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The 12 Minute Affiliate System Review [Is 12 Minute Affiliate a Scam]

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You are probably starting or already on your affiliate marketing business. And just like any good businessperson, you are doing thorough research about the different products offered to affiliate marketers like you.

In this post, I collected as much information as I can find about 12 Minute Affiliate. Is it another one of those get-rich-quick claims? Is it legit? Or is the 12 Minute Affiliate a scam?

So let’s go ahead and dive into this post as I give you the 12 Minute Affiliate System review.

12 Minute Affiliate System Review

The 12 Minute Affiliate Review Summary

Product Name: 12 Minute Affiliate

Founder:  Devon Brown

Price: $47 – $797

Click Here for Current Price

Rating: 48/100

Best For: Anyone who is already a pro at affiliate marketing

Recommended: Not Recommended if you are just starting your affiliate marketing venture

Summary: 12 Minute Affiliate claims to be a Done-For-You (DFY) Affiliate Marketing system. The 12 Minute Affiliate team promises to do the heavy lifting while you wait for your income to come pouring in.

12 Minute Affiliate Pros

  • Sound business model
  • Known business owner
  • Products are Legit
  • Website already included

12 Minute Affiliate Cons

  • It doesn’t only take 12 minutes
  • Too much automation
  • Don’t expect any training
  • No free trial
  • Requires extra costs for paid traffic

What is 12 Minute Affiliate?

The 12 Minute Affiliate System Review logo

12 Minute Affiliate is a Done-For-You (DFY) Affiliate Marketing system. And as a done-for-you system, all the hard work is supposedly done by the 12 Minute Affiliate team. 

12 Minute Affiliate is created by internet marketer Devon Brown.

So, when you buy 12 Minute Affiliate, they say that all you literally need to do is set it up and wait for your affiliate commissions to come in. So we are talking about some sort of a Plug and play product.

I don’t know about you but I easily get weary of promises like these. No one gets rich without any effort.

So anyway, according to the homepage, it is a very simple program that even beginners can handle. Not only that but according to them you can expect to earn online commissions multiple times a week, or in a day as soon as you’ve got everything set up. 12 Minute Affiliate offers you a system that automatically and simultaneously promotes multiple different affiliate products.

12 Minute Affiliate also offers to grow your email list for you. And even done-for-you email follow-ups.

How Does 12 Minute Affiliate Work?

12 Minute Affiliate is an affiliate system that combines different processes of making online commissions with affiliate marketing.

As they say, you can do all these in 3 easy steps:

  • STEP 1: First is to click the “get started” button on their page to start the trial.

(Well, of course, duh!)

The 12 Minute Affiliate System Review duh gif
  • STEP 2: The next step is to follow 12 Minute Affiliate’s QUICK-START CHECKLIST to get your system up and running. You can also opt to have 12 Minute Affiliate set the system up for you instead.
  • STEP 3: Order some done-for-you traffic to your system. The amount of traffic you get will be based on your budget.

12 Minute Affiliate sells products from ClickBank. Apparently, the products that you will be promoting are taken from the plethora of products you see on ClickBank.

Inside 12 Minute Affiliate

60-day money-back guarantee. 12 Minute Affiliate offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. They say that you can ask for a refund for whatever reason you feel that 12 Minute Affiliate didn’t deliver everything that they claimed. If you are not contented with the outcomes you are getting from 12 Minute Affiliate, you need only submit a refund request, within the refund period, and they will return your money back to you.

The 12 Minute Affiliate System Review money back guarantee

12 Minute Affiliate Membership Costs

When you get into a business, its important to make sure that your costs are justified by your income. There are some products out there that claim to want to help but are only going to milk you dry.

12 Minute Affiliate Products

Done-For-You Funnels. 12 Minute Affiliate offers a done-for-you affiliate funnel in recent niche markets. This means that you don’t have to worry about any HTML, coding, no hosting, and other complicated technical stuff. The Done-For-You Funnels by 12 Minute Affiliate System is valued at $2,240.

