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What Is Trading Webclass About & Is It Worth It?

With the current global situation, the lockdowns, and lack of job opportunities, people turn to FOREX trading and other ways to earn an income online,

But have you been staring at tickers and screens for hours on end? And even after that, you are still getting little to no returns?

You must be at your wit’s end looking for a break. An this led you to look into a certain trading course. In this post, we’ll give you an insight into a notorious trading guru & if his courses are worth the buck —or time. 

What is Trading Webclass about?

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What Is Trading Webclass About Summary

Product Name: Trading Webclass 

Founder: Greg Secker

Price: FREE

Rating: 20/100

Best For: Anyone who is looking into earning an income through trading

Recommended: Not Recommended

What Is Trading Webclass About: 

A free beginners class for those who would like to get into Forex trading.


Trading Webclass is a free course that claims to teach you in-depth knowledge about Forex trading. However, upon going through the course, it’s just a subtle opening to promote other courses and his trading platform SmartCharts which will cost you $70/month.

What Is Trading Webclass About?

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Have you been wanting to start your own Forex Trading account but don’t know how or where to start? Yeah, this is how Greg Secker, the creator of this course gets you to hook in this class.

He calls this class, “Lifestyle Trader” and claims that it has nothing to do with the typical 20 hours of work trader stereotype you may be into right now. 

Trading Webclass Background Info

So how do you usually come across Trading Webclass? Personally, I was just going through the usual YouTube rabbit hole and came when this ad popped up.

Trading Webclass claims to be a step-by-step guide to one of Secker’s most profitable trading strategies. Apparently, you’ll be able to skip the ‘trial-and-error’ that defeats 99% of amateur traders.

Secker promises proven trading strategies you can set up for yourself to start taking an immediate profit. Get rich quick? Well, who doesn’t like that?

Who is this for:

  • Interested in trading but don’t know what to do
  • Looking for a way of generating income
  • Can follow rules and are disciplined
  • Don’t want to look at screens for hours on end

After the class you should be able to know what to look for, and when to get in and get out, so that you can implement it in your own trading straight away. Basically, all you need to know to get started in Forex trading.

Secker even goes as far as calling his technique “Pablo Picasso inspired.” He wastes no time mentioning the platform which he claims to use to save time and automate most of the trading process. He emphasizes how trading can be a real passive income and not another job on top of your job.

What Is Trading Webclass About: Is Greg Secker A Scam

Greg Secker is listed as one of the richest entrepreneurs around with a net worth of approximately $1.5 Million.

He is actually known as a Forex trainer. Does this mean he is TRULY an expert? Or is he some serial Forex course creator?

is greg secker a scam

Some of the courses he created are:

  • Learn to Trade
  • Investment Institute
  • Knowledge To Action

However, readers beware, because as mentioned in The Guardian, Greg Secker owns a “high-performing” private trading floor that apparently did not trade at all in 2010. 

In the middle of the Trading Webclass webinar, Secker claims to be trading for 25 years already. He mentioned how he started out trying to be a veterinarian and even working with horses. According to him, he didn’t feel like this is what is meant for him.

This is when his dad mentioned he might have more luck working in the city. He worked as an entry-level IT guy, helping traders make the computers work back up whenever they crash.

This is where he observed the traders and “worked up the ranks” and was inspired to make software for trading. 

is greg secker a scam 2

The weird thing is, when I looked him up, I got a different story reading a post from Forbes.

In their version (an article that claims to have also interviewed Secker), Greg Secker was building PCs not for traders, but for his friends. Not to do some trading but for them to play faster video games.

Afterward, Secker joined a travel company where he found himself building technology to help tourists exchange and protect their cash on the road. Much later, he became the youngest VP of Mellon Financial Corporation, then a major Fortune 500 investment bank.

But then the article in The Guardian quoted a statement issued by Knowledge to Action they have not asserted that Secker was a trader at BNY Mellon and that he never made any such a claim.

Still, Secker did mention working for a trading floor filled with traders in his webinar. But is it for Mellon? As Secker had mentioned, he learned from traders and used the lessons to teach others.

Is this enough to be an expert himself?

How Does Trading Webclass Work?

Spoken inside a room he calls the trading den, Secker claims that the Trading Webclas, a free webinar will help identify the following:

  • Psychology
  • Roadmap to success
  • SmartCharts
  • Trend Wave
  • Strategy Trading


Greg Secker mentions how important it is to know if your psychology is suited for trading. As I go through the webinar, it became apparent to me that this idea is fed to you early on for a specific agenda. 

It is only so they can make an offer for a FREE strategy call seem all the more important.

