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Is Dan Henry A Scam: A Review of Dan Henry Courses

Have you ever thought of how fast your business could change only if you could reach your target customers faster? 

Businesses using social media are able to find people who need the exact service they offer. This way, you are at the perfect place, at the perfect time —sounds like a romcom, doesn’t it? Day after day, you have a chance to offer your service, with a shot of letting these valued customers come back for more. More satisfied clients, more business —definitely more money!

But before you jump in blind, it’s important to do your research. And as I could see, your research brought you to this article —a review on Dan Henry Courses.

In this post, I’ll be talking about an influencer who turns out to offer various courses especially about making money using social media. However, does he really have the answers for you? Or is this just a Pandora’s box of unnecessary costs?

Let’s’ find out —is Dan Henry a scam? Read more in this Dan Henry review.

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Dan Henry Courses Summary

Product Name: Get Clients his current programs are under the Programs tab.
Note: he has many other courses no longer offered.

Founder: Dan Henry

Price: 1x payment of $997.00 or 2x payments of $597.00. But higher for his Digital Millionaire Coaching.

Update: Most of Dan Henry’s courses and programs no longer publish a price and may even vary for every client.

Rating: 26 /100

Best For: Anyone who’d like to earn a significant amount on an online business

Recommended: Not Recommended

Dan Henry Review Summary: Dan Henry is a textbook rags to riches influencer and seems to be in a habit of making courses and most can be found through his Get Clients website. But an awful lot of Dan Henry courses are now off the radar and no longer offered. This raises a LOT of questions about whether his courses work for students.
Is he a good deal —or is Dan Henry a Scam?

What are Dan Henry Courses About? 

It’s a simple idea.

If you find people who run small businesses on Facebook, you offer to create ads for them on there so they can attract more customers to their business and make more money.

Recently though he has focused more on coaching and of course Selling Digital Products Business such as Digital Millionaire Coaching — his main coaching program.

Now what I noticed though is that the type of training this program gives is somewhat familiar. Lately, it has been a trend for people who are really successful at online business to teach people their “secrets” to earning a 6 to 7 digit income. 

Hmmm. But hey, it’s still early in my post so let’s try to find out more shall we?

So Dan Henry also offers a free course (just like the other guys *wink*). 

How Do Dan Henry Courses Work?

Get Clients is an online website asset backed by the brand – Omni Marketing, LLC.

The main course Dan Henry offers is Digital Millionaire Coaching (DMC). This is Get Clients’ main coaching program where they claim to help people build highly profitable digital product businesses. DMC includes consulting, coaching, online courses, masterminds and high ticket selling. This program has helped create several millionaires, and hundreds of 6 figure businesses.

Dan Henry Review: Who Is Dan Henry

I’ve been seeing Dan Henry on Facebook a LOT. He goes around with his promo video for his Ebooks and it turns out that he’s a pretty big name in the world of internet marketing. Another thing is that Henry seems to be behind some of the more popular PPC ad techniques which are mostly on Facebook. 

Well, I thought —what is this guy about? So, I did some research to find out more about him.

Believe it or not, before becoming the hot shot that he is, he actually got his hands on a lot of different stuff. He was as broke as anyone can be and there are a lot of rumors about the little gigs he did in the past. It is said that he ran an Italian ice cream cart service, did some airbrush tattooing at carnivals, owned two small bars, ran a T-shirt company, until he finally got into affiliate marketing.

Revised Is Dan Henry A Scam: A Review of Dan Henry

Wow, this seems like a really hard working guy. This makes me think that Dan Henry has one of those rags to riches stories where he may have even started out as a pizza delivery guy. So how could someone start from that and end up being a digital entrepreneur-millionaire in five months?

But Dan Henry has all these tales of hardship that I’m actually confused which one is real (unless it’s all of them). Oh I read that he had to sell water bottles on the streets with his wife just to pay the house bills. He even claimed to have lost a lot of money on a software. His money went down the drain when Google released a similar product weeks before its launch — for free. Yikes! 

dan henry book

He just struggled overall in starting a few businesses here and there until his wife helped him focus on his marketing skills. This is when he started giving his undivided attention in Facebook Advertising. He focused on offering services to local real estate agents and restaurants, where he landed seven clients in 30 days, making over $10,000!

But I can’t help but feel that his story is all too familiar —all too common even. A common tale I have heard of any other Financial influencer. And just like any other “business guru” Dan Henry can’t seem to stop creating courses to spread his great knowledge.

