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What Is Dan Henry Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs? A Look into Dan Henry Courses

It’s hard to imagine a world without Facebook now. Everyone, no matter the age, has Facebook. This makes it safe to say that potential customers around the world who have Facebook, 2.7 billion users as of June 2020 to be exact, are potential income waiting to happen. 

How fast would your business change if you could reach customers who need the exact service you offer, at the perfect place, at the perfect time. Everyday you have a chance to offer your service, with a shot of letting them come back for more. More satisfied clients, more business, more income. 

It’s very rare to find a successful business without a Facebook page or official website nowadays. It’s no surprise then, how easy it is for Facebook to launch an advertising platform, and how aspiring online entrepreneurs jump at the chance to master it. 

Facebook Advertising is not rocket science, but succeeding consistently with it just may be. 

Enter Dan Henry Facebook Ads for Entrepreneur (FAFE) course. From humble beginnings, Dan Henry earned a million on the first five months of FAFE’s launch. Dan Henry’s courses has since been noted in online advertising and business.

In this post, let’s discuss Dan Henry courses, specifically Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs (FAFE). 

Is it worth it? And is it the best business model for you?

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What Is Dan Henry Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs (FAFE) Summary

Product Name: Facebook Ads for Entrepreneur (FAFE)

Founder: Dan Henry

Price: $127 (version 1) / $138 (self-help)

Rating: 48/100

Best For: Online Marketing Pros or Beginners who have a budget set aside

Recommended: Recommended (if you are determined to do Facebook Ads)

What Is Dan Henry Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs About: a Facebook Ads course best designed for beginning or experienced online entrepreneurs

Summary: Dan Henry designed a five-module Facebook Ads training course, complete with tools, resources and support for beginning and expert online entrepreneurs to help you possibly set up an online Facebook Ads agency.

What Is Dan Henry’s Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs (Fafe) All About?

Dan Henry assures that, through his Facebook Ads online course, you would know the best advertising and targeting for your business, how to use the Facebook Pixel to lower advertising cost, how to create a winning advertisement in 10 minutes, and how to package Facebook Advertisement consultation and management services for $1,500 per month to business owners.

What Is Dan Henry’s Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs: Background Info

Dan Henry’s Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs (FAFE) is an online course which delivers what is says by the name.  It is an online training program that teaches its students how to deliver successful Facebook Advertising. The online course teaches you how to find clients who would pay you to run Facebook ads for them and their businesses. It gives you insights on how to get results from your Facebook advertising for clients, hopefully generating higher income that would allow them to keep on paying you. In short, if we are to put our trust in what their website says, “show anyone how to run successful Facebook Ads!”

As of this writing, the online Facebook Advertising course offers four modules that walks you through the ins and out of bait, building funnels, Ads and client relationship. The FAFE online course comes highly recommended in certain digital business circles, with Dan Henry’s prestigious Two Comma Award for his digital product creation efforts. 

If you want to know more about the Dan Henry’s Facebook Ad for Entrepreneur course, read on. 

What Is Dan Henry Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs: Who Is Dan Henry?

You may have encountered a person like Dan Henry. We all know that one person with a rags to riches story, and Dan Henry has that story. He started out by delivering pizzas to doorsteps, to being a digital entrepreneur-millionaire in five months. 

Things weren’t always so pretty for Dan Henry at first. He was dead broke, had to sell water bottles on the streets with his wife just to pay the house bills, lost a lot of money on a software only to have Google give away a similar product for free weeks before its launch, and just over all struggled starting a few businesses here and there. 

It was not until his wife helped him focus on his marketing skills that he started giving his all in Facebook Advertising. Focusing on offering services to local real estate agents and restaurants, Dan Henry landed seven clients in 30 days, making over $10,000 from charging clients for the results he was raking in.

From then on, he basically ran away with it.  Earning six figures in one month isn’t a small thing; so, needless to say, a lot of people were extremely interested in how he is making such a large amount of money. As a response, he created an online course of his expertise in Facebook Advertising – thus, the Dan Henry Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs (FAFE). The course earned a million dollars in sales within five months.

