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If you’re trying to decide on purchasing a LeadsArk product, here is an honest LeadsArk review to take you through the other details that you need to consider before purchasing from them. You’ve seen people getting a lot of gains from it, but will it be the same for you?

Let me show you the other details that most LeadsArk review may not have mentioned-EVER.

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A LeadsArk Review Summary

Product Name: LeadsArk

Founders: Ayaz Mohammad

Products and Prices:
LeadsArk Lite – 2360 Rs
LeadsArk Standard – 4130 Rs
LeadsArk Pro- 8260 Rs

Best For: Starting and experienced marketers who have their own business and could use the skills in line with their work

Recommended: Not Recommended

Overall Rating: 12/100

What Is LeadsArk About: 

LeadsArk is a lead generation course that also offers affiliate marketing opportunities exclusively after purchase. 


LeadsArk is a training program with a multi-level marketing structure cloaked as their affiliate program. While it is a legitimate company, LeadsArk should be recommended only for those actually wanting to learn about digital marketing and applying it to their business or career. 

What is LeadsArk About?

The truth on what is LeadsArk about? It’s a legitimate business with an “affiliate program” that is actually an MLM. LeadsArk can benefit actual marketers, bloggers and business owners, I wouldn’t recommend it for people who may not have actual use of the training inside the course.

Before we fully investigate the question “is LeadsArk a scam”, here is the video posted in their webpage that show the overview of what LeadsArk is all about:

People behind LeadsArk

Aside from Ayaz Mohammad, LeadsArk also has a few other people who are course creators of LeadsArk

Founder: Ayaz Mohammad

For this front person for LeadsArk I could say that his background is impressive. He’s got years of legitimate experience and a solid background with company building. We should emphasize that he only started being an Affiliate Marketing Coach since 2017. 

A deeper look beyond LeadsArk

Domain Age

Checking on the domain age of LeadsArk, I found that it was created just last 2020.

Has anybody ever wondered why it has that 2.0 on the welcome page?

LeadsArk Review website 2.0

So I dug deeper and I actually found the OLD LeadsArk. I found it when I looked into their company’s LinkedIn page. It happens that they just acquired a new domain last 2020 and their old one was LeadsArk.in:

LeadsArk Review old website

I found that the domain is also now available for taking but it seems like the old parts of the website are still indexed because:

LeadsArk Review old website indexed Google

When you compare what’s inside, you’ll see that the most recent LeadArk website is more optimized, modern and has a more lengthy copy than the old one. 

From this first part, is LeadsArk a scam then? Well here’s what I found out.

Press Releases

When you search for Ayaz Mohammad you’ll find lots of articles featuring him. 

Under Shamyaan Enterprise

On the LeadsArk website you’ll find that they mentioned that LeadsArk is a product of Shamyaan Enterprises. I found that Shamyaan is trademarked with Ayaz as its proprietor:

LeadsArk Review trademark

But it was also classified under Class 25 or rendering Goods and Services like clothing, footwear, headgear and sportswear. While it doesn’t really add up to the actual LeadsArk product, I found a proof that Shamyaan Enterprises actually sold Class 25 goods and services:

LeadsArk Review old shamyaan facebook account

But their old Facebook website were posting up until 2018 only. And when I checked the GSTIN/IUN that is in their GST certificate (posted on the LeadsArk website) to verify:

LeadsArk Review GST verification

Aside from the classification of Shamyaan Enterprises, so far so good because everything checks out! So is LeadsArk a scam? From this alone, I can say no.

What does the LeadsArk Offer?

LeadsArk offers training courses, an “affiliate” marketing opportunity and they also offer refunds. Is the LeadsArk affiliate program worth it? The question I think should be: is it a real affiliate marketing opportunity?

