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Taking Action Online Review – Is it a Scam or Not? 6 Things You Need To Know

Welcome to our Taking Action Online review!

Curious whether is Taking Action Online worth it? Let’s dive in and see what you’ll get inside.

It’s your go-to for establishing an online business, focusing on affiliate marketing. With 20 easy-to-follow modules, you’ll learn the exact steps that helped Philip Borrowman earn $1000s online.

Philip, a former baker turned digital nomad, shares real-life experiences to make the learning journey relatable. from finding your niche to building your website and generating income – Taking Action Online covers it all.

Before we explore the modules, let’s get to know Philip a genuine practitioner in the world of online entrepreneurship.

Inside the program, you’ll not just find lessons but a wealth of resources – webinars, case studies, blueprints, and strategies, all centered around affiliate marketing.

Ready to kickstart your online success story? Read on as we break down each module, making online entrepreneurship easy and exciting.

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Product Name: Taking Action Online

Products Price: $1 to access then Marketing Academy costs $99/month or $487/year + additional hidden costs and other additional courses

Founders: Philip Borrowman

Rating: 5.6/10

Best For: Taking Action Online is best suited for individuals who are new to affiliate marketing and those seeking a step-by-step guide to initiate their online business.

Recommendation: Taking Action Online is for folks who are new to affiliate marketing or anyone who wants a clear step-by-step guide to starting it. 

Taking Action Online review website

Taking Action Online is a training program that aims to help people establish their own online business. 

The course takes a step-by-step approach, similar to the exact action plan that led Philip Borrowman to earn significant income in online earnings through affiliate marketing. 

The course consists of well-structured modules that generously impart all the valuable strategies and steps that played a pivotal role in Philip’s journey to online success. 

The primary focus of Taking Action Online is to explain four fundamental steps essential for triumph in affiliate marketing: 

1. Identify Your Niche

2. Construct Your Website

3. Drive Traffic to Your Site – you can choose blogging or YouTube videos

4. Generate a Steady Income

In the subsequent sections of our exploration of Taking Action Online, we will delve deeper into these crucial steps, offering more in-depth insights into the course itself. 

However, before we embark on that journey, let’s take a moment to acquaint ourselves with the mastermind behind this course.

Taking Action Online review founder

Philip Borrowman, the visionary behind Taking Action Online, transitioned from being a baker and coffee shop owner in Edinburgh, United Kingdom to venturing into the realm of online entrepreneurship. 

His journey into the online business sphere began in 2012 when he explored various avenues such as blogging, e-commerce, and paid advertising.

Before embarking on the Taking Action Online initiative, Philip had already made a mark as the founder of ipoopcash.com, an online platform committed to assisting bloggers in maximizing their site’s profitability. 

What sets Philip apart is his realism in the Taking Action Online lessons, he meticulously guides you, step by step, through the process of constructing your affiliate marketing business.

Now leading a digital nomadic lifestyle, Philip has expanded by visiting places like Bulgaria and residing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for an extended three-month period. 

His various experiences and hands-on approach make him not just a teacher but a genuine practitioner in the busy world of online entrepreneurship.

When you enroll in the Taking Action Online course, you not only get access to a variety of training modules but also unlock a treasure trove of resources, including engaging webinars, insightful case studies, well-thought-out blueprints, and effective strategies. 

Now, let’s take a sneak peek into what this course has to offer. Taking Action Online started as a 7 step action plan, but Philip overhauled it in 2022 and at one point it was 20 modules. Philip has restructured it again in 2023 and the Action Plan modules (now called ‘courses’) are as shown on the screenshot below.

The core focus of these lessons is to guide you on harnessing the power of affiliate marketing, enabling you to generate income by effectively promoting products created by other individuals. 

So, if you’re considering joining Taking Action Online, here’s a glimpse of what Philip will be imparting to you.

This part lays down the groundwork for how you approach things mentally. 

