Is Bizgurukul a Scam? [Why I Don’t Recommend it]

Is Bizgurukul a scam? It’s a legitimate business but you have to find out why it might be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Even as they offer various and interesting digital marketing courses, there is a big flaw in their system. No we’re not talking about the quality of videos or the price. Find out why despite tons of Bizgurukul reviews promoting it, I don’t really recommend it. Find out all in this 100% honest Bizgurukul review…

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A Bizgurukul Review Summary

Product Name: Bizgurukul 

Founders: Ritwiz Tiwari, Rohit Kumar Sharma

Products and Prices: 

  • Branding Mastery INR 4999
  • Traffic Mastery INR 8999
  • Influence Mastery INR 14999
  • Stock Market Mastery INR 25286

Overall rating: 13/100

Best For: People who want to truly learn about digital marketing

Recommended: Not Recommended

What Is Bizgurukul About: Bizgurukul offers digital marketing and branding related courses and disguises their course selling program as an affiliate marketing opportunity.

Summary: Bizgurukul is an EdTech platform in India founded in 2020 that offers digital marketing courses. Their affiliate program requires purchase of their product first and promote it without any real feedback about the courses, and only putting forth the gains from their “affiliate program”. I believe affiliate marketing should be focused on evaluating and promoting the product itself and not just the profits from product referrals.

What is Bizgurukul About?

is bizgurukul a scam logo

Bizgurukul is an EdTech platform established last 2020. It features courses relevant for digital marketing and branding.

This venture is almost similar to another course offering platform I reviewed (Leadsark) but with a few distinguishable differences.

Is Bizgurukul a scam? Well they may not have a video about their company but here’s a teaser of a course that they offer.

People behind Bizgurukul

Let’s look at the people behind Bizgurukul Ritwiz Tiwari, Rohit Kumar Sharma. One thing that can help us look at the credibility of a business is by looking at the credentials of the owners, especially their public mentions.

I found the LinkedIn profiles of the two main people associated with Bizgurukul.

Ritwitz’s (CEO and founder of Bizgurukul) profile showed that he graduated in 2019 from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University. It’s rather curious that I also found an article where he was featured and he mentioned that he worked for a multinational corporation before he founded Bizgurukul. Bizgurukul was founded in 2020. 

Is bizgurukul a scam Founder CEO Ritwiz
CEO and Founder of Bizgurukul

While it’s impressive to create a start-up company a year after you’ve graduated, I’m quite disappointed how even the article and the founders have been misleading people with how they built up the concept of “affiliate marketing” when their system is actually different from what a true affiliate marketing is.  Let’s go on that later.

For now let’s look at the profile of Rojit Kumar Sharma. Rohit was mentioned in the previous article and as one of Ritwitz’s friends who confided his vision.

Is bizgurukul a scam CEO co founder Rohit
Co-Founder of Bizgurukul

Their founders have impressive backgrounds. I also found some company details that showed the timeline of directorship between these two people:

Is bizgurukul a scam directorship
Company Details of Bizgurukul

But I also found that another co-founder but has not taken any directorship on the company which was Keshave Lal from a Mid-day article

Is bizgurukul a scam original founders
Keshave Lal business mentor of the Founders of Bizgurukul

The article explained that Keshave served as a guide and mentor for the start-up EdTech and just the same as the other pioneers of Bizgurukul, he had an extensive experience and background to guide them into building Bizgurukul.

To be honest, Bizgurukul offers amazing topics for digital marketing and branding and there still seems to be a gap on what they offer and what they’re trying to do.

So is Bizgurukul a scam?

Well we have quite a lot of points to look at before we answer that question.

A deeper look beyond Bizgurukul

For this part, we’ll take a look at the other aspects that most Bizgurukul reviews miss. Here’s we’ll look into Bizgurukul’s domain creation, backlinks, and other details that we may find.

Domain Age

The Bizgurukul domain was acquired February of 2020 (image below) just a few months away before the company was incorporated in May 2020 (see next image)

Is bizgurukul a scam domain details
Domain details

Here are the details of Bizgurukul company from Tofler:

Is bizgurukul a scam company details

Now as with the other reviews that we had, we’ll also look at its backlinks because this is one way to assess the credibility of a website. Especially as it’s an EdTech website. I mean who would want to trust an educational website that doesn’t have proof of its credibility right?

Is bizgurukul a scam backlinks
Backlink profile of Bizgurukul

So far, they have an impressive backlink profile for a website that was created just over a year ago.

But what I found next shocked me.

Other Details

Well I found that the two directors of Bizgurukul are brewing up another venture together and it was just incorporated last month! (at time of writing)

Is bizgurukul a scam courseflix joint venture of founders
Another joint venture of Ritwiz and Rohit

Now we wonder if Courseflix Private Limited will venture in the same “structure” as Bizgurukul.