This strategy call isn’t mentioned early on the webinar.

In fact, he repeats (quite too obviously…or guiltily) that he is not selling you anything, he is not asking you to enroll in his courses, blah blah blah

However, in the middle of his introduction, Secker promised to give an exclusive gift at the end. This keeps you tuned in. Hmm…smart. And this gift is actually a sort of strategy call he will “pay for you” which connects you to a trading coach.  Smart, Greg, smart.

Half of the things he will tell you will build up to the moment when he offers the strategy call just so you would give your number and talk to their salesperson a.k.a trading coach.

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Roadmap to success

I hope this is also a roadmap to get as rich as you are Greg.

So Greg even promises a “laundry list of” to-dos and do-not in Forex trading. According to him, to guarantee success, you will be paired according to your trading personality. There is a test for you to take apparently. This is once again leading up to the strategy call where the “coach” will help you identify who you are in the trading world.

It did take a few minutes before spilling the goods (if there’s even any).

The first part, no scratch that, the entire webinar is painfully long about the promise that you get the blah blah blah and the challenges you are or might already be experiencing…stuff that, you probably already knew. Ugh.

Now one of the first things Greg Secker introduces in the webinar is what he calls a “smart tool” for traders which helps identify trends and recommend strategies.


Secker called SmartCharts one of the best trading platforms and claims it as the best in places like the Philippines…or Australia…it depends really which country this webinar is streaming at. He says that it is straightforward and simple to use even for beginners. 

Secker mentions the common amateur mistakes made in trading and this is not knowing when to buy and falling into tha FOMO (fear of missing out) trap.

So apparently, SmartCharts saves you from making this mistake. Its built-in pattern recognition tool will identify patterns and risk management for you. Plus it is fully automated, and just shows you a bunch of dots when it’s time to spend some cash.

What else should you do now? Nothing. And probably why Greg doesn’t mention anything else of essence except throw around some definitions and vague terms to make you more confused than you ever were.

What’s the point? SmartCharts can do everything for you. Right?

Trend Wave

Trend Wave is a strategy Secker claims that helped him save time and earn a lot. He promised to mention this later in the webinar.

…which he never does.

He paused his Trend Wave explanation to talk a little about himself.

Secker talks about his beginnings. About wanting to be a vet and even working in equine fertility.

I watched his videos for both the Philippines and Australia and he used the same joke about his hand being in places “you can’t imagine.”

So Secker said he is already trading for 25 years as an entry-level IT guy, helping traders make the computers work back up whenever they crash.

This is where he claimed to observe the traders and “worked up the ranks.” He said this is where he was inspired to make software for trading. And that like everyone else, he failed. He blew up 5 trading accounts in 4 weeks. You must be thinking, if he failed like me, maybe I’ll succeed just like he did.

Uhm, not quite. You see, just like other financial gurus, he’s trying to trap you into this idea of success and slowly drawing you in with the idea that as long as you do what he says, exactly how he says he “did” it, success will be yours.

Or will it?

Strategy Trading

Greg said that Strategy Trading is something he learned over a cup of coffee. This is after doing one of the traders a favor that saved the guy a huge amount of money.

According to the guy. Strategy Trading is:

  • Way Of Recognizing Opportunities, Knowing When To Do & How To Do It
  • Knowing What Certain Currencies Do Certain Things At Certain Times
  • Recipe/Formula Of Where To Get In And Where To Get Out

And before he starts explaining, he says….” and this is what we will start expanding on later on..”

Well, at this point I’m starting to getting a bit bored…

Anyway, after making this software he said it’s like a solution to all his problems. And then he listed all his awards etc.

Still waiting for some good bits I could use for my own trading, you guys. But it seems this guy is just droning on about his achievements, experience, and the promise of good stuff. And how he is rich now and what he is doing now.

Have I learned good strategies in the past 30 minutes? No.

He promised that this is not a sales video but I’m seeing how it is in actuality a subtle promotional stint. 

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Anyway, after a good few minutes later Secker gives us a demonstration. About the decisions, he does in trading. How he increasing the risks all using the SmartCharts tool of course.

Honestly, I got excited when he mentioned he’ll have some sort of interactive activity. And for real, I thought we’re going to start doing some trading here. Only to find out he is going to use as an example a bus and few bus stops that represent an amount of money. So you were supposed to participate in the chat about the right time to get off the bus and stuff.

Basically, it’s another strategy to sell SmartCharts and how the platform tells you when to “get off the bus.” Secker really thinks we’re some 3rd graders here. 

In the end, I came out as clueless as I was when I started. All I got were some definitions I would have discovered on Wikipedia and some made-up terms only Secker can make sense of.

