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Is Billy Gene Is Marketing A Scam? [Billy Gene Is Marketing Course]

Before getting into whatever business, it’s important that you do a good amount of digging first to find out if you can get some gold underneath or if its just fools gold.  Otherwise, what’s the use of all the hard work. Like jumping into an online business such as lead generation—you got to investigate first if it’s the right business for you.

Since you are here I bet you’re doing your digging about this particular business. You can actually compare lead generation to affiliate marketing. Think of it as being tourist guides leading a flock of eager tourists to a community’s business, you are leading traffic to various merchants.

Their main difference is that lead generation gets you paid even when your traffic doesn’t bring them sales—yet. Affiliate marketers on the other hand, even with the ability to promote many different advertisers can only earn a commission after every sale from prospects they send in.

So yes, you definitely need to understand the elements of the lead generation business for it to work for you. Now, there are a lot of courses and influencers who claim to have all the tricks and techniques for this business, or the system and software to make your lead generation work. 

In this post we will talk about a course on lead generation—Billy Gene Is Marketing—and find out as much as we can about the Billy Gene Is Marketing Course.

Is this course legit? Is Billy Gene Is Marketing A Scam? Let’s find out!

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Billy Gene Is Marketing Course Review Summary

Product Name: Billy Gene Is Marketing 

Founder: Billy Gene

Price:$31 or $97 to $7,500 for different courses (or more if you don’t click on the offer fast enough, I’ll tell you why below)

Rating: 40/100

Best For: those who would like to try their hand at a lead generation business and has a budget of more than $200 per month to invest in “personal development.”

Recommended: Not Recommended

What is Billy Gene Is Marketing About: A course on lead generation

Summary: Billy Gene Is Marketing claims to offer an extensive course. However, there have been a few feedbacks that it fails to deliver results in this area. So we have got to ask, is Billy Gene Is Marketing a scam?

About Billy Gene Is Marketing—Is Billy Gene Is Marketing A Scam?

A lot of people have been asking—Is Billy Gene Is Marketing A Scam?

Well, it has been put up by some pretty talented people so if there is one thing I could say, it looks quite legit.

Billy Gene Is Marketing has an extensive course that depicts a legit product offering. Unfortunately, though, some have made claims that some methods and products by Billy Gene Is Marketing do not really deliver what it says it would. One of its offerings is the Clicks into Customers 2.0 which features quite a well-rounded curriculum. It encompasses a plethora of different topics.

To be honest though the first time I heard of his course, I can’t help but think of a different Billy Gene…

Kidding aside, let’s dive into this further. So what is Billy Gene about?

Who is Billy Gene?

Billy Gene is an internet marketer and entrepreneur.

His company, Billy Gene Is Marketing, offers to give a walkthrough for marketers. He promises to introduce discrete tactics to entrepreneurs about how to grow their businesses.

When you try to sign up for one of his courses, you’ll actually find more information about him.

Is Billy Gene Is Marketing A Scam? about billy gene

Billy Gene reveals that he is a college dropout and had a couple of failed businesses in the past. Gene mentions how both of his parents grew up on welfare. 

But despite being a single dad, he ended up getting nominated for San Diego’s Entrepreneur Of The Year by Ernst & Young. This is where he promises to teach you the same set of skills that got him scaling up his digital marketing business to over $10,000,000 per year.

So maybe there’s really more about this guy right? Let’s take a look into the education he can provide you as an entrepreneur.

Billy Gene Teaching Strategy

One positive review about him expresses how Billy Gene is not afraid to be himself. They say that this may have contributed to how he stands out from the crowd of marketers with his honest approach. I’m not sure about honest but he does have this picture posted on his website:

Is Billy Gene Is Marketing A Scam? billy gene offends

I did get on his podcast to listen in on how this guy would talk about.

Well, I actually heard more profanities in the first 20 seconds of his podcast than the entirety of my previous week. I also wanted to be sure if he really was racist or offensive—he was.

