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Is Cash flow 101 System a scam? Truths Revealed!

The internet is brimming with so-called ‘business opportunities’ promising passive income. It’s likely that you’ve come across the Cash Flow 101 System, either through a friend or family member’s introduction or by attending one of their online workshops, webinars, or in-person information sessions. But the burning question remains: is the Cash Flow 101 System as fraudulent as some people claim?

In this review of the Cash Flow 101 System, we’ll dig deep to uncover the reality behind the accusations that this system is nothing more than a scam.

is cash flow 101 system a scam

Product Name: Cash Flow 101 System

Founder: Unknown

Price: $1,600-$9,900

Rating: 1

Best For: Hustlers who are good at convincing people.

Recommended: Not recommended.

What is Cash Flow 101 System About: A pyramid scheme where people invest a big amount to earn a bigger amount after successful referrals.

Summary: Cash Flow 101 System is a cash gifting pyramid scheme. People are being asked to invest in a specific tier and invite or refer more people to earn.

What is Cash Flow 101 System?

Cash Flow 101 System premises to be a business opportunity that pays you when you get other people to join the program. 

You go through four different earning levels which you also need to invest in. Think of it as a pay-to-win kind of system. You lose out when you’re limited to the levels you’ve invested in. 

Cash Flow 101 System’s landing page promises to make you $80,000 in monthly earnings, along with other income hype and nonsense claims. 

This “business opportunity” is just a program that focuses on recruiting. To earn a commission, you must enlist the help of other individuals, who must then enlist more people, and so on. It costs money to join. You must pay a large sum of money before you may register here.

If you are successful in finding someone who also pays money to sign up after doing that, you will be paid a large sum of money. Here, attracting as many new members as possible is the main objective.

If you’re wondering when or where you’ve heard of such an approach, you’ve probably heard of pyramid schemes. If you’ve never heard of a “pyramid scheme,” it is a structure in which only people at the top of the pyramid profit.

System of Internal Cash Flow 101 System

The Cash Flow 101 System is nothing more than a cash-gifting program. This is otherwise known as a pyramid scheme.

This product operates quite similarly investment pyramid frauds such as “Monetize 911”.

Too buy into this scheme, ‘memberships’ will initially cost thousands of dollars, then if you want to increase your earnings, you will need to spend much more.

They’re up to no good if you do not even know who runs this business.

How do you make money with Cash Flow 101 System?

You then get a sales page which I assume is the exact same sales page you joined through, but it is your own unique affiliate page, and then you will have to buy traffic from the Cash Flow 101 System program to send leads to that page and for every person who joins Cash Flow 101 System through you, you will be compensated through what’s known as their “One up Pay Plan”.

Cash Flow 101 System Compensation Plan

There are four levels which you can choose from, and the higher the level, the more money you can make from recruitment. Here are the commissions you earn depending on your membership level.

  1. Level One – $1,500
  2. Level Two – $3,500
  3. Level Three – $6,500
  4. Level Four – $9,900

They refer to the compensation plan as the One Up Pay Plan. You make money from recruiting other people and you also make money once they successfully recruit more people.

This means that the more people under you, the more money you can potentially make. Just like a typical pyramid scheme, you are encouraged to keep building your team in order to earn money on a regular basis.

Basically, you are not getting a fixed salary here, which could at least save you if you are not recruiting new people regularly. If you are not recruiting regularly, your earnings will stop coming.

If you want to be more of a passive earner, it is suggested that you recruit active people who have a huge network. That means that you can keep earning money even if you take a break from recruiting for a while.

This is how the payment system works. For successfully inviting a new member, you get paid with commissions. As that person keeps building their network, you will be getting a share of the money that their referrals are bringing in. That goes on until infinity.

Generating Leads

Cash Flow 101 System gives you access to their DFY lead generation system. You only need to spend money to get into the system, so like I said earlier, it’s a pay-to-win system. You pay to generate leads and convert them into members.  

Email Marketing

Cash Flow 101 System has you sending leads to a designated page that collects their email addresses for marketing purposes. And when they do leave an email, they are marked as your referral. 

They’ll receive automated messages on your behalf, and encouraging them to sign up for the program. 

How Much Does Cash Flow 101 Cost?

Here’s how much the program costs:

Level 1 – $1,600

Level 2 – $3,700

Level 3 – $6,800

Level 4 – $9,900

There’s no mention of a refund policy.

Cash Flow 101 System Ugly Truths Revealed!

#1 Marketing Hype

Their landing page is nothing but marketing hype. As is typical with these sorts of schemes, they make loads of claims and promises to make you a lot of money, but this scheme does not work this way. 

