Is Lucas Lee Tyson Legit? [Don’t Miss These 4 Exclusive Details]

Is Lucas Lee Tyson legit? You’re here because you’ve seen his ads or read him from somewhere. But is there any substance from his claims? We’ve seen a lot of overpromising courses and programs, there are legitimate ones and there are scams…

I’ve been in the digital marketing field for four years now and I’ve had my fair share of programs that don’t deliver. In this Lucas Lee Tyson review, we’ll evaluate if this young entrepreneur is truly up to something or is it just one of those empty promises.

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Is Lucas Lee Tyson Legit: An Overview

Name of Influencer: Lucas Lee Tyson

Prices of Products/Services offered:
Productized Profits: $1,497 (sometime referred to as Growth Cave program as its marketed from this website)
ClientBolt: $97 monthly or $997/year

Rating: 9/100

Best For: People who have great business capital and those willing to risk it for a yet to be proven as a profitable course

Recommended: Not Recommended

Who is Lucas Lee Tyson: Lucas Lee Tyson is a self-made digital marketer who is now offering digital marketing courses and a business template bundle


Is Lucas Lee Tyson a scam? Well it seems like his success is not a scam, but his products and process aren’t just for anyone who wishes to reproduce his success. While Productized Profits may have worked for him he needs more verifiable proof of the success of his system and it needs further development if he wants it to become the next big thing.

Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate for any of Lucas Lee Tyson’s courses.  This Lucas Lee Tyson review has been researched thoroughly from testimonials and information that is publicly available.  All conclusions made by myself are opinions to help you the reader learn who Lucas Lee Tyson is, what his courses are about and whether they are right for you.

Who is this Lucas Lee Tyson? —What Are Lucas Lee Tyson’s Courses About?

If you search for his name, you’ll find tons of interviews and press releases about him and his course Productized Profits but is Lucas Lee Tyson legit? Well the best platform to check would be his LinkedIn profile:

Is lucas lee tyson legit linkedin profile

Most of the ads that he runs will take you to Growth Cave’s website where he relates his journey before he decided to take his digital marketing business journey. According to him, he decided to get out from his 9-5 job to pursue a business about digital marketing and now he creates courses that he offers to hopefully help others.

But is it true and will his courses work for you? Well we tried to dig out further for more details about him, but all we found (aside from tons of sponsored articles and interviews) is his YouTube page which he hasn’t been updating too much:

Is lucas lee tyson legit youtube profile

His last update on his channel shows as 1 year ago. But let’s see if we can get more details about him by looking into his companies mentioned in his profile which we’ll go into after the next section.

From our research we also learned that Lucas Lee-Tyson has many courses. Some are no longer sold including Growth Cave Elite program: $6,000 (no longer sold).

In the Marketing School podcast interview in March 2021, Tyson spoke about two parts to his business:

  1. Agency and services for business where they do paid advertising for clients
  2. Training and consulting

Tyson said he started this business back in June 2018. He worked in the Formlabs agency doing social media ads then went out on his own as a freelancer. He talks a lot about what he is doing with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Facebook Ads and other social media ads.

In this Lucas Lee Tyson review, I’ll focus on the products and courses he is selling.

Lucas Lee Tyson’s Products — Productized Profits & ClientBolt: What Are They about?

Before we go into a very intriguing investigation about him and his other details, let’s first get right into the products that he offers. According to his LinkedIn profile he is also a Co-Founder of ClientBolt which is an automation software that can be used for “prospecting and client acquisition”:

Is lucas lee tyson legit clienbot details

There isn’t much information about ClientBolt in the website and who the other co-founder/s are.

According to existent articles and affiliate reviews about him, his main offer is his Productized Profits on his Growth Cave website.

Is lucas lee tyson legit growth cave details

It’s a 6-week module-based implementation and mentorship program and it’s program content is below:

Module 01 - Fundamentals & Foundations
Module 02 - Carving Out Your Niche & Irresistible Offer
Module 03 - Your Automated Client Attraction Machine
Module 04 - The Science Of Sales & Client Conversion
Module 05 - Autopilot Service Delivery
Module 06 - Automation, Systems, & Scaling

Here’s the price of the program:

Is lucas lee tyson legit productized profits details

It’s quite pricey for a digital marketing course, but if it’s a legitimate one, well maybe it could be a good investment after all. So is Productized Profits a real course that you can make money from applying after all? We’ll give our thoughts that later in this article.

