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What Is Four Percent Success Challenge About? – Now Affiliate Marketing Academy

Four Percent is an expensive online academy that offers different courses on online marketing and entrepreneurship. It considers itself “the #1 fastest growing community for digital entrepreneurs”, inviting website visitors to become a “world-class entrepreneur, marketer and human” through their offered courses. So what is What Is Four Percent Success Challenge about? in Summer of 2020, it is now included in Vick Strizheus’ Affiliate Marketing Academy.

World-class entrepreneur and marketer? Possible with hard work. World-class human? In my opinion, it requires much more than facing several online lessons and launching your own affiliate marketing business. Let’s learn about What Is Four Percent Success Challenge in this post and if it is a good idea to sharpen your affiliate marketing skills.

But hey, goals don’t hurt, right? In this post, let’s discuss what is Four Percent Success Challenge about and how their offered services help you become a world-class entrepreneur, marketer, and… uhm… human.

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What is Four Percent Success Challenge About (Affiliate Marketing Academy) Summary

Product Name: Four Percent Affiliate Marketing Academy (AMA), formerly Four Percent Success Challenge, now marketed inside Affiliate Marketing Academy.

Founder: Vick Strizheus

Price: $997

Rating: 43/100

Best For: Pro online entrepreneurs

Recommended: Not Recommended

What Is Four Percent Success Challenge AMA About: A three-tiered affiliate marketing program

Summary: Vick Strizheus, online marketer pro, offers an affiliate marketing course stellarly reviewed over 3,600 times by students, many of whom generated 6 to 7 figure incomes with their online businesses.

What Is Four Percent Success Challenge (Affiliate Marketing Academy)?

What Is Four Percent Success Challenge About website

What Is Four Percent Success Challenge about?

Four Percent Success Challenge as an online educational platform offers a lot in the way of modern entrepreneurship through shows and events, aside from their courses, programs, and tools and resources. If you’re wondering about the name, have you ever heard of the Pareto Principle? The principle, when applied in marketing, would imply that only four out of a hundred people persevere to succeed despite all odds and get the results they work four. Hence, the Four Percent Success. 

What Is Four Percent Success Challenge About: Background Info

As of this writing (1 October 2020), Four Percent Success offers ten programs: namely, Traffic Generation, List Building, Sales & Conversions, Marketing Strategies, Money & Finance, Influence & Persuasion, Outsourcing & Leverage, Tech & System, E-Commerce, and Success Mindset.

They also offer two classes on Traffic Generation and Affiliate Marketing, offering more than fifteen tools and resources. 

The platform’s Affiliate Marketing Academy boasts of more than 3,600 five-star rave reviews from their students as proof of the academy’s effectiveness and power. The academy is founded by Vick Strizheus, also a Four Percent Success expert.

What Is Four Percent Success Challenge about—Who Is Vick Strizheus?

What Is Four Percent Success Challenge About

Interesting facts about Four Percent co-founder Vick Strizheus appear when you look him up.

On one hand, he is lauded as a world-class internet marketer and Four Percent Success CEO who started an online academy to provide “world-class” education for ordinary folks. His refreshing profile in the Four Percent website shows him with sunglasses on, with his goals of building a company for entrepreneurial empowerment emblazoned on white background. He is experienced (12 years experienced, to be exact) and influential (having created Four Percent Success) – an expert in online marketing.

On the other hand, you’ll see YouTube videos of him in court facing charges of insurance scam amounting to $30,000. He revisits the mistake as a learning experience in some of his videos. But then, he was recently involved in another issue concerning the product Big Idea Mastermind, when he allegedly switched people’s affiliate links in order to gain more money for himself. 

This article, however, shall focus on the Four Percent Success’ affiliate academy, so let’s get right into it.

How Does Four Percent Success Challenge Work?

The Four Percent Affiliate Marketing Academy (AMA) teaches you to set up a successful affiliate marketing business step-by-step. The course offers its users the “science to success” and multiple sources of income by promoting products advertised and recommended by AMA.

What Is Four Percent Success Challenge About?

You may have also heard about the Four Percent Success Challenge, as I had. It was one of the things I immediately looked into upon free registration in their Four Percent website, and have had no luck finding. My search led me to the fact that the mentioned $10k Success Challenge had been integrated into the Four Percent Affiliate Marketing Academy (AMA) itself.

The Affiliate Marketing Academy model, also dubbed AMA model, is holistic and proactive in its processes, so the platform says. It explains how most affiliate marketing trainings utilize the “transactional business model” which overlooks financial pitfalls because of the marketer’s passive stance in the process. AMA model is then described as effective because of its uniqueness.

Four Percent Success Challenge: Courses

There are 30 sessions to the program, all self-paced. Much like any course, you’ll be given video lessons, assignments to complete and tasks improve engagement. Everyday, you are taught the importance of the right mindset to succeed. There are also sessions that highlight how to scout the right in-demand product, to whom you should be advertising products to, and how to make your visitors buy through the use of specialized content and high-quality product offerings.

What Is Four Percent Success Challenge About course

Specifically, purchasing the course means getting the following:

  • The 6-Figure Fundamentals: How to position yourself to win before you even start
  • How to activate your inner success mechanism so you become magnetic to money
  • Strategic product selection and how to align yourself with great companies in booming industries and sell products that people already want to buy
  • Strategic and unique positioning in the marketplace.
  • Magnetic & irresistible messaging and communication.
  • Core skillsets in affiliate marketing for immediate and massive success
  • Multi-channel prospect acquisition
  • Systematic (and almost effortless) sales and customer conversion
  • How to set up and create multiple streams of income where you can get paid from 5, 7, 10, or more sources without any extra work
  • How to create your own central HUB

With these, you will be guided on how to transform your $0 to your first $10k, as an affiliate marketer. Of course, your progress lies on how well you push your product to the online market. 

