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What Is Lead Gen Affiliate About [A Look into Lead Gen Affiliate]

It is important to do your research first before venturing out on a new business.

The fact that you are here means that you are doing just that—great job!

So what is lead generation? You can say that lead generation is similar to affiliate marketing. However, affiliate marketers have the ability to promote many different advertisers. Affiliate marketers send customers and potential buyers to certain businesses. In turn, they earn a commission from the sale of a product. On the other hand, lead generation doesn’t require a sale. Still, it involves providing businesses the customers they need to thrive.

In this post we will talk about a course on lead generation—Lead Gen Affiliate.

What Is Lead Gen Affiliate About? What Is Brian Pfeiffer About? Let’s find out!


What Is Lead Gen Affiliate About Summary

Product Name: Lead Gen Affiliate 

Founder: Brian Pfeiffer

Price: $2497

Rating: 18/100

Best For: those who would like to try their hand at a lead generation business

Recommended: Not Recommended

What is Lead Gen Affiliate about: A course on lead generation

Summary: Lean Gen Affiliate is an 8-week program focused on how to effectively generate leads. Made for those with zero computer skills, It is created by Brian Pfeiffer, a business guru associate with Ronnie Sandlin and John Crestani. 

What Is Lead Gen Affiliate About?

Lead Gen Affiliate claims to be a program designed to teach White Methods. According to their website, This is for “the complete newbie”. If you have never launched a campaign before or have little or no copywriting skills, then this course might interest you.

Lead Gen Affiliate is a step by step eight-week program which is said to be made for those that don’t have expert computer skills. It claims to have a revolutionary system with a proven record of success, with campaigns that are timely. Another thing promised by this course is that real campaigns with real case studies will be used during the over the shoulder training.

What Is Brian Pfeiffer About?

What Is Lead Gen Affiliate About brian pfeiffer

Lead Gen Affiliate’s founder is Brian Pfeiffer, an entrepreneur in Las Vegas Nevada. He moved out to Las Vegas in 2013 to be part of the MGM Grand’s Hakkasan Opening Team and was the one in charge of the promotions.

Brian Pfeiffer built his first million-dollar business by the age of 31. He worked with business owners to market and to and lead customers their way. He claimed that since then he has gone on to build and acquire ranking sites for a massive brand in the luxury lifestyle which turned out to be another 7-figure business.

Brian Pfeiffer is actually connected with some business gurus I’ve written a review about: John Crestani and Ronnie Sandlin. This might actually be one of the things that would give me some doubts.

Pfeiffer has marketed businesses that do marketing that is borderline unethical. This includes a business called Ted’s Woodworking.

brian pfeiffer ted's woodworking

Ted’s Woodworking is notorious for selling copyrighted woodworking plans. They actually received a bad rap from Clickbank for this.

Here’s a review of actual woodworking experts calling out this fake business.

So here is video of Brian. I embedded this video to jump to the part about him teaching you a hack on selling a product on Facebook.

Imagine going around teaching stuff like “probably get away with on Facebook” such as clickbait like products and even talks about products that can be “rebilled.” That sounds pretty shady.

Inside Lead Gen Affiliate

Lean Gen Affiliate is an 8-week program focused on how to effectively generate leads.  

Inside the course you will find PDFs and various over the shoulder step by step demos. Lean Gen Affiliate is a self-paced course in which you can watch the content repeatedly until you gain mastery. Lead Gen Affiliate also promises lifetime updates as the online world constantly changes so you have the opportunity to come back to the training platform for new stuff whenever.

Well I guess this is something you can have forever then.

What Is Lead Gen Affiliate About gif forever

This course begins with Week 00, which is said to be where you talk about the Industry, some of the results they achieved and how to get there. You will be introduced to some of the critical mindsets that will help you understand and have the confidence to achieve success in this area. So sort of like a general introduction or background discussion.

What Is Lead Gen Affiliate About Lead Gen Courses 1

Before you start the First week you will need to go through 18 Chapters of Brian Pfeiffer’s Free course. Probably because it has some general overviews there too? Or maybe it’s an upsell he just can’t miss offering. 

During the 1st week, you will spend your time trying to hunt down an offer to promote. This will help you understand all the terms and all elements of the business model. 

The Second week is about getting into various affiliate networks. You will be taught a few tricks you can use later in the course that will all but guarantee entry into the affiliate networks Brian is using (all but guarantee, so they’re not really sure if you’ll get in though. lol).

During this week, the course will go into ads and how Brian was able to create profitable ads.