Dan Henry actually offers a free book and all you need to pay for is the shipping.

This book is about digital marketing and focuses on topics such as digital ads. Dan Henry’s book is designed to be part of his ClickFunnels sales funnel, but there is some solid information in here, and it certainly will help when it comes to learning more about how PPC ads work.

Dan Henry is one of ClickFunnels poster boy mega stars and wins the ClickFunnels awards and presents at their rah rah events. So please be aware, when you buy this book you are part of his ClickFunnels sales funnel and you WILL get upsells.

Dan Henry Courses

In a previous post, I mentioned about how much of a serial course creator Dan Henry seems to be.

He even has a video about creating a course in just one day!

Here are some of his courses and a few information about each of them.

The 5 Keys to Scaling ANY Digital Product Business

is dan henry a scam free course

Price: FREE

This free training promises that you will learn:

​Key #1: Create or fix an offer. The free webinar promises to help you make an offer that sells, but makes your business easier to run, less confusing and more attractive for your customers.

Key #2: Scale test. Well I thought I’d hear how a scale test is done but all I saw was Dan Henry showing some posts from previous students.

Key #3: Call based High-ticket selling. How to increase profit by 30%, but cut support tickets by 75%, virtually eliminated refunds and disputes, and cut the size of the team in half all by transitioning to high-ticket programs sold over the phone.

​Key #4: Funnels. Dan Henry explains how he doubled his conversion rate, he claims to delete 90% of our funnel for this.

​Key #5: Autopilot. How to create a simple focus system to use to get more done in a month than most people get done in a year.

A good chunk of the video is actually talking about how good he is doing in life, some description of how he got to his income that doesn’t really touch anything deep, and some success stories.

I actually got the strong urge to get to my phone and watch a short video of a dancing cat while waiting for Dan Henry to get started with his “5 keys”. But hey, you can’t be too demanding especially since this is just a free training. Of course it’s a form of advertising and you have entered his funnel!

want to master affiliate marketing

Take a look into what is considered the best training platform & mentoring community

Defunct Courses

30-Day Agency

is dan henry a scam 30 day agency

Price: $997

30 Day Agency is composed of 4 modules you finish in four weeks. In this course, Dan Henry teaches you how to land local clients who need Facebook and Instagram advertising.

For almost a grand, Dan Henry teaches you how to run your own lead generation agency. You do not need to have any experience in lead generation to understand what is going on here. The course claims to teach you everything from scratch, all within 30 days.

Dan claims that in those 30-days, you will be able to get a high-ticket client. However, You would need to be putting in a lot of work to get results within that period. To be honest if you would be realistic, there might be some doubt with this claim as even getting a client would take you a month, and a high-ticket one at that!

They say this is a blueprint that is virtually impossible to fail at, assuming that you are willing to put in the work to ensure that it actually works. Although, of course, there are a lot of people out there who are simply not willing to spend as much time and money. 

As of this writing, 30-day-agency is no longer accepting new enrollees. You do have an option to access.

is dan henry a scam 30day unavailable

Sold Out Courses

In Sold Out Courses, you will learn how to create digital products to sell. It also includes large sections on learning how to create sales funnels and upsells. Sold Out Courses also gives access to weekly coaching calls.

However, as of this writing, I could no longer find the sales page for this course.

Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs

is dan henry a scam facebook ads for entrepreneurs

Dan Henry’s Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs course basically teaches you:

  • how to get clients
  • keep the clients on a monthly fee
  • get paid to run Facebook ads for them

One of the ways of ensuring success for any business is getting leads. Most people recommend Facebook Advertising claiming it has low lead costs and you won’t lose money that fast. 

However, if you’re thinking of enrolling to this course, it might have already been too late. I noticed following some Facebook comments that Dan Henry no longer sells Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs.

Note: This appears to have been rebranded in 2020 as 30 Day Agency (see above). Dan Henry seems to have combined Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs (FAFE) and Funnels & Ads For Entrepreneurs into the 30 Day Agency course.  The fact that both FAFE and 30 Day Agency are no longer being sold by Dan Henry does raise many serious questions about whether they worked at all for students.

So which of Dan Henry’s programs is still open? Are any of his courses still out there?

Apparently he now only offers courses through his website There are currently 3 ways to work with Dan to help grow your business and they are all by application only.