Refund Policy

According to their Refund Policy for Productized Profits, they do offer a 30-day action-based refund. Well we have heard of this action based refund structure from a similar influencer Jason Capital before! Here’s a link to our previous article about Jason Capital. So for Lucas Lee Tyson’s course here is a list that you need to accomplish before you can be eligible for a refund:

Is lucas lee tyson legit refund policy

Well it seems like even when their Trustpilot profile is full of positive reviews, it’s not something that could be verified as most of their average and negative reviews have been flagged:

Is lucas lee tyson legit trustpilot reviews

This is a reason why a person looking for legitimate reviews should look beyond the ratings given in Trustpilot or anywhere else. Operators with less integrity have been known to load them up with fake positive reviews. The obvious sign is 5 star positive reviews with 1-2 sentences and no substance.

So what do you think, is Lucas Lee Tyson legit? Is his course worth the high cost splurge?


More about Lucas Lee-Tyson: His Companies and Other Details


It seems like there is no existent information on who the other Founders of ClientBolt are because when you search Verbatim on Google for it, nothing comes up. Lucas is the only “founder” that seems to be linked to it. Now I’m wondering if it’s just a marketing strategy to make it seem like he is an authority in the field? If so, then would it be likely that this is also what he would teach inside his course under when trying to make a brand?

When you also look into the website there are no Terms and Conditions plus any other details on what company the product is under. While it may not seem much to you, this risks you to waiving your customer rights on having details about refunds and knowing what company is liable in case you have complains.

Here is the domain details of ClientBolt’s website:

Is lucas lee tyson legit clientbolt domain details
Domain details are consistent with his claim that ClientBolt was created just in 2020.

Growth Cave LLC

Since this is the main company and website used by Lucas Lee Tyson, I looked into their Terms and Conditions to find out if they are under a certain company, and I found that this website is under Growth Cave LLC. So I tried to look for details about its registration and there I found that it was registered in Delaware.

Is lucas lee tyson legit growth cave llc registration

The advantage of registering your LLC in Delaware is that they don’t disclose the owners on public records (but you can actually find tax filling details for a fee). So we’re not really sure if Lucas Lee Tyson is a pseudoname or a real name of its owner.

But here’s another thing… when I was reading their Terms of Service they mentioned that their copyright agent is Traffic and Funnels!

Is lucas lee tyson legit copy right agent traffic and funnels

Now that made me think.. is Traffic and Funnels related or connected to Growth Cave? Is Lucas Lee Tyson legit or is he a client/affiliate of Traffic and Funnels?

Productized Profits

Lucas offers Productized Profits as his main product, but when you put that into Google Search you’ll find that after the ads of Growth Cave on top, you’ll find a website: under a certain Sean Anthony!

Is lucas lee tyson another productized profits

So basically Sean offers helping people in creating their own drop service business in digital marketing! This sounds almost the same as Lucas’ offer right? Here’s a book that I found on one of his sales page:

is lucas lee tyson legit Book Front

So when you try to explore Sean Anthony’s website, you’ll realize that you won’t see much of what he offer on his website, instead it will direct you to a Facebook Community that he is building.

Since Lucas and Sean have the same “brand” and almost the same services offered here’s two questions for us:

1. Is Lucas an affiliate of Sean’s Productized Profits or is it the other way around?
2. If they are not an affiliated with each other, are they both affiliates of Traffic and Funnels?

PS: I did investigate on Sean’s website but there wasn’t any mention of Traffic and Funnels.

Is Lucas Lee Tyson a Scam

Well, to be completely transparent with you, I am not a student of Lucas Lee Tyson or a coachee per se. Furthermore, I do not endorse any of Lucas Lee Tyson’s business or products in any way.

I have spent a good amount of time researching the website, reading testimonials, and studying information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what Lucas Lee Tyson’s products really do. This is because programs just like this have burned me in the past, and I want to keep others from going down the same path I did. You can learn more here in this article “How to Spot an Online Marketing Scam and Avoid Scams”.