Maybe I just don’t get his drift? Oh well, just listen to his podcast yourself. It is catchy though, I’ll give him that.

Basically, his strategy involves a no-nonsense approach. Don’t expect any formality because this guy is far from that and does many of his videos in real-time impromptus. You might even find him entertaining – if you don’t mind the profanity.

Update (May 7, 2021):

Noticing that the above video isn’t working anymore, I tried to find out why and found this:

Billy Gene Is Marketing Course—What’s Inside?

Although the training programs are the highlight of Billy Gene Is Marketing. His training programs have started gaining some social media recognition.

He shares skills he’s learned from starting his ad agency through his online classes. He also shares more on his YouTube channel and interviews, but you’ll ultimately have to enroll to his courses if you want to learn more from him. The Billy Gene is Marketing website that features his monthly training program in addition to how-to guides, informative blogs, and other tips or advice from Billy Gene himself.

He has 3 different plan offerings on his website:

  • Billy’s 30-day Plan;
  • Billy’s Legacy Bundle; and
  • Get Your Ad Set Up.

With Billy’s 30-day Plan you will learn how to get paid to help businesses get customers online. This is clearly the part about lead generation. 

With the Legacy Bundle you can get all of Billy Gene’s advertising and sales courses in a package. With this purchase you are promised a 60-minute 1-on-1 calls with an expert from the Billy Gene is Marketing team. More of what they offer include:

  • The exact ads and emails Billy Gene created and used for each experiment. 
  • The single page websites Billy Gene used to make sales.
  • Episode 1: The Ooler which shows how they sold high-ticket sleep technology.
  • Bonuses: videos of experiments/ case studies

Finally, Get Your Ad Set Up is where Billy and his team promise to look into your business and identify the best strategy for you. They will then decide on what you should offer to your audience, who should see the ad. They have what they call an “ad formula” and use it for potential buyers. So you should learn about how to send a message through images and videos.

They promise steps such as sharing screens and set up your ad, step-by-step, so it will be ready to switch on and take the wheels when you’re ready. You can also schedule a 1-hour set-it-up session during this process.

Unfortunately, there is only very little mention of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) although his Clicks into Customers 2.0 features a fairly well-rounded curriculum that covers a wide range of topics. Facebook and Instagram ads are featured in Billy Gene Is Marketing Course along with email marketing strategies. 

Some of what Billy Gene offers is only available for a “limited amount of time.”

Fake Scarcity

Is Billy Gene Is Marketing A Scam? scarcity strategy

However, I’m suspecting that this is no different from the fake scarcity tactic most influencers employ. Fake scarcity is a business strategy used by various merchants to imply a sense of scalability. So the next time you see “limited time offer!” or “3-day sale” you should observe how everyone starts scurrying around to get in line.

What I really find funny is that when you go back to the offer after the given time, they tell you that they know you’re back and that the expiry is real, but then they are willing to give you another shot at buying.

nathan lucas wink

How Does Billy Gene Is Marketing Work?

Billy Gene Is Marketing is a company that presents social media marketing courses and some advertising. 

Billy Gene Is Marketing usually focuses on introducing schemes in social media ads to help you improve and adapt your digital marketing business. Furthermore, It also helps you in endorsing your online businesses.

Now I did find a few other reviews about how Billy Gene Is Marketing is a membership training program. Although you can’t see that on the website, it might be an offering after you sign up for the initial 3 courses/programs I listed in the previous sections. Update: I did find a sort of pop-up at the top of the page. When I opened it, I got redirected to a squeeze page for Geneius Ad-vantage for $497 instead of a regular price of $1,997.

Once again this offer is only a “limited” offer.

The School Of Hidden Knowledge—Ronnie Sandlin eyeroll gif

These are the following:

  • The Gene Pool Membership
  • The Geneius Entrepreneurs
  • Skill of the Month

Looking at other people’s reviews on this product though is starting to make me think if he just recently renamed his products. Did he? Let me know in the comments below.