Below are the Dan Henry Courses you will find on the website.

Live Courses

Digital Millionaire Bootcamp

is dan henry a scam digital millionaire bootcamp

The Digital Millionaire Bootcamp is a 2 Day Virtual Event where Dan will break down concepts in his book. During the event, you will learn how to create a high ticket offer, coaching program, course, or service. There will be a live Q&A and some role playing to practice sales and client objections. Dan promises to bring some people on —probably clients— and work with them live so attendees can see the works firsthand.

Day 1

Day 2

Sounds decent. But what’s the catch? When you click on Get Your ticket Now, it leads you back to the same page. So this button you see here is just for show.

This was explained during the free webinar. Dan Henry claimed a 30% increase in profit when they shifted to the high-ticket selling over the phone. He mentioned how his business suffered a serious piracy problem in the business where people use fake credit cards and upload his courses without permission.

Digital Millionaire Coaching

is dan henry a scam digital millionaire coaching

Digital Millionaire Coaching (DMC) is Dan Henry’s main coaching program. Get Clients describe this program as a tool to help people build highly profitable digital product businesses.

This means consulting, coaching, online courses, masterminds and high ticket selling. DMC claims to have helped create several millionaires, and 6 figure businesses. 

It promises to include world class support from Dan Henry and his Team, some DFY marketing funnels, and email sequences. In addition, the program will give you 4 coaching calls per week which are for: Beginner, Advanced, Sales Coaching and Tech.

You can check out this brochure to find out more about this program. Dan Henry hides the pricing of his Digital Millionaire Coaching, but it can be expected to cost more than $10,000.

Elite Mastermind

is dan henry a scam dan henry millionarire cruise (1)

With Elite Mastermind you will get instant access to all of the courses Dan Henry —FOR LIFE! Elite Mastermind is more of a coaching system. With this course, you get everything you get with the Digital Millionaire Coaching program, weekly coaching calls, and will actually have to go visit Dan three times in a year.

This means that you are going to need to live close enough to where Dan is. This means you’d either have to temporarily relocate or do an awful lot of traveling which will make this program more expensive than it already is. 

Here’s one more catch: you need to be making at least $10,000 a month or more to even be considered. So unless you are making money already, you might like to reconsider spending money on this program because clearly, it’s not designed for beginners.

Millionaire Cruise

Price: cost varies depending on location, dates, etc

If relocation doesn’t seem to be enough for Dan, he even made a program where you  spend an entire day with him aboard The Ohana — Dan Henry’s private yacht.

During this boat trip you can expect Dan to give his take on how to scale up on your business. The program promises a deep dive into your business plan, brainstorm ideas, fix problems and cover a lot if not all of your inquiries. Millionaire Cruise is a personal consulting tailored for applicants— and also Dan Henry monetizing his yacht investment. TALK ABOUT SMART!

I guess another good thing about it is the opportunity to build a network with other high level entrepreneurs. If you do not know already, making connections is an integral part of your business.

So when you apply for the program, you need to go through a few questions, like this one:

If you click the options mentioning that you have an offer or that you have an idea for the offer, then the next step will ask for pertinent details such as name and email then they’ll ask for your number to book a call.

What if you don’t have anything yet in mind? Well if you clicked “I have no idea what my offer would be”, you will be routed to this page.

What makes Millionaire Cruise expensive is that it is looking more like taking a vacation with gourmet meals and craft cocktails.

If you want to kick it up a notch Get Clients also offer the mastermind cruise which will set you up with a small group of 5, as well as a 1-on-1 with Dan Henry himself.

They might have a different arrangement now though with COVID-19 restrictions. Meetings happen 3x per year but due to the pandemic, meetings are now accessible both in person and virtually.

Dan Henry Courses Membership Costs

Originally, Dan Henry’s Courses costs about a grand ($997.00). But now with him transitioning to selling high-ticket programs, it could cost you more. Probably…and arm and a leg? lol.

Dan Henry hides the pricing of his Digital Millionaire Coaching, but it can be expected to cost more than $10,000.

Is Inbox Dollars A Scam?

Can You Make Money With Dan Henry Courses

Honestly, any program can definitely help you out with earning money as long as you are willing to put in the work. What you shouldn’t do is to be dependent on these programs and think that this is your passport to success.

With over a $1,000 starting price and necessary additional costs, to use the training in the real world you’d also have to consider the rising costs of Ads.

