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What Is Bad Ass Marketers about? | Elusive Price and Surprising Details

I’ve seen a lot of reviews that tried to give an overview of what is Bad Ass Marketers about and there was not a hint of any price in them, and (not) surprisingly they are affiliated to the course. Well if you’re one looking into reading about a review about it, let me take you through it. Don’t worry we’ll mention the elusive price too!

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A Bad Ass Marketers Review Summary

Product Name: Bad Ass Marketers

Founders: Joshua T. Osborne

Products and Prices: $6000-$8000

Rating: 28/100

Best For: Those who are willing to pay a great amount for topics that can be learned for free or for way less that the price point.

Recommended: Not Recommended

What Is Bad Ass Marketers About: Bad Ass Marketers is a website creation and lead generation course.


Bad Ass Marketers positions digital marketing techniques in ranking a website as the “digital real estate” from which he presents different opportunities. It’s true that there is a lot that can be tapped in the digital marketing world, however their price point is something that you may need to reconsider.

What is Bad Ass marketers About?

Lead generation businesses are a great way to make money online, especially when the market for them is growing. But be aware that you’ll likely find yourself facing stiff competition! In fact, 61% of marketers say their biggest challenge with this type of business model has been how many people trying it out these days as well.

Hence, if you plan on going through this route then it’s important that not only do I learn a lot of skills (i.e. SEO optimization, website design, etc). I am experienced in SEO for over four years and still cannot with 100% certainty rank my keyword at all times.

The Bad Ass Marketers course will teach you how to launch a lead generation business and profit through “digital real estate” by ranking-and-renting websites and basically creating websites that rank for your clients. Here you’ll start by setting up your own website, applying SEO techniques, getting your business recognized through Google Map Pack, learning about setting up ads on Google and Facebook, positioning yourself and handling clients, and setting up a full business.

Basically, all this boils down to teaching you how to create websites that rank for future clients and for your current clients and not miss out on the opportunity to scale up your business.

People behind Bad Ass Marketers

Jason Osborne is a motivational speaker who had quite a life story in his quest for success.

As a part of his journey, he mentions that he was just another convicted felon with no education or experience – until he met a mentor during one time incarceration period; this man inspired Jason to start up his own moving company!

That was the beginning of his internet business, as he began to explore more possibilities online that might not only generate his money but also provide him with more free time.

A Deeper Look Beyond Bad Ass Marketers

It’s however great to know that the website for the program has been around since 2018.

what is bad ass marketers about domain creation

I was a bit relieved at first… but when I looked on Wayback Machine, I found out that the domain has been around since 2013! This means that the current website was created on a different hosting before it was transferred into the GoDaddy hosting on 2018.

what is bad ass marketers about archived since 2013

When I looked at the website version on 2013… it was just an empty page (see below):

what is bad ass marketers 2013 version

However, it seems like the first video testimonial about Bad Ass Marketers was posted in 2019!

what is bad ass marketers 2019 review

I can’t quite connect how there was a video in 2019 about the course when this is what the website looked like in July of 2019, just a month before the video was posted.

what is bad ass marketers 2019 rwebsite version

The current website content only showed up when 2020 came!

Now, could it be that Bad Ass Marketers was also a website that was produced in a rank and rent manner?

Now it makes sense that they could be building up a sense of credibility by posting videos of students when in fact the website wasn’t even created during that time. I mean who else would go to the extent of investigating further than just the domain’s date creation right? I mean maybe it’s just me, right?

In my attempt to at least give a chance to Bad Ass Marketers, I decided to look for their Privacy Policy and Terms page and I actually found it! You can only find it on the bottom of the page when you click the “WHAT WE DO” navigation on the website’s homepage:

what is bad ass marketers how to find privacy policy page

Here I found that they are under a certain company called Unified Growth INC in Colorado:

what is bad ass marketers unified growth

Which when I looked into it further I found out that it was owned by Danelle Shayleen Osborne (very likely to be his wife).

what is bad ass marketers unified growth owner

This Danelle Osborne is the owner of a lead generation business, Mr. and Mrs. Leads which is basically a lead generation business targeting small business to help them scale

Bad Ass Marketers Refund

As of the moment, refunds can only be done in 48 hours as written in their Privacy Policy Page:

what is bad ass marketers refund

How does the Bad Ass Marketers Work?

According to the different reviews I’ve read about actual users (mind you that there was a lot of reviews about it) you will basically start by getting into a phone call with them. After you have scheduled a call with them you get in a call with one of the coaches where you will be assessed on your plan, lifestyle and sell the course to you through the a thorough conversation about the course, what you expect from it or questions about it.

Next they will reveal the cost of the course, which according to people actually varies. Some were offered $5000 some were even offered, there was also one that was offered a $8000 price point! I think the varying price is also dependent on the payment capacity of the enrollee because they give out flexible payment terms as long as they will adhere to the payment schedule or they may pay the penalty cost which would cost way higher than the course price with flexible paying scheme.

After settling the payment you will then be allowed in to a private FB community and will be sent the login info for the training platform.

Basically, Bad Ass Marketers is not a get-rich-quick course as they never really put forth any notion about it being easily achieved because you may need a lot of time to learn about SEO, website design, online ads setup and definitely a lot more time in exploring the tools that may be needed to succeed in those.

Can you make money with the Bad Ass Marketers?

About making money with Bad Ass Marketers? Yes, you can make money with Bad Ass Marketers as long as you can apply the learnings that you get from the course, which is about applying SEO techniques and letting people rent your ranked website for lead generation. However, there still is the issue of the steep price of the course. There are a lot of other SEO and lead generation courses that are way less costly but offer the same topics that you BAM University offers.