He has since appeared on TV and on stage, delivering highly engaging talks and interviews in CEO National Convention,  CBS Tampa,  NBS Orlando, and Huff Post Live among others. In his own words, he inspires people by “showing them how to increase sales with Facebook ads that actually work”, “how to create an online course/product that actually sells”, “how to create a brand that attracts raving fans” and “getting them off their asses”.

What Is Dan Henry's Facebook Ad For Entrepreneurs Dan Henry award

He added affiliate marketing that drove users to ClickFunnels in his online course after he won Two Comma Club Award from Russel Brunson of ClickFunnels. He was the fastest online entrepreneur to nab the coveted award in the digital business landscape. Dan Henry’s Facebook Ad online course currently boasts of launching dozens of 6-figure earners and companies through Facebook advertising and marketing. 

Just be aware though that Dan Henry is a serial course creator. He also sells 30-Day Agency, Sold Out Courses, Facebook Advertising and Funnels, Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs and others.

How Does Dan Henry Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs Work?

One of the reasons why you’re probably reading this is because you have heard stories about friends who quit their 9 to 5 jobs after setting up their Facebook Ad agencies successfully. They are either snuggled comfortably at home or, even better, at some tropical island paradise with a drink, tapping away on their laptops and earning way more than you do every month. Heaven!

If you were regaled by their tales of online business adventures, you are probably now on the hunt for that perfect step in the right direction towards setting up your own Facebook Ads agency. And it makes sense that you stumbled upon Dan Henry and his millionaire story. 

Dan Henry’s Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs course basically teaches you:

  • how to get clients
  • keep the clients on a monthly fee
  • get paid to run Facebook ads for them

One of the ways of ensuring success for any business is getting leads. Most people recommend Facebook Advertising claiming it has low lead costs and you won’t lose money that fast. If you want to earn money generating leads for businesses, read on to know what Dan Henry’s Facebook Ads course has to offer.

What Is Dan Henry’s Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs: Courses

It’s one thing to get leads, and another thing to convert them into sales. FAFE covers Dan’s effective sales process, delivered in a manner that anyone would understand. They are all completely self-paced, and each lesson is packed with high-quality content. 

Here is a peek at the offered online lessons in the course. The online course is 5 modules long and offers more than 20 online lessons, with bonus materials. In summary, the student will be taught how to handle online marketing situations such as making an offer, producing a funnel, creating successful Facebook ads, and running your own Ads agency. You’ll be offered relevant bonus topics, all practical and delivered well. 

Module 0 : The Nutshell

  • Webinar Replay
  • Will I Succeed
  • The Value Scale
  • Facebook Ads in a Nutshell
  • Example Ad Funnels

Module 1 : The Ins And Outs Of How To Create Bait.

  • The purpose of BAIT
  • The definition of value and desie
  • Types of bait and how to sell it
  • Customer Research: Ho to figure out what your bait should be
  • How to run a simple customer research ad
  • How to create a great bait headline
  • BAIT examples
  • How does bait work if you are a…
  • The badass bait checklist
  • How to create a simple Cheat sheet

Module 2 : The Ins And Outs Of Building Funnels

  • Intro and how to choose the right funnel for you
  • How to build a cheat sheet funnel
  • How to build a discount funnel
  • How to build a value video funnel
  • How to build a value video for coaching
  • How to build a webinar funnel
  • How to instal your pixel
  • How to create a custom conversion

Module 3 : The ins and outs of the Ads

  • How to choose the best ad type for you
  • Copy and dialogue strategy
  • How to create ads
  • Retargeting ad and copy strategy
  • Examples of retargeting
  • Creating a retargeting campaign from scratch
  • How to target your dream customer
  • How to get even more ideas for targeting
  • How to manage ads with the split test equation
  • How to scale a winning ad

Module 4: The Agency

  • How to choose the right clients
  • 3 Easy ways to get clients
  • How to explain Facebook Ads for clients
  • How to choose a funnel for your client
  • How to manage multiple clients easily
  • Sample client proposal
  • How to send lead info to clients
  • The billboard challenge
  • How much to charge your clients and how to justify it
  • How to choose the right offer for your FB ads client

Like most online courses, Dan structures his lessons on real-life business situations. You also get to listen to Dan himself through live call successfully closing a sale. He delivers materials in simplistic and reassuring ways that give students confidence to explore their online advertising options. 

