Is Bossless Forever A Scam [6 Facts About Bossless Forever]

If YouTube algorithm cooperates, you may have had to sit through a 30-second commercial advertisement of someone showing off a newly bought car, adoring squad of friends over drinks in a villa somewhere far from the noise of the city, overlooking a blue expanse of ocean.

The random person has a drink in one hand, gushing over gratefulness to have found this one way of being rich, of excitement to share this one way with whoever is watching. And if the commercial is effective, you would notice (maybe to the point of slight annoyance), that repeating anecdotes of gratefulness and excitement over this “one way” is not getting you nearer to the actual disclosure of the method until the 30-second end mark. 

More often than not, this “someone” is a guy.

So seeing a woman do the same, may be empowering somehow. 

In this post, let’s discuss Aimee Ball’s Bossless Forever course. This is the Bossless Forever review that will give you a complete understanding.

Is it worth a dime? Or just another scam?

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Is Bossless Forever A Scam Summary

Product Name: Bossless Forever

Founder: Aimee Ball

Price: revealed after phone call

Rating: 32/100

Best For: Online Marketing Pros or Beginners ready to drop big dollars

Recommended: Not recommended

What Is Bossless Forever About: an SEO and lead generation course designed for beginning or experienced online entrepreneurs

Summary: Aimee Ball presents a five step process discussed in through an initial free webinar, and a business model to be followed as she offers personalized training and one-on-one mentorship. 

What Is Bossless Forever?

Can you think of several local businesses, such as fashion boutiques, restaurants, or health studios, which you are convinced would make it big if they launch their services online? I’m sure you can think of one or two who would gain unthought of income when given the opportunity to reach a global customer base. 

Bossless Forever Background Info

There is great income to be had when services or products are made available online through screen. Aimee Ball helps online entrepreneurs make a difference in the operations of local business owners who are still unaware of the opportunities lying in wait when their services or products are accessible online.

Bossless Forever is a lead generation course that facilitates marketing options online for businesses that do not have them. The online course is available in her official website and open to anyone who is willing to learn for whatever purpose – be it starting their own business’ SEO team to take care of lead generation, gaining more knowledge on the local marketing trends, conceptualizing a business venture, polishing acquired expertise skills, or adapting their own SEO services in order to withdraw subscription from overcharging companies. 

Aimee presents a comprehensive blueprint for effective digital marketing tailored for beginners and experts alike. 

Bossless Forever Scam: Who Is Aimee Ball?

aimee ball is bossless forever a scam

Amiee Ball is a woman of many talents. She is founder and speaker of Bossless Forever, and forefront ambassadress of the course. In her journey to acquiring her MBA from Southeastern Louisiana University, she served as a Key Wholesale Account Executive, a Regional Sales Service Representative, and Business Development Manager for various companies. 

JAB Webconsuting LLC is six years old, and having founded the agency, she still serves as its Chief Executive Officer. The Calibr8 Technology and the Tech Leverage are the other two companies she founded later in her career.

With this track record, it is safe to assume that Aimee knows her stuff more than enough to start her own digital marketing course for interested entrepreneurs. 

How Does Bossless Forever Work?

More so in recent years, there has been an influx of digital marketing gurus promising business success in their pitches for their original, self-produced online digital marketing course.

I have had the pleasure of reviewing some of these courses. Some of the most legitimate courses I have reviewed come across as credible at first impression. This may be because of a professionally created website, the high quality images, the visual information of the process to be undertaken under the advertised course, the anecdotes of success from previous students, or the transparency in terms of cost and pricing of the course. 

bossless forever logo

These things may seem trivial at first, but I would like to think that I am not alone when I say this. It’s a crucial first step to proving your ability to attract potential customers online and making a sale, which is ultimately what these digital marketing courses are all about. 

This may be why I was taken aback when trying to learn more about Aimee Ball’s Bossless Forever course. Granted, there were a couple of substantial reviews online. Yet, some of these reviews integrate broken links, and the official webpage really did not attract or entice me to learn more about it so much. Well, we’ll get to those things soon.

So, how do you get started with Bossless Forever?

First, attend Aimee’s 20-minute online webinar which reveals the 5-step blueprint to be followed throughout the course.