During the Third week will discuss pre-sales pages. You will get to know through a step by step guide how to create high converting quiz landers and advertorials. Week 3 also goes into depth on copywriting, creating stories that sell (like the success story Brian and friends make on their landing pages, I guess) and million dollar physical products/e-commerce pages.

What happens during the Fourth week, is that you will be shown a full breakdown of Facebook ads and a thorough discussion into how Brian “spies” to find winning campaigns.

What Is Lead Gen Affiliate About Lead Gen Courses 2

The Fifth week you will spend by starting up the ads and starting to set up your Facebook pixel gathering data. During the Sixth week, you will be shown a live demo of an over the shoulder campaign. Brian says that they were able to turn this campaign around from being a money hole to a profitable opportunity, as well as how they scale four and even five figures a day. 

The Seventh week will still focus on studying the losing campaign to be profitable. So you will be watching a video over and over again and to duplicate what Brian has done. It is on this week where Brian discusses how to turn your affiliate marketing skills into a real business. This is where I realize that Brian seem to mix together affiliate marketing and lead generation.

Finally, for the Eight week, you will learn how to set up funnels and systems to promote The Lead Gen Affliate™ product and will give students the opportunity to earn a high ticket commission. Oh! So in the end, it appears that the main goal is to end up becoming one of Lead Gen Affiliate sellers.

What Is Lead Gen Affiliate About Lead Gen Courses 3

It’s funny how they say they are throwing bonuses in. like Week 4 actually has perhaps the most bonuses among the other weeks. Honestly, I think this is just a marketing strategy that would make you think “Hey I’m getting a really good deal here with all the bonuses I’m getting.”

But before you jump for joy try to think first about how substantial the course would be without those so-called freebies.

Now, some other bonuses you’ll get are 5 Live Question and Answer Sessions and even Tickets to the Las Vegas Event and VIP Access. Oh Wow, who wouldn’t like that?

Is this why you got some pictures with those sexy girls on the website Brian?

The Live Q and A will happen once a week for weeks 2-7. So weeks 1 and 2 will get your feet wet and you will likely have a lot of questions by week 3. Your inquiries would likely be inquiries of other students and you would likely have similar questions as them. Now, if you can’t make it to the Q and A sessions, these will actually be recorded and made available in the members’ area. From there you can submit questions to support.

As for the Las Vegas Event and VIP Access, Brian sees that going to events was a critical part of his success. He discusses this in detail in week 7. From these events he was able to meet mentors face to face and other affiliates at a networking event. He considers this a crucial factor in the feasibility of your success path in this business.

Here’s where it gets interesting. What I see is that this is made an incentive when you sell Lead Gen Affiliate.

You see, Brian will be inviting some of the top affiliate managers to join and network with you at the Las Vegas event. According to him, since the event will likely be in January (this is around the time of Affiliate Summit West) it will be tough to predict which offers will be crushing it around then. So they’ll be waiting until then to determine which affiliate managers they will be bringing along.

Another set of bonuses will be a Pinterest Traffic Mini Course and access to Brian’s Private Facebook Group.

For the Pinterest Traffic Mini Course, is a special member-only mini-course on exactly what Brian’s partner, Ross, did to make over $40,000 in profits in three months. Ross, said to have hit quite an impressive campaign on Pinterest and they say they want to share that with students.

As for Brian’s Private Facebook Group, you will get access to his Private Facebook Group. He says that this is where his professional media buyers and himself will be answering questions and offering valuable tips.  

How Does Lead Gen Affiliate Work?

Aside from affiliate marketing, the course is anchored on the lead generation business model. Like any other business, it has the potential to bring some profit as long as you are familiar with the concept and are willing to do the work.

So, let’s learn more about this specific business model.

What Is Lead Generation?

Lead refers to the registering of a user either through registration or application process.

It can help a company with the following:

  • determine their favorite audience
  • speeding up online sales
  • collecting information

Lead generation can help a company determine their preferred audience. Business will be smoother when you find the right audience over the internet since it will help you get more sales and change your temporary customers into regular ones.

It also means that you will have to constantly vary your focus and attention to the areas from where you are receiving the most positive response. Lead generation like any other business takes work. It is one of those businesses that doesn’t scale easily.

Lead Gen Affiliate Costs

So according to their website, the Lead Gen Affiliate course should be at Total Value $24,979 but he will be giving it away for just $2497. However, if you don’t have the $2497 to pay for the course, you can sign up for a payment plan of $997 for three months. 

What Is Lead Gen Affiliate About Lead Gen Payment Plan

If you think you don’t like the course you can actually ask for a refund and get your money back.

