to take a step back and realize, are they really recommending the platform for its authenticity or are they just luring you in so they can benefit from you as their referral?

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AI Marketing Review Summary

Product Name: AI.Marketing

Company Owner: Unknown

Products and Price: MarketBot

Recommended: Not Recommended

Overall Rating: 4/100

What Is AI Marketing About: AI Marketing is a cashback and advertising platform that has an unsubstantial business process, reports of non-payment, and a possible pyramid scheme according to the Russian Central Bank.

Summary: This AI Marketing review probed into the intricate details that most existing reviews haven’t touched yet. We found that despite the numerous good reviews, attractive remunerations and having an easy to use platform, AI Marketing’s lack of social credibility and hints of MLM continuously threatens the advancements and the reputation that it has built through the years.

What is AI Marketing About?

AI Marketing claims that they have MarketBot, an AI that analyzes trending keywords to automate ad creation for their retail partners. Investors in AI.Marketing pay for the advertisements of the retail partners and the revenue from the sales are given as commission to the users.

Basically, members fund the advertisement and the bot creates the ad and acts as an affiliate. Any sale rendered by ad links becomes their commission and can range from 1.5%-655 of the sale price of a product or service. 

A Deeper Probe on AI Marketing

I’ll explain to you in a while why I’m calling this the “original” website. For the meantime, here are the details that we can find:

Here is a screenshot of the top part of the AI Marketing homepage:

is ai marketing a scam ai marketing review home page original website

A detail that we may have to probe further on would be the footer of the website which contains company details of AI Marketing here’s what you’ll see.

is ai marketing a scam ai marketing review footer details

So basically they are saying that they operate in London under UDM CREATORS LTD, and their “technology” is housed in Hong Kong. and their Advertising operations are in Moscow. It’s very elaborate.

Is this a show of transparency or is it something else?

Domain Age

is ai marketing a scam ai marketing review domain details

We can see that the website domain was acquired last 2015, so we can assume that the website may have been running for six years now. But the age of a domain shouldn’t be a sole metric of its credibility.

Different Domains, Same Log-In Pages

When I decided to investigate AI Marketing, I typed “AI.Marketing” on the search bar and there showed up a lot of ads. I clicked on them and on some of the other links that came up. I decided to compare them by compiling them below:

DomainDomain Creation (original website)October 7, 2015 12, 2021 12, 2021 24, 2021
a-i.marketingMay 19, 2021 20, 2021 26, 2021 03, 2021 11, 2021

It’s not clear if these websites are from the same company as they have different hostings and the other websites are not of the same layout as the original website. While they may not be outright the same, it mentions the important details of AI Marketing, what their Marketbot does and company details and addresses from the footer are of the original website.

But what I found odd was that it will take you to the same registration page, and log in page. For example, this

is ai marketing a scam ai marketing review different domain same log in

Whenever I click on the Register button this is where it takes me:

is ai marketing a scam ai marketing review russian version of original website

A Russian page version of the original website.

is ai marketing a scam ai marketing review url referral link

The string of words after the ru is reminiscent of an ad campaign identifier. So this brings up another question. Do those websites only exist as part of their ad campaign? Are they really putting up product and service ads or are they just putting up more websites to lure them into the “original” website?

Probing The Footer Details

Let’s now investigate the footer details that we mentioned earlier:

is ai marketing a scam ai marketing review footer probing

Why would a company be registered under three different locations? Well here’s my take about it, these are just my opinions and you’re free to research things yourself to confirm these.

  • Advertising branch in Russia. Companies who are running advertisements in Russia are required to have representative offices before they can represent foreign companies and before they can accept payments and run advertisements in Russia. This could mean that the company may have been running ads in Russia too since those not registered in Russia cannot run targeted ads in the said population.
  • Hong Kong-based technology. AI Marketing laid out in their terms that any dispute towards them should be governed by laws of Hong Kong. Why pick Hong Kong? I believe it could be because Hong Kong uses arbitration for international dispute resolution which is relatively cheaper, quick and easier than court proceedings. Foreign companies are also not subject to tax laws in Hong Kong.
  • Operations in London. While there are the great benefits of setting up a limited company in the UK, the one reason that I find this beneficial for them is that the UK allows foreign or non-residents to be a director of a company. It is also not mandatory for a UK company to have a UK business bank account. Imagine you can be a non-UK resident and still be a director of a company and can even operate even if your account is from overseas (or you can even use a personal bank account)!

