USANA Online: How to Make Money Selling USANA Online

Health and wellness has become one of the biggest and thriving industries worldwide.

If you found my blog post then perhaps you’d like to ride the hype and boost your finances. A lot of companies are already tapping into this promising opportunity—including USANA Health Sciences. USANA is one of the leading companies in the industry and the world.

But you might be wondering how you can conduct your USANA business especially with the limited human contact due to COVID-19. Face-to-face selling is a vital aspect with USANA like any other Multilevel Marketing (MLM).

However, we have to be grateful for technology for paving the way for innovation. There are actually a lot of things that you can do now without getting out of your own house. That’s exactly what we’ll try to learn about on this post, how can you make money selling USANA at home? Read on and find out how to do business with USANA Online.

USANA online how to make money selling USANA online

How to Make Money Selling USANA Online – What is USANA About?

Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

A Utah-based multi-level marketing company, USANA Health Sciences, Inc., or simply known as USANA, produces various nutritional products, dietary supplements, foods, energy and skincare products.

USANA products are sold in 24 countries by a network of distributors they call “associates”, and are mostly manufactured at the company’s West Valley City facility.

You can’t just buy USANA’s products through retail channels, instead, you need to find a USANA associate where you can buy your USANA product. But if you really can’t find an associate in your area, you can put in an order straight to USANA.

Inside USANA

usana online Dr. Myron Wentz
Dr. Myron Wentz

Dr. Myron Wentz is a famous scientist most commonly known for his exhaustive work in developing human cell culture technology and the diagnosis of infectious disease. Dr. Wentz was presented with the Albert Einstein Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Life Sciences in 2007. This was for his dedication to finding solutions to the world’s health concerns. He was able to create an advanced nutrition system designed to nourish the human body on a cellular level.

It was in 1992, when immunologist and microbiologist Myron Wentz moved his diagnostic testing company, Gull Laboratories, from Salt Lake City to West Valley City in Utah. From this, he recreated the business into USANA Health Services, following a multilevel marketing business model and manufactured health supplements.

In 2012, USANA Health Sciences, Inc. had 91% of product sales purchased by associates and by the end of 2014, had 349,000 active associates and 81,000 active “Preferred Customers” in its worldwide distribution network.

USANA Sign Up Options

When you decide to become part of USANA, you have two options to sign up. The enrollment process on their website will allow you to access exclusive benefits.

Here is the sign up page.

usana online usana sign up options

How to Join USANA

If you are interested, there are 2 ways for you to be a part of USANA.

You can sign up as a Preferred Customer or as an Associate.

1. USANA Preferred Customer

Do you want your family to try USANA’s products?

Well, the good thing is that you can start by being a USANA Preferred Customer. As a preferred customer, you can purchase USANA’s products at a 10% discount off retail price. So if you decide to make USANA part of your health regimen then being a Preferred Customer is a really great idea.

USANA Auto Order

With USANA auto order, you can conveniently purchase products every month. One of the benefits you get with Auto Order is that USANA will process the purchase automatically for you—just wait a few (business) days and it will arrive right on your doorstep.

Don’t be too pressured about the auto order since you can actually push back the dates any time you want. So you don’t really “have to” buy products monthly.

Now here’s the best part, if you set your purchase as “Auto Order”, you can get a 10% discount on top of your preferred customer discount. This means that you can get a total of 20% off for each purchase. That’s actually great savings for something as important as health products.

2. USANA Associate

If enjoying USANA’s products is not enough and you want to earn some income you can sign up as an associate for USANA. This way, you can make money and at the same time share USANA’s top-rated products with your friends.

If that sounds good to you—consider becoming one of USANA’s Associates.

When you become a USANA Associate, you’ll be able to build your own “Business Center”. This will allow you the following opportunities:

  • Buy USANA products at the most affordable discounted price
  • Sell USANA products and earn retail profits
  • Recruit others who are interested in becoming USANA Associates
  • Earn a commission from your recruit’s sales and consumption

Click here (and choose your country) or contact me, if you want to become an USANA Associate.

USANA Products

USANA’s award winning products can be broadly categorized into 3 groups:

  1. Nutritional Supplements
  2. Skin Care & Personal Care
  3. Foods, Diet & Energy

Cellular Nutrition – Cellsentials

usana online pills 3114364 640

USANA’s flagship product is the Cellsentials. Helping you to build a strong foundation for exceptional health, USANA Cellsentials provide a comprehensive spectrum of the necessary vitamins and minerals adults need every day for optimal health and energy levels.

The CellSentials are so much more than your average one a day multivitamin. All the essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, plus additional key nutrients are provided in each daily dose.

The Vita Antioxidant and Multimineral Plus is USANA’s special cocktail of multivitamin. So there are 2 bottles and you take 2 pills from each, twice a day.

That’s 8 in total each day. Yeah, seems like a lot right.

Here’s another way of looking at it.  If you don’t give your body optimal cellular nutrition and you get struck by the plethora of degenerative diseases, would you rather take 2 pills your doctor gives you?  Or would you rather take 8 tablets as a preventative health measure to give your cells everything they need?  You see, everything is backed by solid science with the Ask The Scientists website and can be found Build Your Foundation For Health With USANA® CellSentials™

One other thing is that at around $1.90/day for this USANA pair, it can be a bit heavy on the pocket if you don’t understand their value as a preventative health measure.

But you have to consider that your cheaper store bought vitamins actually rate much lower in the independent Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements. In the end, you have to consider the benefits over the cost. You invest in good shoes that make your feet look good at the same time comfortable, a car that would show your success and at the same time drive your family safely everyday   If you value your car, you want to give it the best possible fuel, oil and servicing, right?  Why not invest on your body with the best possible “fuel” in terms of cellular nutrition?

USANA online Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements USANA Cellsentials top rated platinum standard

Finally, another thing to be aware of with this supplement is that there isn’t any iron in the Core Minerals. This is a specific concern to a lot of women (Don’t worry boys, your diet is the best place for your sources of iron). Women NEED extra iron, so to cater to women’s needs, USANA released a Prenatal version of Cellsentials—specifically designed for women. 

But what if you aren’t pregnant? Well it doesn’t matter, the Cellsentials Prenatal version are ideal for ALL women of childbearing age or if you just need some iron supplementation. Don’t get bewildered by the product name, they are perfect for all women of childbearing age or who need iron supplementation

Cellsentials was tested by which has independent ratings of vitamins. Guess what? USANA’s Cellsentials and other core products have received’s thumbs up. Cellsentials actually got their sought after seal of approval.