You also get to access “success pill” videos as Vic calls them. As a user, you get to watch only one video a day, as the next video only gets unlocked 24 hours after finishing your latest one. There are also shows as advertised on their page which you can access unlimited. 

Once you have successfully signed up, you get access to the tools and resources for your chosen course. 

Four Percent Success Challenge: Support

The online course includes an all year, seven days a week, around the clock support, either through email, chat or snail mail. The transcription option is a cool option for post consultation reviews. Email support is active, so expect replies for anything you drop on the line within two days. 

They also offer support through their private AMA community, guaranteed to satisfy all questions and celebrate your successes with you.

How Much Does Four Percent Success Challenge (AMA) Cost?

The 7 Figure Core Training System, Implementation Mastermind, Advanced Success Mindset, Private AMA Community, and 24/7/365 Priority Support comes at a price of $997 from its “original price” of $9,988.00.

Four Percent Success Challenge: Moneyback Guarantee

Four Percent AMA offers a 30-day 100% Money back Guarantee for all programs and courses, beginning on the day of purchase.

Can You Make Money With Four Percent Success Challenge (AMA)?

You can make money with Four Percent AMA if you’re willing to put the hours in and invest in the tools. For this course, the money is in the products that you promote. These are products you have to buy, on top of the payment for the course, before you start promoting in the first place. But seeing as how the course materials lean more towards generating traffic through paid advertising (which I’ll get too very soon), you may want to keep a close eye on the money you’re dishing out than the ones coming in.

For affiliate marketing, free traffic is the way to go. This may be the reason why you’ll encounter a TONS of YouTube videos and blog reviews about Four Percent. Making YouTube videos and writing about experiences demands little money, if you disregard the effort it takes to make and maintain.

Is Four Percent Success Challenge (AMA) A Scam?

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not an affiliate of Four Percent Success Challenge or a student of Vick Strizheus myself and I do not endorse Four Percent Success Challenge or Vick Strizheus in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials, and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what Four Percent Success Challenge and Vick Strizheus genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt from programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn Ways to Avoid Online Scams then click the highlighted text.

Four Percent Success Challenge is NOT a scam, but there were too many red flags for me to waste my precious money and time on this course and his tiered affiliate programs. 

The products he is advertising are legit. The course you will purchase provides you input on advertising, mindset, niche, and target audience. There are instructors to teach you and help you on your track. 



What I Don’t Like About Four Percent Success Challenge (AMA)

The School Of Hidden Knowledge—Ronnie Sandlin eyeroll gif

Hidden charges. Aside from the quite big price tag, there are fees you still have to pay attention to. Though Vic presents you product options to promote, some of these options require subscription fees to be paid monthly or annually, which may reach as much as $97 per month.

Cost. If you’re a beginning digital entrepreneur in affiliate marketing, you may want to search more courses online that would suit you without the price Four Percent tags. There are bound to be more cost-effective training programs out there that would fit the bill.

What I Like About Four Percent Success Challenge (AMA)

Good training and content. For an affiliate marketing course, Four Percent AMA holds promise in this detail-orientedness, content and delivery. Vic is dedicated and passionate in his production of timely and relevant materials for his subscribers. The content and landslide of reviews speaks of the course’s effectiveness. 

Supportive. You have got to admit the year round, 24 hour, chat support is something. Affiliate marketing is no easy skills to develop. Naturally, feedback and support is required in terms of skill building and development. The AMA community helps as well. For everything this course stands for, the more, the merrier is better.

Varied options for improvement. I see this as a good thing, even with the additional cost it entails on the user’s end, in my opinion. This may be subjective, but in order to be truly successful, it is important to continue finding avenues to improve your results and return of investments. The plethora of options in Four Percent website offers its users just this.

Final Thoughts: Vick Strizheus’ Four Percent Success Challenge (AMA)

A lot of time and money went into the making of this training program and its components. The facts show it’s a good training course with all the right tools, resources and support to help you along. It does not leave you hanging or wondering where your money went.

Don’t expect money back anytime soon within the training, of course, since it may take time to create your traffic. Choosing the right product to market would require foresight and wisdom from you as well, which may make this a less desirable option for entrepreneurs just starting out online. 

The expenses bum me out. If you’re just starting out, letting go of that amount of money is not just worth it. If you want, I can actually recommend a program to you that provides unlimited support, more valuable training, and an affordable membership.

I’m convinced that Wealthy Affiliate is a more cost-effective and coordinated option than Vick Strizheus’ Four Percent Success Challenge (AMA). To be fair, the program has a lot of good points for those willing to put the hours in, however it just falls short when stacked against towering costs. The offered technical support and personalized materials makes every cent worth it in Wealthy Affiliate. 

How I Make Passive Income Online

Thanks for reading until the end of my post about What Is Four Percent Success Challenge About (AMA). Because of that, I’d like to share with you my preferred way to earn a sustainable passive income.

If you want to free yourself from the drag of timebound work hours,

or focus on improving your health without compromising your career opportunities,

Warning: Shaw Academy A Scam —is It?

or just place more importance in the time you spend with your family, then an online business is what you want.

Obviously, you have to grow through the ups and downs of the digital market before you can start making money. Operating your online business successfully would mean being confident in your direction, making the right decisions, and getting help from the right people.

I am convinced that you won’t find a better way to make money online than Affiliate Marketing… and the reasons are obvious.

You don’t have to strain friendship in recruitment efforts just to make money ,you don’t need thousands of dollars to start You are free to promote any products that you want; and It’s FREE to get started. Then if you want to do this full-time, going premium is just $49/month.

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