It’s just that, I found their return policy a bit weird though. Read for yourself

What Is Lead Gen Affiliate About Lead Gen Money Back Guarantee

So it reads “30-day” but you actually have only 14 days to refund soooo. Hmm. What does he mean by risk free?

So reading it again it says “30 -Day 100% Risk-Free, No Hassle Guarantee.” 

The School Of Hidden Knowledge—Ronnie Sandlin eyeroll gif

 Looks sooo much like a bait to me.

Another weird thing here is that this same course is actually available on Lurn.com for $267. Lurn.com is a product by another influencer I wrote about, Anik Singal who also has a course called Lurn Insider.

Can You Make Money With Lead Gen Affiliate

Lead generation is said to have a high potential to earn an income for you. As long as you are there for the education, Lead Gen Affiliate can open the doors for you.

However, the creator of this course could be one of those gurus who have upsells tied up in the courses. Just make sure you don’t get stuck into the cycle of buying courses in the hope of replicating their results.

Is Lead Gen Affiliate a Scam?

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not an affiliate of Lead Gen Affiliate or Brian Pfeiffer myself and I do not endorse Lead Gen Affiliate in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials, and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what Lead Gen Affiliate genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt from programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn Ways to Avoid Online Scams then click the highlighted text.

I don’t think Lead Gen Affiliate is a scam.

The three things I didn’t like are the expensive price tag, the misleading return policy, and Brian Pfeiffer’s association with John Crestani and shady businesses. So make sure to use your best judgment before following everything he teaches you.

What I Don’t Like About Lead Gen Affiliate

Expensive. Like most of the courses I have reviewed from gurus, the Lead Gen Affiliate is also pretty pricey. We’re really making this guy rich by signing up as their students.

You can find this course on Google. What do I mean by this? When I took a look at the topics in each week it appears that these concepts are something you can actually find by searching online. Even reading their website is mainly about their “story” and not really on the background of the topics. It seems that they are more into selling a dream rather than content.

Misleading Return Policy. I mentioned the money-back guarantee earlier and how misleading it was. So that’s a thumbs down for me.

What I Like About Lead Gen Affiliate

Value for Life. According to the site, you can actually go back to this course again and again. Depends on how long this kind of business is significant.ADD_THIS_TEXT

My opinion – Lead Gen Affiliate

Running a lead generation business is a very lucrative venture since a lot of businesses are now outsourcing their lead generation processes in order to save time. However, it is also highly competitive. If you don’t have active lead generation efforts, it is difficult to grow and scale your business.

An affiliate lead is a type of pay per lead marketing program. The advertiser pays the affiliate a commission they are working with based on the visitors or conversations of leads. In this case, the affiliate can also be a separate contractor.

In my case, I consider affiliate marketing as a more viable business venture. 

With Affiliate Marketing you won’t need thousands of dollars just to start with, put your personal relationships on the line in recruitment and sales effort, you have the choice to market any products that you want, and even get started for FREE.

Nathan-Lucas-Freedom-Influencer free oprah gif

A Better Way To Start A Home-based Business

Thanks for reading until the end of this review to understand What Is Lead Gen Affiliate About.

As I have mentioned, affiliate marketing is the best choice for me.

All you need to do is create your own affiliate website which will generate a good amount of traffic for you every day. There are hundreds of ways for you to monetize this specific kind of traffic, you just got to be creative.

Sounds like a good opportunity right?

So If you ever change your mind and want to jump into affiliate marketing, you can learn from my #1 recommendation below.  You can start for free, then upgrade to premium for only $49 per month if you want to go full-time. Plus you’ll get personal help and mentoring from John Stanley

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Lead Gen Affiliate








Business model


Product Cost



  • Lifetime Membership


  • Expensive
  • You can find this course on Google
  • Misleading Return Policy

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  1. I have been offered to join Lead Gen Affiliate twice. The first time it was just an acquaintance. But the second time it was a friend. I really don’t like to research online but my friend’s insistence made me go on Google and start searching for reviews. I’m glad I found yours. And I’ll actually forward your review to my friend.


  2. Thanks Ann,
    I’m glad you learned everything you need to know about What is Lead Gen Affiliate About and also what is Brian Pfeiffer about.   Another thing I noticed with his course is the lack of real success testimonials.
    Also, look the course cannot be that valuable or working very well for his students if he is also selling it on TheLurn.com for $267.

    That’s why I cannot recommend his course to my readers and offer a far more legitimate way to build a sustainable online business teaching only white-hat SEO and proven skills that you can use to build any online business. 

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