So they are not cheap, but I personally consider that small investment daily in my health to be worth it.  Do you buy coffee? Their cheaper than that.  So why not invest instead in your own health like a nutritional “insurance plan,”, a good daily supplement can help fill in the gaps. Have you tried any USANA supplements? What has been your experience?

If you’re curious to try and see what they do for you, you can purchase the Cellsentials for Optimal Cellular Nutrition at wholesale customer price (and choose your country), they’ll be shipped to you locally, its easy to do.

Now don’t worry, children and teenagers aren’t left behind. USANA also produces an equivalant version designed specific for the cellular nutritional needs for kids called Usanimals and Body Rox and for teens.

What other products do you need?

If you’d like to know which products are best for you, I am here ready to assist. I can help give a personalised assessment suited to your personalised nutrition. I’ll take into account your lifestyle, habits, ailments and others. Feel free to contact me with any USANA inquiries at

Most USANA customers start with 3 product recommendations:

These recommendations have a good track record for showing great results.

usana online Untitled design 1

What do I personally use? I also take BiOmega fish oilProcosa for my joints, Proflavanol C100 for my dose of antioxidants, and for anti inflammatory benefits, Hepasil for my liver and Probiotic to keep my gut healthy. This helps with digestive and immune health.

John Stanley

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.(source: Ask the Scientists).

Celavive – Signal Healthy Skin-Cell Activity for a Youthful Appearance

Celavive is another major product innovation from USANA’s team of scientists and is designed to benefit not only women but also men and different skin types.

USANA claims that: “Celavive is designed to bring your complexion to life. Each product contains innovative science-based ingredients and vital nutrients to replenish, balance, and restore your skin’s youthful appearance.

You’ll notice that in a few short weeks of using the full beauty regimen, you will see beautiful results. You’ll end up with brighter, healthy-looking skin, improved look of firmness, and your fine lines and wrinkles visibly reduced. You’ll get a more hydrated skin that looks soft and smooth as well as a visibly even skin tone. Now, who doesn’t like that?

Celavive’s has amazing ingredients, and are clinically tested and preserved without harmful ingredients such as parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate and other commonly used but bad substances. Their targeted botanicals and bio active peptides support how cells work with each other so that it promotes a beautiful, youthful look.

The entire Celavive line is gluten-free, contains no harsh chemicals or parabens, and has been dermatologically tested.” (Source: Ask The Scientists).

Again, this could be quite pricey for a few other people. So the regimen pack contains 6 products and is priced at $245. However, it’s not like this lasts about 2-3 months then I’d say it’s a good investment. Some high-end beauty product are far more expensive and don’t target cellular skin health. As  Celavive is all backed by solid science. 

Celavive caters to both oily, dry, and combination skin types. It also has products for sensitive skin. Here as Celavive’s Core Products offered to customers:

  • Perfecting Toner
  • Hydrating Eye Essence
  • Vitalizing Serum

For those with oily and and combination skin type:

  • Replenishing Night Gel
  • Protective Day Lotion
  • Creamy Foam Cleanser

For those with dry and sensitive skin type:

  • Replenishing Night Cream
  • Protective Day Cream
  • Gentle Milk Cleanser

Do you want more of a glow to your skin.  There’s also the Celavive exfoliating scrub+mask.

Do you have contents with spots or pigmentation? There’s also Celavive® Brightening Products, these are advanced skincare series addressing the look of uneven skin tone and pigmentation for a beautifully balanced appearance.

How Are The USANA Products Sold

USANA Products are only sold through distributors or from the company itself.

You can sell USANA’s products however you like. Follow whatever you are comfortable doing.  Whether it is in person, online, a presentation in front of a group, or whatever. You can even take advantage of social media and online sharing options which make selling online much easier.  To be successful, you will have to get out of your comfort zone for the face to face stuff or put in consistent effort online.

How Do You Earn Money in USANA

USANA operates through a Binary Compensation Plan and is focused on the idea of earning money while promoting the products. This is somewhat common in the MLM industry.

The simplest way to start is to share the products and opportunity with those closest to you. This means your family, friends, and colleagues. Share it to everybody who wants to become a customer or associate.  The products are amazing and most people experience benefits and notice the difference.   Then when they decide to join put them on the left side and the right side of the “business center”, this is where you get paid. Quite simple right? And If you invite more people to do the same thing then this is an additional income for you.

First, you have to perform 3 main things that will help you with this business:

  1. Sell products directly and earn a retail profit.
  2. Use as well as trust the products for your own health. This will help you have your own “story testimonial.”
  3. Duplicate your results. You can do this by training your downlines to recruit more people and also sell USANA products.

When you successfully recruit, you’ll be able to earn points for each of your sales as well as all the sales volume from your downlines. These points will then add up and earn you commissions.

7 Ways to Make Money with USANA

There are 7 ways for you to earn a continuous income using USANA’s compensation plan. Here they are below:

1. Retail Sales

Retail sales is probably the simplest way to make money with USANA. The simple idea here is that you earn the profits between the wholesale and retail price when you sell any products which can be 10-20%.

You can sell USANA’s products in whatever way you prefer most. Whether it’s face to face, holding meetings, presentations,  even parties etc or online..

2. Weekly Commissions

When you have built a USANA team of your own, you earn sales volume points from each side of your business center and earn significant commissions weekly. What do you need to do?

Simply make sure to sell or move USANA products and “duplicate” through sharing your best practices with your downlines.

3. Lifetime Matching Bonus

If you train your new downlines to achieve certain results within the first 8 weeks, they’ll be able to earn the special rank known as “Premier PaceSetter” or “Premier Platinum PaceSetter”.

Both the Premier PaceSetter and Premier Platinum PaceSetter will give you an additional percentage of up to 15% commission from the sales of these downlines for life as long as both of you are qualified for commissions.

The John Crestani Super Affiliate Scam forever gif

4. Incentives

There are different fun contests and inviting incentives held by USANA throughout the year. These incentives can be very attractive to you. These incentives include luxury overseas travels, cruises, adventures etc. as well as extra training retreats and recognition.

5. Leadership Bonus

USANA reserves 3% of its global sales and shares it with the top associates every week.

