Is Field Agent a Scam? Read This Guide and Find Out the 100% Absolute Truth! – Earn From Your Laptop

Is Field Agent a Scam? Read This Guide and Find Out the 100% Absolute Truth!

Apps have been a good way to make money or take advantage of excellent deals since the birth of smartphones.   

Is Field Agent a scam

This app promises to be able to help you earn money.

When you become an “agent”, you will be requested to use your smartphone to capture images, videos, and different bits of information from establishments around the country.

Businesses utilize the information that agents gather to better serve their consumers. For many firms, the information gathered by agents may be the difference between success and failure.

The amazing part about it is that you may earn money while shopping. 

The real question that we still have yet to answer, though – Is field agent a scam? 

First of all, I admire your enthusiasm for doing your part to research this topic beforehand. This is the best way to keep yourself safe from encountering website offers that turn into scams and find better ways to earn legitimate money.

I’d also like to point out that my review will be a bit different from the majority of the others you’ve read.

I have NO ties to the business I evaluate, so you will never be subjected to a sales pitch. I merely relay the material I discover and leave the ultimate decision to you.

In this Field Agent review, I’ll explain how the Field Agent operates, how much you can get paid, and mention any concerns I come across. I suggest reading the full review since each part has useful information. 

Field Agent Review Summary – What is Field Agent All About? 

Company: Field Agent

Price: Free

Founders: Rick West, Henry Ho, Kelly Miller

Best For: Those who want a quick part-time job

Summary:  Field agent allows you to look for bargains and get paid for tasks.

Rating: 34/100

Recommended: Not recommended

Let’s get down to it, shall we? What is Field Agent All About?

Field Agent, which was launched in 2010, is an application for IOS and Android mobile users that lets online bargain hunters make money by taking offers like taking surveys, uploading videos, taking pictures, and giving their own observations for improvement to popular brands so they can understand their consumers better and utilize that information to implement better standards for their services. 

With a 4.8 star rating in the App Store, Field Agent presently has over 1 million users earning money from these tasks.

The app is also available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, and Ecuador, making it one of the most globally accessible gig applications available.

The genuinely distinctive feature of Field Agent, however, is that you must do tasks outdoors and find new items, which might be a terrific alternative to doing surveys at home all day or utilizing numerous microtask websites.

How Does Field Agent Work Exactly? 

Is Field Agent a scam - Field Agent review

Field Agent collaborates alongside large corporations such as Coca-Cola, Walmart, as well as others. 

Field Agent has businesses that are seeking individuals to perform minor tasks, and it is up to Field Agent to locate someone who will do the work.

When you join, you will have access to a list of open positions, which you may secure.

The work will be determined by the position you are applying for. Furthermore, the work is typically done in your local shop, and you must normally travel to the necessary store.

These are the kinds of activities you will do, such as submitting a picture or video, taking a survey on your experience, and more.

What Kind of Jobs Could You be Completing for in Field Agent? 

Is Field Agent a scam - Field Agent review 2

Field Agent includes four stages that vary depending on the kind of work you want to do.

The steps are as follows:

  • Visit a particular shop
  • Look for a particular product or display.
  • Take a picture of it or many pictures of it.
  • Respond to a few questions

Before you begin, make sure you have carefully read all of the directions for each task because if you don’t, you won’t have the job authorized, and you’ll be wasting your time.

Entertaining Scavenger Hunts By Field Agent

This one is now receiving a lot of bad comments from other members. The reason for this is because this one is very complex and quite hard to follow according to some users. 

I’ll be honest and say that I have not tried the Scavenger Hunts at all so I cannot really say for sure how complex it is but… 

What you should realize is that they are product hunts rather than job searches.

Typically, you will just get a generic product description and the Unique Product Code (UPC).

Then you must locate the product and meet the task criteria.

Sometimes the item you’re searching for with the precise description is already in your home. However, there are instances when you must spend a significant amount of time attempting to determine what goods you are searching for.

So … if you have some time to spare, this would probably make a good pastime! 

Take note though, Field agent is very strict especially when it comes to their requirements. So if they mention that they need a video along with your submission and you don’t follow, they will deny your entry altogether. 

At the end of the day, no matter how many photos you take, you don’t follow the instructions.. You would’ve already wasted a lot of time. 

Monthly Field Agent Ticket Raffles 

This is not a paid assignment, and it has no bearing whatsoever on your agent score.

You will be offered the opportunity to win a cash reward in their monthly draw if you accept this ticket task on a routine basis.

So this one will be based on chance since there will be a large number of participants, and there is no assurance that you will succeed.

How Do You Join Field Agent? 

Is Field Agent a scam - Field Agent review 3

To begin, you must first download the app to your mobile device. You may get the software from Google Play or the App Store.

When the download is complete, use the app to fill up your profile and answer some questions.

When it is completed and you have become a Field Agent member, you will then be given access to a list of tasks that are available within your area.

You’ll instantly notice the variety of jobs that you can take advantage of

When you find something that you like, you may start it immediately or later.

Just keep in mind that you must finish the task within 2 hours after reserving it, or you will lose it, and your agent score will suffer as a result, or your employer may be jeopardized in the future.