Done-For-You Emails. Another one of 12 Minute Affiliate Products is professionally written follow-up messages. They promise an amount of email that can last you for months. The Done-For-You Emails by 12 Minute Affiliate System is valued at 3,200.

Done-For-You Traffic. DFY Traffic is like a made to order traffic by 12 Minute Affiliate. Just choose how much traffic you want, and 12 Minute Affiliate will take care of it for you. The price of Done-For-You Traffic by 12 Minute Affiliate depends on your set budget and set traffic request.

Bonuses. The Bonuses that 12 Minute Affiliate offers involve three items.

  • The Success Library – This grants you access to a library of personal development training. With over 15 titles in all, you will learn a lot about increasing productivity as well as how to be successful in the business.
  • The Free Traffic Guide – 12 Minute Affiliate’s The Free Traffic Guide will show you 16 ways to get free traffic to your website coming from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and more.
  • Hot Product Promos – With the Hot Product Promos, the system should be able to automatically promote recent affiliate products. You should be expecting traffic coming to the system, as 12 Minute Affiliate regularly promotes current affiliate products.

You can sign up for either the 12 Minute Affiliate Basic Level, which will allow you 1 niche, while the 12 Minute Affiliate Gold Level will allow you to have 3 niches.


Can You Make Money With 12 Minute Affiliate

12 Minute Affiliate is based on a solid business model — affiliate marketing.

As of the moment, the system by 12 Minute Affiliate system is promoting ClickBank products. ClickBank itself is 100% legit but some of the products you find there can be a bit shady. However, to be fair, ClickBank is a distinguished marketplace for ebooks, courses, and various other programs.

What 12 Minute Affiliate offers is to create an efficient affiliate marketing business for you. When you get good traffic, content, and email list perhaps your chance at getting a steady flow of commissions will increase.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning a commission by sharing, promoting or recommending another company’s or person’s product or service. You find a product you already like or use, promote it to others, and gain a part of the profit for each sale you make.

So you as the affiliate or publisher earn a commission every time someone buys using your affiliate link to the product or service of the merchant or advertiser.

In plain words, it is simply recommending someone else’s product or service and you can earn a good income for it.

Here is Devon, the 12 Minute Affiliate creator himself talking about affiliate marketing.

What I Don’t Like About 12 Minute Affiliate

It doesn’t only take 12 minutes. Although 12 Minute Affiliate make it sound as if everything that needs to be done WILL BE DONE in 12 minutes, this isn’t the case. Creating a website and everything else (especially one that is of value) would need more of your time and effort.

Too much automation. I wrote about a similar product that offers a lot of automation. Too much automation also has a huge downside. At some point, your audience will know that what you are saying is a bit robotic. This isn’t surprising if you are getting mass-produced e-mails.

Don’t expect any training. One of the reasons why this product isn’t good for a beginner is because there won’t be any training provided. Well, what do you expect? It already offers to do things for you so they’re saying you don’t need to learn ANYTHING.


I guess this makes sense. Because when you start learning some stuff, You won’t be needing them anymore right?

good idea

No free trial. No. Nothing is free here. I was trying to sign up for a free trial to get additional insider info to share with you guys, but na-da.

The 12 Minute Affiliate Scam Alert

Is 12 Minute Affiliate a scam? The fact that the founder of 12 Minute Affiliate is not some guy hiding behind a spy name, or someone you can’t find on the internet or social media is a score for this company.

Trust starts with seeing the face of the person who makes the promises with their company name.

12 Minute Affiliate is a legit company, with a real person behind it that offers legit products and services.


The Man Behind 12 Minute Affiliate

Devon Brown is a real person. He has a good following on social media too. He also owns another company called Renegade Success. Also, according to his LinkedIn bio he is an “Internet Entrepreneur, Blogger, Author, Speaker, Emcee, Hip-Hop Dancer, and Edutainer.”

Ooooh. A dancer.