If you’re really really good and become a Gold Director, or any higher level, you will now be receiving a weekly profit share from USANA.

6. Elite Bonus

If you happen to be the top earner in the company, you’ll be able to earn even more additional bonus income. As a reward for being a top earner, you’ll get over 1% of USANA’s sales per quarter which is divided among the top earners.

7. Celavive Bonus

The Celavive Bonus is a way to get any associates cash straight away that enjoy sharing the Celavive products. Associates will earn a bonus of 25% for all Celavive products sold to personally sponsored Preferred Customers on their initial order of Celavive products. This is taken from the tax-exclusive sales price of Celavive products.

How to Make Money Selling USANA Online

A lot of people are looking forward to a chance to earn an income from home. The current pandemic has led a lot of people to unemployment or job uncertainty. Now, everyone wants to find a break to earn an income while in the safety and comfort of their homes.

There are several useful links and tools to make this easier for you:

  • Share Lists/Product Links – are easy, customisable product links that you can share on your social media channels, direct messages, blog website, YouTube etc.  Not all MLM companies have these and the fact they work internationally is really useful.
  • Personal USANA Website – this is your customised USANA website.  It is not optimised for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) so you won’t get much traffic from search engines here, but you can share it with others.  Think of it like your eStore that you can customise in parts.
  • Links to What’s Up USANA? Blog and Ask the Scientists – for these websites you can click one of the link icons on the left side of the page, add your associate ID and share.  Like sharing links from USANA shop, any purchases someone makes from visiting these sites will be credited to you.  Ask the Scientists is particularly useful because it is run by USANA’s 60+ scientific team and all back by credible science and studies.
  • Enrolment Link – this is available on your Customer Connect Mobile App and also on your USANA personal website.  Also if you’re someone who likes selling directly you can run the business from your mobile phone using Customer Connect Mobile App and USANA Hub App.

So the product links are super convenient to sell the products.   

The enrolment link is what you can use to enrol your recruits. So when someone comes through your enrolment link, I showed a screenshot on the section above of your USANA sign up page.

The people you are able to recruit become your downline. When they sign up under you, you get to earn a commission from their sales and consumption.

So there are broadly 2 ways to make money selling USANA online:

1. Social Media – Beginners

This is the most common and easiest way.  It is also the most duplicatable by your team members, so anyone can do it but has its limitations.  The challenge though is that every network marketer under the sun is trying to do this from USANA and every other MLM company.  Also people don’t like to be bugged on social media if you’re seen as too “salesy”.  So please refrain from spamming your friends, your social media profiles and facebook groups with your products or opportunity.  You see the more you try to sell, the more people will avoid you.

To do this the right way you have to be consistent and follow a good strategy which I’ll cover below.

2. Niche Website – Go Professional

If you want to really stand out, create a brand and authority website, this is a real option with USANA’s product links and enrolment links that work worldwide. I’ll cover this also in detail below.


Selling USANA Using Social Media

USANA Corporate has provided helpful training on this from within the USANA back office, this is called the HUB.  Social selling as a way of growing your USANA sales by helping people with USANA products or business.  So in getting started, there are 4 things to take action on – Brand, Stories, Platform and Engagement.

Getting Started

1. Brand – This is about building your personal brand. Think of your own brand statement, core values, and your brand pillars (what you want want to offer to others e.g. self-empowerment, health, wellness, leadership etc.).  Then your brand statement, this is your 1-2 line summary of who you are and what you have to offer.  Think of it like your elevator pitch.  For example:

2. Stories – Your stories, this is your social media content you share.  This can include your product testimonials, selfies, quotes, anything to attract and engage to your audience on social media.  This is where you’ll need to be creative.

3. Platform – these are your social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter etc.  It’s better to focus on just 1 or 2 of these to put your effort into.  Instagram and Facebook stories are being increasingly used and video content will give you better reach.

4. Engagement – this is about engaging on social media by strategically telling stories and interacting with others in a way that helps your audience and adds value to their lives. 

Social Media Action Tips

Overall you’ll want to use attraction marketing principles to attract people to you, your lifestyle, your health choices and income choices that meet people’s needs.  

Building your USANA business on social media has some challenges, you need to be consistent on your 1 or 2 platforms everyday.  People buy from people they know and like so you need to build trust and curiosity.  Please don’t be like a “USANA billboard” because your audience can see your USANA postings then head to Google and search to buy the products online from somewhere else.

You can build your USANA business using social media, but know there is competition.  You’ll need to stand out from other USANA distributors and other health and wellness MLM distributors.  

Social Media Mentoring and Support for You

If you are already a USANA Associate, follow your team’s system and coaching.  Then if you want to build a professional online business, I can also help you below.

If you are considering becoming a USANA Associate, you’ll want to connect with a great USANA community because you’ll have a much better head-start than other people and ongoing support in whatever direction you choose and whatever help you need.

What you’ll get if you connect with us:

  • Weekly online coaching for social media, how to build a brand, you can learn what to do on social with these weekly online calls
  • Resources to help you on cloud storage, recorded videos, team website with recorded trainings
  • Full-time mentor with 10 years of Social Media Marketing experience.

Connect with a great USANA community and social media coach here or contact me today!

Selling USANA using a Niche Website – Go Professional

As I mentioned earlier, you automatically get a personal USANA website. However, this is not optimised for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) so you won’t get much traffic from search engines, but you can share it with others.  Think of it more like your eStore that you can customise parts of.

So If you don’t like meeting people to recruit and don’t want to spend 1-2 hours a day on social media, don’t fret, you still have another way to earn and that is by creating your own niche website.  If you want to build your USANA business online and you don’t want to limit yourself to just selling within your social network, then selling on your own niche website is the answer.

So instead of going out and spending a lot of time meeting with people to invite or even to just buy products from you and if social media isn’t working, you can instead create quality content to draw people in to help them with what they are looking for.  When you already got their attention, it would be less of a challenge to simply click your personal referral links and they can just sign up on their own if you’re promoting the business or buy your products through the super convenient product links.

To stand out from what everyone else is doing, you can write great content instead.  You only have to write it one time and your message will be there for everyone to see or hear. That can beat 60 minutes of talking to a person face to face PLUS the traffic to get there!

The great thing here is that USANA has a plethora of great products that will give you a lot of opportunities to write about. You can write different posts on how each product can help people for your website. These posts can be reviews, How-To articles, and even a comparison with competitor products.

