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Lurn Insider Review [What Is Lurn Insider About]

Making money out of the desperation of others can be easy because they would be willing to give an arm and a leg just to get out of the situation they are in. 

This is the kind of desperation that different gurus are taking advantage of right now. 

You must have found an Ad while watching YouTube or received an email from someone who promised to hold a secret to your success—Lurn Insider—and that’s why you are here now.

One of the red flags of these gurus actually being charlatans is when they place positive reviews and testimonials on the sales page, saying that they’re the real deal, yet, when you try the course for $1,500, it doesn’t work that well for you. You earn a single cent only to find out that those happy customers are actually selling the same exact “make money online” courses and business coaching you just paid for or another one just like it.

So don’t be sucked in by the hype, do your research. Start with my Lurn Insider Review and find out for yourself What Is Lurn Insider About.

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What is Lurn Insider About? Lurn Insider Review Summary

Product Name: Lurn Insider

Founder: Anik Singal

Price: $5 (Phase 1), $67 /monthly (Phase 2)

Rating: 48/100

Best For: The $5 course offering is best for anyone who’d like to hear about general concepts on mind setting and business techniques

Recommended: Not Recommended

What is Lurn Insider About: It is a course on building the right mindset and using the right strategies to start a successful business.

Summary: The Lurn Insider course promises that you will learn to build, start and launch your first online business within 21 days using the same program and techniques the founder, Anik Singal, himself used. Will you really be successful with this course? Read on.

What is Lurn Insider About?

So Lurn Insider is one of the many courses by Anik Singal. This course is mainly a 21-Day Entrepreneurship Training Program.

Lurn Insider—as described by the founder—is designed to help anyone completely transform their mind (I’m not really sure what that means). This course promises that with this, you will learn to build, start and launch your first online business. 

Lurn Insider Review [What Is Lurn Insider About] website

Now, who really is Anik Singal? What makes this guy an authority in his field?

Lurn Insider Founder

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Anik Singal is a digital marketing expert and teaches digital marketing. He is the CEO of VSS Mind and Lurn, Inc. both are online companies. Also he is considered as one of the most successful digital marketing publishers in the industry. 

Anik Singal claimed that his journey to online success was not a walk in the park for him. He earned his first dollar online after 18 months of long haul. Singal said that after a few more years of hard work, he was able to build a $10 million a year business that made sales worldwide.

One other trivia about Anik Singal is that he was actually in a movie titled “Lethal Commision.”

It stars Alankrita Dogra who is quite a famous Bollywood actress.

But unfortunately the movie was a flop.

Lurn Insider Review [What Is Lurn Insider About] movie review

So what does this say about him and why am I bringing it up? Well, I guess I just have a feeling that Anik Singal is quite passionate about being seen and being famous. And I hope that fame is only second to his passion to share knowledge.

How Does Lurn Insider Work?

Inside the course, there will be a mention of an Entrepreneur’s Toolkit.

What is it about? Entrepreneur’s Toolkit was designed by Anik Singal. He offers various other courses on his site including copywriting, Facebook marketing, email marketing, traffic generation and various other topics.

So according to Singal, first, you just need to get your mindset right, this is actually something he’ll show how to do himself. Next is to build an online business you can be proud of by just following his process, and commit about an hour a day for the next 21 days.

If you go to his site, he’ll show you a diagram that looks like some kid’s drawing that according to him will generate over 27 million sales for him. Here it is below.

Lurn Insider Review [What Is Lurn Insider About]

I’m not really sure about the diagram.

But anyway.

Singal mentions in his site that in just 21 days, he can help you to familiarize the sketch I just showed you above. According to him, this is the entire business model and system he follows and that the one time he tried to wander away from it he almost went bankrupt.

To me, this is where he sets you psychologically that if you fail then it could only be because you’ve done something different. This is something that is actually quite common with these financial gurus.

Lurn Insider Review

Note there in addition to Lurn Insider, there is also the platform where Anik Singal sells 26 courses including the Lurn Insider $67/month offering. Inside you can also find courses from other Influencers like Robert Kiyosaki and Fred Lam. So, the offered courses are not only from Anik Singal himself but also from other well-known online personalities as well as courses from various other people who are apparently successful in using Anik Singal’s system.

As mentioned, there are numerous free courses on the platform that are very useful. However, a lot of them are quite similar to each other and this can be overwhelming and confusing if you are completely new in online business.

Anik Singal Courses 26 Courses as of 19 August 2020

Anyway, back to what is one of these 26 courses – Lurn Insider. So what is Lurn Insider about? Let’s dive in.