Here are a couple of his social media accounts.


12 Minute Affiliate can’t be found in BBB but his other business Renegade Success, LLC is listed but not BBB accredited.

What I Like About 12 Minute Affiliate

Sound business model. Since the business is grounded in affiliate marketing, the business is set to work and is effective.

Known business owner. As I said earlier, knowing the proprietor makes it easier to trust the business.

Products are Legit.  Aside from having a done-for-you system, signing up for 12 Minute Affiliate will also grant you access to their Facebook support group. You will surely get a lot of support from fellow users since the group currently has over a thousand members.

Here is a quick run-down of the 2 programs you can sign up for. I’ll also show you the upsells and how much they cost so that you get a clear picture of how much you really need to shell out for this product.

12 Minute Affiliate Basic Level (1 Niche)

Basic Monthly Membership 

-14 Days Free Trial – $9.95

**After 14 Days – $47 per Month

Basic Lifetime Membership –One-Time Payment – $397

12 Minute Affiliate Gold Level (3 Niches)

Gold Monthly Membership 

-14 Days Free Trial – $9.95

**After 14 Days – $97 per Month

Gold Lifetime Membership -One-Time Payment – $797

The Done-For-You Setup has a One-Time Payment of $67

Other upsells:

  • 3X Your Results Blueprint-One-Time Payment – $39

Website already included. The 12 Minute Affiliate package is already inclusive of landing pages (as well as hosting).

Final Thoughts – 12 Minute Affiliate

I can’t recommend 12 Minute Affiliate to a beginner especially someone who has little to no idea about affiliate marketing.

And I also really hope we can try it for free right? But if you are already a pro at affiliate marketing and would like to do a few hands-free services then, by all means, go ahead.

But if you think about it, you would be paying $47 monthly and that doesn’t include the paid traffic that doesn’t really promise you any income. Yes, you can receive traffic, but how much of that traffic can you convert to cash? This would require hard work from you and not just a 12-minute a day thing. 

A Better Way to Start a Home-Based Business

So is the 12 Minute Affiliate a scam? I don’t think 12 Minute Affiliate is a scam especially when it is anchored on a stable business model such as affiliate marketing.

I won’t be recommending the 12 Minute Affiliate system to a beginner. Someone who has little to no idea about affiliate marketing needs a guiding hand to lead them to the path of success.

To properly end the 12 Minute Affiliate System review I am giving you, I’d like to say that there are other products out there that also provide support AND also throws a value-laden training in the mix.

Joana is a dedicated content writer. She learned how to search for keywords well and write straightforward perky content writing for EFYL. She loves learning a lot of new things as she writes about them.

Above all, she sees herself as a cool wife, mom, and furmom. She used to be an elementary and college teacher but chose to work from home to have more flexibility with her time and be more connected with her family and rescuing stray and abandoned pets.

12 Minute Affiliate




Product Quality


Training Quality


Business model


Value for Money



  • Sound business model
  • Known business owner
  • Products are Legit
  • Website already included


  • It doesn’t only take 12 minutes
  • Too much automation
  • Don’t expect any training
  • No free trial
  • Requires extra costs for paid traffic

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  1. Thanks for your explanation and analysis of details of this program. 

    My first reaction to the title was “Is this for real?’ because it must take more than 12 minutes to get going on this platform. I like the fact that the products are legit, and the business is legit but I am a bit wary of schemes that require you to do nothing, or very little than pay for the service.

    Anyway it is not for me because I am just starting out, learning about affiliate marketing and I need to understand what is possible. Your article is a great value to me.

  2. Thank you JJ!
    Yes I felt the same way, “is this for real?”, there is no way that it can all be done in 12 minutes, plus
    A few other concerns worth highlighting are that a large part of what the course teaches require paid traffic.  So it is good for anyone considering this to also be aware of the hidden costs of paid traffic.  Fortunately, the best online business building community I have come across focuses on how to get FREE traffic as well as a free Wishing you success online and please reach out if I can help you further

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