At the end of your article make sure to add a call to action (CTA) so they know where to go. With just one click the link will bring them to your USANA order page. Now, of course remember to set up enrolment placement in advance to be placed in the either the right or left of your business center.

Selling on Your USANA Niche Website

How do you do this?

  • search for the right keywords to use in your blogs
  • create engaging content that gets good traffic
  • write content that are minimum of 1,000 words or longer
  • insert your personal link whether you are selling products or are recruiting for new associates to be your downline
  • share your blog posts on social media

These techniques are relatively easy.

However, If this is all new to you, then let me break them down to simpler steps for you.

Create Your Niche Website on WordPress

Step 1 – Build Your Own Website

usana online own website

The best way to get people to buy USANA products from you or to sign up under you is to create your own niche website to drive traffic from the big internet world to your product links or enrolment link. With the billions of internet users out there, who are online for longer—the possibilities are almost endless.

It helps to think about your target customers who you are trying to help.  This is known as your niche or avatar. Here’s some possible niches:

  • coaching
  • stay at home mums
  • mummy blog
  • lifestyle
  • weight loss (Reset)
  • Skin health and beauty (Celavive)
  • Exercise to any niche
  • Health – other niches 

First, you will have to pick a name for your separate niche website which you can also use to build your domain name. When you complete this process you will have to find out if that domain name is available for purchase. 

Second, you need to decide on a domain name. The title of my website is Earn From Your Laptop, because of this, I decided to buy the domain name I needed to check if that was available with a dot com (.com) extension, which luckily, it did, so I went ahead and purchased it. Purchasing a domain name is like a membership. You have to pay a fixed fee annually to keep this specific domain name for yourself.  You can buy a domain name from many places like Go Daddy, Host Gator, Dream Host and Bluehost and others have a system to check if the domain you want is available or not. Unfortunately, the spending doesn’t end there.

Third, hosting. Hosting is a whole different cost. Owning a domain name is different from having a website that uses the domain name since you will need a company to host your website. 

Fourth,you need to consider adding website security and speed. If you think you’re done, think again.

Fifth, you would need to find a platform to create your website. 

It can be a bit overwhelming, but you just have to remember that you are investing in your USANA business for it to thrive.

Lucky for me, I found a company called Wealthy Affiliate who packaged all this with more.

Wealthy Affiliate has provided everything. From the much needed training, to some valuable help, support to build and operate a website for a business, and even a supportive community.  You can learn skills you need to build your own online business to grow your sales of USANA online.

Going back, I bought my domain name through Wealthy Affiliate. Another good thing is that signing up for Wealthy Affiliate already includes fast and secure hosting. 

So if you want a solid platform that you can scale, I highly recommend creating a personal WordPress blog. They are great for design/function customization and rank better on the search engines. If you want to see a back end tour of what WordPress looks like, go ahead and create one simply for free using the tool below.

Step 2 – Write You Own Compelling Content to Get Traffic to Your Website

If you are done with website creation and ready to build your business, now you need to create engaging content that gets good traffic. In the online business world your quality content actually sells your product.  In your posts, what you need to do is help the users that go to Google or search engines to answer the questions they have with your quality content. To master this, this includes finding the right keywords to use in your post.

Keywords? What are they?

Keywords are significant words used to find information when researching. This is what you type in the search bar when you have a question and want to look it up in Google. If you are thinking of a good way to keep your child healthy for example, then I might type in “What are the best vitamins for a 2 year old child?”

You have to keep this in mind when writing content for your blog. usana online socmed

The world has changed since the pandemic. There are a lot of people searching for ways to protect their family and themselves, so you can use keywords around this idea and, for example, write about how Cellsentials can help people support or maintain their immunity.

In the lead-up to mother’s day, you can write about how mom’s need a time out to take care of themselves and recommend Celavive.

Just do your best in being creative.

Step 3 – Attract Customers to Read Your Content

Remember that the USANA personal website is handy to associates. However this isn’t enough since it doesn’t give you any SEO benefits.

What is SEO about? 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the technique of increasing both the quantity and quality of traffic that goes to your website through organic search engine results.

There are the steps essential to make your website attract traffic and customers:

Build your website and focus only on it
Select a good title for your article: this will help it rank high in the search engines like Google
Write at least 2 articles per week 
Write content that is at least 1,000 words for each article
Use SEO Techniques to direct traffic to your content
Use URL links creatively to send customers to your product links or enrolment link
Write meaningful and timely content
Use engaging pictures to support the key points in your article
Promote your content in SocMed such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest
Use your content to collect email addresses to reach out to customers and prospects
Use varied Internet tools to track your website statistics
Keep doing this for at least 6 to 12 months and keep improving

You can try going to Google or YouTube to learn all this yourself.

But don’t you think it can all be too overwhelming?

If you do, then definitely think about joining an online community where you can become an expert on all this with training that is tailor fitted for you with personal help also.

Optional Step – USANA on YouTube

Now don’t get intimidated. I’m not suggesting that you have to become a vlogger or something.  But did you know that video content is popular making YouTube the second largest search engine behind Google.

You can also build your own YouTube channel to compliment your blog.  The best thing is if you can create your own personal video’s and you can learn everything you need to do here inside the online community that I’m part of.

Check Out My #1 Recommendation Here

Is This Right For You? Your Next Step

USANA may have the best products and is one of the best companies in the health, wellness and nutrition industry. Sadly, because health and wellness is so popular, there are already many other companies selling it. Also, although you too could be successful, the MLM business model does require consistent work to be successful and to stand out from so much competition.

Do You Really Want to Grow Your USANA Business Online?

A Pixamattic Review compuer

If you are determined to earn a substantial USANA income online, then may  I suggest you check out the company that I and many other successful entrepreneurs have learned from.

Blogging with USANA is like an affiliate type of program that works well for any blog website. I have a great deal of experience with SEO to promote your referral links and learned everything from the best training platform and mentoring community online. Here you can learn how to do what I do inside this training community and I’ll help you do it.

You will be given the opportunity to continue to learn about Online Marketing. It is actually free for you to try it—it is the program called Wealthy Affiliate

So with Wealthy Affiliate, you don’t really have to have a credit card and it has a free option.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you can remain a free starter member as long as you wish. What you get as a free member here can cost you hundreds of dollars elsewhere.

