Is Affiliate Millionaire Club a Scam?: Avoid it at all cost!

If you’re here that means you are making it a point to research and find out everything you need to know about Affiliate Millionaire Club. Let me congratulate you on this because research is one of the most effective ways of steering clear of scammy programs and deals.

In this post, I collected pertinent information Is Affiliate Millionaire Club a Scam for you to find out if this is the right tool for you —or if it is a bad idea.


Affiliate Millionaire Club Summary

Product Name: Affiliate Millionaire Club

Founder:  a guy named Mo

Price: $47

Rating: 28/100

Recommended: NO

Summary: Affiliate Millionaire Club is owned and operated by Ameena, LLC. Their main office is located in Pennsylvania. Affiliate Millionaire Club is part of the ClickBetter Affiliate Network. Affiliate Millionaire Club offers training and software that builds and customizes websites. It is primarily an Affiliate website builder.

What is the Affiliate Millionaire Club about?

Affiliate Millionaire Club is a software that builds and customizes websites. It is primarily an Affiliate website builder.

The creator of Affiliate Millionaire Club is a person named “Mo”. Based on the information you can find from the Better Business Bureau website, Affiliate Millionaire Club is owned by Ameena, LLC, and is based in Ivyland, Pennsylvania.

Affiliate Millionaire Club claims to be able to give you access to an automated affiliate website building software that will start making you $1200 per day from the day you sign up with them.

When you go to their website, you will come across a youtube video from 2017. Upload by Mo JV Partners, the video talks about setting up an affiliate website for you and how much you can earn from this website. They’re also filled with video clips of people thanking Mo for earning more than $500 a day!


But well, Aside from that, there’s pretty much no information on the page except a big shiny sign-up banner.

According to Mo,  Affiliate Millionaire Club is entirely free of any financial risks. If you join the Affiliate Millionaire Club business you are sure to get the following:

  • unlimited bandwidth
  • Domain
  • 24-hour support
  • Access to private marketplace
  • 1-1 coaching

So imagine getting unlimited bandwidth, a free domain as well as access to Affiliate Millionaire Club private marketplace (is there such a thing?) and one-on-one coaching. Not only that, but Affiliate Millionaire Club claims that you can easily earn commissions with this system.

Here’s the promotional video. I want you to see it for yourself and decide if this isn’t some serious piece of nonsense.

Before we get any deeper into what our guy Mo is offering to give us. You might want to know first what affiliate marketing is about.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

If you have not heard of it before, affiliate marketing actually has a very simple concept. Actually, It all just comes down to how people found a way of selling other people’s products for them.

Affiliate marketing has two pretty basic steps:

  • First, choose which products you want to promote
  • Second, find a way to get your special affiliate links to post on the internet
Is the Affiliate Millionaire Club a Scam affiliate marketing image

Affiliate Marketing is a huge and growing industry. It is the world’s most untapped source for generating passive income and Understanding affiliate marketing and how to make money with affiliate marketing can be very productive to someone like you.

Once you are all set up with your affiliate marketing system, all you have to do now is go on with what you were doing and watch the cash roll in.  Needless to say, affiliate marketing is not that easy just like any business needs a lot of effort to take off. It is highly dependent on solid online traffic and as well as comprehensive online content that is able to bring lots of views in your direction.

What is noteworthy about affiliate marketing is that it is a safe form of passive income. With Affiliate Marketing you not only earn once but multiple times for a job you only did once. Affiliate marketing has proven to be one of the most profitable ways to earn a stable passive income online. 

So now that you know about affiliate marketing, let’s go back to Affiliate Millionaire Club.

How Does Affiliate Millionaire Club Work?

 So Affiliate Millionaire Club claims to get you money through Affiliate marketing.

But the weird thing about it is that there isn’t a clear compensation plan. Affiliate Millionaire Club wants you to throw caution to the wind and invest your money in the hopes of earning cash for yourself. He might be getting the money to give you from other affiliates. But doesn’t that sound illegal? We can’t really accuse them of anything though but it is hard not to make assumptions when you don’t really know much about how the system works.

So in substance, what is presumed to happen is that you get a completely made website, with promotional content and graphics. When all that is done, you should be able to add your affiliate links to products. This will allow your site visitors to click on your links and make purchases where you get your commision.

Inside Affiliate Millionaire Club

Affiliate Millionaire Club promises that you will earn $1,200. Could this really be true? Let us find out what this business really is and what it really gives you.

Duplicate website

First of all, the main selling point for Affiliate Millionaire Club is their website builder. This is something you will want especially if you aren’t a techy person. This is something that you would want someone else to do for you.

So according to Affiliate Millionaire Club, All you need to do is to:

  • Choose the product you want to promote
  • Choose the domain name you want
  • Put in your affiliate link

Alas! The software they have will help you build your website within minutes.


But the problem with this is that what you are going to get is a completely duplicated website. That’s what we called the “Cookie-Cutter website”. Yeah yeah, you can have a website with your affiliate links to make money—but how on earth is it going to work with no originality?!

Furthermore, when Mo claimed that he will take care of all the website costs for you—it’s a big load of crap. If you’re someone who knows a bit about websites, you’ll know that you need to pay in order to own your domain. A domain is sort of your own web address.