#2 Pyramid Scheme

The Cash Flow 101 System is nothing more than a pyramid scheme. You’re paying to win as well. Your income potential is limited by much you invested. If your members signed up for level 4, and you signed up as level 1, you’re limited to the commissions on the level 1 tier. Your excess commission gets split up.

#3 Fake and Exaggerated Income Claims

You will not be making any money here. You’re probably going to jail if you promote a pyramid scheme and make money off of people. 

It doesn’t help that you don’t know who owns this program because the program’s highly illegal no matter where you are in the world.

is cash flow 101 system legit

Is Cash Flow 101 System A Scam?

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not connected to Cash Flow 101 System myself and I do not endorse it in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials, and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what Cash Flow 101 System genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt by programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn Ways to Avoid Online Scams then click the highlighted text. 

So, is Cash Flow 101 System a scam?

Not technically. Of course, you can make money with this program, but it’s definitely not as easy as the company makes it sound.

There’s a ton of work to be done upfront, no real guarantee of success, and – most importantly – the actual commissions are pretty small.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with front-loading the work and making the money later. But if you’re grinding and hustling it out for 3 months and then your reward is a $50 commission, is that really worth it for you?

Is It The Same As Robert Kiyosaki’s Game Cash Flow 101 By Rich Dad Company?

This Cash Flow 101 System is distinct from Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow 101 game. Of course, it may confuse because the product names are similar. However, if you check their sales page, you’ll know they are quite different as it’s not a game. It’s more like a pyramid scheme.

Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow is an online board game while the Cash Flow 101 System is a pyramid scheme where there are no playing games involved but only inviting people to pay for a premium membership for you to earn.

What I Like About Cash Flow 101 System

Generating leads will not be a hassle since there will be a team doing it for you. The system is probably not going to last that long, however, if you can afford to spend and risk losing upwards of $10K, you could potentially end up making more than that.

It’s absolutely possible and doable. Highly unlikely, but nevertheless, it could happen.

What I Don’t Like About Cash Flow 101 System

Investing in a company or program with an unknown founder is a very big red flag. How can you trust someone with a big amount of money without knowing the people behind the company? Also, the per-tier investment costs too much without the guarantee of earning it back or doubling what you invested because what you’ll earn depends on how hard you work in recruiting others.

Is Cash Flow 101 System For You?

If you think you’re good at convincing people in investing in this kind of pyramid scheme or internet money-making scheme, then it’s for you.

As long as you’re transparent about what this program is about and you don’t try luring people into something different from what it promises, then you could consider offering this program at your own risk.

Just like for any risky investment, the risk of losing money is always there of course. But for the sake of this review, I can say that the risk is really high because the creator is unknown, there is little information about this on the internet so this is a huge red flag.

If you’re an aggressive, risk-taker and you are in it for the money, then this is for you.

Do I recommend Cash Flow 101 System?

cash flow 101 system review

No, I do not recommend Cash Flow 101 to you or everyone.

I do not think anyone should take advantage of this opportunity, and I will tell you why. It is deceptive.

The ‘business,’ as it is known, revolves around several exaggerated claims that make it sound as though all it takes to start making money is to hire new employees (cough – recruit people).

Yes, as if recruiting someone to join a scheme this dubious were that simple. It is challenging to advertise the company ‘opportunity’ because there is no product.

The only thing you promote is the possibility of earning money here, just like they do. In this situation, the only way to make money is by hiring new people.

Sadly, lying to people is an endless cycle that will catch up with you very soon. Since you gain income from hiring new employees, this is also a legitimate pyramid scheme. Selling anything doesn’t bring in any money for you.

The capital invested by those you recruited becomes your primary source of revenue. How would that make you feel?

In conclusion, there are a lot more alternatives to dealing with a pyramid scheme for people to generate money. Everybody loses out on this opportunity. This opportunity is not good for anyone.

Cash Flow 101 System Review – Conclusion

You are not at the top of the pyramid, and thus most likely is that you cannot turn this into a profitable commercial enterprise.

If they think they have already made a lot of money, they are free to shut this down at any time. You can anticipate that your investment will not be returned as a result. Even more explicitly, they said there was no refund policy.

Pyramid schemes are prohibited as well. You must take care to avoid becoming involved in unlawful conduct because these are outright scams. To avoid entrapping others in a scam, you also need to be responsible.

If you work hard enough, you can always find an alternative source of income to unlawful ventures like this one. To succeed financially, you do not necessarily need to rely on illicit means of earning money.

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Cash Flow 101 System


Established Company


Earning Opportunity





  • Lead generation option available.


  • Founder is unknown.
  • The membership is expensive.
  • The risk of losing money is very high.