How Much Does Trading Webclass Cost

In terms of money, the Trading Webclass webinar will cost you nothing.

This course is indeed free. It is a “gift” from Secker to those who so kindly clicked his ad on YouTube.

But it just costs you more than an hour of your precious time. I could have used that time to make some Turkish Delight.

Or better yet, watched someone on YouTube actually teach me Forex trading!

Can You Make Money With Trading Webclass?

The truth is, Forex trading can really make you rich.

IF you are some big guy a hedge fund with deep pockets. Or a one-of-a-kind currency trader.

But if you’re just someone who lost his 9-5 job during this global crisis looking for income, this might be a VERY expensive detour.

For the small retail trader, this is not going to be the “get-rich-quick” solution. It might not even be the solution AT ALL. 

Is Trading Webclass A Scam?

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not a student of Greg Secker or Trading Webclass myself and I do not endorse it in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials, and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what Trading Webclass genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt from programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn Ways to Avoid Online Scams then click the highlighted text.

I believe that we are entitled to our own opinions. We all have the right to disagree. It’s not for me to decide whether it is a scam or not. We all have different criteria and I respect that. 

So, what Is Trading Webclass about? Is it a scam? Not really, because in the first place, it IS for FREE. But it could be a bait for one. Here’s a snippet from a very colorful TrustPilot review:

And there are lots of reviews talking about Greg Secker and his other course Learn to Trade.

Trading Webclass Ugly Truths Revealed!

Fake Scarcity. The first thing I noticed, is the effort of making the course seem to be more in demand than it really is. They said that that the webinar has “limited seats.”

They even give you a couple of schedules to choose from. One for which will start in 5-11 minutes and another for the next 30. Hey, Good thing they have the webinar recorded and you have an option to play the webinar from the day before.

FAKE LIVE. The weird thing here is that I opened the recorded webinar and waited for the next schedule as well. In fact, I joined a couple more of the same webinar at different schedules. Guess what, I got in.

And there was never a live webinar. They are all the same pre-recorded video!

Not as in-demand as it seems. He’s really good at making it seem like he has prepared a constantly scheduled webinar. That at whatever time you sign up there is always a scheduled one in the next 11 minutes or so. At first, I chose to watch yesterday’s class. Then when in the middle of watching I clicked the original link again to watch a brand new class. AND ITS THE SAME VIDEO! Just that you can’t pause it. It even has a chat box for you to ask questions on.

Claims can be…wild? They say you can “skip the trial-and-error. ” And yes he is pretty known to make such grand claims such as spending only 2 hours a day trading.

He convinces you about these claims that are too good to be true. How? By using his “life story” making you think “if he can, I can right?” Well, I’m not sure about that. 

Topics are too basic. The webinar was just teaching basic knowledge. Something you can look up on google all by yourself. I mean, the intro was longer than the actual stuff if there was any. Just Secker giving a definition here and there. There wasn’t any strategy involved because “SmartChart analyzes the data & strategy for you.”

Springboard to a sales pitch. According to Greg Secker, this course is not sales-related AT ALL. And it’s true he doesn’t sell you anything at all…at least not him. But he will definitely pop a price on screen at the end.

This is how he inserts the sales pitch:

Keeping up the charade that he is talking to a lot of people at the moment, he wants to schedule a strategy call. Or perhaps “offer” this great deal that is for “FREE.” He said that the trading coaches on the other line will help identify which personality archetype you are.

He keeps talking about not being a gambler because “trading is not gambling.” but what I understand is that he is just making you feel that using SmartCharts is a “sure” way to trade. Hmm?

So when you click it leads you to:

This would actually connect you with a “trading coach” and says he’s giving this for FREE and that he’ll be “paying for you.”

He claims how SmartCharts has a strategy scanner. Equipped with a signal bar that tells you which to select to trade.

Basically, the example he is showing us how to let the software do all the work. No strategies, no techniques, just letting the strategy scanner decide where and how to spend your money.

He keeps repeating that he has no intention to sell any of his programs etc. etc. making you feel like you have to prove yourself to “deserve into his program”

What I Like About Trading Webclass


My Opinion: What Is Trading Webclass About

One thing I picked out from the webinar is the term FOMO trading. According to the class, it is a recipe for disaster. Which I completely believe. Wanting to achieve the American dream, to have a slice of the pie, the fear of missing out makes you enter a position in the worst time

And when you start to panic and decide to get out even at a loss because of fear. This is how amateur traders end up losing thousands along the way!

But here is the good news… it depends on you. A lot of people trying to profit from the Forex market fail to realize that their expectations and goals have a lot to do with their success. But then again, equip yourself with realistic expectations and achievable goals.

