10 Baby Products Affiliate Programs You Can Promote For Passive Income – Earn From Your Laptop

10 Baby Products Affiliate Programs You Can Promote For Passive Income

Since modern times, human ingenuity has never failed to impress in terms of how well an individual can attain a measure of prosperity in a non-violent way. In fact, it only gets better in time. A century ago, it would have been unthinkable to consider the idea of a “passive income” opportunity available for all people. 

Even after centuries, the Scottish economist Adam Smith has never been proven completely wrong. The good old law of supply and demand still determines profit and loss. In terms of this basic principle, any smart person knows they can never go wrong investing in the “continuity of the human race.” That’s right, babies! ? And all practical goods and services that serve their interest… Here are 10 Baby Products Affiliate Programs you can promote for passive Income.

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If you think about it, baby products can never be unimportant (unless your preferred market is mankind’s deliberate extinction (which is both disturbing and so criminally illegal)). While brand manufacturers take credit for moving this ever-important industry, those who join baby products affiliate programs are their unsung heroes – individuals who help them sell behind laptop screens even in their sleep.

For any newbie who considers joining a baby products affiliate program to earn a somewhat passive income, the idea seems exciting. But before jumping right to it (as many usual marketers would recklessly goad you), KEEP CALM and understand that having more knowledge is helpful before diving into relatively unknown territory. You might also be intereseted about learning how to sell baby products online.

Things To Consider in Selling Baby Products

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Mothers are only highly likely to purchase a baby product with high ratings or shining customer reviews from fellow mothers. They usually refer to the recommendation or reviews section to confirm or inform their choices.  Apart from the many nuances and technical ideas that I do not plan to thoroughly discuss in this post (sorry), there are a few elemental things you need to consider. The following concepts are especially beneficial in terms of choosing the right baby products affiliate program:

Commission Rate ?

Anyone with a basic idea of how networking enterprise works would basically consider commission rate as their first criteria in choosing an affiliate program. in this case, a baby products affiliate program. The idea is to earn a portion of the overall sales yielded due to your direct involvement. Your profit will depend on how much of an asset you are as an affiliate entrepreneur.

What Is Surfer SEO?

It is important to understand that the value of your partnership with the company only comprises half of the entire equation. After all, it is the company that sets the rules when it comes to how much and how often you are going to be paid.

Bigger percentage per sale is always attractive and it often serves as the baseline rule of thumb. However, it is also important to consider the ‘consistent and predictable’ duration of your pay. Some fiscally meticulous individuals would also deem the system of money transfer (ACH or direct deposit) to be a deal-breaker.  

Cookie Duration ?

Being an affiliate marketer can entail considerable working knowledge with web-based technical principles. Not everyone might be as hands on as a Snowden-wannabe cruising along the information freeway on manual gear shifter. In fact, most of those people who join the niche of baby products affiliate programs fit the stereotype of ordinary mom-and-dad netizens riding the ‘cyber bullet train.’

Hence, as per the analogy, the not-so-tech-savvy parent (and anyone who wishes to relate with parenthood) aim for basic technical concepts in determining the ideal baby products affiliate programs. ‘Cookies’ are particularly very useful criteria and it has everything to do with data retention and recognition.


But wait a minute, Alexa! What is an HTTP cookie and why on earth is this useful as an affiliate entrepreneur? Simply think of them as an ‘intelligent memory’ in your browser that is designed to track, personalize, and save information.

Affiliate marketing can entail considerable hands-on webpage exploration. Building up one’s catalogue and referral network can be grueling. Unless one is blessed with an eidetic memory for remembering the exact full URL script of the last page visited, it is unthinkable to start the next session with a completely reset data.

This is just one of the few crucial reasons why clever freelance partners consider the company page’s cookie duration as a priority in selecting good affiliate programs. Your account browser data is just as precious as your periodic commission pay. The cookie duration basically functions as the limited profit calendar window. 

Facebook Followers ?

