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Is Push Button Profits A Scam? | Why You Need To Stay Away

Is Push Button Profits a scam? Well to sum up this Push Button Profits review: Hard pass.

Well, I’d really be interested to hear from anyone who actually wants to check making money online through a website without any details or actual offers, just promises.

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A Push Button Profits Review

Product Name: Push Button Profits

Founders: Unknown

Products and Prices: 
Starter pack = $47
Top Earner Pack = $ 144

Traffic Store (depends on your budget from $220 to $8,397)
Traffic Optimizer ($47/monthly)
Traffic Academy ($97/monthly)
List Leverage (starts from $49/month)

Rating: 5/100

Best For: Those who want to try out an MLM for traffic generation

Recommended: Not Recommended

What Is Push Button Profits About: Push Button Profits is mainly about Traffic Authority’s products and services


This Push Button Profits review showed that the website is mainly a funnel or could be an affiliate of Traffic Authority.

What is Push Button Profits About?

Since there isn’t much on their website like their Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy to go on about here are some technical details about it:

is push button profits a scam push button profits review domain details

Well it’s surprising that Push Button Profits has long been running their website! Despite the lack of any details, they are for some reason running up until today. When I tinkered around I finally found out why and how they’ve been running for so long now. When you try to log-in as a member here is where they will take you:

is push button profits a scam push button profits review funnel log in page

If you haven’t heard of Traffic Authority, well have written a comprehensive take on them in this article.

So for a quick recap of Traffic Authority:

  • They are an MLM business that sells unqualified and unverified paid traffic. It’s truly an MLM and not an affiliate marketing opportunity because they have uplines when you consider subscribing in for their “affiliate marketing opportunity”
  • They also offer services and tools that you can actually learn and get for free or for a lower price elsewhere.
  • They have a confusing refund policy.

With the quality of product and services offer of Traffic then is Push Button Profits a scam? Well before we go into that let’s go over the things that they offer first so you can decide for yourself before I give my verdict.

Some Push Button Profits review has mentioned Jeff Gardner and Kit Elliot, which are seasoned entrepreneurs and marketers. But we can’t seem to find a solid connection to them so we’re not pushing that they could be the owners of the website

What does Push Button Profits Offer?

Most of the Push Button Profits review mention that they only offer the Basic Starter Package and the Top Earner’s Package which you can see below:

is push button profits a scam push button profits review traffic authority products

Push Button Profits doesn’t offer anything straight from their website instead they act as a funnel or an affiliate website for Traffic Authority products and services.

Here are the other Traffic Authority products and services:

Traffic Store ($220 to $8,397)-Traffic Authority wrote that the Traffic that you can get from here is premium traffic which is 100% from the USA and Canada. Simply said, we can assume that they offer geo-targeted advertising according to your budget.
Traffic Optimizer ($47/monthly)- For this product they mentioned that they offer resources for Email Capture Pages. Link tracker, Split-Testing, Pop-ups, Timers and Exit Pages. 
Traffic Academy ($97/monthly) -These video modules offer certification and training for traffic and lead generation. They offer a 30-day training plan. Let’s assume that you could complete the training in 30 days, then that would be $97. Now we wonder why there is the option to subscribe to it monthly, are videos aplenty? Or are there hidden upsells and conditions in the courses?
List Leverage (or Email Builder) -They mentioned that this “software solution” can help people build their email list by creating high-quality leads through their capture pages. For this product they offer two options:

Newbie Program = $49/month
Super Affiliate = $398/year

But for this product they have additional one-time payment upgrades ranging from $97-$497.

Affiliate/Reseller Program

Traffic Authority has their “affiliate program” that is actually the MLM part of their business. It comes in two options according to their website:

1. A person can become an affiliate once they buy the product themselves

2. A person can become an affiliate once they have sold the same product thrice.

What’s confusing is that you can see from previous images above that when you try to purchase just the Traffic Optimizer product/ Starter Package they mention that you don’t have resell rights to it and therefore you can’t be eligible for commissions for your referrals. That’s very misleading right?


If you have bought Traffic Authority products here is the Refund Policy posted on their website :

is push button profits a scam push button profits review traffic authority refund policy

While this mentions a 30-day satisfaction guarantee of all “initial fees” it did not mention which fees are included and which fees are “subsequent”. 