UDMCreators LTD

While these are just possibilities we’re still looking for breadcrumb trails about the company details, and the people behind it. But truth is, there is one name that came up:

is ai marketing a scam ai marketing review UDM creators

Here are a few other details that we could find:

is ai marketing a scam ai marketing review other details of UDM Creators

It says the UDM has 3 employees only. When I looked into Mr. Briazkalo I found out that he is from Kiev and is a Ukranian resident:

is ai marketing a scam ai marketing review Serhii Briazkalo

Zarya LTD

Next we move on to probing Zarya Ltd. SInce it’s a Russian company we can quickly find information regarding the company and here is where you can look for the details of the provided company registration id. I was able to download a copy of the registration details and you have to pay attention to this part:

is ai marketing a scam ai marketing review Russian document registration

Using your phone, you can use the Google Translate application and translate this from Russian. You can read now that the company is registered under an ORLOV NIKITA KONSTANTINOVICH of Moscow. Now we have two names.

Wexford Alliance Limited

But here we have a look at the next part: WEXFORD ALLIANCE LIMITED COMPANY. Company details showed that it has been running for 4 years now in Hong Kong.

is ai marketing a scam ai marketing review Wexford alliance limited details

When I cross checked the registration ID into HK’s cyber portal for verifying registration, here are the directorship details that I found:

is ai marketing a scam ai marketing review Wexford alliance limited director

Now we have three people that we can associate with AI Marketing. But what’s quite disturbing was that I found 75 other companies attached to his name through this link, here is a screencap just so you can have a peek:

is ai marketing a scam ai marketing review Wexford alliance limited spasov svilen

And when you actually search for them you’ll see that most of these companies have been running for years now but some are also new. Now we ask the hard question, are these legitimate companies or are they just shell companies?

If you’re asking why we speculate that they are shell companies? Well it’s because when I searched for the Wexford Alliance Limited company name I found an inactive company of the same name that has had quite a bad reputation back in its days. But we’ll go on that in the latter part of our article.

Now we go back to UDM’s three employees…

Are Serhii Briazkalo, Orlov Nikita Konstantinovich and Svilen Spasov the actual three employees of UDM Creators? Or are they just part of a bigger scheme?

What does AI Marketing Offer?

AI Marketing offers “cashback” on its users as they fund advertisements for their aggregate brand partners and also offers a referral structure for the members.


They mention that they have an AI called MarketBot that could help create appropriate ads with low cost clicks but high conversions. Once a product or service has been purchased through the link, 1.5-35% of the purchase will be given to the user as their affiliate commission.

Referral system

Their referral system involves sharing your referral link and you get a $50 coupon when others sign up. Plus you can also get 5% of their first deposits as long as they use your code or sign-up through your link. Remember the other websites that we found earlier, I have most likely found the answer to the proliferation of almost identical websites.

Inside the AI Marketing platform, you can create your own website or landing page. When people use that website to sign up they are then actually signing up with your referral code!

is ai marketing a scam ai marketing review referral websites created by users

Investment/Advertising Program

This is the part where you choose to fund advertisements for their brand partners then get commissions after they have purchased from the brand. They tag this as their advertising option. You have to put funds in your account so the MarketBot can use it.

Cashback Program

Older AI Marketing reviews mention that the older system used to automatically create cashbacks with every purchase, but now they have a dedicated tab where you can choose a product that you are going to purchase before you can have a cashback credited to your account. But you have to take a look at the countries where it is allowed or you won’t be credited. Here’s an example:

They have a list of countries of which they allow the purchase to be credited. Most likely, you are purchasing from their affiliate link and a part of the commission they get goes back to you. But they also have a cap on how much gets credited to your account.

They also claim that you can have a cashback for your offline purchases as long as you have secured receipts of your purchases:

is ai marketing a scam ai marketing review offline cashback

How do you make money with AI Marketing?

You can make money with AI Marketing through: referrals, cashback and the investment program.


You can create referrals by inviting people to join through your link or you can create landing pages like the one I mentioned in the previous section. You get $50 for every successful referral and 5% of their initial deposit if they put funding on their accounts.


If you’re fond of shopping online or you know people who do, shopping and letting them shop through the link that you will create can help you gain cash back credits for the purchases. But as you’ve seen, there is a cap on how much cashback you can get and a limit on country purchases that it covers.

Investment Program

This sounds as the most promising part of the platform as you only need to put money in it and let it do the work for you.