Online affiliate marketing is an industry that almost completely thrives under the support of social media. After all, generating income via building networks means connecting with (possibly) all the ‘wired’ non-luddite people on the planet. Think of them as your ‘renewable’ source of revenue – since most subscribers tend to be ‘retaining customers’ given that they truly appreciate your influential platform.


Of all the social media tools an affiliate entrepreneur can use, Facebook is obviously the most sensible avenue. Facebook is estimated to reach a total of 1,887 million people in terms of advertising. In case 4 digits after a million seemed like a nonsensical figure, just let the magnitude of market potential sink in for a minute… But wait, there’s more!

Facebook has roughly 1.63 billion daily users and the monthly active users tallied approximately 2.45 billion. Statistically speaking, 8 out of 10 people in the whole USA alone are wired on Facebook. This estimate is only limited in the 18 to 50 age bracket. Roughly 68 percent of the people between ages 49 and 64 are active Facebook users. 

These figures alone will tell you that your potential source of revenue can be pooled from 80 percent of the legal age population (and this is just within one, albeit vast, country). Ambitious affiliate entrepreneurs will use Facebook for aggressive advertising and the not-so-assertive extra-earners will do the same for relative ease and certainty. 

The number of followers in a company’s official Facebook page could be instrumental in terms of choosing your ideal baby products affiliate program. However, there is more than one way of looking at this criterion. On the one hand, huge followers indicate the brand’s popularity (hence, reliability). On the other hand, it also indicates the relative degree of competition. Either way, knowing the numbers is still advantageous.  

Company Character ?

With all said and done, there is one more thing that you need to take note when you are choosing any of this industry’s affiliate programs. The company’s overall identity must be close to your heart. In other words, specific key aspects (e.g. brand vision, goals, ideology, etc.) must be in line with your strengths and vision as an entrepreneur.

Yes, supporting all aspects of the baby’s lifestyle and positive upbringing is always a good thing. But as an individual, you have the liberty in terms of choosing how exactly you want to contribute in this ever-growing industry. A great deal of success could come from the affiliate marketer’s relative personal experience or impression of child-rearing.    

Baby Products Affiliate Programs

baby products affiliate program 10 programs

Here are among the 10 popular baby products affiliate programs in 2020 and 2021:


The generic term “baby product” covers a wide range of needs catered to all innocent ones between the ages 0 to 3 years old. Unlike adults, babies need complete assistance (tools) when performing basic survival necessities such as eating, sleeping, playtime, and socialization. 

Luckily, there’s always a company that provides a market for all of them. Babybjorn has proven itself to be a global success since 1961. Established in Stockholm (Sweden), this company now has multiple branches in over 50 countries. Their signature product is the renowned baby carrier – prized for its simple but extremely functional design.

Affiliate entrepreneurs can appreciate the huge catalogue of sellable items. Think of it as the Avon for babies and new parents. The opportunity for decent earnings abound, especially given that this family-owned business has already cemented itself as a prestigious brand. 

Blessed by the King of Sweden in 2012 and currently supported by a vast social media following worldwide, you can never go wrong as far as legitimacy goes. Being Babybjorn’s partner seller is a smart decision if your general strategy is betting exclusively on sure things. 

Commission rate: 12% sales

Cookie duration: 30 days

Facebook followers: 239,742


Four dads had a vision: to bring innovation and avant-garde design in the baby product industry. Their dedication for elevating the standards of manufacturing nursery needs have given birth to a company called Bloom Baby. 

We can’t find much about their history. But one can pretty much hypothesize that they are a relatively new brand since their overall company character is hinged on the ideals of the millennial generation – environmental friendliness and sustainability. Whoever says you cannot produce and sell reliable baby items without leaving a stark ecological footprint surely risks squaring off with four epic fathers with a cause.

For a new company, Bloom Baby managed to build an impressive network. They are represented by over 42 countries: 3 in North America, 34 in Europe, 4 in Asia-Pacific and the proud island nation of Cyprus in the Africa-Middle East region.