We’re not sure if Lucas Lee Tyson owns the company as we can’t access Delaware’s LLC details for free. Also, we cannot confirm is ClientBolt is a legitimate company or business since there are no other records, company, and other names attached to the brand. We’re also not sure if the testimonials posted in their sales funnel page is true since it’s easy to create reviews like that.

While there’s a chance that it may be a legitimate program/course, it seems like it’s not living up to its promised performance as written in this lengthy Trustpilot testimonial just this August 2021:

Testimonial by Louis on Trustpilot:

"Growth Cave program
Growth Cave program: $1,500
Growth Cave Elite program: $6,000

Growth Cave program gives you modules and steps on how to get started along with a complete walk-through. It is nothing that has not been said before, but it does make it easy to have all the information in a step-by-step program.

Growth Cave Elite program for $6,000 gives you exclusive access to Lucas and the Growth Cave team along with some additional features. It is a steep price! They stated the average person is getting 7-12 appointments per week based on roughly sending out 500 emails and LinkedIn connections along with using Facebook. They also stated that the average person is getting 5 clients within 45 days of using their Elite program.

My son and I bought into the program to start the digital marketing business and paid for both programs at a cost of $7,500. Not counting the additional cost of programs to run the business. We looked at the initial cost as a way to jump-start the business as we were getting direct access to Lucas and his team. This would give us an advantage in the business and allow us to hit the ground running.

With getting the Growth Cave Elite program we would be getting copy directly for Lucas and the team. We would have access to them for help and support as we needed it. They have provided support and have been mostly responsive to our communications in a timely manner.

We are getting all our copy directly from Growth Cave because we bought into the Elite program. For those who may not know what I mean by copy. Copy is the information within the correspondence. The email body, the LinkedIn and Facebook messages. Growth Cave even supplies us with the copy to follow up with any replies to try and help book those appointments. But we are still well below the average they lead us to believe.

Now here is where things are not seeming to match up. According to Growth Cave the typical open rate on emails should be 50% we are getting less than 30%. The reply rate, which is supposed to help you book the appointments, is supposed to be a 10-20% reply rate, we are getting less than 1%. We are getting the same type of numbers for the LinkedIn and Facebook connections as well. This is well below the average they had stated before we signed up with the Elite program.

We have followed the program directly. We followed their steps completely. Using the copy they have written specifically for us because we bought into the elite program. Also, we have used their feedback to make all adjustments they have suggested with all the communications but still have 0 results.

Now Growth Cave has come back repeatedly and suggested that we have to work on our conversations with potential clients in order to get better results. I would agree with that statement accept there is one BIG glaring issue, we are not getting the replies to any of the communications to even start the conversation. And this is where our issue and problem with this program comes to a peak.

This program is supposed to get you to the point of being able to have a conversation with a potential client. After that, it is on you to make the deal. But this program, especially the elite program, has never given us the reply rate that Growth Cave stated as their average or even close.

We have sent out over 3,000 emails and 3,000 LinkedIn connections and have had 6 replies in total. That is a .001% reply! They state the average reply is between 10-20%. So if the people who are running this program, where we are getting all our copy from and taking all directions from, cannot help us meet the average response rate then what good is the Elite program or the program itself.

Now to be fair, they have been working with us, but I do not think they have been listening to us. If we were getting the reply rate even close to the average and WE were not able to close the client or book the appointment, then I can accept that as the issue. But we are not even getting the reply rate close to the average.

This is less about our ability to close the deal than it is on Growth Caves ability to supply the materials that would help us be successful.


We closed the business. After 4.5 months and over $8,500 dollars invested, of which $7,500 went to Growth Cave.

Time: 4.5 Months
Sent 8,562 emails and Linkedin connections.
Open rate on emails was 27.5%. Lucas pitched average is 50% open rate.
Reply rate: .001%. Lucas pitched average rate is 10-20%.
A total of 9 replies: 3 of which asked us to stop emailing them.
ZERO appointments. Lucas blamed our conversation. We never got the reply rate to start the conversation.