Phase 1: Entrepreneurs Toolkit

Earlier I revealed something about the Entrepreneurs Toolkit. As the website claims, it is made to transform not only your business but also your mindset. The Entrepreneurs Toolkit course will be sent to you via email for the next 21 days.

Lurn Insider Review [What Is Lurn Insider About]  entrepreneurs-toolkit

So, when you get inside the website for Lurn Insider, you’ll see them say that it is just for $5. It even says that this is just a small contribution you make to save others from poverty.

This idea might even be what brings you into the course. So what is it about?

Lurn Insider and Village Enterprise

Village Enterprise is an organization that adopts a village and helps fund at least 50 Micro-Businesses in the village with just $500 each. So what happens is they go to a Village in East Africa and attempt to pull an whole village out of extreme poverty through entrepreneurship.

Lurn Insider Review [What Is Lurn Insider About]  village-enterprise

This is actually quite a nice initiative. Good job Anik!

Phase 2: Online Mastery

So Phase 2, as Anik calls it is what you want if you wish to add value to what you learned during phase 1. It is a monthly membership wherein you get Weekly Check-ins Calls, Monthly Mastery Sessions, and access to LURN Insider Community.

The Weekly Check-ins Calls is said to be your chance to get your questions answered by Anik Singal himself. These calls are meant to address your concerns, as well as answer your questions.

Next, the Monthly Mastery Sessions is where every month you’ll get into a specialized topic of online marketing. Lurn promises to bring experts in multiple fields. These guest speakers will discuss topics such as: how to write copy, rank on Google, run Facebook ads and other varied topics about doing business online.

Finally, the LURN Insider Community is an exclusive community for Lurn Insider members who complete the 21-day program. It is for certified students only. So after you get certified, you’ll be able to work with your peers.

Also, you’ll get some input on how to find a niche, a product to promote for that niche, build an email list, and finally create your first web page.

Although Lurn Insider does a decent job at teaching you how to monetize traffic by building a list and promoting an affiliate offer, unfortunately it fails to emphasize traffic generation.

Anik Singal actually offers a course called FB academy which teaches you how to generate paid traffic, what most people new to the industry do not understand yet is that it’s extremely difficult to run affiliate offers using paid traffic. Not only is paid traffic expensive—you’re only making a tiny fraction of the sale as an affiliate marketer so most affiliate offers simply fail on Facebook. You have to be careful not to end up spending more money than you make.

How much does Lurn Insider Cost?

Searching through the internet about Lurn Insider, I initially found out that the course cost $197. 

However, getting on the Lurn Insider website, it claims that you need only spend an hour a day for the next 21 days, starting with just a $5 contribution.

Oh, wow, so they’re actually making it sound like charity now.

So to be honest with you, aside from being a charity, this looks like an entry level product that most financial gurus use to hook students into buying more digital products. Well, if it only costs $5 and if you aren’t too busy with other things then might as well bask in learning that you can get for an affordable price.

But as it turns out, the entrepreneur’s toolkit is only one out of two phases of the Lurn Insider course.

Phase 2 is an on-going week by week training with Anik Singal himself. This will cost you $67 per month.

Can You Make Money With Lurn Insider?

To make significant money in a business, you have to invest in some sort of education.

So this is actually an affordable opportunity to get some useful knowledge you can use in your own business. However, more often than not, students who buy into courses of certain “gurus” spend more on the course than in the business they’re making.

So just make sure to consider this course like any other investment, make sure that it can be justified by the end result and not be sucked into a cycle of upsells.

Is Lurn Insider a Scam?

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not an affiliate of Lurn Insider myself and I do not endorse it in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials, and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what Lurn Insider genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt from programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn Ways to Avoid Online Scams then click the highlighted text.

Lurn Insider offers information and training courses. It is a legitimate platform that offers different kinds of free and paid digital products.

Also, to be honest, the $5 is quite reasonable but the monthly $67 can be quite expensive. Is the $5 just the bait to get you spending $67 every month? You spend this much, and are you sure you’ll get a return?

Lurn Insider Ugly Truths Revealed!

Quite Vague on the course Description. I spent 2 days looking at the Lurn Insider website and honestly, it is still really quite vague about which industry this course is directed at. Except that it reprograms your mind or something.

Low-key Overpromise. Instead of putting a description or overview of the topics like how you see it in Udemy or Masterclass, the bullet points are mostly promised results that they would later deny in a fine print at the bottom of the website saying “results are not typical.”

