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Write Your Way to Freedom | Can You Really Achieve Freedom in this Course?

If you want to write your way to freedom, can Sarah Turner’s course really help you?
I’ve seen a lot for copywriting course and they really price their course way beyond the usual digital courses. But as for my experience not every expensive course can translate to profits.

If you’re looking for a non-affiiated take on the course, here is an unbiased review of this high-ticket copywriting program. Should you go for it?

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A Write Your Way To Freedom Summary

Product Name: Write Your Way To Freedom

Course Creator: Sarah Turner

Products and Prices: $1997 one-time; $299/month for 10 months

Overall rating: 76/100

Best For: Those who can commit to creating content and has the money to pay for it

Recommended: Recommended

What Is Write Your Way To Freedom About: This copywriting course is a comprehensive program from a successful copywriter herself.


It’s a legitimate course, under a legitimate successful copywriter and a registered company. It might be a bit too expensive but it seems it’s like it could worth the splurge but only if you can commit to the process and lessons inside the program.

What is Write Your Way To Freedom About?

The course teaches you how to create your own website, find clients in a niche that suits you and pay for content creation. It’s an 8 module educational program with 50 lessons on building up freelance writing as Sarah Turner shows her process from start-to finish so students can follow suit or use what they have learned before following more closely themselves if taking this class again!

When I first bumped into Sarah’s course, it seemed like a scam and had some doubts about the legitimacy of her business.
But after running an online background check on her and going through every lesson in depth we are confident that she isn’t trying to pull any scams with Writer Your Way To Freedom!

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People behind Write Your Way To Freedom

Sarah Turner is a successful freelance copywriter who has turned her passion into profits. She specializes in creating content for doctors and other medical experts, making money off the quality information they need to help people live healthier lives!

She doesn’t have any degree related with this field but still loves health & wellness so much that she spreads all types of helpful facts around online through social media or offline too – without ringing anyone’s ears (or making them feel bad) because we know how important our wellbeing really can be when it gets involved:).

Sarah Turner found herself stuck in a non-stop cycle of work and play. She had been working hard for years, but it still wasn’t enough to keep up with personal expenses like groceries or utilities payments on time each month – so when she discovered how easy making money online really is through YouTube videos that taught simple strategies few people know about yet today.

Aside from her copywriting course she also runs her copywriting agency and both the website and the agency are under the corporation Sarah Turner Agency Inc.. I probed around and found actual and active registration of the said company in California!

Write Your Way To Freedom review company registration

I’m impressed and delighted to know that this course is truly a legitimate one! Not every course runs under a legitimate company!

A deeper look beyond The Course

With Write Your Way To Freedom, you can turn your passions into profits and full-time income online. According to those who has seen the course, there are 8 modules that contain about 50 lessons each to help show how start off as a successful copywriter!

According to course takers you first need to think and identify your niche. And if you’re passionate about that niche, it won’t be hard to write engaging content! Sarah Turner’s course shows in this course about how to write for online clients. These are like lesson and bits of details and tips that she has gathered from experts around the world who have been there before – including herself when younger (not sure if I’m allowed here!).

Module 1 – Cultivating A Business Owner Mindset
The first module focuses on developing goals, a mentality, and a morning routine that will enable you to blast through this course while also forming healthy mental and physical habits. This session aims to assist you in changing your mindset from being an employee to functioning as a boss.

Module 2 – Building a Rock Solid Foundation
The second module in the Write Your Way To Freedom course is all about picking your topic. This, as I mentioned, is something you're passionate about and want to share with others through your writing. Then, Sarah will teach you the foundations of copywriting and emotional copywriting.

Module 3 – Getting Started Writing
The first two modules were about establishing a foundation. The third module is where things start to get interesting. It's one of the most in-depth modules in Write Your Way To Freedom.
Furthermore, Sarah will go over some essential writing equipment and basic SEO techniques that you'll use to boost your blog's visibility across the internet.

Module 4 – Look Like A Pro
The goal of the Write Your Way To Freedom module is for you to put what you've learned into practice. In other words, Sarah will teach you how to start a blog, utilize business tools, and more. Your website's objective is to serve as your storefront or office. You want to look like a seasoned expert before potential customers so they know they can rely on you for their needs.

Module 5 – Killer Client Acquisition
It's time to get those first clients once you've secured a location and are ready to communicate your enthusiasm with others. So, how will you go about doing this? With cold emailing, of course! Yeah, not my favorite approach either.
In any case, Sarah will walk you through how to cold email your way to the top. After all, it would be ideal if you had clients and there are various methods for obtaining exposure on social media. You'll also study how to use social media as a marketing tool. nnSarah covers lessons on:
Facebook Groups
Referral Programs

Module 6 – Pitching & Onboarding Clients
The Write Your Way To Freedom program's next module, Pitching and onboarding new clients, was created to show you how to entice and acquire new customers after you've used the concepts from the previous module. Sarah will also provide some instances and a practice opportunity in this session.