Fact: Review the reviews. Every 5-star review on Trustpilot is 1 to 2 sentences with no substance.
(Almost like they are bots)

We feel it is a scam as the results did not even come close to the average and we used Lucas and his team."

This shows that the program offered by Lucas Tyson Lee may not be for everyone as it could go to the extent that it requires extra financial costs to undetake the methods in the program. While we cannot give a verdict just from one negative testimonial, I believe it has given us enough caution and overview of what’s inside his program.

What I Like About Lucas Lee Tyson

  • He has lots of press releases, interviews, sponsored articles which means that he has the budget and capability to market himself.
  • There is a review about a person getting their action-based refund
  • Templates, scripts and tools can be useful in setting up your business

The Non-Negotiable Truths behind Lucas Lee tyson

  • With no terms and conditions and refund policy mentioned on the sales page, questionable consumer protection for his ClientBolt product
  • Report of having an ineffective program
  • Suspicious positive reviews on Trustpilot
  • Additional costs needed on top of it’s high-ticket course price
  • Unpredictable results using Facebook paid ads, costly too
  • Cold emails and LinkedIn direct messages are less effective since 2020 and declining further

Lucas Lee Tyson Review: 4 Exclusive Details

  1. His other co-founded company/product ClientBolt is not associated with any company therefore is not recommended to maintain consumer protection
  2. Growth Cave’s copyright agent is Traffic and Funnels and there are no mention or any association as to why.
  3. On TrustPilot, negative and average reviews are flagged; flooded one to two-liner positive reviews. No positive reviews are flagged.
  4. There is a same product named Productized Products endorsed by a Sean Anthony. Are they both affiliate of another company or is one of them under an affiliate program of the other?

Is Lucas Lee tyson a Scam? — My Final Verdict

After all the investigation, there are many unanswered questions and doubts arising from the 4 exclusive details I found. Plus ask yourself the question – can you make money from Productized Profits and any Lucas Lee Tyson courses? Think about it, the digital marketing agency business model is VERY competitive – it takes a lot of time and effort to build a new brand and develop authority in this industry. Plus the increasing ads costs to build even brand awareness and finding new prospects. This is just the first step, do you want this?

Even as you are chasing potential clients then you will need to contact them, follow them up one by one to attempt to close the deal. Then even if you get a client, you have ongoing customer service and client demands to meet. Hardly passive income and how can you enjoy financial freedom with this business model?

Looking back at Lucas Lee Tyson, it’s very likely that he also has the financial means to fund his brand because you may have seen a lot of video ads of him on YouTube and his ads come up whenever you search for “Productized Profits” and there are lots of reputation management tactics (like claiming business profiles, sponsored articles etc). Plus its well known that a LOT of money is made by selling online courses, this is probably why this is a big focus for Lucas rather than his own digital marketing agency.

His product is not for everyone and there is yet to be verifiable proof of the success of his system. Lucas Lee Tyson may not be a scam but it’s also not for everyone and definitely not the best option to learn digital marketing as it could be on its early stages of product development and has more room for improvements. We really need to see verified and proven success cases, these are not there.

So is Lucas Lee Tyson a scam? No but his program has room for improvements and may need more focus into their product development than advertising. Focus should also be on his students actually making money from his courses.

How I Make a Passive Income Online

The thing with pricey courses is that it’s not always that its quality is at par with its price and most of the time actual implementation of the methods in the course requires extra financial charges for you to get on and get the results that they promise.

Truth is, that is not how digital marketing should be taught. In my years of experience in the field since 2017, I know for sure that most of the things that you need to know are most of the time available for free online or is taught within communities. Affiliate marketing is actually one of the most popular things that you can learn online, an easier business model to start with and it’s also the most profitable because:

  • It can be done on your own time.
  • You can choose the brands that you partner with.
  • You don’t have to chase clients and meet client demands like you do with a digital marketing agency
  • It can become a source of lifelong passive income

But the above are only applicable if you are in the right crowd and community. And I know a training and mentoring community that lets you check them out for free before deciding if their program is for you or not. Since it’s free to start you can have a good take on what to expect, (no unfounded and ridiculous claims) plus John below can guide you through it!