  • 10 lessons
  • 10 websites
  • Hosting
  • Additional lessons available

The 10 lessons that will teach you how to get your online business started. It includes getting your website built and having it hosted for free. Now make sure to set your expectations. Since it is free, understand that you may find some limitations compared to the Premium version.

When you feel confident that the Wealthy Affiliate platform will help you build a thriving business with USANA online, don’t hesitate to upgrade to the Premium membership.

What do you get with the Premium membership?

The 10 websites could be a great standby opportunity for you in case you will diversify your business in the future. You can have access to everything you need for a really low monthly subscription. This Premium membership includes 1,o00’s of more lessons that will teach you everything to build an online business.

With every lesson video, you get text notes on the lesson as well. Of course you get tasks to perform to actually implement as you are building your USANA business online.

You can go over this table below to weigh the benefits between getting the Wealthy Affiliate free starter membership initially to see if its your style and later the Wealthy Affiliate paid Premium membership.

usana online pasted image 0

USANA Pros and Cons

Any business has its share of Pros and Cons, and USANA has a fair share of both. It is important to know what they are to see if the Pros outweigh the Cons in your situation.

Pros of USANA

Products are Top Rated and Science-Based. Products are designed to work at the cellular level to nourish your cells to make you healthier. Other benefits can vary like more energy, younger looking skin etc.

No Need for Inventory of Products. Imagine how convenient it is that customers can buy directly from USANA and that distributors (associates) don’t have to keep stock on hand. All they need to do is to recommend products to customers and they order directly from USANA.

Constant Innovation. The constant improvement gives way to the innovation of existing and new Products.

Cons of USANA

You have to give some, before you get some. To earn commissions, you would have to buy a certain amount of products every month. There’s a set number of points you need to reach with your sales. If you don’t make these purchases every month, you’ll lose any points accumulated and can’t earn any commissions.

Recruiting. Do you like recruiting? Like so many home based ventures, you have to be very eager and consistent to grow your business. To have any chance of success in earning a decent income with any MLM including USANA, you have to either always be recruiting or selling products online.

Most Associates Earn Very Little. With the 7 ways of earning money that I showed in a section above as well as downlines working for you, the opportunity might seem like a great way to earn money. However, a major issue of compensation plans for so many MLM’s is that not enough people make it to the top.

USANA Conclusions and My Personal Recommendations

Thanks for reading until the end of my USANA Online post. I hope you feel I’ve been objective and helpful throughout this post on USANA Health Sciences. 

Running a blog around health products can be a vehicle to drive sales online for your USANA business. Your website is your special limousine that drives your business towards your goal and that’s where I can help you take this to a whole new level. If you are reading this article right now, then that proves that it works. Even if you already have a successful offline or online business and you’re looking to grow it, My Top Free Recommendation can teach you how to improve it more exponentially.

I could even be your personal coach and mentor to help you do this.

Specifically for USANA we have a fantastic team with various strengths that you can tap into to maximize your own potential. From social media marketing to building your USANA online business with a professional website.

Where I can really help is with building websites and internet marketing. The BEST way to reach the most potential customers is by having a niche website

Here’s what you’re going to do inside the community and be trained on to build your own online business:

  1. choose a topic for your business (niche) and really hone in on your exact avatar – who are you trying to help
  2. Build your website and learn how to rank your website in Google
  3. Promote USANA and even other products or services for your business
  4. Learn ideas about how to increase sales and grow your income, optionally YouTube, the right social media channels and much more.

No matter how you look at it, with more than 4 Billion people on the internet, that’s more people that you can reach personally or even through social media. So, I strongly recommend you try Wealthy Affiliate for free first.

If you decide to join, I would be very much willing to be your coach. We will have one-on-one coaching during your first week to guide you through the different aspects of the business as well as answer any of your inquires.

Now if you wish to upgrade to Premium before the end of your first week, I have a special bonus just FOR YOU—just click the button below!

Start Your USANA Niche Website Here for Free >>


So do you now understand how to make money selling USANA online? From the many ways of how to make money selling USANA, which particular area are you going to focus on – traditional face to face, social media or blogging your online business?

Do you have any questions do you have for me? Feel free to leave a comment or question in the comments section at the end of this article. I love hearing your stories and insights and look forward to hearing from you. I’m happy to help!

31 thoughts on “USANA Online: How to Make Money Selling USANA Online”

  1. I have a supply of USANA products that I have received from a relative. If anyone would like a 20% discount I would sell them to you.
    – Qty. 4 Procosa
    – Qty 6 Magnecal D
    – Qty 5 cellsentials
    – Qty 10 Biomega

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
    I’m a Usana Associate for almost 1 month now. I always do a research on how to launch my website and I’m tired also of inviting with people and selling them how effective are the Usana products. That is why I’m very grateful I came in this website and now I have the idea how to promote my usana website.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas.

    • Thanks Liz,
      I’m glad you came to this post early in your USANA journey.
      May I suggest that you have a good read of the ideas presented here, especially
      1. Social Media – Beginners (Selling USANA Using Social Media)
      2. Selling USANA using a Niche Website – Go Professional
      Note that your Personal USANA Website (your customised USANA website). It is not optimised for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) so you won’t get much traffic from search engines here, but you can share it with others. Think of it like your eStore that you can customise in parts.

      If you ever want to go professional and get real traffic and orders from Google, YouTube and other search engines, I could even be your personal coach and mentor to help you do this.
      Happy to help if you ask for it, John

  3. John
    This is an amazing post and I have no idea how long you spent researching this, creating it, adding imagery and posting it.
    It is an example of a very thorough post from someone who knows what they are talking about
    Every Success

    • Thanks Tevor,
      I appreciate your kind words.
      I have gone to every effort to help my readers to find extras ways to build a USANA business online with this How to make money selling USANA online.
      As you can see it can be done very similar to any affiliate program as the product referral links work globally. Pretty exciting to have the reach to 4 Billion+ people online through a niche website!
      Wishing you online success, John

  4. This has been without any doubt the most helpful article I came across regarding setting up my blog and creating my first blog post. I am a true “newbie” to blogging and even after a lot of research there were still way too many questions in my mind. Thankfully this article gave me indepth insight and I appreciate your effort so very much.
    Since, I am not a very in- touch with- tech kinda person, a few technical things did slip off my head (sorry.. I bet if ll read it again i might end up understanding them as well or maybe a lil bit more research).
    Conclusion though?
    I am grateful. This has been really really helpful. Keep up the good work!
    I would be glad if you could help with setting up a blog and tell me what i need to do. I am kind of lost and your opinion would really help a lot right now.