You'll also learn  how to deal with taxes as a freelance copywriter. This is an important lesson to learn.

Module 7 – Master SEO
After you've gotten the first clients, you may begin rolling out. The fundamental aim of this module is to teach you how to expand your website with more material, how to optimize your SEO through a website audit, how to write better SEO content, and more.
There's also a stage where you'll be taught how to produce a list of keywords and eliminate writer's block using five strategies that work for Sarah.

Module 8 – Adding To Your Skillset With Other Type of Copy
The last module of WYWTS is about growing your business even further with sales funnels, landing pages, email marketing, and other techniques.
The entire course curriculum, in sum, is legitimate and does indeed have a beginning and an end. In other words, she's done a fantastic job.

What does Write Your Way To Freedom Offer?

So you won’t really get to know what’s inside the course and how much it is by just looking into her website. She first has a prompt for capturing leads by giving a free copywriting masterclass video and gettting you signed up on it. After signing up, yooull receive an email which will then take you to its sales page where you can see what the course is about, how much it is and ton of other reviews from previous course takers.


The course is currently priced at $1997 as one time payment or $299 month. Well that’s quite a big amount to commit too right?

Write Your Way To Freedom review course price

Write Your Way To Freedom’s Refund Policy

According to her Term’s Page, they don’t offer refund unless stated in the product selected:

Write Your Way To Freedom review PURCHASE AND REFUND POLICY

It seems like she does offer a refund as long as it is within the 14-day Money back guaranteee if stated in the product selected:

Write Your Way To Freedom review TERMS AND CONDITIONS

Here’s the money back guarantee on her sales page for the current course offering up:

Write Your Way To Freedom review MONEY BACK

How does Write Your Way To Freedom Work?

So Sarah Turner’s Write Your Way To Freedom course consists of 8 modules that shows an almost step-by-step and comprehensive course about how to start and get on coopywriting. It also includes coaching calls and access to a community that can most likely help you as you start out.

How do you make money with Write Your Way To Freedom?

The best way to make money with Write Your Way To Freedom is to implement everything you’ve learned and get a premium paying client.

Write Your Way To Freedom Reviews

I love that she has legitimate reviews from her students which are not scripted and using their own names!


  • Being run by an established, active and registered company
  • Has lots of positive and verifiable reviews
  • Has a free youtube channel that you can learn from


  • Expensive

Write Your Way To Freedom: Is it a Scam?

Even if it’s legitimate I find the course very expensive especially for beginners. But I have a suggestion on the later part of the article that you can check out just before you commit to this expensive course.

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not a student of Sarah Turner or Write Your Way to Freedom myself but I do endorse as it’s a legitimate program.

I have researched the website, testimonials, and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of whatWrite Your Way to Freedom genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt from other course programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn Ways to Avoid Online Scams then click the highlighted text. 

Points to consider about Write Your Way To Freedom

  • You can afford the monthly multipayment of the one-time fee.
  • A community that can help and a very responsive coach
  • A course offered by a legitimate company

What I don’t like about Write Your Way To Freedom

  • Expensive.

[The Verdict] Is Write Your Way To Freedom A Ripoff?

With the quality of Write Your Way to Freedom inclusions and the legitimacy of Sarah Turner and her company, I think the course is not a ripoff. I have personally availed other copywriting programs before and they really put up a high price on it. If in case you want to learn about copywriting I believe that you can also start by learnign other relevant writing lessons like keyword research, SEO and content creation so you can have additional income just before you avail of the program.

A Badass and Legitimate Course To Make Money Online

I believe that just before you try out the copywriting course, you can also check out how to start learning about affiliate marketing because it could be a great foundation before you fully focus on copywriting for clients. Here’s why

  1. Copywriting is about writing for clients and hopefully creating sales for them. Affiliate marketing on the other hand is creating content for yourself so you can have your own income while partnering with brands.
  2. Both copywriting and affiliate marketing are founded on keyword research, SEO and content creation.

Well I know a community that can help you get started with affiliate marketing! And it’s FREE to start! You can check it our first before commiting to it because it’s not a get-rich quick program.

Let me just tell you that digital marketing, especially affiliate marketing truly needs consistent effort, dedication, and love for what you do. Just the same with copywriting! If you can commit to creating content for affiliate marketing, then you can most likely commit to creating copies for a copywriting job!

And mind you, this program from Wealthy Affiliate is not a new program as it has been around for years.

If you have then decided to commit to the program you wan always choose to avail the PREMIUM for JUST $49/mo! With it you can access more courses, tutorials, tools, perks and personal mentoring. If you’re curious here’s a comprehensive article about it. My friend John below can tell you more about it and guide you there…

want to master affiliate marketing

Take a look into what is considered the best training platform & mentoring community

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Write Your Way To Freedom

 $1997 one-time; $299/month for 10 months



Income Opportunity






Business Model



  • Being run by an established, active and registered company
  • Has lots of positive and verifiable reviews
  • Has a free youtube channel that you can learn from


  • Expensive