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Is An Pei Digital Agent A Scam | 12 Points You Need To Consider

Let’s try to answer both: “is An Pei Digital Agent a scam?” and “is An Bui a scam?” in this An Pei Digital Agent system review. Here i’ll let you in 12 points of consideration before you click that pay button for such a pricey course.

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An Pei Digital Agent System Review Summary

Product Name: An Pei Digital Agent / Online Career Accelerator Course / Career Digitized

Founders: An Pei / An Bui

Products and Prices:  Online Career Accelerator Course- $997

Overall Rating: 4/100

Best For: People with financial resources who’s willing to risk it for a new digital marketing course that is still yet establishing its social proofs

Recommended: Not Recommended

What Is An Pei Digital Agent / Online Career Accelerator Course/ Career Digitized About: A $997 digital marketing course by An Pei / An Bui, who claims and is branded as a successful digital marketer.


A pricey premium digital course that has room for more branding improvements.

What is An Pei Digital Agent About?

An Bui or An Pei, the personality behind these different brands that offers a digital marketing course for $997 that runs for 10-weeks that promises premium access to coaching by An Bui (or An Pei) himself. Later in this An Pei Digital Agent review, we’ll also have a comprehensive evaluation of the Online Career Course and an honest Career Digitized review.

So before anything else, I found an “interview” of An Pei himself from October 2021:

Now why is this significant? Well when you search for An Pei Digital Agent system review or a Career Digitized review, you may find articles that accuses An Pei to be just an actor paid to play the part and to become the face of the brand.

We’ll try to have an in-depth evaluation so we can truthfully answer the question: “is An Bui a scam?”

Same Offer and Persona, Different Branding and Websites

So when I was doing research and having an overview of how to write this article truthfully, I decided to investigate and a gist of what I found was that, the ads that people are seeing online are crafted and points out to different websites but it essentially offers the same product which is a digital marketing course.

I’m not really sure which is his real legal name but I found that An Pei and An Bui are just the same people. If you’ll go to the YouTube link of the above video it links to a Linkedin Profile that seems to be either edited or deleted:

is an pei digital agent a scam career digitized an pei linkedin
The LinkedIn Profile written in the YouTube video is either edited or deleted

But since I have read that Career Digitized was always associated with An Pei in most existing articles, I decided to visit the website and was brought to a landing page about their free training and on its footer, I found this:

is an pei digital agent a scam career digitized luxian digital

We’ll go over Luxian Digital LLC in a while, I tried looking for its LinkedIn page (hoping there was something in it) but I didn’t find any. Instead I found the LinkedIn profile that I was looking for, but he’s using An Bui:

is an pei digital agent a scam career digitized an pei an bui linkedin

So I’ll cut it here for now but let’s go over the other details. that would be important for a thorough evaluation. But then we continue to ask, so is An Pei Digital Agent a scam?

A deeper look beyond An Pei or An Bui and his program

In this section we’ll have a look at Luxian Digital LLC, his course program and the websites associated with him.

Luxian Digital LLC

So a good metric of authenticity is if a company is registered. Since Career Digitized didn’t have any address details on their website, the Privacy, Contact Us and Terms of Service links on the landing page during my initial investigation to narrow down a place, and there I found that they mentioned Texas:

The Terms of Service Page also mentioned An Bui as its founder. So then I tried to look for Luxian Digital LLC online.
I actually found its BBB profile which was addressed to the same state:

is an pei digital agent a scam career digitized luxian digital llc bbb

So just to confirm I tried to look for their public registration details in Texas I was not able to find any:
is an pei digital agent a scam career digitized an pei not regirsted in texas

So I tried to look for its company details by searching Luxian Digital LLC Registration and I found that it was registered in Delaware:

is an pei digital agent a scam career digitized an pei not delaware registration

So just to confirm I looked for it on Delaware’s website for checking LLC registrations and yes it’s confirmed that it’s registered in Delaware:

is an pei digital agent a scam career digitized  delaware proof

But that’s nothing suspicious since you can basically incorporate in Delaware even if your address is from a different state.