    • Sure thing Gideon,
      Thanks for reaching out and asking for help setting up your blog. That is what I love helping people to do.
      I am happy to guide you step by step through the process. So the first step would be to email me with any more specific questions, all the details about what you would like to achieve and specific questions on anything about setting up your blog or USANA. So please ask or email me at

  5. Choose to sell USANA health product is a great topic, especially given it is backed by the scientist who has developed it. The overall article has a lot of useful information, and persuading push on the reader is excellent. 

    If buyer know very well about USANA products, they will choose direct purchases from the supplier to get a higher discount. This type of buyer not likely to buy from the associate because to search associate site is more complicated than searching the supplier site. For a new associate to earn from the commission is very slim.

    As a retailer, there is a better possibility of getting profit than an associate. If many buyers staying near your retailer shop, already know the USANA products, they will prefer directly buy from the retailer. At least the retailer is a real person they can see and get hold. It is better than payment by credit card subject to individual risk, and online purchases usually delay in delivery without any compensation. As a retailer, if you can allow the buyer to make payment after goods delivery, they will become your loyal buyer.

    To form a sales team can be a good idea if the locals are still not familiar with the USANA product. To promote a skincare product is more comfortable than help the health supplement due to the prolonged effect of evidence on the product. A small investment in the product to use on the sales team is required, as your article has mentioned. Seeing is believing already a norm for the buyer to trust the effectiveness of the product. Proper choosing of the sales team may need consulting from the scientist of the product. How to choose patients who can have a fast effect after applying the product is the key to success. If not, how can our sales team tell the success stories to any customer?

    Other joint supplements already well known by the users; the sales team must be knowledgeable to tell the customer how to differential a quality product to get trust from customers. The sales team has to be well trained on each product selling.

    • Hey Stephen,
      Thanks for sharing your detailed thoughts and insights on sales and sales teams.
      You are right in that there will always be a place for face to face selling – that way they can get help from that person.

      There is a global trend for online sales and especially this year, this has grown so much more.  It can help to provide personalised service to anyone that you can reach out to from selling USANA using a niche website.  You can also provide value to those customers, their shipping is direct from the USANA manufacturing facility and they can also get the regular order maximum discount of buying products at 20% below the retail price.  

      This article really shows how to get so many more customers. Then it will be up to you how to service those customers afterwards.  Typically follow up by email marketing, messaging or calls can help here.  New customers need to have the purchases confirmed and the support of information and answering their questions as many people notice a difference over their first 3-6 months of using the products.  Then managing your sales team this comes from the training of each team and what is known as “duplication”, this has more to do with the business building element.  I am part of a bigger team where this training and resources is excellent. 

      II hope this helps,  if you have any more specific questions or specific questions on anything about USANA or building a niche website, please ask or email me at

  6. Hi, John.

    Thanks for this great article on USANA. I’ve been hearing so many people talk about it lately that I’ve been dying to know more.

    Unfortunately, like many other people, I’ve had bad experiences with MLM’s over time. So I’d really like to get your personal experience in the niche. How successful were you working with USANA? What level have you been able to reach and how long did it take you to get there?

    • Thanks for your positive feedback Stevie.
      I’m sure you can appreciate that with these times of people being concerned about immunity, that demand for top quality health and nutritional products is very high.  In the Phillipines for instance, demand for USANA’s products has never been higher – so this niche is very good to be in.

      Yes many people have had a bad experience with the old school MLM that involves recruiting, face to face stuff as well as trying to be everywhere on social media.   Instead what I am presenting in this post, and trying to help people with is 2 things.
      1. The opportunity to promote USANA’s incredible products more as an affiliate.  You can earn approximately 20% commission this way.  You will have a monthly order requirement of 100 points of personal volume which is little over $US100.  This is easily achieved by a family or can even be sold too.
      2. Extra opportunity for existing USANA associates as I have shown in this post.  There is opportunity to reach a more global audience to help customers with a niche blog. As well as business builders if you go more of a coaching or authority niche.

      I have achieved Silver Director which is anyone who earns US$1,000 in a week and reached that in 2016 after 4 years of doing the business.  Then in 2018, I have found my passion for helping people build an online business is more of my calling that actively building a USANA business.  I am also passionate about health and helping people.  Later on I may create a website in the health niche, but at this stage all of my efforts are going into this website and helping people build an online business.   I still believe there is good opportunity for an online business promoting USANA as I mentioned in 1 and 2 above and show how in this post.

      II hope this helps,  if you have any more specific questions or specific questions on anything about USANA or building a niche website, please ask or email me at

  7. I am curious about these Cellsentials. I am currently on a routine that includes Multivitamins, Fish Oil, Pure Whey, and the crazybulk building stack. would these cellsential vitamins be safe to take with the rest of these? Eight capsules a day does sound like a lot, but I get it! You said these are more than just multivitamins, does this mean i could replace my current with this or possibly cut out some of the other supplements? So for so many questions, but this seems interesting, I am huge about being careful as to what goes into my body.

    • Thanks Chris,
      1. You would just replace your mulitvitamin with Cellsentials  

      This is the top rated multivitamin/antioxidant as rated by the independent Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements and is designed to give your cells the optimal levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants they need to flourish at the cellular level.

      In terms of your other supplements/routine:
      2. Fish Oil.  This is important, to get the right amounts of EPA/DHA for overall body and brain health.  Certain types of fish are very high in mercury and USANA’s BiOmega is mercury free.  Other supplements are typically at the food grade standard so are allowed to have about a 5% margin for error.  So many store bought fish oils may say “mercury tested” but this does NOT mean they are mercury free.  USANA Health Sciences is unique, they are one of the very few supplement companies that voluntarily operate to pharmaceutical grade standards so mercury is undetectable.  This is one of many factors in the USANA difference I covered in my full review.

      3.  Pure Whey, and the crazybulk building stack.  This is more to do with protein and workouts, you could continue to take these.  I am not sure what “crazybulk building stack” is but if it contains vitamins, minerals etc you could reduce it with taking Cellsentials.

      I too am huge about being careful as to what goes into my body.  I have done Tonnes of research and USANA Health Sciences is head and shoulders above the rest in terms of supplements and their entire product range.

