Is Jason Capital A Scam? 5 Undocumented Shocking Revelations!

If you’re here because you’ve been seeing ads on YouTube and instagram or maybe you’re just curious when you heard about him, and you wanted to answer “is Jason Capital a scam” well you better brace yourself because this recent Jason Capital review will give five shocking revelations that you could only read here.

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Is Jason Capital a Scam Review: Summary

Name of Influencer: Jason Capital

Rating: 4/100

Prices of Products/Services offered: 

The Capital Copywriting Certificate: $1,990

“The Big Four” Training Bundle: $3,490

Best For: People who have a great financial capacity and a high-risk appetite on investment

Recommended: Not Recommended

Who is Jason Capital: Jason Capital is a course writer, self-improvement and motivational coach, and CEO of Capital Research International.

Summary: Jason Capital started out writing how-tos, tutorials and eBooks about basketball and dating and now has tapped into the different facets of digital marketing. While his courses could be helpful, it’s very expensive plus there is an issue with consumer protection that I will discuss late in this article.

Who is this Jason Capital? —What Are Jason Capital’s Courses About?

Jason Capital is a branding that Alex Maroko used as he ventured into coaching. He initially started writing and coaching about basketball. Later on he shifted to being a relationship and dating coach and helped men learn about how to effectively approach women and how to date. He was able to sell his courses and eBooks about these topics which paved the way for him to venture next into digital marketing as he was slowly racking up his reputation.

I found that his courses could be found in teachable but he also offers his high-ticket coaching offer on Old reviews about Jason Capital’s courses mention about Instagram Agent and Social Media Boss but these days it seemed like he is offering only his Jason Capital’s Big Four Training Course Bundle about email marketing, speaking engagement, copywriting and other sales and marketing resources. He is also currently offering and his Copywriting Certification training as a lone product (included in the bundle).

On the website mentioned in his Instagram account, you may mistake it for just a biographical page, but when you inspect it, you’ll see that it’s a ClickFunnels page! So basically, the page is just one of his series of sales pages…

is jason capital a scam biographical page

Jason Capital’s Courses —What are they?

You may find Jason Capital’s courses on teachable and as he mentioned in his LinkedIn profile he’s the CEO of Capital Research International Inc. for 9 years now.

is jason capital a scam linkedin claim

But when I checked the public records about their registration, they are currently tagged as Dissolved since last year and California State’s website for verifying businesses showed that the company was incorporated only 5 years ago…

is jason capital a scamdissolved company

Whoa! That’s a surprise. So should you buy any of his courses when his company isn’t even registered? Hmm. Well before we give out our verdict let’s look at what’s actually inside his courses.

Jason Capital’s “The Big Four” Training Bundle

This bundle contains the previous courses that are mentioned in older articles about Jason Capital, these are tagged as premium courses before but are now offered as part of a bundle together with other video resources and a book.

Price: $3,490 (one-time payment), $950 4-month installment
What’s inside:

is jason capital a scam included courses in bundle
is jason capital a scam other resources in bundle

Jason Capital’s The Capital Copywriting Certification

Price: $1,990 (one-time payment), 698 3-month installment

What’s inside: Jason Capital “guarantees” that you can have good results and get 6x of your investment if you follow every step of his advice. He even offered a refund in case you followed it and it doesn’t deliver!

is jason capital a scam misleading guarantee

Now we start to wonder if anyone got any refund back! I mean it’s likely that not everyone may get the results that he promises… so it’s very likely that people don’t get their refunds because:
1. They did not follow Jason Capital’s techniques or
2. Jason Capital’s techniques are something you can’t do outright

Here’s the reason why I thought of number 2, I found on their BBB profile a complaint about one of his instructions about purchasing Instagram followers! If that isn’t ridiculous I don’t know what is. Imagine paying for a high-ticket profile and inside you found out that for you to get a refund you need to spend for another thing! Here’s the screenshot of what I’m talking about:

is jason capital a scam bbb complaint

Plus if you check out their Better Business Bureau profile, you’ll see that most complaints are about the inefficiency of refunds or their seemingly-ignored requests. If that isn’t something that alarms you, well I’d say that you might have a high-risk appetite or maybe you have the financial capacity to splurge on his courses.