While these three are promising, I still have a hint of doubt on the platform, and the following section will tell you why.

Why there should be a room for doubt for AI Marketing


The Russian Central Bank has been posting financial pyramids since last June 2021. These are the companies that they have detected and yes they have included AI.Marketing, UDMCreators Ltd. and Zarya. Here is a link to the said list which you can download as an XLS file below the page. You can try to download it and see for yourself the following:

is ai marketing a scam ai marketing review russian central bank tagged ai marketing udm creators and wexford alliance limited as financial pyramid


When you search this company name, you’ll find that they are other mentions of the same company name that has been struck off from New Zealand in 2015:

is ai marketing a scam ai marketing review old wexford alliance

While we cannot say that these companies are the same or alike, you should take a look at the public record of the old owner of a company of its same name Charles Kalopungi:

is ai marketing a scam ai marketing review old wexford alliance charles kalopungi

This Charles Kalopungi has had a list of directorships in New Zealand too before, and it was even tagged as shell companies. These companies are now inactive in New Zealand:

is ai marketing a scam ai marketing review  charles kalopungi directorships new zealand

Plus his name also comes up on offshore document leaks connected to different companies:

is ai marketing a scam ai marketing review  charles kalopungi offshore links

While we can’t say for sure that these two companies are connected, wouldn’t you want to stay away from a shady company that has no actual social media presence? I’m not talking about AI Marketing as they have their own social pages, I’m talking about Wexford Alliance, UDMCreators and Zarya.

Is Spasov Svilen’s companies the same as the old Wexford Alliance Limited’s shell companies?

Or is it just a big coincidence?

Complaints of Non-Payment

When the Russian Central Bank tagged AI Marketing it toppled the alleged financial pyramid and created a constraint on its members’ withdrawals. When withdrawals cannot be accessed here is their statement on their telegram community:

is ai marketing a scam ai marketing review  telegram ai. marketing

While they never mentioned in their Telegram announcements that they were tagged, they instead created another cashback platform they called CashBack Pro which is almost the same as AI.Marketing here’s their landing page:

is ai marketing a scam ai marketing review  cashback pro

From my own perspective, this looks like a slow rebranding of AI.Marketing. You can browse through their telegram account and notice that after Russia’s tagging of AI Marketing (August 16, 2021) it seems like they were having more and more maintenance and technical work…

Is it a sign that the pyramid is about to break? Are they merely technical upgrades?

Here are some positive and negative AI Marketing reviews that I could find on Trustpilot:

is ai marketing a scam ai marketing review  trustpilot negative reviews
is ai marketing a scam ai marketing review  trustpilot positivereviews

It’s up to you to decide for yourself on how you would take these AI.Marketing reviews on Trustpilot.

An AI Marketing Review


  • Easy registration
  • Platform seems easy to use
  • Promising Cashback offers


  • Companies with no social pages
  • Dubious positive reviews as most of them are just praising the platform only to give out their referral codes.
  • Tagged by Russian Central Bank as a financial pyramid scheme
  • Frequent web maintenance and reports of non-payment

Is AI Marketing A Scam?

AI Marketing is tagged by the Russian Central Bank as a financial pyramid scheme. While it has existent business registrations, it’s not enough proof that it is a solid business as there are not social activity mentioning their parent companies. It has undertones of being an MLM especially as you get compensation for referrals plus 5% of the amount of their initial investment.

If what is written here is not enough for you to stay away, then just always remember to only invest an amount that you are willing to lose. Plus be mindful of the personal details that you put into their system.

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not a user of AI.Marketing and I do not endorse it in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials, and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what AI.Marketing genuinely does. This is because people have been burnt from programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn Ways to Avoid Online Scams then click the highlighted text. 

What I like about AI Marketing

  • One-click registration
  • Easy navigation in platform
  • Great earning offers

Reasons Why AI Marketing May Not Be For You

  • You don’t like risking your money for a probable Ponzi or pyramid scheme
  • You don’t shop much online
  • You’re looking for a dependable platform that pays even if it may need a few hours of hard work

My Final Thoughts about AI Marketing

I don’t recommend AI Marketing, I mean I could just whip out my own affiliate marketing links, partner with brands and get paid in full, no cap, no country restriction, no risks of non-payment. I also wouldn’t want to risk taking on a financial venture on a platform that was tagged as a milking scheme.