Success often hinges on having practical expectations, and the skill of handling each day as it comes is especially vital. Philip covers a lot of mental roadblocks like overcoming shiny object syndrome, imposter syndrome and setting realistic expectations for making money online.

This course is designed to guide you in the right direction and pave the way for your journey ahead.

For those just starting in marketing, figuring out the right niche can be a bit challenging. Fortunately, Philip presents straightforward methods available to help them identify a niche that suits their needs. Philip even has a Done For You (DFY) Niche list, all with ready made lead magnets.

In this part of Taking Action Online, you’ll discover how to set up the basic elements of your business. Following simple instructions is crucial to build a strong foundation for your business and ensure its success in an easy-to-understand manner. Philip talks you through the process of choosing a domain name, setting up hosting, WordPress overview. There are additional costs at these steps. Philip recommends an All in One Page Builder and Theme here and likes Thrive Themes

This is all about where your traffic will come from. Will you focus on blogging or making YouTube videos to get traffic or even combining traffic sources.

In this part of the course, you’ll learn step-by-step how to create a strong and reliable foundation for your website. 

It will show you the ins and outs of making your site easy for people to find on search engines and secure from potential issues. 

By mastering these basics, you’ll be well-prepared and confident as you embark on the exciting adventure of starting your new business with all the essential tools in place.

In this part of the course, you’ll discover how to make a compelling lead magnet that boosts your conversion rates, helping your business grow. 

Creating a great lead magnet is super important because it’s the key to building up a list of email contacts that can make your business more successful. 

So, by understanding and applying what you learn here, you’ll be on your way to improving how many people become customers or clients.

Discover the ins and outs of email marketing, focusing on the idea of offering value to the people you’re trying to reach. Take a moment to reflect: why did they choose to follow you, and what topics are they eager to learn more about? 

Understanding these aspects can significantly enhance your email marketing strategy. You should be aware that GetReponse has a monthly cost of $19/month for email marketing, but Philip prefers the marketing automation plan for $59/month. This plan allows for various triggers depending on whether a person has opened your email or not and resending to those who didn’t open.

There are a few closing lessons here before you “graduate” to the TAO Marketing Academy”.

It is important to understand that the Taking Action Online ‘free’ or $1 course is really a tripwire for Philip’s paid membership which is the TAO Marketing Academy. In terms of ‘free’ courses there is a lot of good content inside Taking Action Online. But you won’t have any traffic and won’t earn any income unless you implement the steps from his TAO Marketing Academy.

Philip structures this in bootcamp style as a 180 day implementation plan, intended to be followed over various weeks. Each ‘course’ in the 180-Day Implementation Plan has various video modules which you are supposed to complete over a two week period.

  • Solidify Your Schedule – Humble Beginnings
  • Choose Your Path (plus a coaching call)
  • Conversion Productivity Development – AI Tool Hacks)
  • Conversion Optimized Funnels
  • Traffic Optimized Processes (plus a coaching call)
  • Cash Generation Begins
  • Tender Loving Care – Trust The Process
  • Cash Automation Begins
  • Making Money Pages Simple
  • Everyone Loves a Juicy Bonus
  • The Money Is In The List (plus a coaching call)
  • Customer Conversion Growth – AI-Assisted
  • Continuous Daily Commissions
  • Life As A 1% Marketer (plus a coaching call)

Within the Taking Action Online program, you’ll gain access to a rich assortment of beneficial bonuses and resources, ranging from case studies to ‘bootcamp’ strategy guides, including:

As if that weren’t enough, Philip has thoughtfully compiled an abundance of valuable information throughout the course, providing an extensive roadmap comprising 20 steps to guide you toward success in the realm of online marketing!

There are stand alone courses for paid members of Taking Action Online Marketing Academy:

  1. The Simple Traffic Blueprint (YouTube traffic)
  2. Simple Course Creation
  3. The Simple SEO Blueprint
  4. Backing Masterclass
  5. The Advanced Traffic Blueprint (YouTube traffic from reviewing lower quality products in the make money online niche)
  6. Simple Profit Blueprint. 