Second, engage in a scheduled call with a representative from Bossless Forever, who would discuss with you the financial opportunities and goals you and the company can work on, should you go through. This is a chance they offer for you to reflect on the compatibility of the program and your business goals. 

Is Bossless Forever A Scam: Courses

Is Bossless Forever A Scam: Courses

The free webinar discusses the 5-step process that Aimee followed which resulted in business success. 

Step 1 – Niche Selection

Attending to clients who need your services the most ensures the growth and development of your business. It also promises the greatest probabilities for success. Finding and choosing the right clients is a critical step towards effective digital marketing. Searching and choosing the right clients can make or break your business.

The local business sector is rich with potential clients if you know where to look. Contract workers, gardeners or painters are usually a good choice as a need for their services almost always require quotation and further information.

Step 2 – Proper Due Diligence

A businessperson  always takes into consideration his/her clients’ character and nature to ensure a healthy business relationship moving forward. For this, Aimee suggests “pre-qualifying” clients. Before offering your services, find the clients’ contact information and relevant background through simple Google search. Then, make contact pretending to be a customer.

After establishing a company’s courtesy and professionalism, you may approach the client with lead generation and promotion.

Step 3 – Traffic & Lead Generation

Probably the most important step in this process is probably traffic and lead generation, simply because it may be the most time consuming and energy sapping.

But here Aimee jumps over technical hurdles that go into website building by using -a free website builder that makes website making easy through its drag and drop interface. 

Spending less time on website building means you can focus more on revenue growth and lead generation efforts.

Step 4 – Prospect Clients

Most lead generation courses recommend using a whisper system that would inform business owners that the prospective client they’re about to talk to on the phone is someone sent their way through your lead generation efforts.

Aimee suggests doing this for a week before you meet with your local business client face-to-face. Doing so would take the weight off of hard selling your service and set the tone of “success” in your discussion.

Step 5 – Monetize Business Owners

Let’s talk about money!


They’ve seen what you can do. If they like what you offer, it’s the right time you make a living off of it. 

Once clients are convinced of your skills, Amiee recommends placing a monthly fee for results, as opposed to a price of $10 to $15 per lead. Having a fixed price for your services monthly makes it easier for the business owner to place in the business financial plan. 

After the webinar, you will be invited to a mentorship and coaching program. The mentorship and coaching program consist of expert guidance and advice from Aimee herself, in each step of the way towards establishing your very own lead generation business. 

Bossless Forever Scam: Support

There is little support, though you are emailed notifications about your reservation up until the start of the free webinar.

When availing of mentorship and coaching program would afford you guidance and personal discussion and answers to your business from Aimee herself.

Aimee Ball has a Youtube account if you wanna go and check it out. She also addresses some questions and covers business relevant topics through her official Facebook page and account

Bossless Forever Scam: Money Back Guarantee

It is unclear whether or not they have a refund policy.

However, Bossless Forever are on the phone with you to discuss the program and pricing. So by having this phone contact and answering any questions you have directly, at least you are getting some personal Bossless Forever customer service.

How Much Does Bossless Forever Cost?

Bossless Forever calls interested buyers for pre-qualification – to see whether or not the program is a good fit for them and their goals. 

Pricing varies depending on the situation or goals of the interested buyer. 

Some interested buyers who DID get in touch shared that the program costs a whopping $4,000 dollars, payable in monthly instalments of $299.

Can You Make Money With Bossless Forever?

The good thing about the Bossless Forever course is it brings all involved the merits they deserve, if done right and well. 

The opportunities to utilize the SEO and lead generation strategies that Aimee Ball herself applied for local businesses are endless. 

At the beginning of this post, you were asked to think of one or two businesses right now in your hometown who could use a wider customer base. 

The truth is these owners KNOW that a social media or internet presence is crucial to a thriving and long-lasting business. Some of them who don’t have the presence just do not know where to begin or how.

With Aimee Ball’s Bossless Forever course, you will be given the know-hows to reach out to these local businesses that deserve the fanfare, improve their sales, and ultimately help the local business scene thrive… while still paying the bills or more.

Is Bossless Forever A Scam?

