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Is List Infinity Legit?

If you’ve been searching for an honest List Infinity review to find out if this affiliate marketing program can really help you make some income, that’s a great start. When you read sales pages with phrases such as “get paid instantly”, you’re not naïve enough to believe it outright, are you? But, is List Infinity legit? Either there must be a catch, or it must be a scam. If you are a complete beginner, this program could help you learn the basics and the essentials, but there are better options.

Does this program provide a real and sustainable way to help you make money online? Is this scalable? In my List Infinity review, I’ll explore several aspects and explain it all to help you make the best decision for you. 

is list infinity legit
honest list infinity review

Product Name: List Infinity

Founder: Derrick Van Dyke

Price: $125-$225

Best For: Marketers trying to grow their email list and earn at the same time.

Recommendation: Not Recommended

Overall Rating: 8/100

What Is List Infinity About: A marketing program to grow an email list.

Summary:  List Infinity is a simple affiliate marketing scheme. Starting with $100, it makes it easy for you to refer to others. But the ready-made lead capture pages are not customizable and because it only promotes the scheme itself as a product, it’s one-dimensional.

What Is List Infinity?

List Infinity claims to be a viral marketing program. As a member, you would be required to build an email list using solo ad traffic and promote List Infinity itself to whatever random audience you can find. You can sign up for free to learn a few marketing tricks.

As soon as you become a paid member, you’ll also become eligible to earn a commission as an affiliate. You aim to promote List Infinity to try to earn money;

  • On Facebook (free) or
  • Using solo ads (this will cost you as much as your budget allows).

The paid membership includes lead capture pages and web hosting, the follow-up email sequence, email swipe copy, and relevant training. As an extra cost to your one-time membership fee, you will at least need an autoresponder such as GetResponse, Aweber or Flodesk, to make it work.

honest list infinity review

What Does List Infinity Offer?

Free Membership

You could still find the free membership useful because it allows you to receive some basic marketing tips and copy email swipes. 

There are some handy features for you to get a feel for it. Like most ‘done-for-you’ systems, they provide the lead capture pages with your own referral (affiliate) link in place. Remember it’ll be you and hundreds of others promoting these same DFY lead capture pages. But you don’t want to actually promote the lead pages (with their cookie cutter sales copy) until you upgrade your membership. Because if you stay as a free member and make a sale, your commission will be pass right past you onto someone who is a Pro member upline.

list infinity review

If you’re not interested in becoming a paid member but already have AWeber or Flodesk and know how to edit campaign emails, you can import List Infinity’s follow-up email sequence, edit the link and use it for something else (promote other products.) I don’t know how useful you’ll find it or even if you would ever make any money from these email, but it would save you time writing follow-up emails from scratch.

Upgrade (Paid) Options

Two paid options are available;

  • A one-time fee of $10 to become a starter level, or 
  • A one-time fee of $125 ($100 plus $25 admin fee) to become a Pro level.

The key difference between these two are the affiliate commissions. List Infinity claims to pay a 100% commission and this is how it works;

  • If you are a Pro member and successfully recruit someone to become a Pro member, you’ll receive $100.
  • But if you are a Starter member and recruit someone to become a Pro member, you’ll only receive $10. It’s not clear if all the rest ($90) will be passed up to one of your uplines who is a Pro member or do the creators take a cut from that?
  • But if you are a Pro member and your referral who is a free member recruits someone to become a Starter or Pro member, the commission ($10 or $100 respectively) will automatically be paid to you, as a free member is not able to receive commissions. 

Who Owns List Infinity?

List Infinity is owned by Derrick Van Dyke, who doesn’t openly introduce himself on the site, but he’s known to own a couple of other similar ‘done-for-you’ programs. Quick Funnels, a done-for-you sales funnel system, and FB Automation Suite, a set of chrome extensions that allow you to connect with Facebook friends. 

The domain was privately registered in August 2021. The Quick Funnels was created in early 2020 and FB Automation Suite was created in March 2022, so they’re all fairly new. This is all very typical for these done-for-you product creators – they create a product, sell it to make money, then create another one to make more money. You can also see some how-to instruction videos on his YouTube channel.

“100% Commission” – So How Does That Work?

100% means that the owner of List Infinity is practically giving away this whole system, so what’s the catch? Is it a scam? If it’s not, how is the system funded to maintain itself? You may ask…

Apart from the admin charge of $25 on the Pro membership, the owner takes affiliate commissions by recommending tools such as an autoresponder and link tracker within the members’ dashboard.

List Infinity Membership Pricing

As for the membership pricing, we think this is a fantastic offer because it’s a one-time setup fee. So, you don’t have to pay every month.

is list infinity legit - List Infinity membership pricing

With the new pricing update, the Starter Membership will cost you a $10 admin fee and $25 directly to your sponsor. The Advanced Membership will cost you a $20 admin fee and $50 to your sponsor. The Pro Membership will cost $100 to your sponsor and a $30 admin fee.