Granted, Bloom Baby is not a popular company. Not yet, anyway… But with the decent commission rate and a very lengthy calendar window for building a network, you (as an affiliate marketer) can be an instrumental force in pioneering its bright future.

Commission rate: 10% sales

Cookie duration: 90 days

Facebook followers: 25,664


When one thinks of the term ‘baby product,’ brainstorming is usually confined in the category of ‘material goods.’ Items like carriers, toys, cribs are often the forefront of people’s minds. However, everyone can appreciate the value of ‘learning tools’ as a valuable consumer good – if not the most valuable for the people whose way of life is steeped on education (and its merits). 

Curious World, another Baby Products Affiliate Program, has managed to gain worldwide popularity for publishing and distributing digital scholarship modules for babies and young kids (2 to 7 years old). After all, like-minded people believe that there is no better time to start educating our young ones than the latter baby age. This UK-based company prides itself for cultivating these 8 key areas of learning for the future generation:

  • Creative Expression
  • Math
  • Science
  • Executive Function
  • Family & Community
  • Language & Literacy
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Social & Emotional Growth

Forget the free-of-charge generic ‘educational’ YouTube channels whose very platform is plagued with ads and inappropriate content. Curious World offers a cleverly personalized, interactive, and completely safe online environment that complies with the strict standards of the 1998 Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

As a potential partner, choosing this baby products affiliate program can be a tricky proposition unless you are absolutely passionate about supporting education. In other words, this alternative income source best suits pre-school teachers and anyone who wants to go hands-on with early home-schooling. 

Considering that the COVID-19 pandemic has temporarily halted traditional face-to-face schooling, you might be willing to overlook the unpredictable subscription-based commission rate and classified cookie duration.

Commission rate: Varying 

Cookie duration: Unknown

Facebook followers: 8,928


The conventional approach to designing baby products has always been determined by the basic need to assist parents in the overall care of infants and toddlers. A breakthrough for several companies in this industry means going beyond the practical standards. This means satisfying highest levels of comfort and sophistication.

Dock-A-Tot is just one of the few successful family-owned companies that succeed in this area. Their highly-innovative signature portable lounger (cradle) has gained worldwide recognition. Among its key qualities includes the use of washable eco-friendly material and micro-climate simulation design – allowing the baby to feel like he or she is still in the mother’s womb.  

Aside from its namesake item, this company also sells a variety of baby bedding accessories. From the affiliate marketer’s standpoint, one can earn a decent income given the extremely generous window calendar for network-building. Dock-A-Tot’s relative social media popularity cements its prestige.   

Commission rate: 10% sales

Cookie duration: 90 days

Facebook followers: 131,466


Certain companies that manufacture and sell baby products may have a very specific challenge they intend to overcome. For the California-based Happiest Baby, the challenge is to elevate the sleep quality of the ever-irritable and environmentally sensitive babies. 

What makes this Baby Products Affiliate Program unique is that it was birthed by science (the ability to clearly solve ongoing problems). The Snoo technology was developed by child pediatrician and sleep specialist Dr. Harvey Karp in 2001. Such knowledge enabled the invention of a special bassinet (swinging cradle) that is rigged with soothing white noise and motion that are both automatically activated whenever the baby is disturbed.

Prospective affiliate marketers with a keen eye for smart technology will surely have a good time selling Dr. Karp’s Five S’s to soothing babies to slumber. The love for clever machines may (or may not) be a good incentive for choosing this baby products affiliate program given that commission rates are comparatively meager on top of the standard baseline browser data memory.

Commission rate: 4% sales

Cookie duration: 30 days

Facebook followers: 107,715


The baby product industry mostly caters to the exclusive benefit of infants and toddlers (duh, obviously!). However, there are other companies that explicitly targets “pregnant mothers” as the centerpiece of their marketing and innovation. It makes perfect sense, considering who exactly gives birth to the industry’s VIP clients.