I did mention how a bit disappointing that they claimed that Bizgurukul functions like an affiliate marketing partner.

Because the truth is, NO. What they have is not an affiliate marketing opportunity. A true affiliate marketing opportunity WILL NEVER just focus on the commission gains but rather on the features of the product,

What does the Bizgurukul Offer?

Bizgurukul offers different courses, a marketing opportunity and refund options. 

I don’t think this can be accessed by everyone because it seems like you won’t be able to sign up for the course or program unless you have an international mobile number with +91 as code and you can only purchase the course if you have a referral code.


As I was writing this piece (November 2, 2021) they were offering four courses in their signup page but when I checked again they left out the Stock Market Mastery Course, maybe it’s a new course and they are adjusting the price or course content- or we don’t really know yet.

Is bizgurukul a scam four courses offered
Course offerings on November 2, 2021
Is bizgurukul a scam three major courses offered
Course offerings November 4, 2021

Here are the prices of the course packages:

  • Branding Mastery INR 4999
  • Traffic Mastery INR 8999
  • Influence Mastery INR 14999
  • Stock Market Mastery INR 25286

Here are the included topics under each course package:

Is bizgurukul a scam course inclusions
Course Inclusions

While everything looks promising it seems like they don’t mention the affiliate terms or anywhere in their website. It’s either they’re abolishing it or they’re making the lucrative details inclusive for those  who already purchased.

But this has not stopped me from investigating further. Here’s what I found.

“Affiliate Marketing” Opportunity

I looked into recent posts about the Bizgurukul Affiliate program so we can see what they offer these days as it is not mentioned in their website. And it seems like they have taken down the public posts of their affiliate terms because the website pages shown from other written Bizgurukul reviews are either 404s or now set to private access for their members.

It seems that the founders have quite misunderstood the truth behind affiliate marketing. The following is how they view their business. I got this from their FAQ page that they seemed to have left out from their headers and footers in the website but is still indexed by Google:

Is bizgurukul a scam FAQ

While they did mention that there is no amount needed to be an affiliate, they also emphasized that one can’t be an affiliate without purchasing a product!

But let me just share with you that in my years in the digital marketing field, all true affiliate opportunities won’t ask you to purchase anything from them before you can be an affiliate. Or at least if purchase is needed first, their affiliate marketing strategy would be about the good features of the products and not just about the compensation within the program.

I find their claim misleading because even when they claim that there are no downlines or uplines that sets them apart from MLM (image below) the real point of affiliate marketing is creating connections and getting sales for the brand even when you haven’t purchased anything from them. Again, affiliate marketing should center on the selling points of a product and not just the monetary gain that you can get from it.

Is Bizgurukul a scam unnamed

But they also claimed that they make the “affiliate opportunity” exclusive so that they may have quality leads from actual purchasers. I’m sure they mean well with their intention but the disconnect come from their members’ selling strategy is NOT AFFILIATE MARKETING but rather recruiting for referrals.

Bizgurukul Refund Policy

Here is the Refund Policy of Bizgurukul.

Is Bizgurukul a scam qiisDQSMwSUNeFrtu2bqnaSxar7nEwHZMQ8VgoPIXI9cf9CvxVom1QGUYEVYk3YKaXlna5B4 vsA4WfZiChzoX EwLyGZguWd5JC520f0z4C5g jh 240O4Im545sg

Bizgurukul offers refunds only when you send them an email within 24 hours of purchase. Here’s what to do:

1. You need to email with all the following details:
Full Name 

  • Registered email ID
  • Registeration date 
  • Screen shot of Payment Invoice with date and time (from email or message) 
  • Reason for refund 

2. Don’t forget that you have to use the same email ID you used for registration. 

But other than these details I found a few concerning details that I will bring up in a few.

How does Bizgurukul Work?

Bizgurukul offers courses for digital marketing and branding with the opportunity to earn from referrals (as long as you have purchased a course from them). You can only purchase the course if you’re from India and when you have a Referral code from their previous purchasers.

How do you make money with Bizgurukul?

Bizgurukul offers 70% commission from referrals. Despite the lack of feedback on the course, most Bizgurukul reviews and testimonials center on the monetary gains from the referrals.

Bizgurukul Affiliate Commission

According to actual affiliates they are given 70% commission for every referral I got these details from a Bizgurukul affiliate post published just last month:

Package/Commission (INR)Commission of Branding Mastery ReferralCommission of Traffic Mastery ReferralCommission of Influence Mastery Referral
Branding Mastery200020002000
Traffic Mastery200040004000
Influence Mastery200040007000

They do claim that they make hefty passive income from it. But at what cost?

Here’s the truth about it. Bizgurukul sell courses for a hefty sum to give back to their “affiliates” as reward for recruiting another person to purchase from them.