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not an affiliate of Bossless Forever or a student of Bossless Forever Courses myself and I do not endorse Bossless Forever in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials, and other Bossless Forever Reviews on the Internet to get to the bottom of what Bossless Forever genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt from programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn Ways to Avoid Online Scams then click the highlighted text.

Bossless Forever is NOT a scam. 

The founder, creator, speaker and coach has a record of success in digital marketing and lead generation. As proof, she’s juggling her three companies. 

Her success led her to create this course that would empower anyone to do the same or have greater success in the online marketing scene. Because of this, Aimee created the course in a manner that beginners would find easy to follow. 

Despite its attempts to be beginner-friendly and several published reviews online, however, there is a noticeable lack of reviews from students who have taken the course, or testimonials from course takers that have succeeded in lead generation. 

6 Facts about Bossless Forever

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Bossless Forever: Ugly Truths Revealed!

  1. Lack of transparency in pricing. Some courses offer a fixed price for their information-packed course, and confidently assure potential buyers of its quality. Bossless Forever assures you of quality, but does not reveal the price. Third party information regarding price only lessens momentum. 

2. Refund Policy Unclear. Unlike other online courses offered, Bossless Forever does not have a clear refund policy. 

3. Lack of Student Reviews and Success Stories. Feedback is a powerful thing online, especially for courses that demand payment from students who expect quality instructions. One of the ways to assure quality is to present reviews and feedback from successful students who are able to launch their careers with the help of your course.

What I Like About Bossless Forever

4. Income potential high, competition low. As a digital entrepreneur, you have the options for offering services to businesses in a place familiar to you, with little to no competition.

5. Inspiring coach. Aimee Ball knows her stuff. Some comments on her Youtube videos say things about her delivery, it takes knowledge and persistence to get to where she is currently, being an established business woman. Her willingness to share her knowledge is commendable.

6. The business model works. The 5-step process Aimee shares may be simple but it works. She is practical in reminding not to be impatient in achieving results and honest about the struggles of succeeding in this particular business marketing niche. 

My Opinion On Bossless Forever

The Bossless Forever training course was made with good intentions – to help local business, improve aspiring or expert entrepreneurs’ practice, and thrive financially as a community. 

The methods are simple, straightforward and practical. For what it’s worth, she remains practical in terms of expectations and results to students. She means well in respect to the one-on-one call and tailoring of the training and mentoring program to best suit the needs of the student.

The basis of her service charge kinda bums me out. But I would understand if a scale or criteria in terms of conditional pricing is revealed only to the students themselves.

I wouldn’t stop anyone from enrolling in her course, if they are comfortable with the lack of reviews from students who have personally taken the course or student-turned-successful-entrepreneurs themselves. 

But if you want, I can actually recommend a program to you that provides unlimited support, more valuable training, and an affordable membership.

If you’re still reading, and I hope you are, for the same time and effort at a way lower cost, Wealthy Affiliate offers students the same amount of attention and technical and business knowledge as Ammie Ball’s Bossless Forever. 

You’ll never know just how far the Bossless Forever course would burn holes into your wallet and mental energies. Wealthy Affiliate is transparent in its cost and pricing with reviews from students who have done well. 

It is more value for cost, coordinated and respectful to your time than Aimee Ball’s Bossless Forever course. For all its good points, the uncertainty of revenue in the long run just isn’t worth the time and money you’ll put into the course. 

How I Make Passive Income Online

Who would refuse the freedom to book a vacation anytime you want? Or have more drinks with family and friends? Or being present when life happens right in front of you? No excuses, just living the best way you know you should.

Are you still hoping to grab all the good moments in life, at the same time grabbing on to a legitimate and honest way of making money online, wherever you want?

Thanks for reading until the end of my post about this  Bossless Forever review by Aimee Ball. If you’re still on the lookout for that perfect way to earn passive and sustainable income that does not involve dishing out a lot of startup costs, I will happily share mine. 

No matter the reason – be it time to focus on your health, to improve yourself, to spend more time with the people who deserve it the most, or to have the freedom of being your own boss… then online business is the way to go. 

Obviously, you have to put in consistent efforts and grow through the ups and downs of the digital market before you can start making money. Just like starting and running your own business, it goes a long way if you know the right steps to take, the right people to ask, and the business decisions to make. 

