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Iman Gadzhi Six Figure SMMA: 5 Reasons Why it is A Bad Investment

In this post, I will lay down all the facts about Iman Gadzhi Six Figure SMMA, a Social Media marketing training program that also offers tools for you to use.

It is a smart move for you to research the programs first to help you make an informed choice. These recent years, we have witnessed a number of business gurus popping here and there, preaching of ways towards fast and steady income. Gadzhi claims he can help students grow their agency to six figures —even without experience.

What Is Six Figure SMMA? Learn more in this Iman Gadzhi Six Figure SMMA Review.

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Iman Gadzhi Six Figure SMMA Review Summary

Product Name: Six Figure SMMA

Founder: Iman Gadzhi

Price: $997

Rating: 40/100

Best For: those willing to spend for beginner social media marketing agency training 

Recommended: Not Recommended

What Is Iman Gadzhi Six Figure SMMA About: a training program on social media marketing agency 

Summary: Iman Gadzhi Six Figure SMMA is a course that proposes to direct you in launching your very own Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA). With this you will make ongoing revenue by sending traffic, directing leads and making sales to local businesses in need of your services. But is it worth your dime? Let’s find out.

What is Iman Gadzhi Six Figure SMMA About?

Iman Gadzhi is a digital entrepreneur offering an SMMA training course that teaches you to launch your own Social Media Marketing Agency to (as the name says) six figures. Six Figures SMMA also goes by GrowYourAgency and uses the Teachable platform to deliver training. 

Iman Gadzhi Six Figure SMMA website

As chronicled by his Youtube channel, Gadzhi has had some relevant successes in the field. But could we expect the same amount of success when we decide to put up our own following his technique?

Who is Iman Gadzhi?

Iman Gadzhi Six Figure SMMA youtube

Iman Gadzhi is a notable individual who says to have grown through life struggles and hardship both in life and in business. Coming from a single-parent household and moving to England from Russia, Gadzhi regales people with tales of his education (having dropped out of school at seventeen) and adventures fiddling with businesses around fitness and relationships which all hit the fan. 

Gadzhi claims that despite his hardships, he ended up developing courses and mentoring programs from the time of being in the business. The courses are claimed to have generated reputable businesses for thousands of students who want to live a better life.

At 18 years old, Iman Gadzhimagomedov (his real name) claims to have made over $300,000 in his first year in business. He is currently the owner of IAG Online Services Unlimited, a successful company maintaining  Social Media Marketing agencies based in London and founder of Oura Ring, Kevin Rose, ZebraFuel, and AJ&Smart, are just some of the clients he has served along with dozens more.

He discloses an income of $50,000 per month and decided to share his expertise through 1-2-1 client work for somehow expensive fees and through launching a course.

How Does Iman Gadzhi Six Figure SMMA Work?

You basically get schooled through at least 20 hours of training, with at least 12 course materials divided into 9 sections.

You also get access to resources such as step-by-step training modules, Private Facebook group, bi-weekly live Q&A coaching calls, dedicated full-time coach and a meeting script.


As mentioned, the course offers at least 20 hours of training and resources presented on the Teachable platform, which ensures video and audio quality.

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Nine sections cover the following:

1) Introduction

This is basically, an overview of Iman, the business history, SMMA’s business model and dynamics, and shows you how to join the Facebook mastermind, of more than 1,222 active members.

2) Positioning

This mindset section gives pointers on how to lead a niche, exude authority among business owners, and attracting via dream lifestyle. I’ve reviewed other courses that put so much weight on the mindset part. To me, it simply acts as some sort of filler to make the course more abundant in content that it really is. But I guess this is just a small part of Gadzhi’s SMMA course, so we’ll let it pass I guess.

3) Your Services

This section gives steps on selecting your services and pricing paid traffic and social media content. Also, it breaks down a case study about how Iman sold a $3,000 a day consulting job. However, let me remind you not to get to swept up with all this. Most of these gurus promise you success through their program by waving their success in front of your face at the same time making sure their earning disclaimer is written in teeny tiny fine print.

4) Your Team

The course offers steps on setting up your team through Upwork, social media, and fellow course members. This can be quite handy as building an online business could also entail needing to hire a few staff, and in this case, virtual assistants.

5) Systems and Processes

Topics covered here include contracts, agreements, payments, as well as onboarding clients. Some of the videos in this section are slightly longer, which puts some focus on content management, output, and timeline. 

6) Before Selling

The before selling section talks about know-hows on acquiring the right type and quantity of clients without overselling yourself. This is essential as a wrong technique could put a client off.

7) Sales

This sales part of the course spans over 5 hours of content on sales and getting clients – with topics such as cold calling, cold emailing, Dealing with gatekeepers, Meeting scripts, Get clients using Upwork, Creative follow-ups, Fake audit strategies, Leveraging meetups, and Using Linkedin to line up clients.

8) Delivering Results

Anchoring on Iman’s biggest failure, the section shows you how to conduct giveaways for clients. It also talks about getting the results your clients from different businesses want.

9) Scaling Your Agency

Scaling Your Agency is a fairly quick section with five lessons about how to grow the business through relationship development, process improvement, stress reduction, and more. 

You also get a dedicated full-time coach which I think is overreaching it a bit. For the course cost, you can only expect the dedication to wane as you approach the end of the course. 

Money-Back Guarantee

Refunds are given only when requested by email, by a student who has purchased the course less than 14 days prior, and has viewed less than 20% of the course. Whether or not you click on the COMPLETE & CONTINUE button, makes no difference. The rule applies once you access 20% of the modules in the course, whether or not you view the videos. 

They also provide a free Masterclass you’ll have to register for.  The free Masterclass aims to tackle how to deliver results, do sales and close retainers even with no experience.

