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What is Solchicks about? Is Solchicks a scam? | 5 Important details

What is Solchicks about? You’ve heard about it, hesitations, hype, red flags and the build-up. Is Solchicks a scam or is it legit?

In this Solchicks review, we’ll have a good look at whether this upcoming cryptocurrency game is truly promising —or if it’s a hard pass.

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Is Solchicks a Scam? Solchicks Review Summary

Product Name: Solchicks

Founder: William Wu

Price: Starts from $3,400 (approx)

Rating: 17/100

Best For: Those with previous experience with cryptocurrency trading and games

Recommended: Not Recommended for people who are financially unstable and those who have no idea of the risks in crypto trade and gaming.

What is Solchicks  About: Solchicks is a digital pet universe where people can battle, grow, and trade breed battle chickens, which are on a mission to protect their home from Solfox.

Summary: Solchicks is a Play-To-Earn (P2E) massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) where players could breed, interact and train Solchicks to prepare them for battle against other players and raid missions against Solfox. A Solana-based game where you can earn in-game currencies like Shards of Love (SLC) and $CHICKS tokens which can be converted to real-world currencies.

What is solchicks about is solchicks a scam what is solchicks

What is Solchicks About?

A quick take on it is that Solchicks is an NFT game under Solana with a P2E MMORPG model. Its $CHICKS tokens are set to be released on the Solana Network on December 6, 2021. For those who are quite unfamiliar with the terms let’s try to fully dissect what Solchicks really is.

A non-fungible token (NFT) simply means that it’s a unique digital asset that can be owned by acquisition through a specific cryptocurrency. In Solchick’s case, their NFTs can be acquired through Solana tokens and the $CHICKS token which is the game’s in-game currency. For Solchicks, their main digital assets are the Solchick characters with unique traits.

What is Solana then? You can think of Solana as the blockchain where the game tokens is hosted. This blockchain is fairly new as it was only introduced just last 2020, and is therefore still working on its decentralization but with the different projects on them, dApps (decentralized applications) it continues to scale and pursue development.

P2E means it’s a play-to-earn game where it provides players with rewards that can be exchanged from being cryptocurrencies to fiat currency. MMORPG is short for a “massively multiplayer online role-playing game”, it’s a game that can be simultaneously played by a number of players and players can assume roles and take on actions that are specific for it. For example, you can choose to be a swordsman and take on quests to evolve on that role and you can play and interact in real-time with a lot of other online players in the game.

CHICKS token or $CHICKS is the governance token of Solchicks. Basically, this is the token that investors can acquire and trade even if they won’t play the game. You can think of $CHICKS token as the “stock” that rises and dips as people trade it.

We’ll go over the very interesting gameplay and details of Solchicks later in this article.

Company and People Behind Solchicks

On their website, you can find that they have disclosed Solchicks’ team so let’s try to get over some of their details so we can evaluate if Solchicks would be a good cryptocurrency venture.

What is solchicks about is solchicks a scam team

William Wu

Their website provided social links to their team, and the one that we’ll look into would be its CEO William Wu. As we’ve had our fair share of programs that used actors, it would be best to justify and look at the authenticity of the front person of a financial venture. Here’s what we found:

What is solchicks about is solchicks a scam CEO william wu

A good measure of the authenticity of a social profile would be the tagged photos and the extent of posts that it has, because a new social account for a fictional person would find it hard to build it up due to timestamps of social media.

The first photo post in this Instagram account is way back in 2014, but it had cats and pictures of cats and different places. But on 2016 it had its first photo with the main person in it.

What is solchicks about is solchicks a scam William Wu instagram

We also found a good number of tagged photos in the account which then confirms that the owner of the Instagram account is not an actor but a real one.

We also found a LinkedIn account of William Wu that mentioned Solchicks. Now we’ll try to verify the claims that he has on his LinkedIn profile

What is solchicks about is solchicks a scam William Wu  linkedIN

Well, it seems all the claims that he has on his LinkedIn profile checks out:

What is solchicks about is solchicks a scam William Wu  linkedIN legit

When you cross-reference it to his Instagram account you’ll find that he was actually around London from 2014-2017 which is consistent with the date on his working history. So far, it’s safe to say that William Wu has presented a credible persona as a CEO of a cryptocurrency game.

