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Is Paid2Tap A Scam? Can You Really Earn With Paid2Tap?

You have probably seen a lot of websites offering their users to get paid by taking surveys, downloading apps, or just clicking an ad. With all these kinds of apps immensely emerging, how can we really know what’s legit or not? 

Paid-to-earn apps have garnered attention, especially for people trying to make a quick buck. With all this attention from pay-to-click apps or websites, you may be led to believe that this is an easy way to earn money and to try it.

However, are these sites really legit? Paid2Tap is one of these pay-per-click websites that offer a big amount of earnings to their members. The hype that Paid2Tap is gaining is amazingly incredible that will really convince anyone who reads the reviews to get started. But hold up! Let’s discuss the legitimacy of Paid2Tap as we dig deeper into their offer, their origin and the reviews we see online.

Is paid2tap a scam?

Is Paid2Tap A Scam? Here’s the review summary… 

Product Name: Paid2Tap

Founder: Willard Clarke

Price: Free.

Rating: 50/100

Best For Teenagers & Adults 18 years old and above

Recommended: Not Recommended for people looking for a stable income flow.

What is Paid2Tap About: Paid2Tap is a survey site where people get paid to do tasks.

Summary: Paid2Tap is a site where you can answer surveys, click on ads, or download apps in exchange for rewards that are convertible to cash.

What is Paid2Tap?

Paid2Tap is an earning site that makes the same promises as most of its predecessors. You have probably grown tired of easy-to-make but impossible-to-keep promises that they make to defraud unsuspecting users.

Paid2Tap promises to “literally” pay their members to tap. According to the official website, “a member can earn $500 per day at home, work, or school. Paid2Tap will also pay for every successful invite, survey, testing free apps, and more”.

Paid2Tap is based out of the Netherlands, incorporated as a property with over a million shares since its launch.

How Does Paid2Tap Work?

If you are planning to join this platform, you must pay attention here, as the promoter claims these are the activities that should fetch you about $8,000 per month as advertised. But do you really believe that’s possible?

Signing up for this platform is easy. You only need a working email address to use when signing up. Payment information can be added later on. To open the website, you can use any browser to access the registration form as soon as you load the website. 

Fill out the form with your details and verifying your email is not needed. What’s shocking is you’ll get $25 by just signing up!

Below are the tasks you can do with Paid2Tap to earn.

Testing Apps

Paid2Tap pays its members $25 to test several apps. While this does not sound bad, paying thousands of members $25 can actually let a developer buy a lot of apps online.

Taking Surveys

By just answering some surveys on their website, Paid2Tap will pay $50 or more for each member. Any platform that pays over $5 for any survey is giving away money or scamming people. That’s for sure.

Inviting Members

For every click of the invite link, a member will get $2 for that. For every sign-up from the invitation link, each will get $10. 

Talking about the withdrawal of earnings on Paid2Tap, adding a payment method is the first step. Through the Cash Out button, you’ll be able to transfer your earnings to your preferred method. 

Can You Earn With Paid2Tap?

Upon doing thorough research, people claim that you can earn through the said website. Some said they didn’t get paid. 

Up to this date, there is no solid proof that members were able to cash out their earnings from Paid2Tap. This is a very common issue with pay-per-click websites. 

But given that $$$ reflect on members’ Paid2Tap account, maybe at some point you can still earn, however, there’s no way you can cash out the money as there has been nobody to prove that part. 

While some pay-to-click websites allow their members to earn, with Paid2Tap, even Trustpilot reviews are no longer convincing. 

How To Earn With Paid2Tap?

As mentioned earlier, there are different ways to earn through the Paid2Tap website. Members who have successfully signed up, have options on how to earn money through a specific task.

Testing apps, taking surveys, and inviting members to sign up with the website are the ways you can earn with Paid2Tap. 

Tasks refresh daily. Members have to keep refreshing to see new tasks available for them. The tasks given are random and do not follow any order. A member might receive only one task in a day depending on the site’s algorithm.

When a task is finished or considered done, rewards or money ($) is given to them i.e., given to their account. For every task, there is a corresponding rate or money to be rewarded to the member.

There is no fixed rate as to what the member will receive per finished task. Rewards depend on the affiliated product and Paid2Tap itself.

Paid2Tap Reviews

Paid2Tap also has a testimonials page showing some of the Trustpilot reviews which for all we know, might also be fake. You will see all the characteristics of paid Trustpilot reviews there, with many people quitting their 9-5 jobs to focus on working with the platform.

Common Positive Paid2App Reviews

Based on trusted review websites such as Trustpilot, I have gathered a few reviews stating that this website is legit and will surely pay as they promised. Here are some reviews I got online;

These reviews are definitely positive although people can just make that up to lift the app’s reputation. There is no solid proof such as screenshots of successful cashouts.

Common Negative Paid2App Reviews

Just like any other website, I found a number of negative reviews online to support the claim of which Paid2Tap is a scam.

There are plenty of testimonials you can find online and even on social media platforms expressing their dismay with Paid2Tap.

Is Paid2Tap A Scam?