How Much is Billy Gene is Marketing?

Billy Gene has an approximated net worth of $9 million dollars.

Is 30 Day Success Formula a scam what image

Billy Gene does seem to sell a lot of products, and might have had a lot of top-level clients in the past. And know that you are part of what makes him rich.

Billy Gene’s 30-day-Plan is priced at $97, while Billy Gene’s Legacy Bundle is priced at $31. Billy Gene claims that he is giving this despite this course having an original value of $20,000.

but wait………..WOAH!

You guys I just went to the kitchen to make myself some coffee and when I refreshed my screen Billy Gene’s 30-day-Plan is now at $129 and Billy Gene’s Legacy Bundle which was priced at $31 became $39—and now $57 —just after refreshing and typing these stuff in!

billy gene price changes

What is that about?!

The Ad Set up doesn’t have any pricing published anywhere so I am assuming that since it is a customizable service the price would vary for each customer.

For the membership plans though the Billy Gene School of GENEIUS will cost you $5,000 for every 6 months of enrollment or $7,500 a year up front. 

Dan Lok High Ticket Closer Program expensive gif

How Much is Billy Gene is Marketing? Part II

Yes. there is a part 2. Why? because apparently, spending for Billy Gene is Marketing doesn’t end with the stuff I mentioned in the first section. You would think that the prices are such a steal especially if you beat that darn clock on the page right?


Aside from jacking up prices as a marketing strategy, they are also— VERY BIG on the upsell.

Let’s start with how the “Gene Pool” only used to cost $197 a month. So getting $20k worth of courses for $31 seems like a one of a kind deal that you just can’t miss. Again —fake scarcity strategy!

So, one thing I noticed about these “gurus” running their courses is how they claim to get rich on a particular “game plan” and you must stick to it to the T. How much broke will you be if you do this? Let’s do the math below.

Website hosting and domain name$10 monthly
Funnel tool (ClickFunnels)$97 monthly
Tracking tools (ClickMagick)$29 monthly
Autoresponder$15 – $30 monthly
Paid ads$200 – $300 monthly
Total basic monthly costs$351 – $466

As you can clearly see, even the lowest product you buy from Billy Gene is Marketing can create massive holes in your pockets.  These are just the essential overhead costs you’ll need to run an ad campaign, whether it’s successful or not. The risk of earning any income is all yours.  Then as you advance your business and want to do it professionally, you’ll also need a digital marketing platform like Hubspot or SharpSpring and these get really expensive.

Be careful and don’t get sucked into the idea that Billy’s training course will help your ads to be successful and get you some money. Billy Gene is Marketing WILL NOT help you create winning products or find clients that will pay you for those services —he’s just a guy who makes entertaining speeches about how to market better.  

Can You Make Money With Billy Gene is Marketing?

As long as you are eager to make money through online marketing especially through lead generation, this is a real opportunity to expand your business. 

Basically, with the monthly cost as well, this is ideal for those with a budget of more than $200. It doesn’t end there unfortunately since this seems to be dependent on paid traffic. On top of this, you’ll have to consider the cost for buying ads, as well as test those ads, and buy the necessary software to make everything work smoothly.

Is Billy Gene is Marketing a Scam?

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not an affiliate of Billy Gene is Marketing or a student of Billy Gene myself and I do not endorse Billy Gene is Marketing in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials, and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what Billy Gene is Marketing genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt from programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn Ways to Avoid Online Scams then click the highlighted text.

There have been people who say Billy Gene is Marketing is a fraud. That they make aerated claims about the effectiveness of their methods and that they sell merchandise which just does not provide what it says it does.

Here is one comment on a Reddit inquiry about Billy Gene is Marketing.

Is Billy Gene Is Marketing A Scam? reddit bad review

So Billy Gene is Marketing and actually fell under the Better Business Bureau’s radar. Unfortunately they don’t seem to be accredited.