Dan personally defines online business success as generating effective leads at low cost. He emphasizes how the course is for anyone from any occupation – entrepreneurs, coaches, or small business owners – that would want to generate more income through online marketing without the techie know-hows.

What Is Dan Henry Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs: Support

His course comes with membership to an exclusive Facebook group for premium students. Most online courses offer this option, but FAFE Private Facebook Group offers a lot of action. Members are active, constantly posting little and big successes, offering useful and practical advice, and overall just keeps you motivated throughout the online marketing experience.

What Is Dan Henry’s Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs: Moneyback Guarantee

Dan Henry’s Facebook Ad course does not come with a moneyback guarantee. They have a Return Policy that is not disclosed in the official site. 

However, there have been numerous sites offering a FREE 14-day trial for ClickFunnels and a FREE Webinar on his official site. 

How Much Does Dan Henry’s Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs (FAFE) Cost?

I will break this part down as best as I can. 

A particular site offers two versions of the same online course. Dan Henry’s Facebook Advertising for Entrepreneurs cost $127.00 from its original price of $997.00.

You will find the same course in the self-help version at a price of $138.00.

I’ve noticed his other courses start at $997 too but the prices are subject to change whenever he sees fit. The fact that the prices may become cheaper over time like FAFE has, does say something about the course quality in terms of market demand for it. He seems to be dropping the price to meet what the market is willing to pay for it.

Can You Make Money With Dan Henry’s Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs (FAFE)?

This is a question you have thought of starting work online and done a bit of Googling to have an idea of how to get started. I don’t blame you, a lot of gurus have been popping and a lot of invested members have been disappointed. 

Fortunately, albeit some cons that would be discussed later in the post, Facebook Advertising is a solid way of making money through online marketing. But an important trend to be aware of is that Facebook Ad costs will continue to rise.

You may have to put in the time to understand the Facebook Ads platform, which is relatively simple to understand. But once you get the hang of it, you will appreciate how easily you can narrow down high potential clients through a few clicks. The client targeting somehow makes it easy to justify the spending that goes into the traffic generation.

Potential clients for this kind of service may include, but are not limited to independent healthcare providers, such as dentists and chiropractors; law practitioners; and local contracting services, such as electricians, plumbers, window washers, movers, etc. These are clients who may be in need of customers and who you can readily offer your services to.

So if you are willing to put in the money, you may be relieved to know that yes, you can make money through Facebook Ads. Which leads us to the answer to the next question…

Are Dan Henry Courses A Scam?

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not an affiliate of Dan Henry Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs or a student of Dan Henry Courses myself and I do not endorse Dan Henry Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials, and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what Dan Henry Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt from programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn Ways to Avoid Online Scams then click the highlighted text.

No, it is not. 

And also the Dan Henry courses he provides in his site are not scams either. Courses are detailed and expertly designed, which shows the great effort of different people that went into its creation. They are well-produced, backed with solid real-life experiences of an inspiring online entrepreneur known for his positivity and dynamism on stage. 

Dan Henry knows his stuff, and his awards and character precede him. He’s got over 500 video reviews on his official site, along with links to his successful media presence.

More than all of this are the results he really brings to the game.

Dan Henry Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs (FAFE): Ugly Truths Revealed!

Click = cost. Facebook advertising costs money and those costs are growing. Just be prepared and have a budget set aside for the whole process. Dan recommends a “scale test” to get an idea of your return of investment on a certain advertisement. This is perfectly sound advice – you don’t want to be spending a lot of money and effort paying for an ad that does not rake in eight times the required cost. 

Price tag. It was a bit difficult to find the price range for this online course. Make sure that you do your research on what course fits your budget, or if the Dan Henry courses are the financial fit for you.