A More Legitimate Affiliate Marketing Program

We can’t say for sure if AI Marketing is an outright scam or not, but what I do know is that you can definitely earn better if you’ll try actual affiliate marketing. Here you can choose the brands you want to partner with, create affiliate links where people can purchase from and every commission for your self. Also why use an affiliate platform with a history of non-payment when you try signing up for legitimate ones that truly pays?

If you want to try affiliate marketing remember that it will never have MLM undertones where you have downlines, uplines or a team quota to beat. A typical MLM red flag would be people recruiting for money saying that it’s as easy as 1-2-3. Affiliate marketing isn’t like that because you have to dedicate your time and resources before you can find the road to stability. It may not be easy as it sounds but with the the help of the right people and through continuous learning experiences you’ll get the hang of it.

I actually know of a great community where it’s FREE TO START learning about affiliate marketing.

Here you can get a peek of the things that you’ll learn from the platform about affiliate marketing, you can start to decide what niche you’ll focus on, and get a feel of the tools that you can use to start your future online business.

Here’s a comprehensive review about the community I’m talking about.

Imagine having full commission credits, no country restriction, no risk of non-payment, and no downlines and uplines,

And if in case you decided to do it full time you can always try Premium for just $49/month and you will get personal help and mentoring from John Stanley.

You can click the link to find out more!

Patricia or Patch Hammerson has been writing for 14 years now and a seasonal guest blogger of EFYL. She’s passionate about photography and content creation. She’s most likely doing photowalks around NW8 when she’s not working.

She absolutely loves kittens and tea breaks.

AI Marketing

Minimum investment of $50



Income Opportunity






Business Model



  • Easy registration
  • Platform seems easy to use
  • Promising Cashback offers


  • Companies with no social pages
  • Dubious positive reviews
  • Tagged by Russian Central Bank as a financial pyramid scheme
  • Frequent web maintenance and reports of non-payment

4 thoughts on “Is AI Marketing A Scam? [Here’s 3 people you won’t read from other reviews]”

  1. Hi John, Thank you for your very detailed AI Marketing review!
    I heard about AI marketing but have never thought to use them. Reading your review, I don’t feel encouraged to do so in the future. There are so many false companies out there, and we have difficulty protecting ourselves. The rating has shocked me, just four out of 100. Wow! I think it is incredible what you have researched so far.

    For me, your recommendation is the one I am very interested in. This platform sounds very trustworthy and reliable. The starter membership is excellent for finding out if I like the platform and seeing me working with them. I heard so many great opinions on Wealthy Affiliate!

    Pyramid systems are, anyway, not my favorite. I tried some out in my past, and it never worked. This could be my problem; maybe I am just not the right person for this way of earning money!
    You did a fantastic job, John! 🙂

  2. Hey Sylvia
    Thank you for reading my honest AI Marketing review.
    Yes I agree, AI Marketing has a lot of red flags, suspicion about the owners and track record, dodgy domain records, multiple websites selling this same system, and other red flags as highlighted in my review. Especially being tagged by Russian Central Bank as a financial pyramid scheme – whoa! This made me run, run, run away from AI Marketing.

    I have seen this in other reviews where there are multiple websites selling the same product/system, there is a very high risk of it being a scam when this occurs.
    Also very importantly, where are the success testimonials? Best to stay away from AI Marketing, Probable pyramid scheme and scam.

    So I would much rather build a real online business that helps people than this high risk product. Fact based, proven since 2005 and a lot more quality (Training, tools, mentoring, community & support) and for reasonable pricing. This is why I recommend this over all others. Also, there is no need for any credit card information to create a free account to see if it suits your style.
    Hope to see you on this inside, John

  3. Over the past two years, I Have done much of the same research about this scam. I own AI Marketing LLC., AI Marketing Inc. I also own Most of the top tier domains ( and many more, none of the ones you included, I tried to purchase some of them before the wexford scam started. I have spent many of hours replying to my chat box and emails, explaining that we have nothing to do with ai dot marketing ( We are now on the google watch list after the fact. I sent out numerous emails to google, and some of other search engine sites about the site. I realized most of the victims were poor, easy targets. Those guys cost me a lot of time and money. I’ve been investing in the brand AI Marketing, for five years. That two year scam really hurt.

  4. Hey John,
    Thank you for reading my honest AI Marketing review and confirming that AI Marketing is a scam.
    It is a sad reality that these types of scams hurt innocent people. They also hurt people like you who are trying to build a genuine business but have been affected by the scammers behind this one.

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