Taking Action Online is perfect for those new to affiliate marketing or anyone wanting a step-by-step guide to start affiliate marketing. 

It’s designed to simplify the basics needed to kickstart and grow an online business through affiliate marketing, covering topics like website design and getting traffic. 

If you’re looking to grasp the fundamentals of these, Taking Action Online is a great choice.

On the flip side, if you’re already an expert in affiliate marketing or have a website and audience as a blogger or YouTuber, Taking Action Online might not be the best fit for you.

Philip markets Taking Action Online Action Plan at just $1. There is pretty solid foundational content in this course, but its important to understand that it serves mainly as a ‘trip-wire’ or ‘trap’ so that you purchase the paid membership Marketing Academy.

However, if you choose the $1 ‘free’ membership, your access will be limited to the initial Action Plan which is basically the 7 steps. Philip changed the structure of this in 2023. it used to be 10 lessons that you’d get for ‘free’ from the 20 lessons/modules. Now he has pruned the free content back. Either way you will need to upgrade to Premium membership of Marketing Academy to learn and implement the fundamental aspects of establishing a website and/or YouTube channel and generating traffic. 

So, for those desiring to dive deeper into the difficulties of advanced topics like traffic generation and website monetization, the Premium membership, priced at $99 per month, unlocks an extensive learning experience. Philip has increased the price, it used to be $47 per month and is now $99 per month or $497 a year but you now get his other courses all included in this one simpler membership. Previously it was $47 per month PLUS additional paid courses e.g. Advanced Traffic Blueprint had a cost of $497. But now he seems to have simplfied it by bundling all his courses into his Marketing Academy with his 180-day Implementation Game Plan which covers the fundamental aspects of setting up a website and generating traffic. 

Furthermore, you’ll enjoy exclusive bonuses, additional resources, and the invaluable guidance and support of Philip, making it a complete and improving educational journey.

You will only find this out gradually as you embark through the Taking Action Online courses.

For starters you’ll need domain registration, some domain registrars have cheap first year then it works out at around $14-15 a year.

Hosting for your website will depend on storage and bandwidth offered and many have a three year cheaper term. Taking Action Online uses Site Ground at $25 a month.

There are various SEO tools that you’ll need, SEM Rush or Ahrefs are upwards of $120 a month, Jaaxy Keyword Research tool is $49 a month. Then there is SEO plugins like Yoast SEO, premium WordPress plugin, costs $99 annually.

Philip teaches you to get an All in One Page Builder and Theme. Thrive Themes offer Thrive Theme Builder for $99/year or Thrive Suite which includes all integrated plugins including Thrive Architect for $299/year.

Email marketing with automation with set you back $59/month from GetResponse.

Realistically, it costs around $300 to $500 to get started with your website and ongoing monthly costs can be around $200 a month depending on what you choose.

Then there is the cost of traffic to your website. Free traffic is a lot of time and energy. Paid traffic can be expensive.

Like any respectable online business course, Taking Action Online provides a reliable 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind. 

If, for any reason, you find the course isn’t meeting your expectations within the first 30 days, you can request a refund with confidence.

Who Is Taking Action Online For?

Taking Action Online is for folks who are new to affiliate marketing or anyone who wants a clear step-by-step guide to starting it. 

It helps simplify the basics you need to begin and grow an online business using affiliate marketing, covering things like setting up a website and getting more people to visit it. 

If you’re just starting and want to understand the basics of website design and how to bring in more visitors for affiliate marketing, Taking Action Online is a good choice.

However, if you’re already pretty good at affiliate marketing or you’re a blogger or YouTuber with your website and followers, Taking Action Online might not be the best fit for you.

Taking Action Online is well-regarded on different online review platforms. 

Trust Mate, boasts an impressive 5-star rating based on 66 reviews, and on Trustpilot, it maintains a stellar 4.9 rating from over 100 reviews. 

These positive ratings reflect the satisfaction and positive experiences shared by multiple users who have taken the program.