Career Digitized

So now we can confirm that Career Digitized is either a product or service offered by Luxian Digital LLC, but what does it actually offer? Here’s what’s on their website:

is an pei digital agent a scam career digitized website

Below is an overview of the services that they offer:

is an pei digital agent a scam career digitized website services offered

But when you try to access them, they basically offer you the same product which is their Digital Agent System because even if you choose differently between these three they will all take you into the same offer which is:

is an pei digital agent a scam career digitized digital agent system offer

So is Career Digitized a scam? I guess it’s still too early to determine if they are, just so we can have a good look, here are the other details before we can make this verdict.

Online Career Accelerator

Since An Bui’s Linkedin profile had the header about Online Career Accelerator I decided to probe further. This is so we can weigh if the An Pei Digital Agent is a scam.

So basically I searched for it and found its website:

It mentioned An Bui, the same branding story:

is an pei digital agent a scam career digitized online career accelerator website

…and offered the same program:

is an pei digital agent a scam career digitized same program

A reason that people could be asking “is An Bui a scam” is because of his ridiculously overpriced course. I mean it’s nothing new that people use pricing discount as a marketing tactic, but I mean, really, $4997 as its regular price? But just to be clear this is not enough to gauge the imminent question:

Is An Pei Digital Agent a scam, or is it just another sub par digital marketing course? But as we were looking for more details we found another website: An Bui Marketing.

An Bui Marketing

When I looked into An Bui Marketing website, well it had the same branding story and had also the same similar content. And it also offers the same program when you click the Join Now button:

is an pei digital agent a scam career digitized an bui marketing

Is having these network of websites enough so we can answer “is An Pei Digital Agent a Scam?” Well not yet. But just before we go that on the latter part of this article here’s a table that will show you some other details that we’ve been using to gauge the authenticity of website and companies:

WebsiteDate of CreationBacklinks
careerdigitized.comJuly 26, 20191653
onlinecareeraccelerator.comMarch 4, 20211470
anbuimarketing.comMarch 9, 20212017

From here we can see that these websites have impressive stats and is an indication that people are writing about them. But you have to know that every company may allot resources for backlink building just to make their website have a sense of authority over the algorithm. Companies can pay for reviews, mentions, and even post articles on other websites that would link back to them.

So what’s the truth now, is An Bui a scam?

If so, then is Career Digitized a scam?

And is An Pei Digitial Agent System a Scam?

What does the An Pei Digital Agent Offer?

An Pei Digital Agent claims to offer a course that can help people start a premium paying digital marketing career even without prior experience, even without a degree! I’ve been in the digital marketing field for years now and that first sentence that I wrote is essentially the core of his product.

An Pei or An Bui is targeting those who:
1. Wants premium paying clients
2. Wants to work comfortably anywhere at their own convenience
3. Those without a degree who are looking for better opportunities
4. People who are willing to learn as they may have little to no knowledge of digital marketing

You can check out his YouTube page because he has also posted videos of his “former students” who were able to land jobs with his help. Here’s one video as an example:

While it’s nice to hear that they were able to benefit from the course, one can’t always trust these videos because it’s also easy to just hire actors over Fiverr. We’re not saying that the testimonials there are just actors, there’s just a chance that they are. Because for example, I looked for the above person Ananta Limbu on LinkedIn just to verify.

At first I thought I would be able to see his profile as it seems to come up on Google Search:

is an pei digital agent a scam career digitized youtube testimonial unverifiable

But when you click on it, it goes to 404 page. So I also tried to look for the profiles of the other student “testimonies” and they all seemed to not mention their surnames. But there was another one a Brian Dickerson from Maryland… and look what I found:

What’s a bit surprising is that his profile admits that they do commercials for businesses too!

is an pei digital agent a scam career digitized testimonial actor or real

Now this brings another confusion for us, can we trust the testimonial videos in his YouTube Channel?