While there wasn’t anything mentioned on their website, I found on Hong Kong’s registry of companies, that there is a SolChicks Limited registered just last November 3 which is a good sign that the game is NOT just a project that’s bound to disappear after a few months.

What is solchicks about is solchicks a scam Solchicks company registration

But as we have established the credibility of the CEO and existence of a company… I found a few other details that you need to know about.

Previous Cryptocurrency Projects

In cryptocurrency trading and token launches, investors are usually wary of rug pulls. So basically a rug pull can happen in a coin/token/project is not a legitimate one and the owners are just merely releasing it to crowdfund and take profit and leave out everyone. I’ve read a few Solchicks reviews that mentioned how they are a bit wary of the project because of the previous projects that William Wu handled.

Here’s what we found:

What is solchicks about is solchicks a scam old project William wu

It seems like William Wu had his first crypto project CatzCoin or $CATZ:

What is solchicks about is solchicks a scam old project William wu catzcoin

And HoneyX is a coin to act as a bridge for creators and consumers of OnlyFans to rid of platform fees. It was admitted that William Wu had abandoned the two projects and as per the statement from Solchicks, it was definitely not a rug pull because William himself did not sell his holdings on both. Both coins are still existent today and are continuing without him as William focused on Solchicks when September started.

Well, CatzCoin positioned itself as a meme coin at first that offered actual use (donation for stray cats). Meme coins like DOGE and SHIBA INU started the trend of producing “joke” coins and having a community that hypes it and helps it skyrocket “to the moon”. Meme coins are popular for having short-term rises and dips that enables traders to pump and dump assets.

Meme coins boomed and proliferated last May which is consistent with the timeline of the release of CatzCoin. And it also suffered the same fate as other meme tokens as most of them now are either slow on their development or dropped their activity.

While meme coins may have value for a while, they are not guaranteed to be good investments as they don’t have actual use or utility. Thus after the boom of meme coins came the rise of coins with proposed utilities. An example was HoneyX and it seems like it is still an ongoing project of a seemingly OnlyFans platform that also offers NFTs.

While some Solchicks reviews may find these previous projects alarming, in my opinion, these were good projects for a CEO to learn from and so he could govern his current project better. I believe that he has done the things for Solchicks, things that he wasn’t able to do so for his previous projects because they were able to find a number of good partnerships, they have comprehensive gameplay and whitepaper. Their marketing strategies seem to be well put into place too.

Later on in this article, I’ll talk about a few points that I believe are good indications that it is not a rug pull project. But is it enough proof that you should invest in it?

How Does Solchicks Work?

Now that we have discussed what Solchicks is about let’s look into how Solchicks work. Well for you to have a good view of an NFT game’s potential, you may want to look at the game demo that they released last November. You can try for yourself here and basically here’s what’s inside:

So far here are the things that you can do in the game:

  • PvP– test your Solchick and battle with other players
  • Raids– Battle with your friends against other group of Solchicks
  • Bond – You can play and feed your Solchicks to make them feel loved and healthy
  • Train– Get new skills and powerups to evolve your Solchick

What exactly are Solchicks?

Solchicks are the characters that you play in the game. Basically, these Solchicks are the NFTs sold in the upcoming in-game marketplace and their partner marketplaces which are listed below:

  • FTX
  • Solanart
  • Altura
  • Magic Eden
  • Digital Eyes
  • SolSea
  • SolShop
What is solchicks about is solchicks a scam rarity benefits

Solchicks’ Battle

For their Player vs Player (PvP) battle, you will be pitted against and matched with other players and teammates of the same level. Once you have reached a certain level you will then be able to participate in Raid Battles with the Solfox and it will be a co-op battle with other seasoned players.

Here are a few and upcoming features that they are doing for the game:

What is solchicks about is solchicks a scam future features
Future features of the game

Here is the sample interface of Solchicks when on the battle. It’s quite reminiscent of the Mobile Legends game:

What is solchicks about is solchicks a scam game interface

How to Buy Solchicks?

For now, you can get your Solchicks through the marketplaces mentioned above and here’s a comprehensive instruction from their website:

  1. First you need to have Solana tokens or SOL from the below exchanges:
For US Based BuyerFor Non-US based Buyers

2. You need to create a crypto wallet to store your SOL
You can click on the links to get instructions on how to create one. Here are the wallets that support Solana tokens

3. The SOL that you purchased from the exchange from Number 1 should be transferred now to the wallet that you created on Number 2.
First, you need to find your wallet address, this is the long string of letters and numbers unique for each one. Next, you send the SOL you acquired to your wallet.