      I hope this helps,  if you have any more specific questions or specific questions on anything about USANA, please ask or email me at

  8. I was about to ask if USANA is worldwide (especially USA)  until I saw Utah was mentioned where it started. The accents sounded as if it was restricted to Australia or Europe. With the pandemic still at an all time high, USANA may be a game changer for many people. This could benefit the customer, the leader and the associate. Congrats on your success. I hope you are succeeding in this area. Thanks for sharing info, and the videos! 

    If you are doing well, how long did it take you to reap the rewards?

    • Yes you are right.  At this time the need to support our immune systems is more important that ever – Cellsentials can help people support or maintain their immunity.  Also you’ll see a lot of expert information on immune system in Ask the Scientists
      Yes for people with a passion for health, wellness and helping others there is a lot of potential to build USANA online, including tons of niches to build a blog around to help people and promote USANA more as an affiliate as their product referral links work globally.

      I love helping people with their health and also building an online business so this is ongoing and I get happiness from sharing this way.  People can achieve success depending on the effort they put in, like anything in life.

  9. Wow! This sounds like something I may want to look into further!
    I am curious About the vitamins and beauty products. How are the ingredients of both sourced?
    Are they verified by leaping bunny? Are they certified by any other reputable sources?  
    I am also a big proponent in organic ingredients as well as the lack of toxic ingredients that may be included in vitamins and skin care products. Are the products organic? Are they natural? Are they clean?
    What is the number 1 recommended vitamin? What is the recommended number one skin care product?
    Thank you for the introduction to USANA. I will look into it further in the future! 

  10. It’s nice that the company offers you a ten percent discount if buying directly from them to try them out. Not many MLM’s do that as you need to buy from a distributor.

    You are talking about taking all eight tablets a day for optimum health, but if you are on a budget, as most people are at the moment, is there certain essentials that one could take. So in other words what are the top four – would it include the ones you are currently taking?

    • Hi Michel,
      Thanks for reading this review and for your questions.
      When you share the product links either personally or through a website.  Anyone who becomes a free preferred customer (this is like a wholesale account) will save 10% off retail.  You are buying from someones referral link but getting products shipped direct from USANA Health Sciences, this is similar to any purchase made online though an affiliate or referral link.

      When you buy Cellsentials, you are getting 112 tablets of the Vita Antioxidant and 112 tablets of the Core Minerals.  Yes you are right that the optimal dose is 4 pairs per day.  If people are on a budget and cannot afford around $1.90/day for this.  Then they could reduce their dosage to match their budget.
      It’s a personal investment in your health, so people can also consider how much do you spend on other daily things that don’t give you cellular health benefits like coffee?

      The top 4 products:
      1. Cellsentials – designed to give your cells the optimal levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants they need to flourish at the cellular level. 
      2. BiOmega Fish Oil.  This is important, to get the right amounts of EPA/DHA for overall body and brain health.  Certain types of fish are very high in mercury and USANA’s BiOmega is mercury free.  Other supplements are typically at the food grade standard so are allowed to have about a 5% margin for error.  So many store bought fish oils may say “mercury tested” but this does NOT mean they are mercury free.  USANA Health Sciences is unique, they are one of the very few supplement companies that voluntarily operate to pharmaceutical grade standards so mercury is undetectable. 
      3. USANA Probiotic for gut health and the microbiome which is so important to overall health.
      4.  This will depend on individual needs and can’t easily be generalised. However, personally I take Procosa for my joints, Proflavanol C100 for my dose of antioxidants, and for anti inflammatory benefits, Hepasil for my liver.

      So if you or anyone else is considering a blog or online business around USANA’s products to help your readers you can see there are many possibilities here.

      I hope this helps,  if you have any more specific questions or specific questions on anything about USANA (including specific health needs), please ask or email me at, I can get answers from top scientists and medical experts.

  11. Hi John! This is a great website & and fantastic post!
    I have been involved in several MLM companies but unfortunately they were not quite what I was looking for. Didn’t think I would be involved again but this is very tempting.
    I have learned to do research first and I will do so. I do like natural health products & use a plethora of supplements daily. I will keep these products in mind and who knows, you may have at least one new customer in the future.
    Thanks for the great information!

    • Thanks Sharon,
      That’s what I’d recommend to anyone, try the products first and if they work for you then you are naturally happy to share them to help others.
      Then if its your passion to help other people with health and wellness, there are dozens of sub-niches within health and wellness where you can create helpful content to help your readers with the particular health issues (e.g. joint pain, more energy) or beauty issues (skin flecks, crows feet, wrinkles etc) or weight loss too.

      The fact that the USANA Health Sciences product links work globally make it a wonderful opportunity and easy to share. So you can approach this purely as an affiliate marketer or even be a USANA Health Sciences distributor who also would like to reach the globe beyond their circle of family, friends and social media posting.

      I hope this helps, if you have any more specific questions or specific questions on anything about USANA, please ask or email me at

  12. Have you found success in selling USANA online?
    Also do they have an affiliate program? I am interested to see how MLM works through the online world versus face to face like other MLM companies.
    I love to exercise so I enjoy learning about new products that could help me.

    • Hey Jordan,
      Thanks for your questions.  My website is not in the health and wellness niche, however I have a review of USANA health sciences that generates sales globally.  The purpose of that review and this article showing how to make money selling USANA online is not to sell products, but some people do take up that very option when learning about this quality cellular nutritional products form my articles.
      What this demonstrates to me is the power of organic traffic from SEO and that it leads to sales.

      USANA Health Sciences doesn’t have an affiliate program as such, but if you like the products you can become an Associate and promote them just like an affiliate.  With anything in life, I’m a big believer in trying out the products yourself and only promoting things that you can personally vouch for and have had a good experience from.  It’s good that you exercise,  I love surfing and running so really appreciate the USANA products personally and for my families health, as I continue to run, surf and be active and fit for decades to come.

      Cellsentials, BiOmega (mercury free fish oil) and Procosa (joint health) are great products for anyone who like exercising or working out.

      Feel free to try the products first and I hope this helps, if you have any more specific questions or specific questions on anything about USANA, please ask or email me at 

  13. This article covers a lot of valuable information.
    It has info on a health company and how to become an affiliate with it. I like what this company is trying to do by improving one’s health and also looks through cellular skin health.