The New York-based HATCH was founded by a Wall Street fashion designer who braved the relatively vacant and ‘under-utilized’ maternity clothing market. Thanks to her, gone are the days when pregnancy is supposed to diminish a woman’s elegance and sophistication. Instead of alphabetical initials, clothing sizes are label as trimesters. 

Choosing this baby products affiliate program is a practical advantage for those who are ardent fashion connoisseurs. In fact, this clothing niche is not only limited to pregnant women. HATCH’s catalogue can also entice the Boho-chic (Bohemian) proponents who champion the artsy progressive ideals.

Commission rate: 8% sales

Cookie duration: 30 days

Facebook followers: 37,286


Solid trademark for consumable baby products are quite challenging to maintain. After all, who needs to be overshadowed by giant corporations like Gerber and Nestlé (Cerelac)? However, this is a question that is reserved for those who lacked the determination to confront the current subpar standards of food manufacturing.

The Berlin-based Organic Baby Foods (not to be confused by several other entities that wear the same not-so-original nametag) reverberates the same outcry by countless wellness proponents: “that the average commercial baby foods are not wholesome.” 

Decades of dogged scientific inquiry has made it even more difficult (at this point) to argue against this position considering how the commercial foods and drinks are still tainted with preservatives and artificial flavoring. Health issues arising from these chemical components can be life-threatening. 

Organic Baby Foods is the leading supplier of 100% natural baby foods in Europe. If you are to select this baby product affiliate program, relative success comes down to how well you can effectively advertise “green health” to your client network. This success directly translates to incremental increase in commission sales. 

The staggering social media unpopularity may not always come across as a red flag to some people, especially the types who ardently “fight the power” (as well as the power of ambiguity, good riddance).

Commission rate: 9% to 15% sales

Cookie duration: 30 days

Facebook followers: 1,916


Few parents (and guardians) can ever dispute that the messiest part of nursing infants is the changing of diapers. The second (albeit, more infuriating to some parents) is their general habit of using their own food as paint and shampoo. It’s phenomenal how fast babies are viewed from cute to disgusting whenever the issue of cleaning up after them is highlighted. 

One proponent of the baby product industry courageously faces this particular challenge. Snoofybee considers the baby’s hand hygiene to be a top priority (and highly profitable) concern. Unlike their much older kind, babies have yet to understand the concept of disgust. Hence, pure curiosity drives them to ‘play with messy stuff.’

With Snoofybee’s clever tools, dealing with baby mess can be a breeze. Two of their leading products are changing pads (similar principle to the pet cone) and suction bowls but they also sell chewy buckles and other matching accessories.  

If the viability of Baby Products Affiliate Program is measured according to the goods they distribute, prospective partners will have to peddle to Snoofybee’s practical utility. It should not be so difficult considering the generous commission rate and the relatively lengthy window for building up a network-based profit. 

Commission rate: 20% sales

Cookie duration: 45 days

Facebook followers: 21,910


In the baby product industry, the clothing market often proves to be a very brutal battleground for hoisting one’s brand banner to greater heights. It is a fierce clash between quality and price in which the small family-owned company’s survival hinges on skillfully maneuvering between these extreme fronts. 

The UK-based enterprise called The Bonnie Mob literally puts a new spin to weaving fashionable clothing for infants and toddlers worldwide. This unique approach to baby clothes production is (at least) comprised of three ‘odd’ principles: organic + old-school + durable. Hence, the luxury knitwear took off in 2015 – roughly 10 years in the making.  

Fun fact: this brand was also popularly endorsed by the extremely fabulous movie star Gwyneth Paltrow. But don’t just simply take the impression of high-profile celebrities. The popular commerce review website TrustPilot granted full five stars based on a total of 869 published feedbacks.