Forex can be very profitable for those who have money to lose. But for the little guys? Not so much.

And what’s this cheesy name “Lifestyle Traders?” ugh! This is really one of the common things I with shady programs. Are they building some sort of cult or something?

And just like other financial gurus, Greg Secker trying to trap you into this idea of success and slowly drawing you in with the idea that as long as you do what he says, exactly how he says he “did” it, success will be yours.

And what if it doesn’t work? Then these gurus will tell you that just like in their success story, you’re going to lose some money first right? If you ever complain, you’ll just end up being the one who fell short.

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Joana is a dedicated content writer. She learned how to search for keywords well and write straightforward perky content writing for EFYL. She loves learning a lot of new things as she writes about them.

Above all, she sees herself as a cool wife, mom, and furmom. She used to be an elementary and college teacher but chose to work from home to have more flexibility with her time and be more connected with her family and rescuing stray and abandoned pets.

Trading Webclass


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  • Cult-Feels
  • Irrelevant / Too basic
  • Inauthentic

8 thoughts on “What Is Trading Webclass About & Is It Worth It?”

  1. Hi there, FOREX trading is such a complex area, and it can be very volatile, that I would be surprised that you can learn it in a webinar, without following any specific training. So it does sound as if the Trading Webclass, is really such the sales pitch for signing up for other courses. This makes it very misleading, so it might be legitimate, but I do not like the tactics that are used by Greg Secker. So thanks for the warning to avoid them. 

  2. Thank you for your comments and I’m glad you like my honest Trading Webclass review by Greg Secker.
    You have highlighted the most concerning aspect – that the Trading Webclass is really just a lead in and sales pitch for Greg Secker’s other courses and notably his $70/month SmartCharts program.  This is a big overhead cost to run this attempt to make money from trading forex.

  3. Good day Joana,

    This is a very interesting and educative piece of writing about What Is Trading Webclass About & Is It Worth It? Well, I have read and learned much about it and found out why you rated it so low and you don’t recommend it. 

    With the world facing this global pandemic, I agree much that people turn to FOREX trading and other ways to earn an income online.   However Trading Webclass is clearly not worth it.

    This is helpful, thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for chiming it, I’m glad you learned from this honest Trading Webclass review and also whether is Greg Secker a scam or not.   You can see clearly from this review his funnel and efforts to sell other programs of his and his sales pitch with SmartChats and other upsells.
    Feel free to let me know if I can help you build a real online business.

  5. Hi John. Thank you for very interesting review. I was looking for some new opportunities to earn money online and trading webclass was one of the options I was looking into. To be fair opinions were quite mixed, and looking on your post its not something I would like to invest my time into. Course is free but there is a lot of hidden advertisements hidden inside, and I really not sure if Forex is good for beginners. There are better programs online to start earning money online.

  6. Thanks for your comments Cogito and I’m glad you like my honest Trading Webclass review.
    You share the same concerns as me about the hidden advertisements and upsells once inside Trading Webclass.
    Personally I don’t think Forex is the best option for beginners either.

  7. Great article! I just joined Greg’s webinar, got bored and started googling him. All these YouTube ads made me think: Ok let’s try it. I mean it is exactly what you wrote. He’s just constantly talking, promising he will teach his strategy, this and that and he never does! It’s such a waste of time!!! If you are COMPLETE beginner you might learn few things but overall there are so many better FREE webinars that actually teach something and are on point. Even every broker’s website offers some free materials.
    The other thing – you can ask questions but you can’t see other peoples questions – this seemed a bit dodgy for me immediately. There is no way to verify it’s a live streaming.
    I also don’t agree with his attitude that a trader can’t be self-taught. It’s true, it’s difficult, it’s not for everyone but of course his point(and he doesn’t say it directly but come on!) is to buy his course(duh). I never tried to sign up for what he is offering, so I can’t comment on that but I would strongly suggest other trading courses.
    Anyway, great work. I enjoyed your article more than Greg’s webinar?

  8. Hi Agnes,
    Thank you for your comments and I’m glad you liked my honest Trading Webclass review by Greg Secker.
    You have highlighted some key concerns that helps protect all internet users – so thank so much for sharing your honest feedback and perspectives.
    I hate those “live” webinars that are pre-recorded. It is just lying and it quite common, I’ve experienced many myself.

    Probably my biggest concern is that the Trading Webclass is really just a lead in and sales pitch for Greg Secker’s other courses and notably his $70/month SmartCharts program. This is a big overhead cost to run this attempt to make money from trading forex. There are other and better options to make money online from home.

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