Bu if you’re an affiliate they’ve got quite a confusing and complicated refund policy for you:

is push button profits a scam push button profits review traffic authority compensation for affiliates

So would you even consider being an affiliate if you can’t have a refund?

Can you make money with Push Button Profits?

I guess not because if they are funneling you or acting as an affiliate for the Traffic Authority website, then it’s a one-way profit because they’re the only ones profiting from you.

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A Push Button Profits Review: Pros and Cons

Before we can have a verdict if Push Button Profits is a scam, let’s first look at the pros and cons


  • None really, I can’t even recommend the product that they are funneling/affiliated to


  • They are the only ones profiting from you
  • The products and service they recommends has a complicated Refund Policy
  • Anonymous owner
  • No company is associated with them

Is Push Button Profits A Scam?

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not an affiliate of Push Button Profits or Traffic Authority or any of their other products myself and I do not endorse it in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials, and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what Push Button Profits genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt from programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn Ways to Avoid Online Scams then click the highlighted text. 

What is Push Button Profits then? If ever you came into their page due to advertisements then you have to know that Push Button Profits could either be an affiliate page or just a simple funnel page for Traffic Authority. If you want to know more about Traffic Authority, feel free to read our comprehensive article about it.

My Final Verdict: What is Push button Profits About then?

Since Traffic Authority is a legitimate company and business, Push Button Profits is most likely a funnel page or an affiliated website of it. The elusive details about the owner of the page or company that it’s under is a shady move for an affiliate but nonetheless it’s not unheard of.

It would be best to stay away from a website that doesn’t have any information on it and just requires you to push a button right?

A better way to learn how to Make Legitimate Profits- and it’s FREE!

If you still need a good view of what is Push Button Profits’ about, well: it’s Traffic Authority. But I also don’t recommend Traffic Authority because it’s costly and it’s not something that anyone as has actual use for. Plus they’ve been masking their MLM elements through the what they term as their Affiliate Program.

The problem with most MLMs is that they disguise their MLM schemes as an affiliate program, like in the case of Traffic Authority. Even as they offer courses that could help you start a digital marketing career, it seems like there aren’t much reviews if their programs really served anyone well. Plus their offer is quite expensive and they mislead you thinking that you need traffic first.

Beginners and those who are looking for real affiliate marketing opportunities need to first learn about actual keyword research and how to create content that generates traffic. It would be best to find a guide to tread through the ropes of creating traffic-generating content, and good sales, and not instant tools that are overpriced. 

Since this Push Button Profits review led us to Traffic Authority, let me share a FREE to start community and training to show you how actual affiliate marketing really works. You can learn comprehensive marketing techniques and try to see if the program is right for you before signing up!

And yes, NO UPLINES.

Here is a comparison of the program I’m talking about vs. Traffic Authority:

You can check it out for FREE with a starter account, then if you want a consistent income and a means to sustain your affiliate marketing career you can also opt to try the premium offer of Wealthy Affiliate inclusive of courses, guides, tools and support just about everything you may need for only $49/month. 

If you want to read more about Wealthy Affiliate here's a comprehensive review about it.

You can also click on the link below to find out more!

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Push Button Profits

Nothing mentioned on the website



Income Opportunity






Business Model



  • None


  • They are the only ones profiting from you (as affiliate/funnel)
  • The products and service they recommends has a complicated Refund Policy
  • Anonymous owner
  • No company is associated with them

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  1. Hey,

    I appreciate you distinguishing MLM from affiliate marketing, “the problem with most MLMs is that they disguise their MLM schemes as an affiliate program.” And, the comparison list makes the difference so very clear. Then to top it off you shared a link where I can even check out the alternative. And since it’s your recommendation I already know I’m not about to lose any time with an MLM but that I’ll be checking out a reputable affiliate for all those reasons you listed. The only thing that I’m wondering about though is the free trial. I always wonder why companies, in general, need your credit card since it’s a free trial. What the heck!


  2. Hey Una,
    Thank you for reading my honest Push Button Profits review.
    Yes I agree, Push Button Profits is an MLM and there is nothing good about it. Suggest you and all readers don’t waste your time with it.
    So I would much rather build a real online business that helps people than this unproven course. Fact based, proven since 2005 and a lot more quality (Training, tools, mentoring, community & support) and for reasonable pricing. This is why I recommend this over all others. And yes, there is no need for any credit card information to create a free account to see if it suits your style.
    Hope to see you on this inside, John

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