Operating your online business successfully would mean being confident in your direction, making the best decisions, and getting help from the qualified people. When you have someone you can learn from and backing you up, you increase your chances of success. 

I am convinced that you won’t find a better way to make money online than Affiliate Marketing… and the reasons are obvious.

  •  You don’t have to strain friendship in recruitment efforts just to make money
  •  You don’t need thousands of dollars to start
  •  You are free to promote any products that you want; and
  •  It’s FREE to get started.

The BIG $1,000 QUESTION: How to start affiliate marketing for FREE with NO initial cash outlay?  After much research I learned this excellent opportunity to make money every month with unlimited income potential.  I’ve tried and tested many affiliate marketing platforms and other methods.  Glad I eventually found out this pathway that doesn’t have the disadvantages of the other methods.  Plus I can work from the comfort of home.  And if you want to do this full time, going premium with everything you need is just $49/month.

If you want to discover how I make my lifestyle online and how I can personally help you to also do it – then check out this special video from the link below which explains exactly how. You can also get your free 7-day bootcamp to get started.

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Joana is a dedicated content writer. She learned how to search for keywords well and write straightforward perky content writing for EFYL. She loves learning a lot of new things as she writes about them.

Above all, she sees herself as a cool wife, mom, and furmom. She used to be an elementary and college teacher but chose to work from home to have more flexibility with her time and be more connected with her family and rescuing stray and abandoned pets.

Bossless Forever


Refund Policy


Price Transparency


Income Potential




Student Reviews



  • Inspiring coach
  • Income potential high, competition low
  • The business model works


  • Lack of Student Reviews
  • Refund Policy is Unclear
  • Lack of transparency in pricing
Is Bossless Forever A Scam [6 Facts About Bossless Forever]
Is Bossless Forever A Scam Is Bossless Forever A Scam 6 Facts About Bossless Forever header image

Bossless Forever is an SEO and lead generation course designed for beginning or experienced online entrepreneurs. Is Bossless Forever A Scam or your chance for big bucks.

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2 thoughts on “Is Bossless Forever A Scam [6 Facts About Bossless Forever]”

  1. Bossless Forever… Such a very catchy name, but the name does not matter at all.
    From the review you have given in this article, I have arrived at the conclusion that Bossless Forever is a scam, and a very expensive one for that matter.
    And to think it is a course for SEO and leads generation for both beginners and experienced, is a great motive they mentioned, but didn’t live up to it.

    • Thanks for your insights Kelvin,
      Having watched the YouTube ads, there really is an air of suspicion around it for me too.

      Bossless forever teaches you how to build up a niche website that will help you find potential customers in the local Marketing sector and it is very expensive to do this.  Around $4,000 and i have read others accounts of paying even $5,000.  This is in the ball park similar cost to Dan and Ippei’s Job Killing program which has a similar hefty price tag and promises high income.

      There are a few challenges anyone will face and should be aware of with these “offers” and high priced training courses:
      1. Local Marketing is good, but ultimately you will need to find the local clients so it is still very competitive
      2. You will be “selling” or chasing these clients and even if you can make a niche website to generate them leads, this is a time intensive investment upfront that you have made for no guaranteed revenue.  So it is a client focused business and not passive in any way.
      3. There are other courses where you can learn SEO, which is the foundation skill, as well as Local Marketing, for far cheaper.
      4. From research of Bossless Forever Reviews, what Aimee offers is not enough for you to learn everything you need to be a successful online marketer.
      5. Her YouTube ads talk about $50-100 to run your business.  This is simply untrue.  What about hosting, keyword research tools, call tracking software and other tools.  This kind of talk lures in the unsuspecting.
      6. Many of her training videos are from 2017 also.

      Given all these risks/challenges, and especially with the hefty $4-5K cost for this outdated training, its a NO for me too. 

      Wealthy Affiliate covers all the training she covers as well as social media training, Email Marketing, SEO (more in-depth) and with weekly live events (from Jay, Training Chief and very successful local marketer) – the latest trends and skills on Local SEO, YouTube SEO, web design, lead generation are taught here.  As well as hosting and keyword research tools included.  Aimee’s Bossless Forever course does not have the resources to compete with this and especially given it is approximately 10 times the cost.  Well that’s why Wealthy Affiliate is a clear preference for me.


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