So, if anyone tells you that you can have your OWN website for FREE, it’s a big fat LIE!

Free websites only exist for Subdomain websites. Well, this could only mean one thing: the website DOES NOT belong to you. For this reason, you are just hosting on someone else’s web hosting and it can be taken away from you that easily.


When it came to training, I was honestly quite dazed that they actually have a set of training. As I said above, they made it seem like a plug and play package. If you remember, in the Affiliate Millionaire Club sales video, Mo claimed that all you need to do is to plug-in the system and wait for the money to come in. Oh well, I guess that ain’t so bad right. It’s better to have something to take away than nothing at all.

Their training comes in two forms — PDFs and videos. I have listed down an overview of Affiliate Millionaire Club’s training below:

  • Affiliate Marketing & Sales Training
  • Email List Building
  • Google AdSense Guide
  • Self-help
  • Social Media
  • Traffic and SEO

Funny how these training totally contradicts with Mo’s claim of “doing everything for you.”

But well, Affiliate Millionaire Club does provide some training. Although the training is limited, it is legitimate. As weird as it sounds, the training does teach affiliate marketing techniques, including SEO and traffic, social media, list building, and sales. If you know even a bit about affiliate marketing, you know that these things are important to learn about.

However, you should also know that five minutes a day is not enough to be an expert in these areas. You would know that a huge amount of work goes into understanding and mastering all these. So yes, the training contradicts the sales pitch in the video but it could also be a point for Affiliate Millionaire Club.

Affiliate Products

Since the first step is to choose the product to promote, you might be wondering what products you will be promoting.

Below are some of the product categories provided by Affiliate Millionaire Club:

  • Arts & Entertainments
  • Betting Systems – Poker, soccer, etc…
  • Computers/Internet
  • E-Business and E-Marketing – Affiliate Marketing products
  • Games
  • Health & Fitness – Addiction, Diet & Weight Loss, Yoga, etc…
  • Home & Garden

Funny enough, ALL of them are Digital Products taken from ClickBank. It’s actually copied from ClickBank’s page.

Affiliate Millionaire Club Membership Costs

According to the first half of the video, joining Affiliate Millionaire Club is free. 

But wait — there’s no such thing as free. So in order to show your commitment — and cover Mo’s losses of course — you will need to pay $47. 

This is a one-time fee that lets Mo build your 10 “money websites” for you. Win-win? hmmm

Affiliate Millionaire Club

Can You Make Money With Affiliate Millionaire Club?

Will you really find yourself with $1200 daily from the day you sign up with Affiliate Millionaire Club?

So basically, what’s supposed to happen is that you get a full website, with sales text and graphics. After that, you should be able to add your affiliate links to products, allowing your site visitors to click on your links and make purchases.

That is apparently how you make money with Affiliate Millionaire Club. You choose the areas of interest to you from predetermined categories and promote them. 

Is Affiliate Millionaire Club a Scam?

However, no matter how shady Affiliate Millionaire Club can be, they haven’t gotten an alert rating with BBB – yet.

It’s wrong to badmouth any business without substantial proof. So before I answer if Affiliate Millionaire Club is a Scam, I’ll lay down a few facts I have gathered.

Spam emails and Unauthorized charges. If you look them up on BBB, you’ll find a few people complaining about charges on their account. 

Is Affiliate Millionaire Club a Scam unauthorized charge complaint screenshot

Also, the amount of spamming done means that they are DESPERATE to get sales. And how did they get the emails anyway???

Is Affiliate Millionaire Club a Scam spam complaint screenshot

And this one person is already mad.

Is Affiliate Millionaire Club a Scam spam complaint 2 screenshot

False testimonials. Lots. Not only false testimonials but success stories are made up.

Affiliate Millionaire Club grabs pictures of real people and posts them on the video as  one of their success stories. Another thing is using stock photos.

Fine, how can I call them a scam just for that, right? Well that is already the beginning of a relationship lacking in trust!

Here’s the first guy you see on the video.


So gramps here is actually an actor on Fiverr named oldmansteve. Here he is on Youtube talking about his visit at the pharmacy. 

And I bet that Old Man Steve isn’t doing some affiliate marketing right now.

Finally, here’s a fake success story from the same promotional video. 


There are actually a whole bunch of things wrong in this clip.

  1. If you have PayPal, you know it doesn’t look like that. They couldn’t have invested some time in creating an account on PayPal to know?
  2. Where is Clearanceville? Do they have their own map of Texas?
  3. You can bet that guy standing on the street is a stock photo. Is his name Tom? Beats me.

Yes, for me, Affiliate Millionaire Club seems to be a scam. So it would be a very smart decision to spend your money elsewhere. Even if it costs only $47, it is still money wasted.

So let’s think about it. The Affiliate Millionaire Club has been accused of spamming people. Also, you cannot cancel your order once it has been confirmed, and despite the promise of a no questions asked money-back guarantee the refund policy also leaves a lot to be desired.

Is the Affiliate Millionaire Club a scam? Well, it does have the characteristics of one.

The Ugly Truth about Affiliate Millionaire Club: Revealed!

