5 Best SEO Tools that Help to Improve Search Engine Rankings

Digital marketing of an online business is all about competing in the game of rankings. The purpose is to present products or services ahead of the competitors to achieve profitable opportunities. However, this effort is brought down to search engine optimization of a website based on multiple factors.

To improve the SEO of your website, you may need various content marketing and site auditing tools. Moreover, you may have to analyze your competitors to learn about new ranking strategies.

Having the right online tools can help you achieve better rankings online. To help you in this article, we will present the 5 best SEO tools that help to improve search engine rankings. These tools provide distinct options and features to achieve better results and accuracy.

5 Best SEO Tools that Help to Improve Search Engine Rankings

5 Best SEO Tools for Improving Site Ranking

Achieving a better position in the SERPs requires a lot of on-page and off-page SEO strategies. Each of these tools would help you to work on a particular area of your website, which would help you to secure better rankings online.


If you are looking for an all-in-one ranking solution, then Editpad would be the right choice for you. This platform offers various writing assistance tools and utilities to help you rank better in the SERPs

5 Best SEO Tools that Help to Improve Search Engine Rankings Editpad

This platform offers more than 100 search engine optimization tools for free. The best among these tools is the plagiarism checker and paraphrasing tool, which ensures the quality of your content by scanning and removing plagiarism from the same platform.

Key Features

  • Available as an online and mobile application.
  • Provides NotePad
  • Allows free access to a complete range of writing tools.
  • Supports a wide wide array of languages.
  • Supports bulk image scanning for the image-to-text converters.

Google Search Console

Google is the most widely used search engine that provides support from its platform to check the quality of the content. It provides you with data about the search metrics of your website. Moreover, it gives you insights into the usability of your website, site indexing, and keyword performance on various web pages.

5 Best SEO Tools that Help to Improve Search Engine Rankings Google Search Console

With Google Search Console, you can easily identify the poorly performing keywords, highlight the areas with low click-through rates, and fix sitemap issues for an overall optimization score. All the features can be accessed with the help of a Google account.

Key Features

  • Provides detailed index coverage support.
  • Identifies indexing issues in your website.
  • Provides a URL inspection tool to give a perspective of Google.
  • Analyzes the technical performance of your site.
  • Provides coverage analysis for your website.


SEMrush is another all-in-one platform to cover your search engine optimization needs. This tool is best for a business’s online marketing as it provides a detailed overview of your website. Moreover, it offers a complete range of tools you need to create high-quality content.

5 Best SEO Tools that Help to Improve Search Engine Rankings SEMrush

You can find new link-building opportunities and improve the technical SEO of your site with detailed SEMrush reporting. You can also identify issues like dead web pages and bad structure that prevent your website from achieving better rankings online.

Key Features

  • Best for competitor analysis.
  • Suggests keywords achieve better rankings.
  • It helps to initiate better SEO and PPC campaigns with detailed reporting.
  • Assists in understanding customer behavior with your web pages.
  • Provides several options for digital marketing and advertisement.


Backlinking is an effective way of raising your site’s ranking in the highest spots of search engine page results. And for these reasons, Ahrefs should be included in your SEO toolkit. Ahrefs is one of the best SEO tools for backlink analysis and technical SEO.

5 Best SEO Tools that Help to Improve Search Engine Rankings Ahrefs

With this tool, you can generate organic search reports to analyze your competitor’s website traffic. Like many other auditing tools, Ahrefs brings numerous benefits, which are mentioned as its features down below.

Key Features

  • Best tool for backlink audits.
  • Provides details on URL rankings.
  • Suitable for performing detailed competitor analysis.
  • Assists in monitoring outbound links.
  • Gives the ranking history of a website.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Once you have performed all the analysis and applied the defined strategies on your website, the next step is to analyze the performance of your website. Google PageSpeed Insights does precisely what it says in the name. It is a free online tool that helps you to explore the site’s performance.

5 Best SEO Tools that Help to Improve Search Engine Rankings Google PageSpeed insights

The loading speed of your site can lead to better rankings as it affects the user experience directly. A website with a better loading speed can rank higher in search engine results. This online tool analyzes the website for both mobile and desktop versions.

Key Features

  • Provides suggestions to improve site speed.
  • Present a detailed report on webpage loading.
  • Gives a performance score to your webpages and websites for better analysis.
  • Provides real-life-based data results.
  • Free to access for everyone.


Search engine optimization has become a need of time for digital marketers and online businesses. It may seem like a single strategy, but it involves a range of tools and techniques that help enhance a website’s overall performance.

This article featured 5 critical tools that can help you to achieve better rankings. We presented the features and working of each tool to elaborate their usage for improving a website’s performance and ranking. We hope this article provided helpful information about search engine optimization tools and their application.

What tools are you currently using to improve your websites SEO?

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