And what they do is not actual affiliate marketing because this is how real affiliate marketing works:

How Affiliate Marketing Works - Earn From Your Laptop

Real affiliate marketing opportunities create valuable content to recommend a product and is not about selling the “referral system” by showing proof of gains’

Bizgurukul Reviews and Online Bizgurukul Reviews

If you’ll search within tons of Bizgurukul reviews you may become overwhelmed how most of them are just blog posts promoting it. So is not having actual reviews of the courses inside the platform a good thing or should we be wary of the lack for proof?

I’m quite uncomfortable knowing that people are actually asking others to join them without telling how good the courses are and just focusing on the affiliate returns.

Is this how Bizgurukul imagined the affiliate marketing space?


  • Courses about digital marketing
  • A legal business
  • Owners have credible backgrounds


  • Can’t be purchased if not from India
  • Cannot be purchased without affiliate referral ID
  • Not real affiliate marketing scheme
  • Has room for improvements

Bizgurukul reviews online

There isn’t much to see about their reviews online because as I said most posts are just affiliate posts of their “students”. Here’s only a few of what I found:

They have 2 negative reviews in Trustpilot and two good ones:

Is bizgurukul a scam negative reviews online
Negative Bizgurukul reviews from Trustpilot
Is bizgurukul a scam positive reviews online
Positive Bizgurukul reviews from Trustpilot

Here’s another Quora review that emphasizes how their affiliate marketing scheme is misleading people: 

Is bizgurukul a scam negative reviews online Quora

To add more to what she’s saying, I believe that the flaw in their marketing is that their students are misguided on how to properly advertise and recommend the program. Here’s what I’m talking about:

I found two Linkedin job posts that were previouly recruiting- for their own profit:

Is bizgurukul a scam - students recruiting on LinkedIn

Is bizgurukul a scam - students recruiting on LinkedIn

When I checked their profile they were still students! Affiliate marketing is a good strategy to learn during your college years but we should emphasize that it should not be advertised this way. This is not how you do affiliate marketing.

Now the more we have to ask now, is this what Bizgurukul teaches inside their courses?

Is Bizgurukul A Scam?


Bizgurukul is a legitimate business. But they are misleading people with their affiliate marketing structure. A real affiliate opportunity and learning space will teach you how it should be about a product and not about “gaining profit without doing anything”. Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme and it needs dedication, effort and the right strategy to sell the product.

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not a student of Bizgurukul myself and I do not endorse it in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials, and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what Bizgurukul  genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt from programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn Ways to Avoid Online Scams then click the highlighted text. 

Points to consider about Bizgurukul

  • It has diverse, interesting and relevant courses for the digital marketing niche these days. 
  • It’s a legitimate business with credible owner profiles

What I don’t like about Bizgurukul

  • Their affiliate marketing opportunity is being sold as a get-rich-quick program, and affiliate marketing is not about that.
  • Course can’t be purchased unless you have a referral code
  • Affiliate marketers mostly show their proof of income and not what they actually learned from the program.
  • Misleading affiliates that post job opportunities but is actually recruiting
  • Their website is not transparent with the affiliate commissions as they took their previous pages down
  • A start-up EdTech that surely has room for further improvements

[The Verdict] Is Bizgurukul A Scam Or Just A Plain Ripoff?

I personally don’t recommend it, especially if you are just in it for the commissions. While their courses are interesting they still lack further reviews that could serve as verifiable proof of the quality of their courses. Real affiliate marketing courses will teach you how to promote different products, and for the case of Bizgurukul, they only teach you HOW TO SELL THEIR COURSE.

In terms of business legitimacy and the owner’s profile, Bizgurukul is a legal entity backed with able personas. 

I remember how Bizgurukul is almost the same as Leadsark another Indian EdTech with a disguised “affiliate program” as an actual selling and recruitment tactic.

A Badass and Legitimate Course To Make Money Online

If you’re really keen on learning about affiliate marketing, there are cheaper and better options out there. Plus you have to remember that being an affiliate marketer, you have to put a good word on the features of the product or brand you’re affiliated. It’s not jsut about enticing people to join just because you have “proofs” of moenetary gains which could be easily forged as a marketing material.

I’ve been in the digital marketing field for 4 years now and I know for a fact that affiliate marketing is a legitimate venture BUT only if you’re with the right crowd.

Well I do know a community where it’s FREE to start learning. Yep you can start learning for free, there are even trainings that can help you jumpstart your online business and your dream for a lifetime passive income.

Best part? You can always choose to upgrade for just $49/month to get more tools, training access and community help!

If you want to read more about Wealthy Affiliate here’s a comprehensive review about it.

You can also click on the link below to find out more!

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4999 INR -25286 INR



Income Opportunity






Business Model



  • Courses about digital marketing
  • A legal business
  • Owners have credible backgrounds


  • Can’t be purchased if not from India
  • Cannot be purchased without affiliate referral ID
  • Not real affiliate marketing scheme
  • Has room for improvements

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