4. Approve your transaction.
It may take up to 10 minutes for your deposit to appear in your wallet

5. Check your SOL balance on your wallet
Make sure you have SOL + gas fee (SOL is safe)  to be able to mint a SolChick

6. Mint a SolChick/acquire from the marketplace
They initially offered a chance to mint Solchicks on the initial stage of their release. But for now, you can only acquire Solchicks through the marketplaces they have partnered with.

7. Locate your SolChick NFT in your wallet
They recommend using Phantom or Solflare wallet so you can easily view your NFT on the NFT tab.

Limited Player Solution

Document leaks about Solchicks initially tried to taint the game. You can access the leaked documents on thesolchickpapers.com. But honestly, when I read through it, I realized that they have been very thorough with the game conception and their strategy with it. Here’s a part that I really liked which is also stated on their gameplay mechanics:

Since they plan to mint or create only 10,000 Solchicks, and even if they have bred, they won’t rely on it to increase the number of players. If Solchicks’ value goes up over time and if in case only a few are able to acquire them, they devised a way to help those people who don’t have an acquired NFT to still be able to play the game.

1. An inactive NFT owner can stake their NFT in the marketplace so it can be borrowed by non-NFT owners. With a separate account and profile from the NFT owner, the non-owner can use the Solchick to play and the income generated in the game will be split with the owner.

2. Players can create unlimited Solchicks (with no attributes like the Origin Solchicks) and they will look different from the origins. They will also earn a reduced share of game revenues and they cannot be bred and traded.

Honestly, I find this part a good consideration for those who may not be able to afford the future elusive price of such a great gameplay concept.

Have you checked the website of the leaks? What do you think?

Is Solchicks a scam?

How to Join Solchicks?

This Solchicks review was done as Solchicks is about to release their CHICKS token on the Solana network this December 6, 2021, and has been making news as it has been backed by 328 private investors!  The game is not yet released and according to their roadmap, it’s set to be launched by late Q4 and early Q1 next year.

The game’s token is set to be launched on 38 launchpads at a public price of $0.05 per token, but the number of investors plus its partners has rounded a number of pump-dump suspicions from some people especially when they learned of the history of projects of William Wu.

As it continued to make news especially when it launched its demo game last November its NFTs floor price has risen from 1.8 SOL to 17 SOL or $3,400!

So for now you can attempt to risk trading on the IDO or just wait for the game’s release and see if the tide has favoured them

Can You Make Money with Solchicks?

Solchicks is a Solana-based game in which you can acquire and breed Solchicks. You may exchange your Solchicks for SOL, USD, and other cryptocurrencies.

How to Make Money with Solchicks?

There are four different ways that you can earn from Solchicks.

  • Earning $CHICKS tokens through rankings and leaderboard because it has governance rights
  • Earning from in-game rewards (NFT items for your Solchick and other in-game currency tokens) which can be traded on real world exchanges
  • Breeding SolChicks and selling them in the marketplace
  • Earning SolCoins (the in-game currency) that can be used for various purposes in the game to improve return on time for players

If you’re familiar with Axie Infinity, they seem to have almost the same structure with its token attributions but they offer a different game mode as it will be an MMORPG and not just 2-dimensional gameplay. You can read our previous review on Axie Infinity here and below is the almost same features that they have:

  • $CHICKS = $AXS
  • They rank through MMR
  • Solcoins, SLC, other in-game currency and rewards= SLP
  • Origin Solchicks (10,000) = Origin Axies (4,088)
  • Breeding
What is solchicks about is solchicks a scam game economy
Solchicks’ game economy

What is Solchicks About? Is Solchicks a Scam?

Hesitations and scam nuances of an upcoming NFT project, be it a coin or game, are totally normal. Especially as it is making a great noise. Because there is a great chance that when the initial trade happens, illegitimate projects may pull the rug and leave everyone with their mouths hanging. The previous projects of the CEO have added to the flame of fear, uncertainty and doubt.

But honestly, I think this game has great potential especially if the actual game is true as what the demo gameplay showed. Plus add the fact that the CEO registered a company dedicated to it. Why go through the bother of creating a company if you’re just going to scam people with your website right? I believe that the risks in the acquisition of Solchicks rely solely on the dips and highs of when they put out their CHICKS token on December 6, 2021.