In return, you get all of these bonuses as a Pro Member:

  • Free Facebook Traffic Strategies ($97 Value)
  • $10K Blueprint ($97 Value)
  • TikTok Marketing ($97 Value)
  • YouTube Authority ($97 Value)
  • Instagram Marketing Secrets ($97 Value)
  • Reprogram Your Mind for Success ($97 Value)

How To Make Money With List Infinity

The goal of the List Infinity viral list-building system is to build a big email list so you can promote affiliate offers any time you like simply by sending out an email.

If you have an email list, you can make money by promoting affiliate offers to your subscribers. There are a few ways to do this:

1. Include a link to an affiliate offer in your email newsletter.

2. Send out a dedicated email promotion for an affiliate offer.

3. Create a blog post or video about an affiliate offer and include a link to it in your email newsletter.

4. Share an affiliate offer on social media and include a link to it in your email newsletter.

5. Whatever other creative ways you can think of!

How Much Money Should You Invest?

List Infinity teaches you how to promote it on various business-related Facebook groups. But the number of groups is limited, and if many others are following the same method and such posts can be seen as spammy often. So it’s not as effective as using solo ad services.

But I can also tell you that solo ad traffic is always hit or miss. Reputable solo ad vendors will give you good opt-in rates. However, you can never anticipate whether the leads you received at the time are responsive or not (i.e. make a purchase or not).

For example, you spend $50 on solo ads and receive 50 leads (120 clicks, 42% opt-in rate). 

  • If none of these 50 leads is interested in joining List Infinity, then your revenue will be zero. You’ll make a $50 loss.
  • If 20 leads become starter members, 20 x $10 = $200 revenue. Less your solo ad expense by $50 = $150 profit.

This is only my suggestion; become a starter member first, and perhaps you can aim for building 50 leads, spending $50-$100 (i.e. 100-200 clicks) to start with. See if you can break even. 

If you spend $110 ($10 starter membership + $100 on solo ads), you’ll need to get 11 people to become starter members. It’s optimistic but achievable.

No Money-Back Policy

What I don’t think is totally fair is that List Infinity does not offer a money-back guarantee. The policy may be reasonably fair, but the reason is not.

As a free member, you can access your dashboard and see the transparency it provides. So once you decide to pay, there shouldn’t be any reason you should change your mind. I guess.

But the homepage explains that List Infinity cannot give you a refund “because you’re paying the person who referred you.” Firstly, that’s not true. List Infinity takes your money first, and then passes it on to your referral. If users were exchanging money directly with each other, it would be a problem. 

And secondly, most other affiliate programs out there require affiliates to pay back their commission if there is a refund. List Infinity’s reason for not refunding money is that the commission has already been paid to the referrer, which doesn’t seem valid. I think that’s the problem with the “get paid instantly” system. It transacts too quickly to protect those who pay.

Is List Infinity Legit?

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not connected to List Infinity myself and I do not endorse it in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials, and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what List Infinity genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt by programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn Ways to Avoid Online Scams then click the highlighted text. 

After learning so much about List Infinity you will be able to tell by now that it is absolutely genuine. You will be shocked to hear that average people are generating $100 commissions and are earning in 3-figure pay or more weekly. 

If you don’t have previous marketing experience with internet marketing. Then you can only see success when you start to promote the list-building program. The List infinity system is not designed only for promoting money like other systems. List Infinity helps internet marketers to build a list of email subscribers and helps them to monetize it at the same time.

It also has viral email list-building software built in. Every 5th subscriber that your downline generates will be passed up to you and placed on your email list. This is the reason why everyone loves List infinity. It does not make bold claims about earning easy money like other systems. It has real testimonials written by people who are getting actual results after using the program.

List infinity also has a private Facebook group of people sharing income proof that is NOT a guarantee of what you will earn. They share the results to show you what is possible and the potential for choosing to promote list infinity. You will get paid a 100% of the commissions minus the processor fees instantly to your PayPal or Stripe account.

List Infinity gives you stats of your leads, referrals, and members on the dashboard by which you can see the number of people on your downline.

What I Like About List Infinity

Affiliate marketers have been sending visitors to simple lead-capture pages using solo ads for many years. It’s a standard method that’s rinsed and repeated. If you are brand new, at least you’ll get to learn how it works.

Low Cost

List Infinity will be easy for you to sell because it’s free for anyone to sign up, and the starter upgrade price of $10 is perfectly affordable for most people. I think this is the best thing about this program.