Online Career Accelerator Refund

His course program offers an action-based refund which we’ll look into in a while:

is an pei digital agent a scam career digitized refund policy

But before going into that here’s another confusing details that we found. In the Terms and Conditions pages for and, both pages mentioned Pearl Lemon SEO Limited. You can check for yourself here and here:

is an pei digital agent a scam career digitized pearl lemon toc mention

However, the terms and conditions page of Career Digitized mentions Texas and Luxian Digital. So that would mean that these websites, even as they are represented by the same persona that is An Pei / An Bui works on different terms. And then I saw the difference between the two:

The program offered by Career Digitized under Luxian Digital LLC does not offer any refund:

is an pei digital agent a scam career digitized refund policy no refund

But for the website run by Pearl Lemon SEO Limited they have what they call Action-Based 30 day Refund. But there’s a catch:

  • You can’t ask for a refund unless you have watched, attended coaching and submitted the homeworks for Week 1-3. Even if you have just purchased it.
  • You can’t ask for a refund beyond 30 days
  • You must have watched exactly just 25% of the course
  • Here is a LOOOONG list of deliverables you need to submit to be eligible for refund :

Message 10+ of your network for free work

Make a Facebook post for free work

Find work for free on the websites like Facebook Groups

Create a time tracker on Google sheets (must be in google sheets) and track what you do every day

Practice doing digital marketing by making a website, running Facebook Ads, running google ads, and making a blog article, and creating 1 email marketing campaign with 1 email

Try look for clients and sign up for LinkedIn, Fiverr, and Upwork and applying to jobs on there by messaging clients

Apply to at least 25+ non 1-Click Apply / Easy Apply job openings on Ziprecruiter, LinkedIn and Indeed total per day for 14 days straight.

Attend the weekly Q&A calls

Actively participate in the private Online Career Accelerator Facebook group as documented by at least one post, one comment on another members post, one question or one request for advice from members per week in the Online Career Accelerator Facebook group.

Diligently document what you learn and what steps you have taken to implement the training, You agree to document this for 21 days by setting up and using a Google Sheet that includes at least two (2) simple written entries, one in the morning, one in the evening, for a total of 42 entries. Each written entry shall be at least 1-2 sentences that summarize exactly what you learned and what steps you took to implement the program each day.


Cold Email 20+ Groupon Leads

Reachout to 20 Business Owners on Directory

Cold Call Businesses 20

Record the calls and ask the coach questions on how to improve the calls

Direct Message 20 LinkedIn Business Owner

Message 10 Instagram Business Owners

Message 10 Facebook Business Owners on Facebook

Reachout to people on Amazon Jungle Scout

Write an upwork proposal

Sign up for the free crunchbase account, reach out to at least 20 crunchbase business owners

Grab Emails through SKrapp and email 20+ business owner

Complete watching week 1 videos

Compile a database of at least 300 leads from Groupon. Email the 300 leads at least 3x, and reach out to all those who are interested

Ask for help when you are stuck on the week

Post in group of all the business replies and ask for help for responses


Follow up with leads by replying to their email of those who replied

Practice your sales script live at least twice with another human and record it. Listen back to the recordings and see how you can do better.

Send email scheduling appointment with them following the script

Set a calendar schedule and do calls with people who reply

Ask questions in the group about the sales process if you could not close the client

Complete watching week 1-3 videos Week 1 Homework Question Worksheet

Email Marketing Question List

What is Email Marketing?

How does Email Marketing Work?

Why is Email Marketing important to businesses?

What are some benefits of Email marketing compared to SEO or PPC?

What are some metrics you should look at in Email Marketing

SEO Question List

What is SEO?

How does SEO Work?

Why is SEO important to businesses?

What are ways of doing SEO?

PPC Question List

What is Google Ads

How does Google Ads Work?

How does Google Ads Targeting Work?

Why is Google Ads Important for Businesses

What is the biggest reason why someone would choose PPC over SEO

How does Facebook Ads Work

How does their Facebook Ads targeting Work?

How is Google Ads Different From Facebook Ads?

What are the key metrics that you should look for for PPC?

Is An Pei Digital Agent System scam?