So you must consider if you are capable of completing the task in two hours or not.

How Much Money Can You Make With Field Agent?

On-Field Agents may earn between $1 and $12 per hour, depending on the job and the country in which they reside.

Each task pays differently, so before you reserve them, consider if you can perform the work and finish it within the time restriction.

Also, based on my research, I’ve read that if you’re active, you might make $1,000 or more in a month..

It is feasible to earn that amount, but it will need a significant amount of time and work on your part, and there is no assurance that you will be able to do so.

The downside of this work is that you will wind up running about since the app will inform you where you are going next to your next assignment, and it will also cost you extra money in transportation if the job is not in that area.

Just remember to properly follow the directions or you will not get compensated and your efforts will be in vain.

Furthermore, there is no assurance that a position will be offered in your area.

How Will You Be Paid?

On-Field Agent, you may pay out through direct deposit or PayPal, whichever you choose.

The great thing about Field Agent is that you may cash out whenever you finish a job, and you will get your money in 2-3 business days after requesting a payment.

The ways of payment may vary depending on where you reside.

Who Can Use Field Agent? 

Field Agent is now accessible in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Mexico, South Africa, and Ecuador.

You cannot create an account if you do not reside in those countries.

Field Agent Online Reviews & Comments

Based on my research, there are a lot of people who seem to be doing well, while the others are down on their luck. Let’s take a look at some of the things people say about this site:

Common Positive Reviews:

is field agent a scam?
Is field agent legit?

Common Negative Reviews

Is field agent a scam?
is field agent legit?

What I like about Field Agent: 

  1. The idea is similar to Uber for small tasks. In reality, however, given the amount of complaints, it seems that there are still some kinks to work out.
  1. Minimum payout threshold is low (around nothing).
  1. If you engage your children, it will be a valuable tool in helping them develop an entrepreneurial mentality.

What I don’t Like about Field Agent: 

  1. There aren’t enough jobs.
  1. As previously stated, most rural people will be unable to utilize Field Agent.
  1. If you’re not careful, your time and money may rapidly pile up.
  1. There is no possibility for passive income. You perform a task and get paid just once. The wonderful thing about earning money online is that you can do something once and be rewarded again. That is not an option with Field Agent.

Ready to make Passive Income Online?
Hi, I’m John. I created a passive income online. And I had no marketing skills or online experience when I started.

Is Field Agent App a Scam?

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not a user of Field Agent myself and I do not endorse it in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials, and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what Field Agent genuinely does and how Field Agent works. This is because I have been burnt from programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn Ways to Avoid Online Scams then click the highlighted text. 

I really enjoy this app; the logo is nice, the app itself is simple to use, and the sign-up procedure was smooth.

I don’t believe the Field Agent app is a scam; I simply wish there were more jobs accessible in my region.

As I previously said, if you reside in a big US city with lots of employment opportunities, you might be onto a nice little part-time earner with this one, but if you don’t, it’s doubtful you’ll make any real money.

If you want my advice, instead of earning a few bucks here and there with applications like these, check out my HIGHLY RECOMMENDED make money online course.

It will show you by far the greatest method to make a genuine income online that I’ve ever seen. I built a profitable internet online business for myself by following the training and instructions, and you can do the same.

Is There Something Better Than Field Agent? 

Is all the information mentioned above enough to justify – is field agent a scam?

As we have thoroughly discussed in this field agent review, Field Agent is an excellent app for earning additional money in your free time. However, this is not a job that you want to do full-time since it is a waste of time, and as you can see, earning money on this app is difficult.

If you’re looking for ways to make money online and want to generate a full-time income, I suggest you look into Affiliate Marketing.

This is the business plan that I usually suggest to newcomers.

Affiliate marketing is very simple to get started, and the income potential is almost limitless.

All you actually need to get started with affiliate marketing the correct way is appropriate and high-quality training.

The training I’ve been utilizing to develop my online business and earn a livelihood is much more comprehensive. It covers all areas of the online business and teaches you all of the industry’s best practices.

It will show you how to create an internet presence from the bottom up. The course also focuses on free organic traffic, which is the most effective source of traffic.

This will enable you to earn a living from your online business full-time. What’s more, once your internet presence is established, it will continue to produce revenue for years to come. It really is the passive income that everyone desires.

Despite the fact that it covers all you need to know about affiliate marketing, it will not overwhelm you. Every course includes step-by-step instructions. They are simple to follow regardless of your skill level or prior expertise. 

So rather than attempting to earn only pocket change by fiddling with mobile applications in your free time, my advice is to spend your time developing your own long-term online business that will provide you with consistent revenue. FREE to get started and if you want to potentially earn a full time income, going premium with everything you need is just $49/month.

In the end, you’ll gain essential skills and earn more money than you would playing with survey sites! I will personally mentor you and help you get started – Just click on the link to find out more!

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Field Agent


Ease of use


Earning Potential


Job Availability




Customer Service



  • Low Payout Threshold
  • Easy to Learn
  • Easy jobs
  • Comprehensive


  • Not Enough Jobs
  • Not available in all areas
  • Low income potential
  • Low Accuracy for Job Locations