LeadsArk Training and Courses

Their training courses are offered in three different packages:

  • LeadsArk Lite – 2360 Rs
  • LeadsArk Standard – 4130 Rs
  • LeadsArk Pro- 8260 Rs

LeadsArk Review product images
LeadsArk Lite
  • Organic Lead Generation
  • Social Media marketing
  • Personal Branding
  • Attraction Marketing
  • LeadsArk Affiliate Training (Recording of Previous Weekly Training Sessions)
  • Weekly Live Training

LeadsArk Standard:
  • Everything in LeadsArk Lite
  • More Advanced Strategy of Organic Lead Generation
  • Advanced Group Promotion strategy
  • Product Review Strategy
  • Lead Magnet Offer Strategy
  • 8 Bonus Courses worth 1192 USD
  • Social Media Content Creation (Video Course worth 199 USD)
  • YouTube SEO (Video Course worth 199 USD)
  • Email Marketing Automation (Video Course worth 199 USD)
  • Internet Marketing for Complete Beginners (E-Book Bundle worth 199 USD)
  • YouTube Quick Start (E-Book worth 99 USD)
  • Affiliate Marketing Success (E-Book worth 99 USD)
  • Facebook Group Domination (E-Book worth 99 USD)
  • Facebook Messenger Marketing – Chatbot (E-Book worth 99 USD)
  • Monthly Update
  • Weekly Live Training (Recordings of all the Important Sessions will be uploaded in the Course)
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LeadsArk Pro
  • LeadsArk Pro: Affiliate Marketing Training by Ayaz Mohammad
  • LeadsArk Pro: Sales Training by Ayaz Mohammad
  • CPA Affiliate Marketing Training by Shabbir Ahmed Khan
  • Personal Branding Training by Diya Asrani
  • Instagram Marketing Strategy by Aman Rajput
  • LeadsArk Affiliate Marketing Strategy by Shivam Gupta

When you look at their training offers it’s actually very diverse and comprehensive. It can truly benefit business owners, digital marketers, bloggers and affiliate marketers who may need leads that will actually turn into sales.

But here’s what I found… this next section I believe is the reason why people are being skeptic about LeadsArk.

LeadsArk Affiliate Marketing

LeadsArk offers an “affiliate marketing opportunity” only when you have purchased their product. But just to be clear, REAL affiliate marketing actually wouldn’t require you to purchase anything before becoming an affiliate. So is LeadsArk a scam then?

Here is their compensation plan for the affiliates as shown in their video:

LeadsArk review affiliate commission

Most likely I could say that LeadsArk does not actually offer an affiliate marketing opportunity because it’s actually an MLM, see how they have Tiers plus they also mentioned Uplines and Downlines in their affiliate policy! It’s just disappointing how they disguise their MLM structure and mislead people into associating it with an “affiliate opportunity”.

LeadsArk Review image 2

So I couldn’t claim that you’re an actual LeadsArk affiliate when you purchase from them but that’s now how affiliate marketing works. Frankly a in a true affiliate opportunity there shouldn’t be uplines or downlines.

LeadsArk Refunds

LeadsArk offers refunds only for 24 hours after purchase so I guess you have to be quick to decide if LeadsArk is for you or not.

LeadsArk review refund policy

How do you make money with LeadsArk?

The best way to make money from LeadsArk is to actually apply what you have learned from their training. But it should be emphasized that lead generation is only profitable for experienced marketers, bloggers and business owners and those wanting to take those paths. 

Another way to make money from LeadsArk is through their “affiliate compensation” and let’s be honest, people who have successfully applied and continuously profited from the program’s lead generation strategies are most likely those who have their own business, those running a blog or experienced digital marketers with a specific focus or niche.

There is 70% direct commission when you are able to sell a product and you also make 12% from every sale of your downline, which technically is a reason to stop calling it an “affiliate opportunity” but rather an MLM strategy. So yes, you’re don’t actually become a LeadsArk affiliate, you only become an MLM recruiter when you take their “affiliate marketing opportunity”.

