Is Jono Armstrong A Scam?: Ministry Of Freedom Review

Half of us adults who have lost our jobs due to the COVID19 pandemic are still unemployed. During the first few months of the dreaded outbreak, around 22 million workers in the U.S. lost their sources of income.

As more and more consumers seek contactless shopping experiences to avoid contracting the virus, online sales have gone up within the e-commerce industry. Traditional physical stores are rethinking their strategies and questioning if going digital is the answer.

Similarly, the pandemic has normalized remote work and I figure that is the reason you found this post. In this post let’s investigate: Is Jono Armstrong a scam?

Let’s find out in this Ministry Of Freedom Review.

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Is Ministry Of Freedom Review Summary

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Product Name: Ministry Of Freedom

Founder: Jono Armstrong

Price: $1,497 (also $422 per year for tools)

Rating: 38/100

Best For: Those who’d like to promote stuff to people for a commission

Recommended: Not Recommended

What Is Ministry Of Freedom About: A Program that offers to teach affiliate marketing, specifically a launch jacking strategy to promote product that have just launched on the marketplaces

Summary: Ministry of Freedom is Developed by affiliate marketer Jono Armstrong. Most of us are still unemployed when the pandemic started, In this Ministry of Freedom review let’s investigate if it is a solution to our financial problems or is Jono Armstrong a scam?

Ministry Of Freedom Review: What is Ministry Of Freedom About?

Developed by Jono Armstrong, an affiliate marketer, the Ministry of Freedom their website described this to be a detailed and comprehensive training program. The entire Ministry of Freedom program consists of nine modules that last for nine weeks, which includes training and mentorship.

The program claims to serve as a walk-through for internet marketers to earn significant earnings from affiliate marketing. 

Is Ministry Of Freedom A Scam: Background Info

Is Jono Armstrong A Scam website

When you get to the website, the first thing you’ll find is a banner about generating $160,000 monthly by outsourcing work to others.

This makes you think that it’s going to be easy to replicate Jono’s success since you’re just following the exact things he did right? Well….

Let’s talk about that later and see what else his website has in store for us.

This website oozes with all these other marketing tactics every marketer has probably used.

Extreme discount trick. Seeing the Ad you might say gosh! 66% off? What a deal. But when you check the sales page —again you’ll find out that the program is in an eternal state of discount.

Fake scarcity. One other marketing technique I see all the time is that timer you see at the bottom of the page. It makes you go uh-oh if I don’t buy this now I won’t be able to use this coupon, or then I won’t be able to access this class. However, when you go online on a different device or go incognito the timer magically starts over. Sometimes, it even gives you this never-ending “extended promo.”

Is Jono Armstrong A Scam discount

I think it’s also important to note that when trying to look for the actual website I came across 3 more similarly named websites selling the product.

Is Jono Armstrong A Scam search

My best guess is that these other websites are from other affiliates trying to sell the same Ministry of Freedom program.

But wait, isn’t affiliate marketing about promoting various products online? This is a good question. The great thing about affiliate marketing is being able to promote various products online and take advantage of this opportunity to earn.

However, if you end up selling just one product —this might just limit you from reaching your full potential and end up looking like you are in a multi-level marketing setup. I’ll explain more about affiliate marketing in a jiffy.

So going back, the Ministry of Freedom is a 9-week training and mentorship program. Jono Armstrong’s affiliates might say that this program is designed for the sole purpose of “getting from zero to 7 (figures).” I don’t know about you but that sounds like a pretty tall claim.

The program promises a “quick and realistic” way of income using a basic “rinse-and-repeat” affiliate marketing strategy. Uh-oh, but let me warn you right there, cookie-cutter programs are something you should be wary of. The good ‘ole internet rewards those who are original and punishes copycats —harshly.

Anyway, the nine modules allow you to learn something each week. With one module per week, you have enough time to learn the new material, absorb it, and apply it in your own business.

Ministry Of Freedom Founders: Is Jono Armstrong A Scam

Is Jono Armstrong A Scam advertising

Jono Armstrong claims to once be a struggling marketer who built his entire affiliate marketing career from scratch. According to Jono, he also had to deal with certain frustrations and failures before getting to where he is now.

A tale like this isn’t new to me though. Most gurus and “influencers” out there will first attempt to connect with you on a “personal level.” They do this by saying that you’ll be learning from someone who walked the same road that you do and perhaps lived your life too.