In terms of its baby products affiliate program, potential partners will need a pretty good excuse to turn down the certifiably generous commission rate and cookie duration. The Bonnie Mob makes a very clear point in terms of encouraging future partners to further popularizing the brand.  

Commission rate: 25% sales

Cookie duration: 45 days

Facebook followers: 10,038


Creative and ingenuous concepts have a habit of penetrating the thick barrier of success in any endeavor that sells and promotes goods and services. Despite its inherent challenges, the baby products industry is no different in that regard. One company successfully conjured a multi-million idea by designing an app that can access a vast database for registered individuals who looks after children in the absence of parents. 

UrbanSitter is one of the latest additions to America’s ever-growing online services trend. This app allows parents in the United States to seek, book (interview), pay, and review (recommend) babysitters and nannies online. The versatile function only gets better when one considers the customization options available.

If you’re going to look for temporary guardians for your babies and kids, there are specific qualifications that define the ‘best nanny/babysitter.’ UrbanSitter also features particular skills (e.g. CPR, music, etc.) on top of the complete bio-data. This is especially useful in weeding out people with criminal records – a commonly occurring tragedy among those who picked sketchy profiles from the old Craigslist search engine.  

As far as the baby products affiliate program goes, the demand for aggressive salesmanship among prospective partners is non-existent at best or minimal at worst. The immense potential of this app to practically sell itself (arguably) makes it easier for one to overlook the meager standard commission rate. Most (if not all) of the hands-on approach comes down to efficient social media management. 

Commission rate: $30 per sale/subscription

Cookie duration: 45 days

Facebook followers: 46,867

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Takeaway – My Recommendation

baby products affiliate program conclusion

Thanks for reading my post about baby products affiliate programs! Nowadays, nearly every conscious individual with internet access considers it a viable option. Such is the inspiration behind the concept of affiliate marketing. Prior to the internet age, only a handful of organizations managed to pioneer this concept in a sustainable way. The key to their success is “feasibility.”

Can You Make Money with Baby Products Affiliate Programs?

Definitely. In recent years, there has been rising online presence of parents shopping for their babies online. With internet, it has never been easier for busy parents to browse online and make purchases for their children hassle-free. With a lot of baby product available online, the internet has made it easier for parents to compare prices and shop smart, too. Anyone involved in parenting or childcare, with vast experience on products and challenges, can take up baby product online selling. 

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  1. This is an excellent post.

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    You have given a great list of companies to consider and have given all the information we could possibly want to know.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. It’s true, the one market that will always thrive is the baby market. New parents in their height of emotion will do anything or buy anything for their babies, before, during and even after the baby is born. In fact, it continues as a parent that you always want to do the best for your child but during those early days, a parent’s pocketbook and wallets are wide open. 

    Yes, we are all followed and monitored with the cookies. I agree Facebook collects more data about each one of us than any other company out there. This is all used to find your customers to get in front of them.

    Your information is very well put together and makes a lot of sense. Right now Amazon has cut their commission down to as low as 3 %. Bloom baby and others is offering 10% which is great, I would prefer to go with them. I do think Happiest Baby is a bit low on the commission so I wouldn’t use them. And a few are offering about the 20% wow that is fantastic.

    I will have to give this one some thought, it sounds really fantastic. Thanks for sharing

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    I’m glad that you found the article easy to read and helpful in comparing the commissions and other terms to help you make the best choice of baby affiliate programs.  A lot of work and research went into this and the affiliate programs are broken down with the key information to help readers with their specific focus

    When you consider that Amazon slashed its commissions in 2020 to as low as 1% in some product categories, there are far more attractive commission rates on offer in the baby niche.

    If you need help with your study, research or doing any of this feel free to contact me at [email protected] and I am happy to help.

  4. Thanks Geoff, I appreciate your positive comments.
    A lot of work and research had gone into this and the affiliate programs are broken down into the key information to help readers with their specific focus.

    If you need help with your study, research or doing any of this feel free to contact me at [email protected] and I am happy to help.

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