A LeadsArk Review and Online Testimonials


  • A legitimate business structure
  • Tons of different courses related to digital marketing and lead generation


  • MLM disguised as affiliate marketing opportunity
  • A LeadsArk review showed that the videos are low-quality
  • Cannot be purchased without a sponsor/upline
  • Refund appeal is only for 24 hours
  • Can be misleading when it is presented as just an earning opportunity

LeadsArk reviews

Most of the LeadsArk reviews mentioned that they don’t recommend buying the course due to the low quality videos, it being overpriced and that their tips and resources can be easily Googled.

But here’s a snippet of a LeadsArk review from Quora entry that I found interesting:

LeadsArk review negative quora review

Well it’s true that there are not much online reviews but what’s alarming is that it seems like even highschoolers are purchasing it and as I mentioned are most likely being misled that “lead generation” is like an actual earning opportunity. Here’s a a LeadsArk review from reddit:

LeadsArk review negative reddit review

Now you can see what I mean when I said that it’s very likely that their marketing strategy is most focused on the MLM part of the product and not actually about the skills that you can “supposedly” learn from the platform. It’s very alarming that they market this as just something that you can profit from without doing anything and they bait highschoolers in it?

Imagine being a LeadsArk affiliate with a highschooler as you upline and downline?

Is LeadsArk A Scam?

LeadsArk is not a scam. It is a training platform for aspiring marketers, bloggers or business owners with an optional MLM opportunity (that they call an affiliate marketing program).

For my LeadsArk review I want to emphasize a different perspective from what you may have already read from other LeadsArk reviews.I want to emphasize that most people may have been misled due to the tactic that affiliates have been using. Here are my reasons:

  • You can see from LeadsArk homepage they emphasized that the course was helpful for a business/people who are struggling to find leads and sales. 
  • They made it clear that it’s a step-by-step training program
  • Even on their Join Now page they have check box there with “I agree that the amount I am paying is only for the Online Training Course and NOT for the Affiliate Marketing Business”

From what I see, LeadsArk is primarily being marketed by most as “just” an earning opportunity and not actually a learning platform for digital marketing and affiliate marketing. 

Maybe because those who signed up were initially enticed by the earnings of the MLM part of LeadsArk that they focused on showing numbers and profits (as proof to also entice others and be able to create downlines) than actually commending the platform for the step-by-step learning program. 

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not a student or user of LeadsArk myself and I do not endorse it in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials, and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what LeadsArk genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt from programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn Ways to Avoid Online Scams then click the highlighted text. 

Why I Might Consider Purchasing From LeadsArk

  • They are a legitimate business with a credible person as their frontrunner.
  • They are a platform where you can learn digital and affiliate marketing
  • You’re knowledgeable about the marketing field and no longer a highschooler

4 Honest Reasons Why LeadsArk May Not Be For You

  • You don’t have anything to use your learnings about “lead generation” like a business, job, or hobby
  • You’re looking just into the earning opportunity of being an affiliate and promoting it for profit
  • You don’t want to purchase anything to become an affiliate. Real affiliate programs won’t actually ask you to purchase anything
  • You’re looking for a profitable investment where you can earn without doing anything

My Final Thoughts about LeadsArk Affiliate Marketing

If you’re really into affiliate and digital marketing, I could say that there are much cheaper programs out there, some are even free. Plus true affiliate marketing opportunities won’t need you to purchase anything first before you can advertise and profit from referrals. And so because of the part that they disguise their MLM structure with an “affiliate marketing opportunity” I don’t recommend it. It would have been better if they gave it another term because it taints the good side of affiliate marketing. 

As with every affiliate marketing opportunity, it’s not something that you can earn from without actually doing anything.

But LeadsArk could be a good program for you if your current job or business idea involves lead generation. But then again as with every investment make sure to only put out an amount that you are prepared to lose. 

Quick summary: Stay away from the program if you won’t need the knowledge for digital marketing. Taking the courses maybe alright, but the affiliate program is actually an MLM recruitment strategy which can’t be profitable for everyone.

A More Legitimate Affiliate Marketing Opportunity- It’s FREE to start!