Well it’s only $49/month to get a Premium account, this includes tools, training, community help, and various courses to help you start your niche business online. No more worrying about unprofitable courses with hidden pricey top-ups that don’t live up to their promises.

If you’re a bit curious about it, here’s an overview about Wealthy Affiliate, or you can ask John below!


Louee Gonzales Author

Louee Gonzales has been a content specialist for 4+ years now. She has been enjoying writing investigative articles for EFYL. If she’s not writing, she’s either painting or traveling somewhere fun.

She has a degree in Psychology, and quick fact: she can’t read your mind. She has authored articles on the School of Positive Transformation.

Lucas Lee Tyson




Income Opportunity






Business Model



  • Lucas has a marketing budget and capability
  • Has review about successfully giving a refund
  • Templates, scripts and tools can be useful in setting up your business


  • With no terms and conditions and refund policy mentioned on the sales page, questionable consumer protection for his ClientBolt product
  • Reports of having an ineffective program
  • Suspicious positive reviews on Trustpilot
  • Additional costs needed on top of it's high-ticket course price
  • Unpredictable results using Facebook paid ads, costly too

4 thoughts on “Is Lucas Lee Tyson Legit? [Don’t Miss These 4 Exclusive Details]”

  1. Wow, I’ve heard about Lucas Lee Tyson and glad I found your review online. So when you see that he has many reports of ineffective programs, that he doesn’t have a refund policy and that his reviews on Trustpilot are suspicious, I would recommend anyone to run! And faster than ever. Afterwards, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have any knowledge in digital marketing. But I do think that I wouldn’t even subscribe to his program. Too expensive for me…

    • Hey
      Thank you for taking the time to read my honest Lucas Lee Tyson review. Also thanks for sharing your opinions and comments.
      It is great that you do research online before committing  your time and energy and money into a program.

      For the reasons given in the article and after reviewing 100+ progress/courses etc, that is why I keep recommending the better alternative. Feel free to check it out through any of my links above and also to email me with any questions or help you need at

  2. Hi John,

    “Suspicious” is right. I checked out the Lucas Lee Tyson program website and the first section stated that the program “teaches you how to start a wildly profitable 6-figure productized business.” Well, any step anyone takes has an unlimited number of potential paths. He simply picked one possible path. I understand that marketers know that tired weary consumers with time constraints are looking for the fastest route to solutions. Some marketers interpret this as greed. In response, they throw a statement out expecting the ‘greedy’ consumer to fill in the blanks with his imagination or interpretation of what that might mean. I’ve been down the road with questionable companies like these. Some marketers even disappear from the web after some time or show up under a new business name. They absolve themselves of any accountability to their members/students. I’d expect that they aren’t just dumping their members at the end of the training program but I have experienced that behavior from marketers.

    Frankly, my concern isn’t about a company that I’ll be avoiding. How about a company you can recommend please. I need to know they will be around.

    • Hey Una,
      Thank you for reading my honest Lucas Lee Tyson review where I covered all the products/courses he is offering.
      Thank you also for checking out the Lucas Lee Tyson program sales page. It sound like you have sales page fatigue too!
      It is very common for these types of marketers to overpromise and you have pointed out a claim that Lucas Lee Tyson and his students would find hard to live up to. After reviewing hundreds and hundreds of products and their sales pages I also agree that these types of marketers play to peoples emotions. Many people have financial or money problems that they are looking to solve. Many online marketers “promise” easy push-button profits from their “systems” or training.

      The reality is that it takes hard work and consistent, committed efforts to build a real online business. This is very similar to building a traditional business in the physical “bricks and mortar” world in terms of time and effort. One key advantage is that the costs are significantly lower and the risks lower to build an online business.

      Yes I agree, Lucas Lee Tyson has a lot of questions around his courses, notably suspicious positive reviews in Trustpilot and the detailed report of it being an ineffective program as highlighted in my Lucas Lee Tyson review.

      So I would much rather build a real online business that helps people than these highly questionable courses. Fact based, proven since 2005 and a lot more quality (Training, tools, mentoring, community & support) and for reasonable pricing. This is why I recommend this over all others. Also, there is no need for any credit card information to create a free account to see if it suits your style.
      Hope to see you on this inside, John


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