    I will have to do more research on this company and the supplements it offers. Thanks for publishing this article and letting us know about this company and it’s products.

    • Great John, I’m glad you learned a lot from my review.
      Sure thing, feel free to research as much as you like about the companies products.  This is a great idea to ensure they are solid and reputable in order for you to promote them online.  I didn’t go into the awards, but they have won just about every award in the industry, check out the independent Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements by Nutrisearch, also the many independent testing by which has independent ratings of vitamins.

      They have really helpful Facebook groups for any aspect of the science or products as well as the Ask the Scientists website which is all backed by scientific studies.

      I hope this helps, if you have any more specific questions or specific questions on anything about USANA, please ask or email me at 

  14. Hi John. Thank you very much for this comprehensive post. 

    I liked that in one of the sections you stopped to explain the ways we could earn money with USANA. I thought I knew about them but I discovered I was wrong. I hadn’t heard about Lifetime Matching Bonus. I hadn’t seen there is potential earnings 15% commission for life.

    So this make me think this could be a very good product to promote online and especially when Lifetime Matching Bonus is factored in.

    • Thanks Ann,

      I’m glad you learned a lot from my review on how to make money selling USANA online.
      The beauty of this opportunity is that you can promote their award winning, top rated nutritional products and other products as an affiliate.  The product links work globally so this is really an untapped opportunity I feel, so I wanted to share this with my readers to give them profitable ideas.  I see that this can work well for existing USANA Associates who are tired of the face to face stuff and annoying people on social media.  There are so many ways to help people with your quality content and in turn USANA products can help your readers with their own health.  Also anyone already blogging in the health niche can help their audience with USANA’s products.

      In terms of the compensation plan.  Yes there are 7 ways to may money with USANA.  With an online business / niche website promoting USANA products, the main income will be the weekly commissions, these are around 20%, but can be higher depending on how a USANA associate structure their business centres.  But I am not here selling the MLM business model, rather helping those considering USANA or already a USANA associate to make money online with a global audience.

      So given you asked about Lifetime Matching Bonus, this is pretty awesome for USANA business builders, so if someone your sponsor achieves say Gold Director, who earns around $50k per year, then 15% of that is a handy income.  It is unlimited for how many people you can earn this from.

      Yes, this is another reason why USANA has great products to promote online. 

  15. I have been reading about USANA health products.  I did know that Salt Lake City and particularly USANA Health Sciences are well known for the cell level research done there.  It seems that this gives the company that is also founded there a good insight into the latest results and assistance for healthy bodies. My friend went to Salt Lake City because of the amount of work done there and the excellent results with stem cell work.   Have you used the USANA health products?  

    The company seems to have set up got strong distribution and support for the distribution. Have you seen many with this much information?  I sure haven’t. The commissions sound decent and the products are a bit higher priced, and probably a better grade than some I have seen. 

    I agree about the MLM level of marketing, at this point.  I do know many do really well in this type of marketing, I just don’t have great results.  This is an interesting product and surely requires another look when I am ready to have a health product site. 

    Thank you for your article and information.

    • Thank you Isaac,
      I’m glad you enjoyed the article and glad to have introduced you to USANA’s amazing products.
      Sure thing, let me cover off on your questions – I have personally used USANA’s health products since 2010 and am very happy with them. 

      Can I share our daughter’s testimony? 
      USANA produces a version specific for Children called Usanimals and for Teenagers called Body Rox.  
      We have an adopted little girl was born premature and with poor health, we adopted her at 6 months and she was sickly, with acute broncholitis and on 4 medications!.  On our 2nd day as new parents, we started her on Usanimals by crushing it up and adding to her milk formula.  Her acute broncholitis healed within days and she has been growing normally and happily ever since.  Her hair/skin glows, she behaves well and is a beautiful thriving child. Still now she is still thriving.

      We take her to kindergarten and so many of the other kids are often sick, our little girl hardly has been sick since and even when she has a cough/cold, it passes quickly. We couldn’t be happier!

      It is so important for children and teens to get the right nutrition for their critical development stages and I recommend USANA’s products to anyone who wants the best for their children’s health. So yes I recommend them for all children, as well as adults.

      USANA products are a bit higher priced that store bought ones, this is true

      What’s worth remembering is they are independently rated number one multivitamin. 
      Looking at it purely from the health point of view, many people are happy to be paying that amount as they value that as investment in their families health.  Another way of looking at is is substituted spend, so rather than buying lower quality supplements, beauty/skin care and foods/energy drinks from the stores, whey not buy that from your own shop?  
      So many people value the highest quality products and are happy to buy them.  If you had a sports car, would you want to put the best fuel and oil into it?   Why not look at your body in the same way.

      In terms of the support for distributors, yes the resources in the HUB are very helpful.  But in order to really build your USANA business you will need to reach beyond your family, friends and even social media contacts. I have covered this extensively in this post about the benefits of building a niche website to build your USANA business online. A health product website is a great way to go and I can coach you on how to do this.

      I hope this helps, if you have any more specific questions or want specific testimonials, please ask or email me at

  16. This is the most detailed review I have read of USANA so far and clearly makes me understand.
    Nothing sounds more exciting than promoting things you know will be good for the people. I’ve made money online from making people just join and pay without getting any real product but USANA definitely is different and definitely i want to try them out thanks to your review.

    • Thank you Donny,
      I agree with you that it is exciting and wonderful to promote things that will help people, especially something so important as their health.
      I agree with you also – the Products are for everyone and its always good to try them out first to see if you too can notice a difference. 
      Most people believe in taking supplements but a common question that is asked “but I do not understand  what makes these products different?“.
      Let me cover this also.
      USANA has Top-Rated World-Class Products, in summary:

      Many companies can claim to be “the best”. But USANA’s products are world-class. There are 3 unique reasons for this…

      #1 USANA’s products are pharmaceutical grade and have many patents for its different products.

      If you go into GNC or health food stores and ask, can you sell me something pharmaceutical grade? I doubt they can find it in their store….

      #2 USANA is the Top Rated Nutritional Supplement Company according to the independent “Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements” study by Nutrisearch.

      #3 Thousands of World-Class Athletes Trust USANA

      So the differences with other products are quite profound and easy to see and understand.

      Sure feel free to try the products out through any of the links in this post.

      I hope this helps, if you have any more specific questions, want specific testimonials or want to buy any products, please see links in the article or ask or email me at


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