CoinPayU Review [5 Things To Be Wary Of]

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For my CoinPayU review, I should admit that I can’t help but be enticed with the platform as I was writing this but I still have five good reasons why I’m warning you as early as now to think twice and still be careful when using it. 

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CoinPayU Review Summary

Product Name: CoinPayU

Founders: No records found

What they Offer: Paid-to-Click platform where members can earn cryptocurrencies from viewing ads and doing tasks

Best For: Those who can commit to keep the account active even if there is little pay

Recommended: Not Recommended

What Is About: CoinPayU is a platform where you have the option on how you want to view ads and get paid for it.

Overall Rating: 8/100

 CoinPayu has a good number of claims that their members are paid and can withdraw from their wallets. While it’s a good sign, payment is not solely a metric for legitimacy and user shoudl still be wary and must do their due diligence to be vigilant and to only participate within the bounds of the website.

What is About?

CoinPayU offers users a chance to own different cryptocurrencies by rewarding members after they viewed ads. Users are awarded varying amounts of satoshis (one satoshi equals one millionth amount of bitcoin) and which they can redeem as soon as they reach 10,000 satoshis.

Here is a video from CoinPayU’s Youtube Channel:

Team Behind CoinPayU

Without any public record of the owner and founders of CoinPayU here is what their About Us page tells us:

coinpayu review team behind

Either no one pointed out the typo in this part or they never really cared about it. Hmm now we wonder what different nationalities the CoinPayUs team is! It’s interesting that they kept their identities secret, but it’s also quite unsettling that you’re signing up for a platform and you don’t even know who’s handling it.

For a use, it could feel like you have a 50-50 chance of getting scammed- and otherwise.

The Concept of CoinPayU

Despite the elusive details about the owner and team behind CoinPayU, they mentioned that their mission is:

coinpayu review mission

Their mission echoes the primary goal of the birth of cryptocurrency’s decentralized system which is to give financial freedom for people. Their mission is actually cool, very youthful, and witty.

And this is their compensation plan for users:

coinpayu review sustainable report
85% of CoinPayU’s revenue goes back to the users.

It’s amazing how CoinPayU created the concept of their platform where they primarily earn from advertising but also gives back to their users by letting them view advertisements.

But even with this impressive brainchild I can’t help but ask, is CoinPayU legit or we’re just being psyched about all of this? The lack of details behind the creators, teams, and its seemingly too-good-to-be true offer rings lots of red flags for me.

A deeper look beyond CoinPayU

For this part of our CoinPayU review, let’s look at the domain age and backlinks of the website so we can gauge its credibility.

Domain Age

coinpayu review domain age

CoinPayU was registered in 2017.

Since I couldn’t get any details about CoinPayU, I tried to look into their other social media profile so I can compare it to the website and this quite shocked me because when I checked their Twitter profile, it showed that the account has been created in 2013:

coinpayu review twitter age
Could this be an old account of the founder? Or could it be a rebranded platform?

Now we wonder what is really hiding because why use an old Twitter account? So far there’s nothing unusual with their Facebook account as it was created just last 2019.


They have an impressive domain rating and backlinks.

coinpayu review backlinks

Other than the odd year creation of CoinPayU’s Twitter profile, so far most of the website can be deemed credible. But credibility of a website doesn’t mean that it hold true to the platform that they offer.

To answer “is CoinPayU legit”, we still have a few more things to look into.

What does CoinPayU Offer?

CoinPayU offers rewards on ad viewing, cryptocurrency faucets, contests, affiliate opportunity and advertising services depending on a user’s membership level.

Here are the membership levels of CoinPayU:

coinpayu review memebrship levels

When you sign-up for CoinPayU, you are automatically given the standard membership

So this means that the higher the membership level you are, the more that you can gain from the tasks around CoinPayU. Membership upgrade requires a monthly payment.

Ad Viewing

Members can choose from three different kind of ad viewing to earn their Satoshis:

  1. Surf Ads- You can click the ad link, it’ll open up a new window but you can choose to look at the tab or stay at CoinPayU Dashboard until the timer runs out. Here is a video of how to view surf ads:

2. Window Ads- Click the ad link, and stay on the new tab opened (don’t change tabs) until the timer runs out. Here is a video of how to view Window Ads:

3. Video Ads- Play the Video, stay on the page until the timer runs out then click Visit Website.

The problem with these ads is that most of the websites advertised also have enticing call to actions that users may mistake for a task they need to do. For example, there is a website with a pop up that says “Play to Earn $46!”, instead of just letting the timer run out a new member may mistakenly signup for the website and expect the website’s promise to be carried over to the CoinPayU platform.