Too many complaints about spamming. How did they get their email? If this is how annoying they are with these people. Imagine how it is for you if you sign up with them! 

Overpromises results. Making a website isn’t easy. Let alone create an affiliate marketing business. And his claim on the video about being able to earn you money just as you are watching it is all a hoax.

Mo’s real identity. I’m not sure about you, but that voice on his youtube promotional video doesn’t sound like a real person. I mean, that isn’t a robot’s voice but I can’t imagine it’s not some guy you hire from some voice over agency. It sounds like someone offering you a 70% discount if you call, RIGHT NOW! (sounds familiar, right?)

Be careful with the information you give. With all the complaints regarding unauthorized charges which seem impossible to get back, you have to be very very careful with forms you fill out with them. The spam emails are already making you spend money on them. Imagine if they already have your bank account details!

Not BBB Accredited. There are so many things about the Affiliate Millionaire Club that is really quite fishy. This includes keeping the identity of its creator secret. This is perhaps the reason why they can’t get a BBB accreditation as one of their requirements is transparency including the identity of a business owner. How can you trust somebody you do not know?

What I Like About Affiliate Millionaire Club

To be honest, it’s hard to see anything to like about this business. But here are the two things i like about Affiliate Millionaire Club:

60 Day Money Back Guarantee.  I hate that they don’t have a free trial period. But I guess the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee is a good fall back right? That is if they stand up to their word.

Legit Business Model. Another advantage of this product is that it is running on affiliate marketing. And affiliate marketing is definitely a legit way to earn passive income.

Content of Training. All the techniques that are being taught in the Affiliate Millionaire Club training are pretty solid. I would have to acknowledge that perhaps truthful with the topics that they introduced to anyone who took a risk with them.

Final Thoughts – Affiliate Millionaire Club

Yes, I’ve said that one positive thing about Affiliate Millionaire is its refund policy. However, you need to read the fine print before you sign up because as soon as Affiliate Millionaire Club gets a hand on your money, you just gotta say bye-bye.

So let us take a closer look at the condition for the refund. It says it offers a no-questions-asked refund policy BUT there are some requirements you need to fulfill before your request can be processed. First, you need to have followed each and every instruction.

Is the Affiliate Millionaire Club a Scam money back guarantee

Another thing is that you need to try the software they offer within 45 days from the day of your purchase before you can request a refund.

Now, even if you fulfill these conditions, you would have taken money out for the domain and hosting (which Mo failed to mention). Yes, you can request a refund but is it “no questions asked?”

It’s more like a hundred questions asked before you can get your hard-earned money back!

And of course, I can’t forgive the part about hiring actors to post as thankful legit customers or the photoshopped stock images. This is already a clear sign of someone who wants to fool you.

A Badass  Affiliate Millionaire Club Alternative

There are much better alternatives for you if you want to get into affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is very promising but it is not as easy as they claim it to be.

It is advantageous, and quite feasible over the long term, but definitely not your walk in the park.

If you are looking for top-notch training, community, tools, resources and support in affiliate marketing, I can tell you about a badass alternative.

 They even have a free option for you to get started with your online business, and you will have access to ten modules of training so that you get a good grasp of the affiliate marketing process. Only then do you have to decide whether you think it’s worth signing up for more. Premium is only $49/month if you want to go full-time. This includes personal help and coaching from me. You might want to check it out.

Is Affiliate Millionaire Club a Scam pic in pink edited 1

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Affiliate Millionaire Club




Value for Money


Training Support


Money-Back Guarantee


Business Model



  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Legit Business Model
  • Content of Training


  • Owner's Hidden Identity
  • Not BBB accredited
  • Fake Testimonials and Success Stories

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  1. You really covered it. I’ve seen some nasty scams, but it looks like the Affliliate Millionaire Club takes the cake.
    In fact I think you may have been too kind in your final assessment. I thought your BBB quotes said it all. Not to mention MO’s video, who sounds like a carnival hocker.
    Very well done.
    Keep up the great work and helping people with your original, unique, and helpful content.

    • Thank you sir!
      Yes perhaps I was a little bit kind.  With the fake testimonials, complaints galore and cookie cutter content, there must be no chance of success with the Affiliate Millionaire Club.  So is Affliliate Millionaire Club a scam? – It certainly has the characteristics of a scam.
      i have offered a clearly better alternative with the leading training and mentoring community to build your online business. Wishing you success online and please reach out if I can help you further

  2. Hi, very nice and thorough article about affiliate millionaire club. Everything you pointed out seems very scammy to me – duplicating websites, false claims and fake testimonilas – I hate especially those, because they convince you that it is true amd they make you believe in getting quick success – I just hate those actions.

    The best affiliate program is definitely Wealthy Affiliate!


    Primoz P.

    • Thank you Primoz,
      I see that you are a Wealthy Affiliate member and it is great that you are enjoying this training and mentoring community to build your online business with affiliate marketing.
      I agree, when you come from such a community of excellence and integrity and see this type of scammy, third rate product, then the differences between such quality and such mediocrity is stark.  It really lays bare how bad something like the Affiliate Millionaire Club is!


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