Is Billy Gene Is Marketing A Scam? bbb rating

Here are a couple of negative reviews on BBB,

Is Billy Gene Is Marketing A Scam? bbb negative review
Is Billy Gene Is Marketing A Scam? bbb negative review1

This is just 2 out of 4 reviews. This does not make a company a scam.

However, I still don’t think I’ll be recommending this course.

What I Don’t Like About Billy Gene is Marketing

Upsells and Billing issues. As I’ve clearly shown in the previous section above, Billy Gene is Marketing has a way of feeding you the upsells. This is perhaps one of the key drawbacks of his program. What makes it worse are the BBB complaints about unauthorized billing. We can say that the complaints regarding billing found on BBB are fabricated. But if they are, it would really help in the trust department if they at least acknowledge the complaint—better yet, deny it!

No refund policy in place. Lead generation is not for everyone, and for this reason alone, you must be given an opportunity to change your mind when you realize that whatever Billy Gene is talking about is not for you.

Hidden monthly costs. None of his sales pages mention this, but as I highlighted above – its $350+ a month you need to spend on just the essential overhead costs to run an ad campaign, whether it’s successful or not. Billy doesn’t give you any “done for your” funnels that make money and the risk of earning any income is all yours. 

Paid traffic. The biggest downtside that I don’t like about “Billy Gene Is Marketing” is that Facebook ads are extremely high maintenance, expensive and Billy Gene is Marketing could do a better job of explaining this. It requires a lot of time and effort to maintain these ads and needs constant supervision and updating. It is clearly not as simple of a process as it suggested here.  A colleague of mine is doing this currently and needs to do paid ads at $10/day so around $300/month.

Overpromises results. Some of the allegations about Billy Gene Is Marketing is that it is too ambitious. Such as when they claim that this will be “the only marketing course that you will need”. This is contradicted by their disclaimer.

Is Billy Gene Is Marketing A Scam? disclaimer

Clicks into Customers 2.0 does cover other advertising methods it gravitates to focus on Facebook ads which are always a challenge to get right. They are certainly more adequate for some business sectors than others and they can work out as being an expensive option. There are certainly people who achieve great success using this method but there are no guarantees.

Content could be better. This is another one of those courses that would be considered overrated not to mention over priced. When you get into the more detailed information the course does lose focus. Although the presentation is generally good, some of the actual material does seem to have been mixed in all together like some salad. Although a salad is usually healthy when it comes to the course it actually lessens in quality. Overall I believe Billy Gene is Marketing should have spent more time sharpening their material and making it more effective.

There are loads of negative reviews about the lack of depth in content on Yelp. At the time of this review there are 15 very unhappy customers and apparently some of the positive reviews are from his team. Here is just one of the many concerns about the lack of depth.  

Is Billy Gene Is Marketing A Scam? Yelp negative review Feb 2020

Head on over to Yelp and you’ll find loads more concerns like this.

What I Like About Billy Gene is Marketing

Coaching. If you are a newbie in this field then it would really help if you have zero knowledge in this industry. Just maybe learn to haggle a bit if possible especially with the customizable features.

Legit Business Model. What I like about Billy Gene Marketing is that If you choose to concentrate on this method for your advertising, you have the potential to succeed as this is a legit business model. As in any business, you need to be prepared to “do the work” as they always say.

My Opinion – Billy Gene is Marketing Course

With regards to Billy Gene is Marketing, unfortunately, I don’t recommend it. 

My main reasons are that it is too expensive and having such high monthly costs could suck up income you could otherwise grow for your business. Education and support can be an investment I know, but only if they are truly worthwhile. You might actually find courses to help you gain the knowledge that you need to be successful in the business.

A lot of these resources are available for free online. I admit that Clicks into Customers 2.0 does an adequate job of collecting all of this information together, but there are YouTube lectures, tutorials, coursework, and marketing tools all available without charge if you spend some time doing research. I question how much useful and unique material is included and whether the course is worth the money.