Is Jason Capital a Scam

Well, to be completely transparent with you, I am not a student of Jason Capital or a coachee per se. Furthermore, I do not endorse any of Jason Capital’s business in any way.

I have spent a good amount of time researching the website, reading testimonials, and studying information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what Jason Capital’s courses really do. This is because programs just like this have burned me in the past, and I want to keep others from going down the same path I did. You can learn more here in this article “How to Spot an Online Marketing Scam and Avoid Scams”.

I wanted to make sure if Jason Capital’s firm isn’t registered before I give my verdict and what I found shocked me more than when I found out that the company in his LinkedIn profile was dissolved. Here’s what I found:

is jason capital a scam other companies

While it’s not surprising that we may find different companies attached to his name (since he’s financially capable and he most likely is diversifying his portfolio) what was truly disturbing was he’s continuously adding up more companies this 2021! Most likely these companies are truly his and it’s not a case of someone having the same name because he also mentioned on his biographical page that “HIS COMPANIES” abides the same principles and he also mentioned that he has three homes:

is jason capital a scam residential homes in puerto rico , california, texas

With all the companies listed above, which of them is then liable to attend to the needs of those who availed the course? It would have been clearer if their teachable course website had a Terms and Conditions but as of now it goes to this page:

is jason capital a scam no terms and conditions

Without the terms and conditions I wouldn’t feel secure to access a course this expensive because that would be like waiving my rights to protection as a customer.

With this in my consideration, and up until there is a proof and verifiable evidence that could show that they abide by government regulations, my verdict would stand that Jason Capital could be a probable scam.

If time comes that they show a proof and has made clear which company is liable for any complaints that may come up from their products and services is the only time that I may re-evaluate my verdict.

What I Like About Jason Capital’s Courses

Jason Capital seems like a very energetic, charismatic and sociable person as he is portraying in his videos. There could be a chance that his tutorials are truly engaging and motivational and not-boring to watch.

The Ugly Truth: Jason Capital’s Courses

  • No consumer protection.
  • Reports of non-refunds and ignored requests
  • Very Pricey
  • Misleading guarantee claim

5 Shocking Revelations

Here are the five undocumented revelations we found in this Jason Capital Review:

  1. Company mentioned in his LinkedIn profile is Dissolved.
  2. Lots of other companies, some are even just created this year.
  3. Despite existence of other companies, courses are not associated to any of them, therefore, none of the companies are liable for any mishaps.
  4. Lack of Terms of Use or Terms of Services, therefore, no consumer protection
  5. Reported prompts of buying Instagram followers

Is Jason Capital a Scam? —My Final Verdict

A lavish lifestyle portrayed on Instagram would be easy to claim, and just the same is a guarantee of 6x return after a program. While it could be possible, it’s high likely that the methods may involve and require extreme financial costs which is very misleading for those who accessed the course with little capacity or room to accommodate more fees.

Premium courses are supposed to give more tools and resources for students, and definitely not to burden them with another financial toll. When you add the facts that Capital Research International Inc is dissolved plus the lack of Terms of Use, it’s probably illegal to be operating, and thus we can call it a scam for now. We can only say that they are operating legally if there is a registered business name attached to the operation of his courses.

How I Make a Passive Income Online

If you felt like Jason Capital’s claims were engaging and you want to take a shot at trying out things in digital marketing, well, I have to say that you’re in luck because there are a lot of different programs out there that are:

  • legally operating
  • less costly
  • includes tools and a thriving community
  • responsive to queries
  • No misleading claims that it’s like a get-rich scheme

Well I did have a lot of programs and courses that I took that has helped me stay and be on this field for over 4 years now. But one of my favorite digital marketing facets would be affiliate marketing. Why? Because I get to partner with brand that I want, plus I get a chance to truly work in my own time and convenience!