Is Jono Armstrong A Scam jono armstrong

The story goes, it took Jono a fair amount of trial-and-error to get things right. 

How Does Ministry Of Freedom Work?

So what Jono claims is that Ministry of Freedom stands out from other affiliate marketing strategies out there, with its program being comprehensive and pretty much standalone. This means that you don’t have to look for supplementary patches or solutions anywhere else.

Ministry Of Freedom is claimed to apply a new spin on an old business model. Here, they bring new customers to a company, and in return, they provide a commission on the sale.

Err, fundamentally —affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is basically looking for ways to sell other people’s products on their behalf.

It has two key points:

  1. Discover products or services you want to promote online
  2. Find a way to get your special affiliate links to post on the internet (Your website, YouTube channel or social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc)

Affiliate Marketing is a great opportunity for anyone, especially during these times. If and when you get the hang of affiliate marketing you’ll realize that it can actually be quite a promising venture to someone like you. Once you are all set up with your affiliate marketing system, all that is left to do is just follow up on your essentials, such as your traffic, following, site speed, etc., and wait for your income. 

There is one thing that we should be clear about though, that affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Just like any business, it needs a lot of consistent effort and perhaps creativity to take off.

Affiliate marketing needs the following:

  • Solid online traffic
  • An engaging online content that is able to bring lots of viewers and traffic in your direction

What is apparent about affiliate marketing is that it is an inflexible type of passive income. With Affiliate Marketing, you earn repeatedly over a job you performed at one time. Affiliate marketing has proved to be one of the most lucrative ways to earn a passive and stable income online. 

If you want to know more about affiliate marketing, click the button below.

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Now how could this program be different? According to Jono most popular affiliate programs only pay between 1% and 10% commission. So instead of settling for Amazon or Commission Junction, you can promote software and digital products, which offer 50% to 100% commissions. 

Claims Jono, this way, you can make bigger money with fewer clicks and without a large following, he adds. According to him, you simply need to bring free traffic to an “incentives page” that rewards people to buy a product, software or course from your affiliate link.

He said that with this technique, he was able to bag more than a million dollars in profit. This is actually the technique he is trying to sell you right now. You wanna learn his proven process? Then you better pay him the big bucks.

Ministry Of Freedom Course

Here are the modules you’ll find in Jono Armstrong’s Ministry Of Freedom course. As per Jono Armstrong, this is where he shares his fool-proof technique.

Module 1 – Mindset, Commitment, and Success.
This module is about placing the proper mindset. It’s about knowing the difficulties to expect, and how the negativity in your mind makes it impossible for you to bounce back. But honestly, to me this sounds more like air in your Cheetos. It makes the bag look big, but doesn’t mean you get more chips. ? 
Module 2 – Tools and Applications.
This module is set for learning all the necessary backend tools and apps that make the Ministry of Freedom program work.
You’ll possibly need to spend:
$25/year for Commission Gorilla
$240/year for an autoresponder like GetResponse or Aweber
Also if you want your own website, you’ll also need to fork out:
$15/year for your domain
$72/year for website hosting
$70 for a professional website theme
Module 3 & 4 – Organic Launch Jacking.
Launch jacking is finding a new product about to be launched, and be one of the first people on the Internet to write a review about it. So your audience get attracted to this new shiny thing and would be really eager to find out more about the new products. Given that only a few people have reviewed these products, you’ll attract more visitors to your review and generate more leads. This is where you get more income. This is actually a basic element of SEO and not something unique to this course.
Module 5 – Advanced Launch Jacking with Paid Ads.
Enduring the 5th week, you’ll go deeper into the launch jacking concept. According to Ministry of Freedom, this is a way of maximizing your revenues and optimizing your endeavours. But when they say that you can generate organic traffic with little to no investment at all, better believe that this is not entirely true. It is not easy to gain traffic especially as a beginner but to say that it would cost you little is a big fat lie. Paid Ads can get quite expensive.
Module 6 – Soft Launching.
Ministry of Freedom claims that Soft Launching is what sets it apart from other affiliate marketing programs. While most programs out there focus solely on promoting products and services from other people, Jono wants you to launch a product that is originally yours. Soft Launching aims to teach you how to design and create your very own products and services.
Module 7 – Email Marketing and List Building.
The 7th week in this course recognizes how email marketing is a good and valid strategy when it comes to a strong Return on Investment (ROI). This actually makes sense since a study done by McKinsey & Company claims that Email marketing is up to 40x more effective than social media. Science folks!
Module 8 – Product Launching.
In this module, you will be taught how to launch the products you decided on during module 6. 
Module 9 – Paid Traffic.
The last module claims to teach you how to generate a ton of traffic. Well, just like what I said about module 5, relying on paid traffic can get really pricey.