Here’s one example from Lisa Pearlman from Trust Mate and she said:

She praises Philip as a genuine mentor who stands out from self-proclaimed gurus, highlighting his commitment to being available 24/7 for students, providing clear and thorough lessons, and ensuring students don’t fall behind. 

They appreciate Philip’s dedication to helping students achieve results through ethical methods, transparency, and authenticity. 

She expresses trust in Philip’s recommendations and avoidance of products with poor reviews, wishing for more honest mentors like him and programs like Taking Action Online in the Make Money Online/Affiliate Marketing niche. It should be noted however that all of Taking Action Online’s reviews on Trust Mate are over two years ago.

Here’s another example from Rory Smith from Trustpilot and he said:

He commends Taking Action Online as the most effective training tool for initiating an online business, praising its well-thought-out structure, which tackles the core issues leading to failure and offers a straightforward, well-explained path for a quick start. 

They appreciate Philip’s evident dedication to the project, having experienced distraction, disheartenment, and confusion in other courses, ultimately recommending Taking Action Online for anyone eager to begin their online business journey.

There are many Taking Action Online reviews on YouTube. Please be aware that many of these are by affiliates who receive a commission from promoting the courses. Richard, one of their affiliates has built a successful YouTube channel in the make money online niche from the courses and training. Most of the affiliates are in this make money online niche rather than building a niche online business in what the main training teaches about e.g Organic Sour Homebrew or Online Dating (just two of the examples in the Taking Action Online niche selection training). So please be aware of that. The affiliates point out the low barrier to entry of $1, but be aware that is only a trip wire and costs will be much greater.

I recommend Taking Action Online for those into affiliate marketing and looking to kickstart their online business journey. Be aware, though, that besides the course fees for Marketing Academy, there’s all the additional business costs I mentioned. Plus, using paid traffic sources may bring additional costs.

This program is better suited for individuals with prior online marketing experience, as beginners might find it a bit overwhelming. Also, consider your budget and ability to pay for the extra costs of establishing your website or YouTube channel and online business. In a nutshell, it’s great for experienced marketers interested in affiliate marketing, but potential users should weigh costs of the course and other online business costs.

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not an affiliate of Taking Action Online myself but I am a member of Marketing Academy and did the Advanced Traffic Blueprint course.

I have researched the website, testimonials, membership site and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what Taking Action Online genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt by programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn Ways to Avoid Online Scams then click the highlighted text. 

Taking Action Online is a legitimate program created by Philip Borrowman that provides an in-depth training course for individuals who want to start an online business through affiliate marketing. 

Users have reported having positive experiences with the program, praising Philip’s dedication to providing support, clear lessons, and valuable insights.

The course covers all the basic steps involved in affiliate marketing, such as identifying a niche, building a website, driving traffic, and generating income. 

While the program has received positive reviews for its honesty and honest approach, it’s important to note that there is an affiliate program associated with Taking Action Online. 

This means that individuals promoting the course may earn commissions for referrals, which could potentially influence some reviews.

Despite this, the overall view from users is favorable, with many appreciating the detail and Philip’s commitment to helping students succeed. 

As with any online course, potential users must conduct their research, consider their own goals and expertise, and determine if Taking Action Online aligns with their needs and expectations.