In my case, I consider affiliate marketing as a more viable business venture. 

How Affiliate Marketing Works - Earn From Your Laptop

With Affiliate Marketing you won’t need thousands of dollars just to start with, high ongoing costs with Billy’s model or have to put your personal relationships on the line in recruitment and sales effort.  You have the choice to market any products that you want, and even get started for FREE.

A Better Way To Start A Home-based Business

Thanks for reading until the end of this review to understand what Billy Gene Is Marketing Course is about. So Is Billy Gene Is Marketing A Scam? As I mentioned in a previous section, it isn’t. It may actually even be a viable business model for some. However, it could reach a point where you need to ask if the cost for everything and the high monthly overheads is still worth what you get and most importantly can you make money from it?  

Perhaps if you are a small business and already making sales.  But if you don’t know how to sell online, don’t already have a business and are new to online/digital marketing, then save your precious money and time. This is not the right training for you.

As I have mentioned, affiliate marketing is the best choice for me.

All you need to do is create your own affiliate website which will generate a good amount of traffic for you every day. There are many ways for you to monetize this specific type of traffic. 

Sounds great right?

So Just click the button below, now!

Joana is a dedicated content writer. She learned how to search for keywords well and write straightforward perky content writing for EFYL. She loves learning a lot of new things as she writes about them.

Above all, she sees herself as a cool wife, mom, and furmom. She used to be an elementary and college teacher but chose to work from home to have more flexibility with her time and be more connected with her family and rescuing stray and abandoned pets.

Billy Gene Is Marketing






Opportunity for Income


Business model





  • Legit Business Model
  • Availability of Coaching


  • content needs improvement
  • overpromises results
  • uses paid traffic
  • no refund policy
  • has unresolved issues with billing

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  1. Ah yes the good old count down timer tactic LOL. If you refresh the page you often have more time than when you first arrived there! I haven’t listened to his podcast and I have to be the first to admit that I also have a potty mouth but I’m not so sure that swearing like a trooper in a business environment is the way to go. I personally keep it tidy on Youtube and on my websites! And reading those screenshots of what people are saying about the course I would stay away from it.

  2. Hi Lynne,
    Yes the false scarcity trick is annoying but credit to Billy Gene he has set his ClickFunnels and sales page well – this guy knows how to sell courses.
    I agree with your decision to stay away from this one.   I prefer to launch a sustainable online business without such high ongoing costs and learn the skills without the straight up requirement for paid traffic.  I think there is more value to get from other more specific courses.   Then paid traffic can be added to what is already working and perhaps targeted courses on this or even Facebook traffic, this training is all available as part of the online training and mentoring community I’m part of.

  3. I’m pretty new to affiliate marketing, and I’m still trying to figure out exactly what I need to learn as well as where I need to learn it from. 

    It’s difficult to do without reviews like these either endorsing or exposing these programs, so thank you for taking the time!

    I think this could potentially be a decent program as in the content may be fine, but I think the pricing is very suspicious. The tiers are so far off from each other, and I don’t like the thought of someone withholding information like that just because someone is paying less. You’d think that with his background, maybe Billy Gene would be more understanding of people who can’t afford that much. Most people who go into affiliate marketing aren’t sitting on piles of spare cash…

  4. Thanks Maria for sharing your concerns about so many products and the price differences (and price jacking).
    When you consider the high ongoing costs to run a lead generation business following Billy Gene is Marketing Course then this is really alarming and risky for beginners.

    Perhaps for small businesses that are already making sales this type of approach could be OK.  But if you don’t know how to sell online, don’t already have a business and are new to online/digital marketing, then save your precious money and time. This is not the right training for you.

    As you have mentioned, affiliate marketing is a great alternative and doesn’t require such high ongoing costs to maintain. So instead to learn affiliate marketing is a great foundation to build any online business upon.

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