What I Like About Lurn Insider

Affordable. Hey, who doesn’t like cheap stuff right? $5 dollars and you get valuable information for the next 21 days sounds like a deal to me. I just hope this isn’t like some cheap product you order from Wish that is just so poorly made the $5 sounds like a rip-off.

Humanitarian efforts. It’s really great that you get to help as you are getting something out of what you buy. Win-Win right? Hopefully, they don’t exploit the opportunity to bait people into the Phase 2 of the course.

My opinion — Lurn Insider 

Alright! So we are almost at the end of this review and we have established that Lurn insider isn’t a scam. But does it work?

Most of the time, courses like this and influencers like Anik Singal make it sound like paying $5,000 for their Facebook ads or email marketing course will make it really easy for you to make millions of dollars online. All in an attempt to get their hands on your money. Then they apply a certain psychology wherein If you find their course ineffective, then you end up thinking:

“Oh, the problem is me. I must be doing something wrong!”

So, to show you are motivated, you end up paying for “more advanced” but also more expensive versions of those courses and pay $5,000 for someone else’s business course. If the advanced version still doesn’t bring you success, only one out of two things could happen: either you wise up and leave this circus behind—or end up repeating—or worse, spend a whole lot more in these courses.

The truth is, your success really depends on your own hardwork and talent, not because of someone else or their course. If you are still hoping to find an opportunity for a legitimate and honest way of making money online and in the comfort of your own home, I know just the training and community to recommend to you.

A Badass Lurn Insider Alternative

Thanks for reading until the end of this post to find out about my Lurn Insider review, and I hope I was able to shed light on a lot of your questions and led to your understanding on What Is Lurn Insider About.

So, what money making online strategy do I have to recommend to you? Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is actually a great way to earn passive income, since you don’t have to personally sell anything. You don’t have to approach people you don’t know to sell stuff too. All you need to do is create your own affiliate website which will generate a good amount of traffic for you every day. There are many ways for you to monetize this specific type of traffic. 

Now what do you think about that? That sounds great, doesn’t it? If you decide to join, I would really LOVE to personally help you. We will have one-on-one coaching as you need to show you the ropes of the business as well as answer any questions you have.

It’s so much easier than you think and you will be walked through everything you need to know.

Joana is a dedicated content writer. She learned how to search for keywords well and write straightforward perky content writing for EFYL. She loves learning a lot of new things as she writes about them.

Above all, she sees herself as a cool wife, mom, and furmom. She used to be an elementary and college teacher but chose to work from home to have more flexibility with her time and be more connected with her family and rescuing stray and abandoned pets.

Lurn Insider




Transparency of information


Training Support


Income potential


Price range



  • Affordable
  • Involvement in Humanitarian Activities


  • Vague Course Description
  • Overpromise results
  • $5 is cheap but after 21 days the monthly $67 can be quite expensive

2 thoughts on “Lurn Insider Review [What Is Lurn Insider About]”

  1. Hi Joana and thank you for sharing this post.

    I was looking to do business with this guy some time ago but something didn’t sit right with me.

    Charging $5 is a clickbait for sure and what value does $5 give anyone?

    I feel Lurn is a mix of coaching and building online but I also feel Anik is grasping at straws by trying to be too many things at the same time. He is a digital marketer so why not stick to what you know and stop trying to create a pathetic sideline. 

    Let the real Coaches do their job

    Just my thoughts and thank you

  2. Thanks Vicki,
    Your intuition is great!

    Like me, sounds like you’ve been on YouTube recently and seen a lot of Anik Singal promoting his Lurn Insider and other programs on  

    Like you, I admit when I first came across his landing pages and courses, some of them looked pretty good.  But when I discovered there were 26 courses and across multiple websites that’s when some red flags went up.  Yes, this is in addition to his Lurn Insider offering.

    Why does he have 26 courses to sell?  Looking at them, I felt some of the training repeats itself and looks pretty disorganised.  Anyway, back to Lurn Insider which is just ONE of these 26 courses.  You can see them all at 

    Anik Singal is a course creator and selling courses can make him the most money, and this guy clearly knows how to make money.  This is a trap for newbies who feel they might need to buy his next course because they are not successful after the first one, and they are still not successful, yet Anik Singal’s cashflow keeps ticking over.   I mean $67 per month from newbies is pretty good cashflow for Anik!

    Lurn Insider and none of his courses are groundbreaking courses at all. in contrast to my recommended training and mentoring community which is one course/platform where you can learn all the skills to build a successful online business AND its a lot cheaper than Lurn Insider. 

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