When you purchase the Ministry of Freedom program, you’ll also get a few bonus items.

Bonus #1 – I Personally SEND YOU SALES 2X Per Week
Bonus #2 – DONE FOR YOU Super Funnel – Make $1200 Commission Per Sale
Bonus #3 – FREE $100 Promo Campaign Credit
Bonus #4 – DONE FOR YOU Program Setup From A-Z
Bonus #5 – 2-For-1 Program Access
Bonus #6 – The Ultimate Launch Booster
Bonus #7 – Joint Venture Profit Accelerator

Okay, so what do I think about the bonuses? First, someone throwing a client your way can be a way too good to be true. And don’t even get me started on that DFY funnel and program, as I always say, Google rewards you for your originality and you are competing against a LOT of people promoting the same Ministry of Freedom program.

Here’s one more thing, the “super funnel” Jono brags about is actually for Ministry Of Freedom. So yes, you can clone and drive traffic to that funnel, try to earn $850 commissions, and ….you are giving money back to Jono. Wait —what?

So that is why the common positive Ministry of Freedom reviews are simply his students doing pitch to sell Ministry of Freedom on YouTube. They are chasing that luring $850 commission. I looked recently and saw around 80 of these on YouTube. This makes it almost impossible to find an unbiased Ministry of Freedom review. Until now. You will learn all you need to know in this honest Ministry of Freedom review and I am not an affiliate of them.

Money-Back Guarantee

Does Ministry of Freedom offer a money-back guarantee? 

Jono Armstrong does.

Is Jono Armstrong A Scam return policy

However, the trouble is in the fine print. Claiming your refund is not just a bunch of steps but is actually a friggin marathon. Some have gotten no response and had to resort to buyers protection just to get their money back because Jono made it so difficult to refund.

How Much Does Ministry Of Freedom Cost

Jono Armstrong advertises the Ministry Of Freedom for $4,997 or 3 payments of $2,000 each.

But hey, lucky you he is giving it for just $1,497 or 3 installments of $797.

Is Jono Armstrong A Scam price


Psst! You can even go to the Warrior+ marketplace and find it there for $1,497 or 3 installments of $597, so its even cheaper there if you prefer to pay by installments.

Remember what I told you about their fake scarcity strategy?

Can You Make Money With Ministry Of Freedom?

Affiliate marketing is a legit and effective way to earn passive income. You only need to do the work once, make sure you do it really well and wait for the fruits of your labor. You can earn an income for 

So yes, definitely, you can make money with Ministry Of Freedom as long as you are willing to do the work. How much you earn depends on you and how much time you can put in the business.

And oh, as long as your business doesn’t end up revolving around selling Ministry of Freedom.

Ministry Of Freedom Review [How to Make Money]

Ministry Of Freedom includes teaching you strategies for email marketing, this is one of its few unique features. 

This is one of the most promising aspect of this program. You get to increase your knowledge of creating YouTube videos, email marketing, list building and potentially creating your own product.

The most challenging part from an ethical point of view is that the whole system works like a syndicate of sellers selling mostly crappy products launched from Warrior+Plus, JVZoo and ClickBank. The reality is that around 95% of those products are crappy and will not help buyers to make money online, yet Ministry of Freedom launch jackers happily promote them. This is effectively taking money from people in the online world who buy these products based on the positive reviews plus bonuses that these people offer. But remember there are real people that are losing money on the other side of all this.

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want to master affiliate marketing

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Is Jono Armstrong A Scam?

No, it’s not a scam.

Well, to be completely transparent with you. I am not a student of Ministry of Freedom nor am I one of their affiliates. Furthermore, I do not endorse the Ministry of Freedom program or any Jono Armstrong products in any way.

I have spent a good amount of time researching the Ministry of Freedom website, reading testimonials, and studying information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what Ministry of Freedom really does. This is because programs just like this have burned me in the past, and I want to keep others from going down the same path I did. You can learn more here in this article “How to Spot an Online Marketing Scam and Avoid Scams”.