  1. Simple Learning Steps: The course breaks down complex ideas into easy-to-follow steps, making it beginner-friendly.
  2. Real-Life Experience: Philip Borrowman, the founder, shares practical experiences, making the lessons relatable and valuable.
  3. Affordable Starter Price: Starting at $1, the intro course is budget-friendly. The $99 monthly Premium option offers more perks for extended learning, but that is a large jump in costs for many people.
  4. Extra Learning Materials: Bonus resources like case studies and guides add more value, providing practical insights beyond the core modules.
  5. Positive User Feedback: Reviews on Trust Mate and Trustpilot praise Philip’s commitment and clear teaching style. Positive testimonials boost the course’s credibility.
  6. Money-Back Guarantee: A 30-day refund policy ensures a risk-free trial. If the course doesn’t meet expectations in the first month, users can get their money back.
  1. Limited Free Content then Upsells: The free version covers basics; advanced lessons require a $99 monthly Premium membership, incurring extra costs. The Marketing Academy and other courses teach SEO, content creation, traffic strategies etc.
  2. Possible Bias in Reviews: Many reviewers may earn money through referrals, potentially influencing opinions. An example is Suzanne whose YouTube ‘review’ about the course seems more like a promotion. She lists the reasons why Taking Action Online is an excellent program and then provides an affiliate link to sign up people.
  3. Monthly Cost Consideration: While starting cheaply, the $99 monthly fee might be too much for learners on a tight budget. Beyond the course costs realistically, it costs around $300 to $500 to get started with your website and ongoing monthly costs can be around $200 a month depending on what you choose.
  4. Not well proven success stories and methods: Sure many members have grown their YouTube channels, and Philiip does teach well about YouTube. Otherwise it’s not clear if Taking Action Online’s students have succeeded using the strategies. There are many testimonies from the students, but they mostly complement Philip’s mentorship and his affiliate program. For example, one student who claimed to be on path to success, has stopped uploading videos over a year ago and has an inactive website since July 2022.
  5. Single Mentor Reliance: The course heavily relies on Philip alone; some learners may prefer multiple perspectives.
  6. Assumed Effectiveness for All: The course suggests it’s not for experts; however, individual experiences may vary.
  7. Affiliate Marketing Focus: The course primarily focuses on affiliate marketing; those interested in other models may find it less suitable.

Taking Action Online seems like a good choice if you’re new to affiliate marketing and want a step-by-step guide for starting an online business. The course has easy-to-follow lessons and shares practical experiences from the founder, Philip Borrowman.

What’s cool is that it starts at just $1, making it affordable for many to just the starter lessons. There’s also a $99 per month option with extra benefits. Bonus materials like case studies add more helpful info.

But, there are some things to think about. The ‘free’ version covers only the basics, and some reviews might be a bit biased because people can earn money if they sign up through their link. It’s mostly taught by one person, and the monthly cost might be too much if you’re on a tight budget.

In a nutshell, if you’re new to affiliate marketing and willing to spend a bit, Taking Action Online could be a good learning choice. Just think about what you need, be aware of the additional business costs and Marketing Academy subscription before deciding.

For me personally, I have membership with both Taking Action Online’s Marketing Academy and Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate has a big advantages for beginners as these tools are all included in the membership:

  • Hosting (saving $25/month)
  • Keyword research tool (saving $49 to $99/month)
  • Plus the Business Hub and rolling out of AI Author Writing platform and ongoing developments and improvements to the training.

It is almost impossible to find another affiliate marketing training platform that includes both Hosting and Keyword Research tool. Wealthy Affiliate does include these and Taking Action Online doesn’t (costing you extra), so Wealthy Affiliate is a lower cost online business and I recommend this to beginners.

Are you eager to make money online without splurging on ads? I stumbled upon an amazing program that’s budget-friendly and perfect for building your online business. It’s designed for anyone aiming for financial freedom in their chosen niche.

This program teaches you smart search engine techniques to attract more visitors to your site. It is a comprehensive training, website building, hosting platform with full support and community. Plus, it guides you in creating captivating content that keeps them coming back for more. The best part? No technical expertise is required to kickstart your journey.

What sets this program apart is its focus on getting you free traffic from search engines. Say goodbye to constantly shelling out money for expensive ads. This strategic approach ensures long-term success without draining your budget.

Even if you’re new to the online business scene, you can test the waters with a free Starter account. You’ll enjoy the first eight lessons without spending a dime. If you decide to delve deeper, the premium option is just $49 per month – a reasonable investment for your online success.

This program is tailored for everyone, regardless of your experience level. Its core emphasis is on driving traffic and creating top-notch content to establish a sustainable online business.