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not an affiliate of Paid2Tap myself and I do not endorse it in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials, and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what Paid2Tap genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt by programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn Ways to Avoid Online Scams then click the highlighted text. 

Is Paid2Tap a scam? Paid2Tap is most likely to be a scam. The reviews you see on their website are fake. There is no way to make $8,000 a month by just answering surveys or clicking on ads.

If you are smart enough to quit your job for the platform, I will suggest that you start looking for another job as soon as possible. There are so many false claims on their website that I do not even know where to start. However, let me keep it organized and start by debunking their “trusted” lies.

Paid2Tap is full of lies. They claim they are trusted in over 140 countries and by a series of high-profile websites and news outlets. As per my research, there is no news from trusted news outlets talking about the legitimacy of Paid2Tap.

Is paid2tap a scam? - no mention on Forbes website
Forbes has not even published a single article about them. Almost all of the Trustpilot testimonials you see online are posted from Nigeria and some from India. I can assure you that the foundation of this website is not from the Netherlands as they claim.

Also, I was able to dig into the matter where they require their members to give them a 5-star review before getting their “payment” and they indeed require such action before allowing their members to cash out their earnings.

What I Like About Paid2Tap…

Let’s talk about the idea of which Paid2Tap exist to pay their members with simple actions or tasks. That’s more likely what I like about them. However, this does not mean that I am saying they are legit.

Based on what they offer or they promise, earning some quick bucks by just clicking ads or taking surveys is a simple task to do especially for those who want to earn a few dollars given if what they claim is really true then it’s a good thing.

What I Don’t Like About Paid2Tap…

What I most definitely do not like about Paid2Tap is the dishonesty. A lot of people have spent their time clicking, downloading, or doing the tasks they’re asked to and not getting the money they earned.

Most of these people who have tried Paid2Tap are in the hopes of earning money but ended up getting scammed. They have done countless tasks but end up not being able to cash out the earnings they have accumulated and that made them feel scammed.

Final Thoughts

Is Paid2Tap a scam? I hate raining on people’s parades but I most definitely think that Paid2Tap is a scam. Aside from there being no business registration online, their testimonials have no solid proof of cash out.

Sure it’s a good thing they came up with the idea of paying people to do tasks for them but no one, literally no one has proved their legitimacy. Words can be altered.

After digging for information all over the internet, I haven’t found a single reason to be convinced that Paid2Tap is legit.

If you’re looking to find some side hustles, better to do some legit work. Hard work pays off. Don’t go for the easy way. There is no shortcut to earning big.

Rather than attempting to make only pocket change by answering surveys in your free time, my advice is to spend your time creating your own long-term online business that will provide you with consistent revenue. FREE to get started and if you earn a full-time income, going premium with everything you need is just $49/month.

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Elizabeth has been a content writer and SEO article writer for over a decade already. Throughout those years, she was able to explore different niches to broaden her writing experience. As a writer, Elizabeth believes that there is no such thing as bad writing, every writer has their own way of expressing thoughts and every writing style is an art that needs deeper appreciation and understanding.



Established Company




Earning Opportunity



  • Accumulate rewards for bigger earning.
  • Accomplish simple tasks to earn rewards.


  • No cashout available.
  • Some rewards are not credited after finishing task.
  • Clicking on ads can be harmful to device.
  • Downloading apps can allow viruses to entire users' device.

4 thoughts on “Is Paid2Tap A Scam? Can You Really Earn With Paid2Tap?”

  1. Hi, Elisabeth, thank you for un-earthing yet another Scam! If the country of origin could be falsified, testimonials faked, yet what they promise to pay is too good to be true, then Paid2Tap is a scam. It is unfortunate that such scams flood the internet to prey on people’s need for a side hustle. Personally, I tried participating in online surveys, and even though I had registered with more than two companies, I barely made $10 a month from the surveys. Such portrayed generosity, on part of Paid2Tap, is simply to lure people to register. Thank you once again for this review.

  2. I heard about Paid2Tap so wanted to find out the truth so am glad I found your review online.  With so many apps and survey sites being launched on a regular basis, it is sometimes hard to keep up with all the new releases. Although one can earn money with some survey sites and clicking on apps and ads, it is often not a lot of money. With Paid2Tap even though it appears that one can earn a significant amount of money (through their claims!), and getting $25 just for signing up. 

    But the big issue seems to be that there is no evidence that once one has earned the money, that you will actually have the money paid out to you. I am very skeptical that it is worth joining Paid2Tap, as there is the possibility that you will not actually be able to cash out your earnings. 

    Thank you for the heads up on this site. 

  3. Hello Joseph! I appreciate your response to my honest Paid2Tap review. Thank you for sharing your comment and experience. It is really unfortunate how people have exerted their efforts and spent their time doing these surveys and gained too little or worse nothing at all.

  4. Thank you for reading my honest Paid2Tap review.  You have really picked on the key downsides in playing this game, plus the lack of convincing evidence that real people are actually making money from it.
    I agree there are far better and more productive ways to spend your time – such as building a real online business.  That is what I do and help others to do that same.

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