How Much Does Iman Gadzhi Six Figure SMMA Cost

The services are itemized to show exactly what you can get after registering. As shown above, you get the Entire Course ($4,997 Value),  200+ Mentors In Your Pocket ($1,997 Value), Recording of A $6,000 Deal ($497 Value), Gym, real estate & restaurants funnels ($997 Value) and the ultimate meeting script ($1,997 Value).  What should be charged as $10,485, they offer for $997..

You can get the course for $997 upfront. Wow! Too steep? You can also opt for 3 payments of $397 per month. 

Can You Make Money With Iman Gadzhi Six Figure SMMA?

Studies show that less than one percent of entrepreneurs actually know how to utilize social media to improve their business. While the other percent mull over the phone for clients driven by ancient marketing methods, the tech-savvy one percent enjoy the services of social media experts who customize ads to direct sales towards them.

This is why the services offered through your own SMMA is a win-win for all involved. You get your monthly commissions and your client gets new leads which would gradually get them new sales.

You offer them a free trial, get them hooked and see results fast, if you put in the work.

Is Iman Gadzhi Six Figure SMMA A Scam?

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not a student of Iman Gadzhi Six Figure SMMA myself and I am not paid to endorse his services in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials, and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what the Six Figure SMMA genuinely does.  This is because I have been burnt from programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn Ways to Avoid Online Scams then click the highlighted text.

Is Six Figure SMMA a scam? I would say no. Could you be doing so much more with your money? Yes. 

Iman Gadzhi Six Figure SMMA Ugly Truths Revealed!

Course content is nothing new. Most information provided halfway through the course can actually be accessed through simple Googling, some content covered for free through online business academies or case studies. Which leads us to another con…

Cost. You would think that for the hefty price tag, you would get content offered nowhere else. You’d be disappointed. Of course, pricing is a matter of opinion. Truth: there are cheaper alternatives out there.

source: Reddit

What I Like About Iman Gadzhi Six Figure SMMA

Presentation. The video and quality, setting, and editing of the course materials are spot-on. This exhibits considerable professionalism on the part of the course’s instructors and capacities.

Experiences to enrich material. Gadzhi does not hesitate to make the course material personal and insightful through the sharing of his very own life and professional experiences. 

Flexibility. One thing of note is how the program works through the platform in any country worldwide.You’re basically set with any device with installed Facebook and Instagram. Of course, in countries such as China, you will have to adapt with other social media platform to use for learning and to utilize what you have learned.

My opinion Iman Gadzhi Six Figure SMMA Program

Overall, I believe that Iman Gadzhi Six Figure SMMA Program means well, with the effort that they put into the creation and implementation of their course materials, trainings and program. Gadzhi’s open-mindedness in sharing his personal and professional stories to bring the material a level up is commendable as well.

However, no amount of effort put into the presentation of information can compensate for its quality and novelty. Not to mention, the professional support that wanes as the end of the course draws near. Moreover, most training programs have shifted to digital education landscapes, which makes the modal flexibility of the course a common feature.

With these mentioned, I do not recommend this training course.  If you want, I can actually recommend a program to you that provides unlimited support, more valuable training, and an affordable membership.

How I Make My Lifestyle Online

Thanks for reading until the end of my post about the  Iman Gadzhi Six Figure SMMA Program. Because of that, I’d like to share with you my preferred way to earn a sustainable passive income.

Are you still hoping to find an opportunity for a legitimate and honest way of making money online and in the comfort of your own home? 

I’m convinced that Wealthy Affiliate is a more cost-effective and coordinated option than Iman Gadzhi Six Figure SMMA Program. To be fair, the program has a lot of good points for those willing to put the hours in, however the lack of more authentic material is emphasized when stacked against costs. The offered technical support and personalized materials makes every cent worth it in Wealthy Affiliate. It’s FREE to get started. Then if you want to do this full-time, going premium is just $49/month, plus you’ll get personal coaching from me for free. 

All the same, learning where to start and to be pointed in the right direction, to put all the pieces together is what you really need to be able to get what you want.

I highly recommended Affiliate Marketing as my top business model before all else for anyone to make money online. If you want to discover how I make my lifestyle online and how I can personally help you to also do it – then check out this special video from the link below which explains exactly how. You can also get your free 7-day bootcamp to get started.

Joana is a dedicated content writer. She learned how to search for keywords well and write straightforward perky content writing for EFYL. She loves learning a lot of new things as she writes about them.

Above all, she sees herself as a cool wife, mom, and furmom. She used to be an elementary and college teacher but chose to work from home to have more flexibility with her time and be more connected with her family and rescuing stray and abandoned pets.

Six Figure SMMA






Opportunity for Income


Business model





  • Well Presented
  • Materials are Enriched with Experience
  • Flexible


  • Course content is nothing new
  • Expensive

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  1. Hey there. I am happy to find you review of Iman Gadzhi Six Figure SMMA.
    I am really happy that you just confirmed to me what I’ve been thinking already after looking for information about this program. Especially, what made me feel that way is when you mentioned that the knowledge shared inside could be accessed from Google, Youtube and similar.

    Then seeing the price tag, I am sure I will steer away from this program. On the other side, I like your recommendation. It is definitely wort of looking at. Cheers and thanks

  2. Thanks for your comments Julius on my Iman Gadzhi Six Figure SMMA review.
    Yes Iman Ghadzi is one of many “gurus” selling their courses that only guarantees one outcome – he makes money when he sells SMMA to people for $997.
    There was nothing special in this content that couldn’t be learned from google and other online sources.
    The fact that Iman Ghadzi has so many other courses too is a concern, many of these “gurus” are serial course/product creators and that makes them a lot of money.

    I you want to build a real online business and earn affiliate commissions and other income then I am happy to help. Feel free to click on the image above and I will also personally help you build it.

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