It would be best if CoinPayU puts out an advisory for new members before they click an ad. But the thing is, we’ll never know if CoinPayU is actually letting people be baited on those websites…

Cryptocurrency Faucets

CoinPayU currently offers faucets (small amount of free cryptocurrencies) every hour for the following cryptocoins:

  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin
  • Doge
  • Tron
  • Dash
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Binance Coin
  • BitTorrent
  • Cardano
  • Solana
  • Shiba Inu

A user can only claim 3-6 Faucets daily depending on their level of membership. For Standard (Free) members maximum faucets is 3.


Members can choose to participate in the contests with rules and instructions indicated in each. 

coinpayu review contest

Affiliate Opportunity

CoinPayU offers affiliate opportunities to invite other advertisers and other earners. Commission for the referrals depends on your level of membership

coinpayu review affiliate revenue


This is the main source of revenue of CoinPayU. 

coinpayu review advertising

What I don’t understand is that they run ads for businesses to create traffic, and in turn those ads are being viewed by those who signed up for the CoinPayU platform, so this means that only those in the platform are the actual audience for those ads?

I don’t think that a good run for the advertiser’s money?

This makes me wonder what is actually profiting from, running the ads, or the people signing up for their partner’s pages?


CoinPayU uses third-party offerwalls and survey partners. While most of the surveys ask about personal details, CoinPayU advises users that it is optional to provide personal details in their Privacy Policy:

CoinPayU Review image 11

How does CoinPayU Work?

How to become a member of CoinPayU

  1. Go to
  2. Click Register
  3. Fill out details
  4. Solve Captcha
  5. Get code from email and Confirm
  6. Log-in.

Here is a video to help you better:

Can it work for mobile?

Yes. CoinPayU is even beta testing their app and is already on Google Play Store. But you have to be wary of using it as it may not be at it’s finest yet. Here are the reviews of their mobile app:

coinpayu review google paly app beta testing review

As their mobile application is still being fully developed, users say that the website is still a better choice when accessing CoinPayU. 

How do you make money with CoinPayU?

Wallet withdrawal

After viewing ads, answering surveys in offerwalls, referrals, redeeming faucets, you can choose to convert your satoshis into the cryptocurrency that you want to withdraw it as.  For example if you have an Ethereum wallet, you can choose to convert a minimum of 10,000 satoshis into ETH.

Account Reset

Those wanting to sign up should know that if your account remained inactive for 90 days, all referrals and accumulated satoshis will be forfeited. This is mentioned in their Terms of Service:

coinpayu review account suspension

Coinpayu Reviews and Testimonials


  • You can own cryptocurrencies without investing
  • There are lots of people who have their proof of their payments from the platform


  • Elusive details about founder and team
  • Meager amount of satoshi for free membership level 
  • Can mislead people into signing up on the third party websites for better rewards
  • Inactivity can lead to account reset (rewards and referrals forfeited)

CoinPayU Reviews Online

coinpayu review trustpilot claimed 2019

CoinPayu has claimed their Trustpilot page last 2019 and there are good and the bad reviews.

I can’t comment on how credible their reviews are because they don’t reply or flag the reviews.

It’s up to you to decide if you trust this graph from Trustpilot:

coinpayu review trustpilot review overview

Below are some of the positive and negative reviews from Trustpilot:

coinpayu review trustpilot review positive october
coinpayu review trustpilot review positive october 27

coinpayu review trustpilot review negative august
coinpayu review trustpilot review negative july

Is CoinPayU Legit?

So far there are lots of reports of people being able to withdraw their earnings from CoinPayU. While this is good, people should not be oblivious to the risks of investing in the platform for a membership upgrade or to buy referral or run ads. As the platform’s credibility is continuously shaken by the unresolved problems reported by users, it’s best to still be vigilant and choose to only participate within the platform of CoinPayU and avoid the other advertised websites without due investigation of their credibility.