So is LeadsArk a scam? I don’t think LeadsArk is a scam since they haveverifiable business registration. But while it’s not a scam I can’t recommend it for marketing beginners.

First, it doesn’t have a real affiliate marketing program because it has MLM elements

Secondly, you won’t need to purchase anything if it’s a real affiliate marketing opportunity. That alone can give you an idea how profit-centric their venture is.

And third, affiliate marketing is not like MLMs with uplines and downlines.  

Being in the digital marketing world for 4 years now I could say that there are a lot of other affiliate marketing opportunities out there where you can profit directly (no uplines and downlines). And if you’re a beginner in the affiliate marketing field it’s best to learn from people who have been doing it for a while now. I even know an affiliate community where you can learn about digital and affiliate marketing, learn the tools you may need, and good news is, it’s free to start! Yes a real marketing opportunity wouldn’t force you to purchase anything to be an affiliate.

You can look at our comparison below and click the link to find out more about it!

And when you decide to do it for long-term and maybe you want to access the other tutorials and perks you can always decide to try the Premium for only $49/month! (Totally your call!)

You can check it out for FREE with a starter account, then if you want a consistent income and a means to sustain your affiliate marketing career you can also opt to try the premium offer of Wealthy Affiliate inclusive of courses, guides, tools and support just about everything you may need for only $49/month. 

If you want to read more about Wealthy Affiliate here’s a comprehensive review about it.

You can also click on the link below to find out more!

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She has a degree in Psychology, and quick fact: she can’t read your mind. She has authored articles on the School of Positive Transformation.


2360 Rs-8260 Rs



Income Opportunity






Business Model



  • A legitimate business structure
  • Has different courses


  • MLM disguised as affiliate marketing
  • Low Quality Videos
  • Cannot be purchased without a sponsor/upline
  • Refund appeal is only for 24 hours
  • Misleading when it is presented as just an earning opportunity

4 thoughts on “100% Honest LeadsArk Review [MUST READ Before Purchasing]”

  1. Good affiliate marketing companies do not ask for payment of their products for joining their affiliate before you can advertise and profit from referrals. That’s true. When I read that, I was confused and surprised as to their decision to follow such strategy.

    Also, the MLM structure is a no-no in my book and would turn frustrating to beginners who are just trying to navigate their way around affiliate marketing. It is because of unbiased reviews like yours that assures me that with the right research, lots of people would be spared time, money and effort that would have been wasted on the many deceitful programs out there.

    Keep up with the good job, John.


    • Thanks Femi for your comments and reading my honest LeadsArk review.
      As you say – their “pay to promote” and MLM flags are non negotiable red flags for you.
      I appreciate your support and yes it is unbiased, balanced and honest reviews like this LeadsArk review that helps people to make a fully informed decision and the best decision for themselves.
      If you want to build a real online business in any niche that you are passionate about, feel free to check out my number 1 recommendation. I will also personally help you.

  2. Hey there! Thank you for this LeadsArk review. I was suspecting this being MLM opportunity and your review just proved my thoughts be right. Indeed, you don’t have to buy something prior becoming affiliate marketer, so this is already a red flag. I also don’t like the very short refund period. I mean 24 hours sounds like a joke to me. Especially when 30 days is already not enough.

    However, the program seems to have some value if you already have a huge list and are good at selling to others. But for me it just doesn’t seem to be the right affiliate opportunity. After seeing your recommendations, that one is something would people should really go after. Free to join, 100% legit AFFILIATE opportunity with an amazing community and support are great signs why people should join. Cheers

    • Thanks Julius for your comments and reading my honest LeadsArk review
      You have identified the major red flags and contents about LeadsArk. My big tip for anyone reading this LeadsArk review is:
      Stay away from the program if you won’t need the knowledge for digital marketing. Taking the courses maybe alright, but the affiliate program is actually an MLM recruitment strategy which can’t be profitable for everyone.

      If you want to build a real online business in any niche that you are passionate about, feel free to check out my number 1 recommendation. I will also personally help you.


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