It is quite overpriced though and is has elements a lot like an MLM in that members of Ministry of Freedom can earn 80% commissions to recruit other people into it. I think it’s a bit misleading telling you you can make your own product and all when they actually tend to push you into selling Ministry of Freedom in the end.

Ministry Of Freedom Review [Ugly Truths Revealed!]

Misleading promises. Yeah, affiliate marketing is a great opportunity to earn a passive income. But the numbers Jono Armstrong is showing you is 

Is Jono Armstrong A Scam

Program is Expensive. The total cost of the investment being roughly two-thousand dollars —enough for you to take a solid step back. In reality this an amount might not be easy for a lot of people especially now. There is also additional costs for tools and traffic if you want to succeed in applying his course.

Marketing game too strong. As I mentioned earlier, the fake scarcity techniques, the eternal discount, the “bonuses” that should be a regular part in the service, all of them combined just shows a marketing tactic based on some form of misinformation. They may not be a scam but I find that a red flag.

Strategy is to promote low quality products that generally do not make people money. This is the kicker, the products that the Ministry of Freedom course teaches you to promote are low quality. A lot of the products come from marketplaces like Warrior Plus, ClickBank and JVZoo. These are generally put out with a cheap front end offer on an enticing sales page with massive upsells after someone buys.

If you have ever bought products from those market places you’ll know that around 95% of them do not work and will not help people to make money online. Rather they play to people’s emotions and their desperation for money by offering this “shiny object” as a solution to people’s problems. It isn’t, this takes real work and consistent, committed effort to build a real online business.

I would not recommend anyone buy those products. I know, I have been burnt by the shiny sales pages and crappy products before.

Shady tactics. Jono’s video on his sales page talks about his shady practices from 27’50” onwards. To get better YouTube traffic and engagement he teaches buying aged YouTube accounts, “manipulating the YouTube algorithm” by using Tube Cobra and DFY Suite 2.0 to add backlinks. He openly mentions this on his sales page video! Then inside his Facebook group there’s a subscribe for subscribe YouTube thread where they recommend 5 each day to prevent the YouTube scam trigger.

This flows through his entire framework. From promoting crappy products that buyers will not make money from, creating fake reviews that are overly positive of these crappy products, to even creating your own crappy products. It’s fair to say that we have different standards of morals and ethics.

What I Like About Ministry Of Freedom

Business Is Viable. I would say that, one of the most significant advantages in this Ministry of Freedom review is that the program doesn’t need anything else to work – it’s comprehensive, wholesome, and practical.

Active community. You’ll also find something that few other strategies will give you: a sense of belonging and an active online community. Not only you’ll get access to the course and the training, but you’ll benefit from the community support from the get-go – especially when you’re about to launch your own products!

My opinion — Is Jono Armstrong A Scam

For a one-time fee of $1,497 or three installments of $797, you can join Jono’s Ministry Of Freedom program. Together with his “expert coaches,” Jono claims to teach you everything they know to reach 7 figures.

Honestly, this is another one of those programs offering big opportunities for a big price. They would tell you that if you don’t put in the work then don’t expect to be rewarded with the money. Although this is true, “the work” doesn’t have to be a full grand of cash.

Is Jono Armstrong a scam? No, he is not. Shady? The strategy is shady in my opinion. So I don’t recommend his Ministry of Freedom program.

In a way, Jono wants you to pay him money for the privilege to “ do the work” while he earns even more money. Remember the DFY funnels? So every time you make $850, he’d keep the rest. Imagine he gets $650 plus upsells and affiliate commissions while you put in a lot of work trying to use that funnel for him as a “free gift.”

There is nothing better than selling your own product or enjoying the fruits of your own creativity. Jono’s right, you only succeed when you do the work. He probably spent a lot of time getting to where he is now, so what makes you think you can see results within a month if you buy his program?

As I mentioned in the Ugly Truths Revealed. The strategy is effectively to promote low quality products that generally do not make people money. So in this way, the Ministry of Freedom people doing these reviews may be raking in money, but on the other hand there are buyers, innocent buyers who buy those products who are effectively losing money.

  • So if you have a conscience and are not comfortable taking money from innocent people, this is NOT the course for you.
  • However if you think anyone in the online marketplace is fair game and can still look at yourself in the mirror despite promoting and selling products that don’t work. Well then, you may choose to go with this strategy.

