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What is C4U Capital? In-depth Investigation of A Risky Website

What is C4U Capital? If you’re looking for answers about “Is C4U capital a scam” then here’s a definitive investigation about it. While it poses as a trading platform, we’ve discovered that it poses more danger than just that…

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What is c4U capital: Summary

Product Name: C4U Capital


Price: Minimum of 285 USD

Rating: 1/100

Best For: None

Recommended: Not Recommended

What is C4U About: C4U presents itself as an online trading platform

Summary: Without any associated company mentioned in their website, no credible or known people being associated with it, plus the different advisories about it by government firms it remains to be a risky investment platform especially as none of the founders or personas associated with the brand are recognized in regulated finance and trading institutions.

What is c4U capital About?

When you look at C4U Capital’s website you may find it very cartoony like a typical e-commerce website which is easy on the eyes but truly less professional than what you might expect from a trading website.

What is c4u capital website

Something about the account creation area shifted away from C4U Capital’s friendly and kind design to a very different looking registration tool, with no similarities in user interface. In other words this is nowhere near identical as dozens or even hundreds of other brokers’ portal designs!

But they provided access to a client dashboard, which is more than can be said for many other brokers. The user area centers around an easy-to navigate website trader that offers trading in forex currency pairs, indexes stocks cryptocurrencies and commodities with just one click of the mouse.

The website of C4U Capital claims that they offer an average EUR/USD cost for trading at just 2 pips, which is on the verge if being too high when generating profit. The leverage value capped at 1:100 although this information was taken from their site so it may not exactly reflect what you can expect in terms or returns available with such high-leverage trades. Here’s how the trading platform looks inside of C4U Capital:

What is c4u capital trading paltform

But even with this almost promising front of the platform there isn’t any information on what company they are under or who owns it. Usually these information can be found on the Terms of Condition or Privacy Policy pages, however they only mentioned C4U Capital without mentioning the actualy company name registration they are under.

But we did find that they mentioned “Polish Government” which now gives us a lead on where to look for their legitimate registraion.

Upon initial sweep of the website and its contents I’m not confident at all on the platform. But we’ll amke sure to go over the actual details and investigate on the information that they have presented.

How about you, what do you think, is C4U Capital a scam?

Let’s first compare what a Pyramid scheme, affiliate, MLM and what a Ponzi is so that you can fully understand what the platform is as we go on this C4U review.

What is a Pyramid Scheme?

An affiliate opportunity, an MLM, or a pyramid scheme is the most frequent type of investment offering that provides incentives for recruiting. Let’s discuss the three and what a Ponzi scheme is later in this piece before I tell you what I think about it.

The reward of an affiliate marketing opportunity is that you may get perks if you have referred individuals to buy the brand’s goods or services as a consequence of your efforts. On the other hand, an MLM is a marketing technique in which you both refer people to acquire things or services and become their upline, but you profit depending on how lucrative the

An affiliate and an MLM have several distinctions in common. An affiliate is free to select the firm they want to collaborate with, whereas an MLM will focus on promoting only the company’s product and will aggressively seek recruits for incentives. Although some MLM solutions and services are beneficial, not everyone will enjoy them.

Why is it not for everyone?

1. You may need excellent connections and influence to attract individuals to join your downline.

2. To keep up your level perks, you must look after and maintain your downlines.

3 . Some MLMs aren’t profitable, while others promise a certain amount of money but fail to deliver because their income disclaimers state otherwise.

A pyramid scheme is similar to an MLM only that it’s unlawful and unregulated. A Ponzi scheme, on the other hand, is an illegal and an unregulated investment venture with unrealistic earnings and high returns with no risk.

Is c4u capital a Pyramid Scheme? Or is it a ponzi?

To determine whether C4U Capital is a pyramid scheme or a Ponzi, we’ll need to check for its registration. Why? Because no company, even one dealing with cryptocurrency, is exempt from the SEC’s requirements to be first registered. Some may tell you that you don’t have to register because cryptocurrencies are supposed to be “decentralized” but the truth is any trading platform has to register itself!