It seems like the original Digital Agent System course is now rebranded as Online Career Accelerator and An Pei rebranded as An Bui.

In my opinion, it’s a new digital marketing course that is still yet establishing its name and quality. We can’t verify if the testimonials are real and it’s quite hard to do so when they offer an expensive course like that. For me it seems it like An Pei or An Bui is creating a community of freelancers, we’ll never know if it’s for Pearl Lemon SEO Limited’s interest.

I also started as a freelancer years ago and I did enrolling in different digital marketing courses and learned other things my own way, while it’s good to have a community and a coach that you can ask if you need help, I could attest that it’s hard to find a course that is truly worth its price. I had my fair share of seemingly-promising courses but turned out to be not what I expected, and there were those that truly delivered.

I do have other questions like why did he use An Pei at first… or is An Bui his real name? I also couldn’t seem to find An Bui under Pearl Lemon’s digital team, if he’s not under the Pearl Lemon’s team then are they just using the “persona” An Bui for his authority and branding?

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not a student of An Bui or An Pei and Digital Agent Systems (now Online Career Accelerator) and I do not endorse it in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials, and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what Digital Agent / Online Career Accelerator genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt from programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn Ways to Avoid Online Scams then click the highlighted text. 

What I Like About An Pei Digital Agent / Online Career Accelerator

  • It seems like the course covers different areas of digital marketing which is perfect for newbies and those who truly want to learn about it.
  • The action-based refund (when purchased from and makes sure that you try the course first and do everything first before saying it’s not for you).
Is Traffic Authority a scam online purchase hands laptop

Reasons Why I don’t recommend An Pei Digital Agent / An bui Online Career Accelerator program

  • If you happen to purchase from Luxian Digital LLC’s Career Digitize page, you won’t get a refund
  • A long list of deliverables to be eligible for refund for the purchases from the websites run by Pearl Lemon SEO
  • An unexplained rebranding of the coach from An Pei to An Bui
  • Costly course
  • Unverified testimonials on their YouTube page.

Honest An Pei Digital Agent System Review: 12 Points You Need to Consider before Purchasing

  1. Is Career Digitized a scam? Well you decide for yourself when you read through the BBB Complaints and their responses here. Well truth is Career Digitized has conflicting statements on their website, their Terms and Conditions show that they stated they are not offering refunds but they also have a Refund Policy page that mentions the Action-Based Refund Policy.
  2. The unexplained rebranding or An Pei to An Bui
  3. Luxian Digital LLC is addressed in Texas but the business is registered in Delaware. Technically, they should also be registered under Texas State to operate and do business under Texas.
  4. Their long list of deliverables to be eligible for refund is overwhelming even for a seasoned marketer
  5. You pay handsomely for a course then you’ll have to create a website, run ads which will cost you more money and they never mentioned it.
  6. Verifiable testimonials of students would likely mention their websites or business names if they were truly helped by the course
  7. For a digital marketing course, they seemed to have forgotten that reviews and testimonials are a crucial element for reputation management
  8. They need to emphasize their Terms and Conditions because it’s a recurring complaint on Luxian Digital BBB profile.
  9. The course is very expensive for those new in the field and those wanting to learn about it.
  10. You could have gotten a good laptop instead of buying a course and studied on your own for FREE
  11. Most entry-level digital marketing positions accept even those without experience. The skills and tasks of digital marketing are something you truly learn by doing.
  12. Social pages don’t have any testimonies. Social proofs would be a good point to effectively sell an expensive product.

My Final Verdict About An Pei Digital Agent System / An Bui Career Accelerator Program

It looks like it’s a premium digital course that is yet to prove its authenticity and value. It’s still a long way off from becoming a pillar course in the field as it still needs to create substantial and verifiable social proof of its quality. It still has a lot to fix regarding its reputation, social pages and their company terms.

A better way to learn Digital Marketing- and it’s FREE To start!