Ready to leap into financial freedom? Click the link below to discover more. You’ll receive user-friendly training and valuable writing insights to pave your way to online success. Let’s make your online business journey both exciting and rewarding!

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Taking Action Online


Simple Learning Steps


Real-Life Experience


Not Well Proven Success Stories and Methods


Limited Free Content


Monthly Cost & Other Business Costs



  • Simple Learning
  • Affordable Starter Price
  • Extra Learning Materials
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Positive User Feedback


  • Limited Free Content then Upsells
  • Possible Bias in Reviews
  • Single Mentor Reliance
  • Monthly Cost Considerations
  • Assumed Effectiveness for All

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  1. Hi . Your  detailed review provides a comprehensive overview of Taking Action Online, highlighting its key features,  and a breakdown of the program’s modules. The review covers aspects such as cost, pros, and cons, offering a balanced perspective for potential users. It concludes by recommending the program for beginners in affiliate marketing, with a final comparison to an alternative online money-making option.

    Overall, your review is well-structured and informative, providing readers with a thorough understanding of what Taking Action Online entails . Thank you for sharing your knowledge

  2. Thank you Ela for reading my honest Taking Action Online review and your supportive comments 

  3. Very detailed review of the Taking Action Online course.
    Excellent visuals and in depth explanation of the training system you are promoting. In the review I noted you have taken the course yourself. Have you had a positive experience with the training you received? I also noticed the “Trip Wire” tactic as part of his sales funnel and I have to ask the following question because I too have dumped money into programs before with little or no returns. Is the training worth $99 a month, and is his system a life long commitment or is a cancel anytime program as I assume the goal of Taking Action Online is to make money off of membership.

    As far as the review. I think the work you have put in it is outstanding to say the least!



  4. Thanks for reading my honest Taking Action Online review.
    You ask the hard questions – is it worth $99 a month.  Well to many that is a LOT of money.
    Philip Borrowman has increased the price. It used to be $47 per month and is now $99 per month or $497 a year but you now get his other courses all included in this one simpler membership. Previously it was $47 per month PLUS additional paid courses e.g. Advanced Traffic Blueprint had a cost of $497.

    Still $99 a month is a LOT of money to pay for many people and it seems that $497 a year is a better deal but still a lot of money.

    For me personally, I have membership with both Taking Action Online’s Marketing Academy and Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate has a big advantages for beginners as these tools are all included in the membership:

    Hosting (saving $25/month)Keyword research tool (saving $49 to $99/month)Plus the Business Hub and rolling out of AI Author Writing platform and ongoing developments and improvements to the training.

    It is almost impossible to find another affiliate marketing training platform that includes both Hosting and Keyword Research tool

    Wealthy Affiliate does include these and Taking Action Online doesn’t (costing you extra), so Wealthy Affiliate is a lower cost online business and I recommend this to beginners.

  5. Hey there! 

    I have been thinking about looking into the online business world but have felt a bit overwhelmed by where to start to be honest. 

    Your post of Taking Action Online makes it seem like a relatively good stepping stone. I haven’t used it myself yet, but I’m considering it. 

    A quick question for you –  how beginner-friendly did you find this platform? 

    Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you.


  6. Taking Action Online appears to be a well-structured and informative program for those looking to dive into affiliate marketing and online business. Philip Borrowman’s experience and approachable teaching style, combined with the comprehensive content and resources provided, make it a potentially valuable investment for individuals committed to building a successful online business. However, as with any educational investment, it’s crucial for prospective students to carefully consider their budget, commitment level, and the additional costs involved in implementing the strategies taught within the program.

  7. Thanks for reading my honest Taking Action Online review.
    Chris yes both Taking Action Online and Wealthy Affiliate are completely beginner-friendly.  You get video training and also can ask questions and get responses from community members.  I do like that Wealthy Affiliate has SiteSupport to help with any website issues.  This is really helpful for beginners.

  8. Thank you Mircea for reading my honest Taking Action Online review and your comments which help readers to have realistic expectations. 

  9. Much appreciated John.. I will look into these programs in more depth.

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