Inconsistent Ad Performance. A lot can happen in a day, and this is especially true in the cases of Facebook Ads. Make sure you are paying attention to your Ad performance and that it’s actually doing what it should do – a high return of investment. Unless you want to forget that it’s eating away at your budget. 

Facebook Ads is NOT a cure-all solution. To be fair, Dan admits Facebook Advertising is not the answer to absolute business success. Though, I would have appreciated a variety in the course material – maybe branching out to Youtube and Instagram – that would somehow address the fact. 

Maybe it’s because of Dan’s energy and professionalism in teaching or the high quality of material, but the whole process leaves an effect of guaranteed success if you faithfully follow everything instructed. 

Very rarely true. There is a lot of time, effort and money that goes into the maintenance and monitoring of Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ad Fatigue. The reason why a lot goes into the maintenance and monitoring of Facebook Ads is because of something called Facebook Ad Fatigue. 

If you do your work, and you do it well, you will find your one ad out there that ACTUALLY does very well. You would think that it would do great, staying up, and keep on bringing leads for a very long time, as long as it’s there, right? Wrong. 

Facebook Ad Fatigue happens when a once income-generating Facebook Ad gradually loses its effectivity in terms of reach and result. This is a common event, but not absolutely always. Depending on the quantity and speed of reaching the Ad’s desired results, the price for your running ad can increase… fast. This is where monitoring and maintenance of your Ad performance come in.

What I Like About Dan Henry Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs (FAFE)

Great content. Maybe it’s because of the courses’ focus on affiliate marketing, but 500 reviews is a big thing. This is great support that can only come with effective instruction and persuasive delivery. 

Dan Henry also proves his expertise through stage talks and media appearances. His result-driven approach in all his online platforms and success mindset enrich the quality of his courses and other digital products.

Flexible, easy to follow lessons. Dan Henry courses is structured in a way that appeals to both expert and beginning online marketers, with or without the sufficient technical ability to navigate the online business landscape. Dan Henry’s organized course delivery fills in knowledge and skill gaps in concrete and straightforward strategies. 

Great support. The Facebook Private Group you are given access to at purchase of an online course is well updated and buzzing with comments, encouragement and advice from fellow students and online entrepreneurs. It’s always a sense of relief to find people who can relate with the frustrations of starting a business independently.

Facebook Advertising works in targeting ideal customers for businesses. To put it simply, the Facebook Advertising platform is too tempting, putting aside the fees. You can find ideal customers or highly possible sales by narrowing them down through their location, income level, relationship status, gender, age, hobbies, TV shows, or basically anything that reveal their online habits based on what they post or comment on, the pages they liked, the groups they joined, and the people they follow.

There is a lot of customization in terms of choosing the users that have interacted with an ad you ran on various platforms. This freedom that comes with Facebook Advertising makes it more favorable over the nitpicky work which SEO demands. Which isn’t surprising, considering the effort it takes to understand Google search algorithms and knowing exactly what it takes to make it up the Google Search results.

Compared to the longer process and effort to rank a website using SEO, Facebook Advertising promises immediate results (for well-designed, effective Facebook Ads) for less time and effort. 

My Opinion On Dan Henry Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs

You will find very few people saying NO to an opportunity to live life on one’s own terms – not shackled to a company, being one’s own boss, running a successful business which generates your enough income to meet your financial responsibilities and helping other businesses as well. If all these come with effort and smarts from you, anyone would jump at the opportunity. 

Dan Henry offers just that. 

To be fair, he is transparent about the effort and money that would go into this. He is also transparent with the support that students would have in the expected business situations. The lack of variety in the course material gives little in the way of concern, and there were only minimal complaints on the WordPress platform he uses on some of his courses. 

The complexities and inconsistencies of Facebook Ads Performance may be a bit daunting at first, especially to beginners, but the curricular design of the online course makes the materials easy to comprehend and apply. If you are willing to put in the money, spend the time, and commit the effort that goes into monitoring and maintenance, then learning from Dan Henry’s Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs as a course itself is good. 