I also started learning about Digital Marketing from scratch, no course or coach to ask from, I was just running on just pure curiosity and work-related routine tasks. Although I was able to learn on my own I found it helpful to have a community with the same interest and job to guide you as you prod further on the field. But you know what, I realized these things:

  1. Not all courses are built the same. Even non-premium priced courses are sometimes even better and much more comprehensive than others.
  2. Learning about digital marketing goes beyond the course. You can’t rely on a course to teach you everything.
  3. Digital marketing is a true flexible career but it would be best if you can also apply to yourself what you’ve learned from courses.

What truly piqued my interest over time was affiliate marketing. It was something that’s related to my job and something that I could benefit from! And just recently I found a great community where you can learn about it and it’s free to start!

Imagine trying out first before committing to it. Let me just tell you that digital marketing especially affiliate marketing truly needs consistent effort, dedication and love for what you do. And mind you, it’s not a new program as it has been around for years.

If you decided that it’s something that is worth doing in the long run (best done as a business giving you passive income) you can always upgrade to PREMIUM for JUST $49/mo! With it you can access more courses, tutorials, tools and perks. If you’re curious here’s a comprehensive article about it. My friend John below can tell you more about it and guide you there…

Ready to make Passive Income Online?
Hi, I’m John. I created a passive income online. And I had no marketing skills or online experience when I started.

Louee Gonzales Author

Louee Gonzales has been a content specialist for 4+ years now. She has been enjoying writing investigative articles for EFYL. If she’s not writing, she’s either painting or traveling somewhere fun.

She has a degree in Psychology, and quick fact: she can’t read your mind. She has authored articles on the School of Positive Transformation.

Digital Agent / Online Career Accelerator




Income Opportunity






Business Model



  • Comprehensive course
  • Refund option


  • Vague refund policy on Career Digitize page purchase
  • Long list of deliverable to be eligible for refund
  • Unexplained rebranding from An Pei to An Bui
  • Costly for beginners and learners
  • Unverifiable testimonials

4 thoughts on “Is An Pei Digital Agent A Scam | 12 Points You Need To Consider”

  1. Online Career Accelerator would put me off buying from the start due to it’s high price. As you rightly said, you could buy a good laptop for $997 and study for free!

    An Pei and An Bui definitely appear to be the same marketer!

    And yes, it’s easy to pay actors on fiverr, so I’d be very wary of the course. I don’t like the idea of action based money back guarantee courses as they could easily refuse.

    In my opinion, your recommendation is a far better option and at a much lower price!

  2. Hey Kathy,
    Thank you for reading my honest An Pei Digital Agent review and Online Career Accelerator Course review.
    It’s clear to me that serial course creators like these guys are mainly keen on taking money from the vulnerable and gullible.
    Why so many course names? Why so many websites? and why does An Pei and An Bui use different names.

    These are all massive red flags plus the 12 points (red flags) you would need to consider.

    Yes I would much rather build a real online business that helps people than this unproven course.

  3. It’s amazing how many platforms there are that people can join for digital marketing. You have thoroughly researched this site and I feel from your investigative reporting that yes, I too would not join this platform. For one thing it is extremely expensive. I am also apprehensive about this because of all the other points you have reported on. It’s a shame so many people can be taken in by this when it clearly appears to only benefit the creators.
    Thanks for this review. The one you are recommending sounds a lot more sound and fact based. And it is more reasonable!

  4. Hey Nina,
    Thank you for reading my honest An Pei Digital Agent review and Online Career Accelerator Course review.
    Yes I agree, I have reviewed many of these digital marketing courses and there are many “influencers” like An Pei or An Bui or whoever this guy is that are selling them to the market.
    It’s clear to me that serial course creators like these guys are mainly keen on taking money from the vulnerable and gullible.
    Why so many course names? Why so many websites? and why does An Pei and An Bui use different names.

    These are all massive red flags plus the 12 points (red flags) you would need to consider.
    As you noted, selling these courses merely benefits the creators. There are many people looking for ways to make money from home and there will always be guys like this shilling their “solution”.

    Yes I would much rather build a real online business that helps people than this unproven course. Fact based, proven since 2005 and a lot more quality (Training, tools, mentoring, community & support) and for reasonable pricing.

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