I couldn’t promote products to people that don’t work so cannot endorse Ministry of Freedom or do its strategies. Others have a different moral and ethical compass to me and may choose differently.

How I Make a Passive Income Online

Many are spending more time than ever inside their homes, as remote work, distance learning —all in the effort of social distancing. This makes business such as affiliate marketing a great opportunity for anyone.

Thanks for reading until the end of my Ministry Of Freedom Review: Is Jono Armstrong A Scam. Ministry of Freedom is not a bad course, but I have a fundamental issue with the strategy and there are better courses out there. COVID-19 has affected all industries locally as well as globally. On the other hand, opportunities have emerged even during the crisis. As a result, I’d like to share with you my preferred way to earn a sustainable passive income.

I am lucky to come across a great program that doesn’t break the bank, includes hosting/keyword research tools, teaches you to build a real online business with affiliate marketing, and guides you every step of the way.

So If you are looking for a way to earn a sustainable income at home then this program is for you —plus, it’s free to get started AND I will personally help you.

Is Jono Armstrong A Scam john j stanley

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Ministry Of Freedom




Business Model









  • Business Is Viable
  • Active community


  • Misleading promises
  • Marketing game too strong
  • Program is Expensive
  • Strategy is to promote low quality products - are you comfortable ripping people off?
  • Some shady tactics
Ministry of Freedom
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In this Ministry of Freedom review let’s investigate if it is a solution to our financial problems or is Jono Armstrong a scam?

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16 thoughts on “Is Jono Armstrong A Scam?: Ministry Of Freedom Review”

  1. Good day John

    I just want to say i like what you are doing, we need real platforms like yours that helped people to find their selfs and know what Ministry of Freedom really is

    Regards Ndasi Cyprian

    • Thank you Cyprian,
      I’m really pleased you like my honest Ministry of Freedom review. A lot of people will see Jono Armstongs adverts on YouTube with the big promises. But in my Ministry of Freedom review I have showcased all that is included and the things I like and don’t like about the program. I’m glad it helped you make a fully informed decision. If you need any help building a real online business that is more ethical and sustainable, feel free to check out my top recommendation or contact me on

  2. Hi! I went through your article and believe me, I found it very educative and helpful too. I somehow got on Jono Armstrongs email list so wanted to learn more about him.  So I went searching and found your review.  

    But I have not heard of the Ministry of Freedom before. The way you have explained it and how it works is very clear for anyone who would like to make money online. I must say that  I agree with you that many people have lost their income due to this pandemic and are looking to making money from other sources. Online businesses have been the option for most people, but it is through honest review posts like this one, that we get to choose the program that will suit us because we get the facts about such programs.

    Thanks for sharing such an informative article with us.

    • Thank you Kokontala, I’m glad you like my review of Jono Armstrong and learned everything you need to know about his Ministry of Freedom to make the best decision for you about this course/program to do for yourself. 
      Feel free to contact me again with any questions or comments.
      Regards John

      • Hi John,
        Your review is awesome. You know what, I’m just almost to sign up for the MOF course but then something tells me to hold it first, do a bit of research more, and there you go, I found your link on google and read it till the end. It literally holds me back.

        Thanks for sharing such a useful article here.


        • Thank you Joe, I’m glad you liked my review of Jono Armstrong and learned everything you need to know about his Ministry of Freedom course to make the best decision for you about this course/program to do for yourself.
          I’ve studied and observed Jono and also his students for a long time now.
          There are a lot of red flags in everything I’ve seen. I prefer to genuinely help people build an online business by helping people. Jono and his students have a very different approach.

          I’m glad to have helped you.
          Regards John

    Hello Guys.
    My name is Stefan and I purchase your Ministry of Freedom 1 Month ago 15 March 21. I was pretty excited about your courses because I wanted to make money online and stop my 6 days week work 12 hours a day. Yes its a lot because I m a Private Chef in Los Angeles and last year I got laid off in April 2020.
    So I was excited but I find out I had to be on Youtube Videos to sell some Digital stuff and I had to buy another Laptop because mine doesn’t sound to be strong enough (I have 4GB memory) for what you guys want to sell or download on my laptop. Then also I have to spend $1500 to $2000 on pay ads. So if you calculate $1500 formation + $1400 new laptop + $1500 for Paid ads + $500 for WebinarJam = $5000 Total.