The business model of Facebook Ad agency

If you are serious about running a Facebook Ad agency you’d be wise to consider these issues:

  • How you are going to find clients
  • How you are going to service those clients – changing demands and wanting you to generate profit for them
  • Do you want to sell your services to local business clients using Dan Henry’s methods?
  • Do you see yourself enjoying the process of pursuing local business owners and selling them your marketing services?
  • Trend of Increasing costs of Facebook Advertising
  • Higher risk and high cost of entry strategy
  • Your overall profit margins from the time, effort and demands of trying to achieve all of this
  • Note there are many other alternatives that teach more methods of customer acquisition – Dan Henry’s course doesn’t teach other traffic generation methods like search engine ads or free traffic from SEO.

Facebook Paid Traffic versus Free Traffic

Knowing the trends of increasing costs of Facebook Advertising as well as the stress and demands of trying to find and service clients, this business model is not the one I would ever choose. After some experience with Facebook Ads, I have shifted my energies towards free traffic generation and making income from that traffic. Not only because I hate paying for high ad costs and making Mark Zuckerberg rich, but I would rather build my own online business that is sustainable and growing longer term.

If you’re still reading —and I hope you are—for the same time and effort at a way lower cost and no client demands, I can recommend a program that offers unlimited support, high value training and affordable membership. 

Following through what is instructed in Dan Henry Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs course can burn a hole through your wallet and mental energies, but I can vouch for Wealthy Affiliate.

It is more value for cost, coordinated and respectful to your time than Dan Henry courses. For all its good points, the uncertainty of revenue in the long run just isn’t worth the time and money you put into Facebook Ads – as your main business model. However as a short term addition, I may use Facebook Ads from time to time. 

Wealthy Affiliate gives more attention to its students’ needs and offers technical support and business knowledge anytime you need it.  Plus I can personally help you to achieve your goals.

How I Make Passive Income Online

Who would refuse the freedom to book a vacation anytime you want? Or have more drinks with family and friends? Or being present when life happens right in front of you? No excuses, just living the best way you know you should.

Are you still hoping to grab all the good moments in life, at the same time grabbing on to a legitimate and honest way of making money online, wherever you want?

Thanks for reading until the end of my post about the  Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs (FAFE) by Dan Henry. If you’re still on the lookout for that perfect way to earn passive and sustainable income that does not involve dishing out a lot of startup costs, I will happily share mine. 

No matter the reason – be it time to focus on your health, to improve yourself, to spend more time with the people who deserve it the most, or to have the freedom of being your own boss… then online business is the way to go. 

Obviously, you have to grow through the ups and downs of the digital market before you can start making money. Just like starting and running your own business, it goes a long way if you know the right steps to take, the right people to ask, and the business decisions to make. 

Operating your online business successfully would mean being confident in your direction, making the best decisions, and getting help from the qualified people. When you have someone you can learn from and backing you up, you increase your chances of success. 

I am convinced that you won’t find a better way to make money online than Affiliate Marketing… and the reasons are obvious.

  • You can promote anything you want and truly own the business
  • You never need to sell to family and friends
  • You don’t need thousands of dollars to start
  • You don’t need the ongoing and increasing costs of Facebook Ads
  • You don’t have the pressure to find clients then the stress and demands of servicing clients; and
  • It’s FREE to get started. Then if you want to do this full-time, going premium is just $49/month. 

If you want to discover how I make my lifestyle online and how I can personally help you to also do it – then check out this special video from the link below which explains exactly how. You can also get your free 7-day bootcamp to get started.

Joana is a dedicated content writer. She learned how to search for keywords well and write straightforward perky content writing for EFYL. She loves learning a lot of new things as she writes about them.

Above all, she sees herself as a cool wife, mom, and furmom. She used to be an elementary and college teacher but chose to work from home to have more flexibility with her time and be more connected with her family and rescuing stray and abandoned pets.

Dan Henry Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs




Easy to Follow









  • Great content
  • Flexible, easy to follow lessons
  • Great support
  • Facebook Advertising works


  • High Price tag
  • Not an All-in-One solution
  • Inconsistent

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