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not a user of CoinPayU and I do not endorse it in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials, and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what CoinPayU genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt from programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn Ways to Avoid Online Scams then click the highlighted text. 

CoinPayu Review Image be vigilant

What I like about CoinPayU

  1. It’s a platform where you can get a chance to own cryptocurrencies without investing anything
  2. Good history of wallet withdrawals by members

What I don’t like about CoinPayU

  1. You can only earn small amounts if you don’t upgrade your membership level. 
  2. Anonymity of the founder and those behind the project
  3. Can mislead people into signing up on the third party websites for better rewards
  4. Balances and referrals are forfeited if account is inactive for 90 days

Be Wary of These 5 Things When Using CoinPayU

  1. Always read the privacy policy and terms and conditions of the surveys and offer walls and avoid divulging personal details like full name, address and profile picture.
  2. When viewing ads, make sure to only visit website or stay on the opened tab, and not signup for anything because when you do, CoinPayU is no longer liable for any misuse of your information or any mishaps.
  3. Make sure to prevent your account from being inactive for 90 days or your accumulated satoshis and referrals will be forfeited.
  4. Only invest an amount that you are willing to lose if you want to upgrade your membership, remember that there are reports of funds that can’t be withdrawn
  5. Just because other websites advertise on CoinPayU doesn’t automatically mean that they are paying websites too or are even legitimate ones.

[Final Verdict] 2021 CoinPayU Review: Is CoinPayU Legit?

CoinPayU has a good history of granting withdrawals but is challenged by a number of unresolved negative reviews. It’s evident that CoinPayU also continues to improve and add features to their website which could mean that they are continuously investing on product development. Continuously improving after years of release is a good sign of legitimacy but is also being hindered by the lack of public details about their company, it’s founder, and team behind it.

There is a good chance that CoinPayU is a legitimate platform but it still has to have other elements to prove it’s authenticity. Just because it pays doesn’t mean that it’s a legitimate business.

How I Make a Passive Income Online [A Better Alternative]

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Income Opportunity




Business Model



  • You can own cryptocurrencies without investing
  • Good history of wallet withdrawals by members


  • You can only earn small amounts if you don’t upgrade your membership
  • Anonymity of the founder and those behind the project
  • Can mislead people into signing up on the third party websites
  • Balances and referrals are forfeited if account is inactive for 90 days

4 thoughts on “CoinPayU Review [5 Things To Be Wary Of]”

  1. As a way to earn an income, coinpayu doesn’t seem very viable.

    After reading this review and doing other research, I think there are much more profitable and better ways to earn a living. I don’t like seeing ads at the best of times, and to be paid a small amount to spend hours watching ads is not something I am passionate about doing.

    Any business opportunity where the founders or owners prefer to remain hidden from sight is a red flag for me, so I will take your advice and not get involved in this opportunity.

    Thanks for doing the research and sharing with us.

    • Hey Andrew, thanks for reading my honest CoinPayU review.
      I’m glad you learned all you needed to know about CoinPayU.
      You have made a great point – I don’t like seeing ads at the best of times, and to be paid a small amount to spend hours watching ads is not something I am passionate about doing.
      I don’t know who would be passionate about seeing hours of ads, especially unwanted ads.

      Yes there are far better ways to make money online and also spending your time that will pay you a LOT more than CoinPayU.

  2. I heard about CoinPayU but wanted to learn more so am glad I found your CoinPayU review online. At first it sounds like an easy way to earn some cryptocurrency without even have to invest in crypto, but on the other hand, the many negative testimonials about account closures and problems getting a payout are not good. The baits on the websites we have to watch would also be confusing to me. As you said, if you click on those baits you may be redirected to another platform that will not earn you any rewards with Coinpayu, and that would be frustrating. It is easy to click on a link and then get taken to another website. I am looking for online work, but I’ll give Coinpayu a pass.
    Thanks for the info!

    • Thanks Christine for reading and commenting on my honest CoinPayU review.
      You have taken good notice of some of the key red flags with CoinPayU. As I say in the article, why waste time on CoinPayU.
      The problem with Paid-to-Click websites is that it only gives out limited amounts and would take you months to actually reach the needed minimum withdrawal amount. Why spend time clicking on non-sensical ads when you can create more valuable things that you can help you gain a more sustainable passive income.
      I am happy to help you and any reader with this.


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