    So that’s a big NO-NO FOR ME I already break my bank when l purchase your courses. Why I cant make videos on YouTube its because I am French and my English is not my native language so I have a strong accent and I am not comfortable being on Camera at all.
    I will have to ask you to be refunded for my purchase, please. I know I read your conditions and I dont care about your $5000 extra. I just want my money back that’s all. They are too many red flags for me.



    • Hi Stef,
      I am sorry to hear about your terrible experience with the people behind Ministry of Freedom.
      If you are serious about building an online business whether it be affiliate marketing, YouTube or other business model, you WILL need a decent laptop.
      So they are right that you will need a fast and powerful laptop to make this work easier and faster.
      However for everything else, especially the need to spend $1,500 to $2,000 on paid adds as well as $500 for WebinarJam this is alarming and in addition to the $1,500 course cost that is a LOT of money and probably not revealed at all in the sales page and video.
      I highly recommend you seek recourse though your credit card provider or PayPal for “Goods not as described”. I particularly like PayPal’s buyer protection and I hope you can get a refund through these methods.
      After you sort out the refund, If you do want to build an online business that doesn’t require you to be on YouTube and also focuses on free organic traffic then check out my #1 recommendation and I can personally help you build an online business in affiliate marketing.

  4. What I didn’t like about Jono’s Ministry of Freedom , was that he promoted that you could start up for free and use the profits made in the free course to pay off courses 2 & 3. To me, as one who has no funds to pay out, this sounded to be a good option. But when you went to the sign up page their was no mention of the free option and how to start off so that you could make a profit to up grade to course 2 & 3. This is where I started to smell a smelly rat.

    • Thanks for sharing David,
      I didn’t notice any “free” option at all in the webinar, only the large upfront cost to join the Ministry of Freedom course.
      That definitely does smell suspicious and i’m glad you used your better judgement to detect this “rat trap” and avoid this program.

  5. This pandemic has done a lot of damages, many have lost their jobs. What I like about this post is the sincerity. 

    I know that Jono Armstrong promotes a lot of low quality products just to make money.  It is sad to see that Jono Armstrong is training an increasing number of people to do the same thing.

    Many have forgotten that affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. Like you said, just like any other business, It needs a lot of hard work and commitment to make happen.

    • Thanks your your assessment and appreciation of my honest review.  The section on Ministry Of Freedom Review [Ugly Truths Revealed!], really highlights my key concerns with this program.

      Yes affiliate marketing remains a very profitable online venture and is not a get rich quick scheme.  Despite the number of product creators that keep launching these products on places like Warrior+, JVZoo, ClickBank etc that are promising.

      It can be done either:
      1. unethically as taught in Ministry of Freedom.  Jono Armstrong and his students promote many products/courses/services that simply will not make people money. 
      2. or in the right way – ethical and helping others – as I prefer and will help others to do the same.

  6. Thanks for taking the time to write such a comprehensive review of Jono Armstrong and review his Ministry of Freedom course.  You have certainly been fair in your assessment. 

    Affiliate marketing is basically straightforward, but it can be difficult to get it profitable without training from experts.  The only thing is that most people embarking on this path generally do not have the money to invest, or are too scared to make big investments.  The price tag on this training will therefore put a lot of people off.

    Thanks again for the useful information.  Keep up the good work.

    • Yeah, the price is just way too much! Especially when there are better and more affordable options out there.

      You’ll find great training we’ve found so far at Wealthy Affiliate: Free Starter and $49/month Premium (with discounted annual membership).

      What is more, is that the Ministry of Freedom is creating a lot of unethical affiliate marketers.  There are loads of them on YouTube recommending products that do not help users to make money online.

  7. Thank you so much for your outstanding and unbiased review on ministry of freedom. I really enjoyed going through it and I must say that I solely agree with you on your stand on this platform. 

    On the other hand affiliate marketing remains the best online venture.  Anyone can go into on the internet and it yields good returns as well

    • Thanks your your assessment and appreciation of my review.  The section on Ministry Of Freedom Review [Ugly Truths Revealed!], really highlights my key concerns with this program.

      Yes affiliate marketing remains a very profitable online venture.  It can be done unethically as taught in Ministry of Freedom or in the right way – ethical and helping others – as I prefer and will help others to do the same.


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