Consider this: what if a firm decided to rug pull all of its assets… who will you call if it’s not a legitimate company?

If a firm isn’t registered yet decides to accept all of its members’ investments on one day, a company with both a registration and a SEC approval will be held accountable for everything that may have been stolen. I hope you now appreciate how essential it is to obtain an SEC registration for every trading and investment project you start.

TIP: It’s important to verify the registration of a company before buying from it. To do that, go online and search for the business name or address in question. Make sure you can get all the information about their headquarters using Google or your favorite search engine (i.e., city, street address, zip code).

Now let’s start.

The majority of the time, you can figure out which firm owns a website by reading its Terms and Conditions/Use, or even its Privacy Policy.

Well, our first red flag is: C4U Capital website doesn’t have those pages!

A website’s date of creation can tell us if it’s fresh or old, and if the proprietor claims that their website is over 20 years old, we can quickly check it out. C4u Capital’s ‘s domain was purchased July 2021. So I’m not really confident that they have been 2021’s best performing broker in Canada and Europe if they were just etablished this year:

What is c4u capital domain backlinks

I also looked into its backlinks which is a good measure of domain authority and it shows that it doesn’t have much! For a website that is claiming to be awarded by an award giving body, it’s very unconvincing that there is no mention of that news anywhere that points back to their website!

From this alone, I’m having a notion that the trading platform could be scam and is very risky for anyone wanting to try trading in it.

People Behind c4U capital

Currently, there are no known people associated with the company. With no news of it anywhere it’s very suspicious.


What is c4u capital awards

Since they mentioned that they awarded last 2021 as a broker in Canada and Europe, let’s look if they are actually registered for these jurisdictions.

First we’ll look if they are registered in IIROC which is a regulatory body about investments in Canada here’s why IIROC registration is important:

"IIROC regulates all investment dealers in Canada. Securities legislation requires investment dealers to apply and be accepted for membership with a self-regulatory organization if they wish to operate in Canada. Prior to the early 1990s, membership in a self-regulatory organization was voluntary. Today, although the term 'member' is still widely used to describe firms regulated by IIROC, membership is no longer voluntary. IIROC regulates all investment dealers in Canada. Securities legislation requires investment dealers to apply and be accepted for membership with a self-regulatory organization if they wish to operate in Canada. Prior to the early 1990s, membership in a self-regulatory organization was voluntary. Today, although the term 'member' is still widely used to describe firms regulated by IIROC, membership is no longer voluntary.

IIROC also regulates trading activity on debt and equity marketplaces in Canada, including all exchanges and alternative trading systems, under a single set of rules."

Here’s the result when we looked for C4U Capital:

What is c4u capital not registered in IIROC

For Europe a trading firm should be registered in ESMA here’s why:

Only regulated firms are authorised to provide investment services.

Firms can only provide investment services in the European Union (EU) if they are authorised to do so by an EU regulator. If a firm is not authorised to provide investment services and activities, it is not allowed to provide them.

The authorisation is only granted when, and if, the firm complies with certain requirements and standards which set out, among other things, how firms should treat you and what sort of information they should give you.

Each country's regulator keeps a register of firms which it regulates. This register specifies the types of investment services that each firm is authorised to provide.

For this C4U Capital review, we were directed by ESMA to look into the firms registered in Poland since they mentioned it in their Terms and Conditions page, for this we looked in registrations under KNF, which is the Polish commission for financial firms. Any firm related to investment and trading should be found here since this is the branch of ESMA for Poland:

What is c4u capital not registered in poland, EU

Unfortunately we didn’t find any registration for C4U Capital so it’s really alarming that they are still up and running!

This first part of this C4U Capital review shows us that it is unregulated.. but there’s more…

How Does C4U Capital Work?

As a trading and investment platform, C4U Capital requires a minimum of 240 EUR or 285 USD to start.

Claims or Expectation

What is C4U Capital claiming itself to be? Our investigation showed that C4U CApital presents itself as an awarded trading and investment platform.