If you’re not familiar with cryptocurrency projects, most early investors and partners have a vesting period. Rug pulls happen when a project doesn’t really have actual partners and when their partners are given all allotted tokens at once. Most likely initial offerings will have a great wave of activity, greater dips and lows, and that is normal.

What’s not normal is when every token allocated to early investors are given all at once, because it risks the chances of having rug pulls.

As with Solchicks, they have indicated that “25% unlocked at TGE and 75% unlocked linearly in 3 months”. This alone plus the game demo has given us a glimpse of a chance that Solchicks is not a likely scam.

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not a Solchicks investor myself yet and this is not financial advice but an honest opinion of an upcoming project.

I have researched the website, its whitepaper, and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what Solchicks is about to offer. This is because I have been burnt from other cryptocurrency projects just that dipped in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn Ways to Avoid Online Scams then click the highlighted text. 

5 Important Details

  1. It has released its game demo which is most likely the standard that is to be expected by players when the full game is released
  2. SolChicks Limited was registered as a company in Hongkong just last November 3
  3. Last October a user has leaked its files
  4. The CHICKS token release this December 6 is most likely to have dips and highs as every other token generation event, so be wary if you want to participate
  5. Current floor price (December 4, 2021) of SolChicks NFT amounts to $3,400

Solchicks Review

Most of the Solchicks reviews that you may find are about the hesitations of people about the project, which is very normal because it hasn’t been released yet. Up until there have been updates and when the project is fully released, then that’s the time that we can actually evaluate the track that Solchicks is taking in.

What I Like About Solchicks

  1. An extensive list of partners and investors
  2. Good gameplay overview
  3. Has a great demo gameplay
  4. Has partner marketplaces
  5. Has integrated plan in case of future price scaling

What I Don’t Like About Solchicks

  1. Solchicks NFTs currently has a $3,000+ floor price
  2. Risk of pump-and-dump
  3. No reviews yet as it is yet to be released
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My Opinion – Solchicks

If the real Solchicks game is truly like its demo gameplay, then I believe it’s a promising venture. Remember the days when you had doubts about Axie Infinity? I’m not saying that this game is going to take the trajectory like Axie Infinity because as every NFT game is, there is a chance that it will become like the other cryptocurrency games that waned their following due to developer updates and features that users didn’t like.

It should be mentioned that Solchicks game is truly expensive but if it pushes through with the extensive details promised on their website, then there’s a greater chance that regular people can have access to the game.

Up until it is released, people may have their doubts and have notions that Solchicks is a scam. But as for me, I believe I wouldn’t bother setting up a company named like it if I have no plans of pursuing it.

Now, do I recommend this?

For me Yes. Yes, but I only recommend it for those who have previous experience with cryptocurrency games and those that know the inherent risks of trading tokens. If you’re not a player type, you may choose to ride the rises and dips of the governance tokens and the in-game currencies. However if you want to play it, then you should first have enough financial resources and one that you’re willing to risk because any trading or anything related to cryptocurrency does not guarantee returns.

However, a part of me also says “No” because as with every game, most are easy to learn but they are also simultaneously difficult to master. Plus it’s very expensive and may likely be more expensive after its token release.

But it’s truly all up to you if you want to try it. Let me just repeat that every form of cryptocurrency trading has its risks, so only trade or invest an amount that you’re willing to lose.

Do your own research, I have given you an initial overview of the project. How it unfolds months later is not covered by the extent of this article.

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Louee Gonzales Author

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She has a degree in Psychology, and quick fact: she can’t read your mind. She has authored articles on the School of Positive Transformation.


starts from $3400



Income Opportunity






Business Model



  • An extensive list of partners and investors
  • Good gameplay overview
  • Has a great demo gameplay
  • Has partner marketplaces
  • Has integrated plan in case of future price scaling


  • Solchicks NFTs currently has a $3,000+ floor price
  • Risk of pump-and-dump
  • No reviews yet as it is yet to be released

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  1. We sure are glad that you shared the important details of this SolChicks and uncovered the truth behind this company and the cryptocurrency they hold. We are going to take your second option and will run with this platform you mention.
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  2. I heard about Solchicks so went looking online for an honest Solchicks review so am glad to have found your comprehensive Solchicks review. I did not know that there is cryptocurrency game that need to be played in order to make money. It sound like a gambling website for me.