Also mentioned on the website’s Term’s page is this:

what is bad ass marketers no guarantee of results

A Bad Ass Marketers Review: Pros and Cons

There are different pros and cons in the Bad Ass Marketers program which you might want to read about first before we go to our verdict:


  1. Runs under a registered and active company
  2. Has good feedback from actual course takers
  3. Has a refund policy (but only for 48 hours)


  1. Video Reviews of the course were posted (2019) way before the course website was actually created.
  2. Not upfront with price and price varies
  3. Too pricey for topics that can be easily learned online or for less
  4. Privacy Policy and Terms can’t be easily found

What is Bad Ass Marketers? Is Bad Ass Marketers A Scam?

I don’t think Bad Ass Marketers is a scam. However it’s a pricey program for topics that can be easily learned from elsewhere, sometimes even for free. While it does have its coaching a community where you can learn from, it still is a very high-ticket course for someone looking into an opportunity to make money online.

As it basically teaches you about creating a lead generation website, it’s a lot recommend for those who have prior knowledge of what they’re getting into. It’s not a course for everyone.

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not an affiliate of Bad Ass Marketers or any of their other products myself and I do not endorse it in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials, and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what Bad Ass Marketers genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt from programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn Ways to Avoid Online Scams then click the highlighted text. 

My Final Verdict About Bad Ass Marketers

Creating a lead generation business is not for everyone. Also it’s a bit risky to get into a course for such a price without actual credible feedback. It’s easy to hire actors nowadays. The best course of action to prove the program’s legitimacy is an actual review from someone you know and trust who has taken the program.

It’s not a course that is meant for just anyone and it should not be marketed as easy or a get-rich-quick program. I say this because I know the details about creating a lead generation website and it’s a lot there are lots of points that you need to learn before you can actually get results from it. And there’s this point that I actually learn them for free and for course which has costed me way lesser than their price tag on their course.

A better way to learn about lead generation and Others- and it’s FREE to start!

Most people like working 9 to 5 because it provides them with a sense of financial stability. Some, on the other hand, wish to flee the monotony of daily life and are now seeking for alternatives to make money, particularly online. Being an affiliate marketer is one of the more popular ways to make money online.

There are several reasons for this. In most cases, affiliate marketers earn a commission every time they send a client to the advertiser’s website. This proves to be particularly beneficial for those who wish to make money online and work at home. All you need is an affiliate network and a product or service you can sell through it.

  • Affiliate marketing is, by and large, on-demand since several major firms rely on affiliate marketers to grow their income.
  • The entry barrier for affiliate marketing is, at best, quite low.
  • It has a tremendous profit potential.
  • It is a booming and growing industry with more and more people shopping online.

The first thing you should do before signing up for an affiliate marketing program is to determine which one is best suited for you. While there are many possibilities out there, some of them may be fraudulent.

Beginners and those who are looking for real affiliate marketing opportunities need to first learn about actual keyword research and how to create content that generates traffic. It would be best to find a guide to tread through the ropes of creating good sales, and traffic-generating content and not instant tools that are overpriced. 

To sum up this Bad Ass Marketers review, I’m letting you in on a FREE community and training to show you how actual affiliate marketing is. You can learn comprehensive marketing techniques and access a course here without paying for it first.

You can check it out for FREE with a starter account, then if you want a consistent income and a means to sustain your affiliate marketing career you can also opt to try the premium offer of Wealthy Affiliate inclusive of courses, guides, tools and support just about everything you may need for only $49/month. 

If you want to read more about Wealthy Affiliate here’s a comprehensive review about it.

You can also click on the link below to find out more!

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Louee Gonzales has been a content specialist for 4+ years now. She has been enjoying writing investigative articles for EFYL. If she’s not writing, she’s either painting or traveling somewhere fun.

She has a degree in Psychology, and quick fact: she can’t read your mind. She has authored articles on the School of Positive Transformation.

Bad Ass Marketers




Income Opportunity






Business Model



  • Runs under a registered and active company
  • Has good feedback from actual course takers
  • Has a refund policy (but only for 48 hours)


  • Video Reviews of the course were posted (2019) way before the course website was actually created.
  • Not upfront with high-ticket price and price varies
  • Too pricey for topics that can be easily learned online or for less
  • Privacy Policy and Terms can't be easily found

2 thoughts on “What Is Bad Ass Marketers about? | Elusive Price and Surprising Details”

  1. OMG. The first thing I look for in a review, is the price tag for a product. At $6000-$8000, I automatically knew I was NOT going to buy into it. Plus, your rating, 28/100 did not give me confidence in this product. The people who are willing to pay this kind of money are people who are new to internet marketing, are desperate like I was when I first tried to learn how to make money online. Fortunately, you are showing people a way to make money online that costs WAY less than what these guys are offering.

  2. Hi Shalisha,
    Thank so much for reading my honest Bad Ass Marketers review and sharing your thoughts here.
    You have highlighted the key concerns
    1. Pricing at $6,000 – $8,000 and I believe this is extremely risky to sign up for this course without any verifiable proof of its authenticity if you’re considering a course to make money AND only a 48 hour refund policy.
    3. Lead generation being very risky for people new to internet marketing.

    Yes you are right 28/100 is a concern and we have good reasons why we rated it lowly.

    Also in terms of making money online or making money from home, personally I would much rather build a real online business that helps people than this expensive and unproven course (where are the real user testimonials for Bad Ass Marketers). Fact based, proven since 2005 and a lot more quality (Training, tools, mentoring, community & support) and for reasonable pricing. This is why I recommend this over all others. And yes you have read that there is no need for any credit card information to create a free account to see if it suits your style.

    My pleasure to help you, John

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