Reality is that they are unregulated and not registered even in the investment caution list of British Columbia! I wonder what is C4U Capital proving to itself when it actually is not regulated.

What is c4u capital on blackist of british columbia

Can You Really Make Money Through c4u capital ?

There is no guarantee that you can earn when you start trading by the minimum required amount to start on the platform. Why?

1. It is not registered to any financial governing institution therefore you’re not sure if the payment platform they have is secure.

2. There is no guarantee that your personal data is appropriately secured and that it won’t be used anywhere since the website is not liable to anything because they are not registered to anything! There is a part on their website that requires you to upload documents of your identity as part of their “Know Your Customer” procedure:

What is c4u capital withdrawal requirements of C4U: ID and proof of residence

How about you, what do you think? What is C4U Capital going to do with your personal details and financial information?

This part of the C4U Capital review just gives me a whole idea of what they aim to do with people signing up on their website.

How Much Does It Cost to Join c4u capital ?

You only need a minimum of 250 EUR or 285 USD to start trading

Is c4U capital a Scam?

An overall overview of this C4U Capital reviews shows that it is likely that the website and the trading platform is a scam since it is not registered or regulated by any financial body.

Pros and Cons of c4U capital 

C4U Capital Pros


C4U Capital Cons

  • Website is not associated to any company and individuals
  • C4U Capital is not registered in any jurisdiction they mentioned in their “awards”
  • No proof of regulatory body that they are registered in
  • Poses risk to your personal data and financial details

Final Thoughts – c4U Capital

Is C4U Capital a scam?

C4U Capital seems to be a website that was created to phish information by posing as a trading platform. Any amount that you may invest has no guarantee of returns. If ever anyone has been able to trade and withdraw on the platform they should be aware that there is an inherent risk to their personal information and banking and card details.

Imagine signing up on the website and supplying the document they want. If anyone has actually withdrawn anything from the platform, C4U Capital will still have your details like:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • IDs
  • Financial/bank details
  • Password

What if you’re someone who uses the same password on all your accounts? These documents are also most likely some of the documents required in opening bank accounts or acquiring loans! By giving these information to an unregistered and unregulated website you create a hazard to your personal information.

So is C4u Capital a scam? I think they are very much so!

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not a C4U Capital member myself and I do not endorse it in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials, and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what C4U Capital genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt from programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn Ways to Avoid Online Scams then click the highlighted text. 

Only when the website has given a verifiable proof of their registration is only when we’ll change this verdict about C4U Capital.

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C4U Capital

Minimum of 250 EUR or 285 USD



Income Opportunity






Business Model



  • None


  • Website is not associated to any company and individuals
  • C4U Capital is not registered in any jurisdiction they mentioned in their "awards"
  • No proof of regulatory body that they are registered in
  • Website is not associated to any company and individuals C4U Capital is not registered in any jurisdiction they mentioned in their "awards" No proof of regulatory body that they are registered in Poses risk to your personal data and financial details

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  1. Thank you for the breakdown and I appreciate you making your articles easy to read and navigate.

    I am always looking for different opportunities for income. I had heard of C4U Capitol on an advert so came across your review when searching. Thanks for the heads up and letting me know where NOT to invest my time and energy.

  2. Hey Lee, Thanks so much for reading our C4U Capitol review
    Really appreciate you sharing your feedback – all feedback is helpful as it helps the readers to make a fully informed decision for themselves.

    We review 100s of “make money opportunities” here at Earn From Your Laptop and do so without fear or favour. We serve our readers with the most impartial and objective reviews we can find and leave no stone unturned in researching all about C4U Capitol to get to the bottom of whether C4U Capitol is a scam or legit. Sadly there are many more like this, if you check our reviews page you can see many crypto/trading and ponzi’s that are not recommended. We keep finding them to help our readers.

    We found a number of red flags in our review. This was concerning.

    In summary this is a highly risky “opportunity”. It could well be a pyramid or ponzi scheme as well as a huge risk to personal data.

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