  3. Thank you for your honest Solchicks review and telling us that you recommended it for people with experience. It is good to see that the program has real creators. I am frankly tired of many scams with fake avatars.

  4. From the sound of things, maybe it’s still very new. Potential but risky. NFTs are the rage now. If SOLchicks floor price is $3k plus, I can imagine how much one can earn from bidders.

    However, $3k is a substantially large amount to start off with. I agree with you, there are less riskier ways to earn money.

    Personally, I have $SOL in my portfolio and I think it’s a fantastic project. As for games and play to earn matters, zero knowledge. I think it’s refreshing to see a review of crypto games, for those who loves gaming and have time on their hands. So thank you for this Solchicks review!

    Look forward to see your other crypto related reviews.


  5. I am always wary of cryptocurrency, but I was intrigued by the term “SolChicks” and wanted to learn more by reading this article. Although SolChicks does not appear to be a scam, I find it too complicated for a novice in the market. The current floor price of $3.4K for SolChicks NFT and the risk of pump-and-dump make it a risky venture.

    Surely, there have to be other easier ways to make money online………..I believe your Wealthy Affiliate affiliate marketing option is more viable and definitely worth exploring further.



  6. Hi Ceci,
    Thank you for taking the time to read my honest Solchicks review.
    Yes I agree with your concerns as a novice. Solchicks entry is approx $3,400 (or 17 Solana (SOL)) so this is risky for a new game, with lots of competition and also risk of pump and dump with any new games or crypto asset projects.
    So that’s why I say this is really only suitable for those with previous experience with cryptocurrency trading and games.
    Further that Solchicks is Not Recommended for people who are financially unstable and those who have no idea of the risks in crypto trade and gaming.

    There are a lot of risks to be aware of from any new crypto project as well as losing any money you put into this scheme.

    So I would much rather build a real online business that helps people than this unproven game that has high risks. Affiliate Marketing with the training and mentoring community I recommend is fact based, proven since 2005 and high quality (Training, tools, mentoring, community & support) and for reasonable pricing. This is why I recommend this over all others. And yes, there is no need for any credit card information to create a free account to see if it suits your style.
    Hope to see you on this inside, John

  7. Hey Sam, thank you for reading my honest Solchicks Review.
    Thanks also for sharing your concerns around the high entry cost to play Solchicks.

    I too have SOL in my crypto assets portfolio and have firm belief in Solana as a solid layer 1 solution. Solana is growing in terms of developer activity, total value locked (TVL) and institutional investment. It is part of my dollar cost averaging (DCA) buys each time. However Solchicks is a Play-To-Earn (P2E) NFT game under Solana and is a completely different risk and rewards proposition. I think it is best suited to those with experience with cryptocurrency trading and games.

    The rest of us would do well to consider the pros and cons of Solchicks I have highlighted in this Solchicks review as well as the risks. There are other safer, surer ways to make money online where you can get trained and learn real skills to build your own online business.

    Personally I love crypto related reviews so will keep them coming.

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    That’s why I feel the need to prepare these honest reviews to help people find the truth and be aware of the risks before putting in their hard earned money. And also to consider whether what is the right business model for them if people want to make money online from home.

  9. Hey Matthew & Deloris,
    Thank you for reading my honest Solchicks review.
    Yes I agree, Solchicks is not for everyone. There are a lot of risks to be aware of from any new crypto project as well as this crypto play to earn game. The reality is many will risk losing any money they put into this scheme.

    So I would much rather build a real online business that helps people than this unproven game that has high risks. Personally I invest in solid crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Solana. And what better way than to earn income from your online business to invest in those blue chip crypto assets.

  10. Hi Mohammed,
    I’m glad you liked my Solchicks review and pleased that it helped.
    Solchicks is a Play-To-Earn (P2E) massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that is similar in nature to the already popular Axie Infinity.
    It suits people with a certain risk profile and interests, notably those with previous experience with cryptocurrency trading and games.

    For everyone else the risks can make it seem like gambling as you say.

  11. I love this project. Great developers and utility.

  12. Hi Jesse,
    Thank you for reaching out with your comments and feedback about Solchicks.
    I am glad that you took the time to read my honest Solchicks Review.

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