Is Dan Henry a Scam?

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not an affiliate of Dan Henry or a student of Dan Henry Courses myself and I do not endorse Dan Henry in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials, and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what Dan Henry genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt from programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn Ways to Avoid Online Scams then click the highlighted text.

As I mentioned earlier in this post, Get Clients is an online website asset backed by Omni Marketing, a limited liability company (LLC). 

LLC? To be honest the part that says “limited liability” gives me the hibbie jibbies.

In Layman’s terms, a LLC means you will find it quite a challenge to take legal action against the business if you end up unsatisfied with the product or service purchased — even if you end up getting ripped off.

Importantly it protects Dan Henry if his courses don’t work. Great for him but bad for anyone buying his courses.

But is Dan Henry and his courses a scam? No.

His courses are detailed and well-designed, and somehow actually well-produced. He seems to really know his stuff, and his awards and character precede him. Dan Henry’s got over 500 video reviews on his official site, along with links to his successful media presence.

Now this doesn’t mean he is scammy or anything but there is a little thing that bothers me about how he advertises his business. He has a habit of using pictures of him and his son in a lot of his ads, not that there’s really anything very wrong about it but the text on the Ad didn’t even mention his son —so, why? Although I suspect it’s an attempt at increasing the likeability of the Ad.

is dan henry a scam dan henry son ad

He’s got a cute kid though so might work!

What Does Dan Henry Do Well

Great content. Dan Henry also proves his expertise through stage talks and media appearances. His courses are structured in a way that appeals to both expert and beginning online marketers, with or without the sufficient technical ability to navigate the online business landscape. Dan Henry’s organized course delivery fills in knowledge and skill gaps in concrete and straightforward strategies. 

Great support. The Facebook Private Group you are given access to at purchase of an online course is well updated and buzzing with comments, encouragement and advice from fellow students and online entrepreneurs. But especially for the high-ticket products, one-on-one consultations are definitely helpful.

Facebook Advertising works in targeting ideal customers for businesses. To put it simply, the Facebook Advertising platform is very attractive. If you aren’t too bothered with the increasing costs of advertising. You can find ideal customers or highly possible sales by narrowing them down through their location, income level, relationship status, gender, age, hobbies, TV shows, or basically anything that reveal their online habits based on what they post or comment on, the pages they liked, the groups they joined, and the people they follow.

Business potential. There is a huge market for helping businesses grow online and get more leads. If you happen to find a business owner you could build a site for, you can charge them a 1,000 extra leads a month for $5,000 a month which may guarantee you an extra $5,000 monthly.

Most of the reviews on Trustpilot are in his favor. However, it’s not like had much reviews to begin with and a few of the reviews were actually from people ‘invited’ to leave a review in the first place.

is dan henry a scam good review

Reasons why you should avoid Dan Henry Courses 

High costs. High risks. You need to understand that Dan Henry Courses are far from cheap and should be willing to work really really hard to get results. You should put in your mind that it’s not an instant gold mine but is more a learning experience that may eventually lead to success. Remember, this is a high-ticket program.

Here’s a negative review on Trustpilot with a complaint about the price and how it might not be worth the money.

is dan henry a scam bad review

Too much Competition. Well this should not be news to you: you are not the only person who is entering this same market. You should consider saturation in trying to find business owners to help. Why should they go to you and not someone else. Remember to build an authority in whatever niche you are in, not to mention earn a reputation for yourself.

I personally would think twice doing business with a ‘nobody’. There’s actually more competition than you think and many business owners are probably already drowning in offers from people who are saying they will help their business grow.

Leads are annoying.  Leads can be a pain in the butt to deal with for good reason. Considering you start to accumulate leads, expect to make a lot of effort to make them your customers and keep them as your customers.

This also means you’ll have to answer the millions of questions they have for you. 

Serial Course Creator. Dan Henry has had significant of courses — FAFE, Get Clients, 30 Day Agency. Where are they now? Why aren’t they offered anymore?

So Dan Henry did mention a piracy problem involving the courses but does he really have to stop offering them —unless they DON’T actually work.

So did these courses even work? Why did he really close them down instead of working on better anti-piracy strategies? Hmm?

My opinion – Dan Henry Courses

If you want to know about lead generation, digital products and running ads, then Dan Henry can definitely offer some useful advice.