What I’m Not Too Keen About List Infinity

Done-For-You Lead Capture Page

“All the hard work is done for you” – do you know there’s nothing good about it? You’re trying to make money online, getting people to pay YOU. Why should anything be already done for you by someone else? 

We see a lot of ready-made affiliate sales funnels for beginners. Those done-for-you platforms may save your time temporarily, but the two major problems are;

  • You may learn how to use that particular platform but you won’t learn about the mechanism behind it (which isn’t hard to master – millions of other affiliate marketers are doing it.)
  • Exactly the same platform is used by other users. It’s impersonal and by the time you promote it online, many people have already seen it.

Although several lead page templates are available for you to use, they’re all similar to one another, and all the other List Infinity users are already using them. Imagine they are all trying to promote the same pages using the same recommended solo ad services – there’s no sustainability in this practice.

One-Dimensional – Not a Passive Income Source

So List Infinity may be easy to sell because of the low-cost one-off price. But that equally means that your chance of monetization is one-off. List Infinity only promotes itself, so your leads will either pay or ignore and there’s no passive income opportunity or anything beyond it.

If you already know how to promote other affiliate products to them – how to find products and how to write email swipes – then that’s ok. But the list of leads that you build will be wasted otherwise.

You Don’t Need a Link Tracker

I don’t like when “done-for-you” affiliate programs recommend you to use a link tracker program but barely explain the reason apart from saying “because it’s important to track where your traffic comes from”. They’re only trying to get you to spend money on another tool.

If you pay for a link tracker, you’ll have to learn how to track it, how to analyze the traffic, and what to do about it. They provide a done-for-you sales page that doesn’t require you to learn anything, but they expect you to do advanced analysis elsewhere. This just doesn’t make sense.

Final Verdict

This is a great program that trains its users in different areas of internet marketing along with a DFY (done for you) system.

According to the testimonials and user feedback, those who have registered with List Infinity have an excellent understanding of the basics of building their email list and promoting affiliate offers. 

The system will provide you with additional streams of income if you use the tools provided in the system to grow your audience on Facebook. You can build your business in an organic way or by using paid ads. I would personally recommend starting with organic traffic and using the income to purchase ads. 

List Infinity will provide you with the tutorials to do them both in an effective way!

You must try List Infinity at least as a free member. You will literally have nothing to lose. If you are satisfied (which I’m sure you will be) then the next obvious step would be to upgrade your account to the pro version which will give you the ability to earn instant $100 commissions.

Here’s My Way To Earn Passive Income Online – Recommended!

It was not easy to get started, but I continued to make quality content that helped people, my traffic gradually grew and so did my sales.

The best part about this strategy is that it does not cost anything, and it will never become obsolete! Essentially, I create content for my websites to assist internet users in solving problems and answering inquiries. In exchange, I receive thousands of clicks each month at no cost.

Another awesome part about this program is that it teaches you how to produce quality content and earn money passively. In other words, because this strategy is so POWERFUL and underutilized by many marketers, you could be earning money from your website for years to come.

If you want to learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing, your search is over. If you want to learn about affiliate marketing and more, this training and mentoring community has you covered.

You may give my top-rated course a try before you buy it (with just a $49 Premium subscription), which is one of its many great benefits. You can check out the first ten lessons of the program and even create one free website for free first to see if it suits your style.

To sum up, I think this is the best affiliate marketing training out there. And if you’re trying to find something related, just hit the link below!

Elizabeth has been a content writer and SEO article writer for over a decade already. Throughout those years, she was able to explore different niches to broaden her writing experience. As a writer, Elizabeth believes that there is no such thing as bad writing, every writer has their own way of expressing thoughts and every writing style is an art that needs deeper appreciation and understanding.

List Inifinity




Established Company


Earning Potential



  • Free to sign up.
  • Upgrade options are affordable.
  • Basic affiliate marketing opportunity and training.
  • Affordable means it's easier to sell to others.


  • The only purpose of it is to promote itself.
  • Done-for-you lead capture pages - not flexible, which means it's designed for the short term.
  • No refund is offered.

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  1. Done for you systems are all well and good, but there are just too many drawbacks to this program. One of the main ones is that if this program is so good why no money-back guarantee? It seems that they themselves don’t have 100% confidence in what they are selling. Although the List Infinity program has several positive points as indicated, it is not something I would personally pursue. Thanks for the details on this.

  2. Hi Joseph,
    Thank you for reading my honest List Infinity review. Also thanks for sharing your opinions and comments.
    I think you have picked up on the weaknesses and issues here. And like me, will not invest money into this.

    For the reasons given in the article and after reviewing 100+ progress/courses etc, that is why I keep recommending the better alternative for those interested in affiliate marketing. Feel free to check it out through any of my links above and also to email me with any questions or help you need at [email protected]

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