Here’s the secret, I happen to know a community that lets you check them out for free before deciding if their program is for you or not. Since it’s free to start you can have a good take on what to expect, (no unfounded and ridiculous claims) plus John below can guide you through it with personalised coaching to help you! I haven’t mentioned the catch though…

Well it’s only $49/month to get a Premium account! If you’re a bit curious about it, here’s an overview about Wealthy Affiliate, or you can ask John below!


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She has a degree in Psychology, and quick fact: she can’t read your mind. She has authored articles on the School of Positive Transformation.

Jason Capital




ROI on Course






Business Legitimacy



  • Energetic and Charismatic Coach


  • No consumer protection
  • Reports of non-refunds and ignored requests
  • Very Pricey
  • Misleading guarantee claim

6 thoughts on “Is Jason Capital A Scam? 5 Undocumented Shocking Revelations!”

  1. I don’t know about you, but paying $2k to potentially $3.5k for an online training program is never my cup of tea. When it comes to online training, I found that people tend to ignore the cost. If the price is too high, it would be hard to recoup the cost, let alone make profits. And, there are many negative comments about the refund process and the negligence from the support team. I won’t risk my hard-earned cash on Jason Capital.

    • Hey Matt,
      Thank you for reading my honest Jason Capital review.
      Yes I agree, I have reviewed many of these digital marketing courses and there are many “influencers” like Jason Capital that are selling them to the market.
      It’s clear to me that serial course creators like these guys are mainly keen on taking money from the vulnerable and gullible. There are many people looking for ways to make money from home and there will always be guys like this shilling their “solution”. So Jason Capital and many of the other “influencers” prey on that.

      These are some serious red flags plus the 5 shocking points (red flags) you would need to consider before anyone invests in his Jason Capital’s Courses.
      As you noted with the high pricing, selling these courses merely benefits the creators and it would be very hard for anyone buying the courses to recoup the costs.

      So I would much rather build a real online business that helps people than this unproven course. Fact based, proven since 2005 and a lot more quality (Training, tools, mentoring, community & support) and for reasonable pricing.

  2. Now I get the feeling that Jason Capital and all his associated companies are to be avoided!
    Apart from the high price, the number of unhappy customers who have legitimate reasons for refunds and are not getting them is very worrying.

    The next time I see one of his ads, I will definitely skip it and look for something more legit.
    Many thanks for doing the research and sharing this information with us.

    • Thanks Andrew for reading my honest Jason Capital review.
      I agree with you and you have highlighted some of the key red flags of serial course creators like Jason Capital.
      Making and selling courses is very lucrative and that is why Jason Capital, Anik Singal and so many others like to keep making them.

      I would rather build a real online business that helps people and I can help anyone who is motivated and committed to do this.
      This is at one low price with ongoing personal help and mentoring from me, unlike this massive $1,990-$3,490!

  3. Jason Capital is something that I would not participate in.
    His courses are way beyond the budget for many people. I was surprised to see he has dissolved his business but now after reading your article he could have priced himself out of business. It would be interesting to read a review from anyone who has successfully completed one of his courses. I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I find them to be the best on the market when it comes to courses and continued training. They have an amazing community.

    • Thanks Yvonne for reading my honest Jason Capital review.
      Jason Capital is clearly a serial course creator.
      It’s clear to me that serial course creators like these guys are mainly keen on taking money from the vulnerable and gullible.
      Why so many courses? Why so many websites? Why so many companies and dissolved companies? Why so many complaints and issues about refunds?

      If these aren’t the reddest of red flags, I don’t know why anyone would want to look any further than this.
      The issue of looking for positive testimonials is so so many of them are fake. Fake testimonials are rampant in the “make money online” industry and especially so for these influencer/fake guru type of people. I have reviewed many of them.

      I would rather build a real online business that helps people and I can help anyone who is motivated and committed to do this.


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