His courses are always fairly well-produced. Always remember though that these are high-ticket courses. As I mentioned in a previous post, before jumping into business with someone who claims to be an expert you should really think it through and join for the right reasons. Also please have your eyes wide open that any course you enter into, you will get upsells to his even higher ticket ones!

Don’t just join because a course creator makes you feel that he was in the same situation as you are. If he did it, definitely you can right?

Also, how sure are we that they got rich through the methods and techniques they teach and not because of all the courses they keep making?

A Badass Dan Henry Courses Alternative

The big changes with Dan Henry’s courses and that a lot of them are now gone is a red flag for me. I mean how reliable or helpful can his courses be if he himself keeps churning them over?goes through a lot of it? He did say that shifting to high-ticket over-the-phone sales is due to piracy, but this also means that you are getting in blind. 

Is Dan Henry A Scam? No. But the cost can be too overwhelming for a beginner.

Thanks for reading until the end of my post about the Dan Henry Courses —Is Dan Henry a scam.

Who would refuse the opportunity to be able to book a vacation anytime, party with friends, and have family barbecues? If you are still hoping to get a hold of all the good moments in life, at the same time grabbing on to a legitimate and honest way of making money online, wherever you want, then Affiliate Marketing might just be the right business for you.

The reasons are obvious.

  • You can promote anything you want and truly own the business
  • You never need to sell to family and friends
  • You don’t need thousands of dollars to start
  • You don’t need the ongoing and increasing costs of Facebook Ads
  • You don’t have the pressure to find clients then the stress and demands of servicing clients; and
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Joana is a dedicated content writer. She learned how to search for keywords well and write straightforward perky content writing for EFYL. She loves learning a lot of new things as she writes about them.

Above all, she sees herself as a cool wife, mom, and furmom. She used to be an elementary and college teacher but chose to work from home to have more flexibility with her time and be more connected with her family and rescuing stray and abandoned pets.

Get Clients








business opportunity


course quality



  • Great content
  • Great support
  • Facebook Advertising works
  • Business potential


  • Expensive
  • Too much Competition
  • Leads are annoying
  • Most courses are no longer available

4 thoughts on “Is Dan Henry A Scam: A Review of Dan Henry Courses”

  1. Reading your review on Dan Henry courses, I think it is best to stay away from him as far as possible! I would want to thank you for the warning!

    Although he doesn’t seem like a scam and probably has a few good lessons, the high price just doesn’t seem legit for the things you get. I think there are probably much better programs out there for a lower price, any that you would recommend?


  2. I like that you gave an honest review of Dan Henry’s course and didn’t recommend it. Too often people will recommend something just to earn an affiliate commission. I personally hadn’t heard of Dan Henry, but I have been scammed into taking courses like his. I think that his video is a bit of hype. You can learn how to create the course in just a day, but for most people, they will take a few days to follow his instructions and complete the course. Then there is the marketing and testing of the product. That will definitely take more than just one day. 

  3. Thanks Lizzy,
    We have looked far and wide to get to the bottom of what Dan Henry is about.  We have only shown some of the real customer testimonials.  There are a LOT more real student/customers who are unhappy with his courses.

    The facts that he has so many courses that are no longer offered.  Also that there are many reviews online saying that he has really just packaged content together form other sources (like dot com secrets), and many calling his past courses low quality/trash etc.  Well these are all clear red flags.

    This is common for many self-proclaimed “gurus”

    Dan Henry really does market his courses well.  I continually get his retargeting ads on Facebook.  The clever use of his child in the marketing to appeal to his image as a trustworthy dad/family man etc.  Well…this works, he gets sales.  But the real student reviews are all too often scathing of the low quality of his courses.

    If you really want to become a digital entrepreneur, the best way to do so is by gaining a specific skills and expertise.

    You can learn real online marketing/digital marketing skills – like SEO, niche website, YouTube channel – all focused on providing valuable content that genuinely helps people.  By doing this you will get paid in affiliate commissions.  

    You asked for better program at a lower price.  You can read about my #1 recommendation here to learn all these valuable skills and many more, plus you’ll get my personal coaching to help you with your specific goals and needs.

  4. Thanks for chiming in Melinda,
    Thanks for reading my review and sharing your thoughts.  That is good that you have learned this way – rather than the hard way.  Given you have fallen victim to courses like this before you are experienced to share your views on his “hype” video and big promises, there is a lot of time and effort into creating quality courses or content online and to market this as “just a day” or “one day” is probably another misleading point. 

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