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Is CloutZap a Scam? | 7 Suspicious Details Before you Sign Up

Is CloutZap a scam? Read on this CloutZap review the seven suspicious details that you may want to take note of before signing up, using the platform and referring people to it.

I hope you found this article first and haven’t signed up for it yet…

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is CloutZap A Scam: Summary

Product Name: CloutZap

Owners: CloutZap Ltd

Free to register

Rating: 3/100

Best For: None

Recommended: Not Recommended

What is CloutZap About: CloutZap is a newly created website that presents itself as a survey and rewards website.

Summary: CloutZap is not associated with an active and registered company and therefore poses risks its user’s personal details to misuse since there is no actual company that is accountable for the website.

Is CloutZap a scam? What is CloutZap About?

Cloutzap is a newly created website that claims to pay users for referring new users, doing surveys, and doing tasks and quests. So far it presents itself as a rewards website and from which users can mainly earn through referrals.

According to WHOis, the website was only created last November 2021.

is cloutzap a scam domain details created october 2021

Is it really worth your time and effort, though? This Cloutzap Review will provide you with an unbiased look at the platform. But before we get into that, let’s take a quick look at what different scams may look like. This is a good indicator of how we’ll come to our verdict on Cloutzap later in this article.

What is a Pyramid Scheme?

The most frequent kinds of business that give incentives for referrals are affiliate offerings, MLM organizations, and pyramid schemes. Let’s take a look at the three primary ones and what a Ponzi scheme is, as well as whether or not I believe it qualifies as one later in this essay.

An affiliate marketing opportunity is a type of commission that you may get if other people buy the a company’s items or services as a direct consequence of your efforts. A multi-level marketing (MLM) is a type of direct sales in which you not only recommend people to buy products or services, but also become their upline and get a cut of the purchases they make as a result of your recruiting.

Based on my first look, we can determine whether CloutZap is a affiliate marketing scheme or a Ponzi scheme. Because the platform does not require users to make any financial investments, we’re eliminating multi-level marketing and pyramid schemes.

A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent business that promises unrealistic high gains with little effort.

When I first heard about CloutZap and read about the various incentives, I assumed it was another affiliate marketing opportunity on a rewards site. But here’s what I discovered when I researched it further.

Is CloutZap a Scam, a Pyramid Scheme, Or is it a Ponzi?

To discover whether CloutZap is a affiliate marketing opportunity or a Ponzi scheme, we’ll need to look for its registration first. Why? Because all financial businesses, no matter what currency they deal in, are required to be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Some individuals may try to persuade you that because cryptocurrencies are

What if a business decides to pull all of its assets? What will you do if it’s not a real firm?

If a firm doesn’t have a corporate registration, and it invites its investors to invest on one day, the company with both a business registration AND an SEC recognition would be held liable for everything that may have been stolen. Now I hope you understand how important a SEC registration is to any trading or investment project you might undertake.

Even if you’re only receiving compensation from referrals and clicks, it’s essential to ensure that a firm’s registration is valid.

TIP: It’s not enough for a company to claim and provide documentation of its registration. Because most business registration data is public, and most states and countries will have websites where you may look it up, it’s up to you to do your own research.

Now let’s start.

It is usually simple to discover which firm controls a website based on its Terms and Conditions/ Use, as well as its Privacy Policy. They do, however, have a Terms of Use page and a Privacy Policy page. And here are some of the key information we discovered on those pages:

is cloutzap a scam coutzap comapny details

Although their Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions cannot be directly accessed on the main pages of the website, you can search for it and it comes up when you’re sigining up for the website. Now we have a state where we can check their registration. And when you search for them on Nevada’s databases for businesses here’s what you will find:

is cloutzap a scam coutzap no registration in nevada

Unsurprisingly, they don’t have any existing registration! So far from lots of the programs we’ve reviewed, this is such BIG RED FLAG. Why? Because if they are not registered with governing bodies and any information you supply to them cannot be assured to be secured and might be prone to misuse especially, if in the wrong hands.

Since they don’t have any legal pages that should be present for websites that involves getting personal information, I tried to look for their registration under CloutZap Inc., since they mentioned it in their footer.

How Does CloutZap Work?

According to their website, users can earn by completing surveys, testing application and referring other people. So I tried to look around and I’m not sure if this will convince you to COMPLETELY AVOID the platform, but in my personal take, I wouldn’t want to risk it after I’ve seen a couple of actual offers that they have.

is cloutzap a scam coutzap homepage

Answering Surveys

The problem with a website that isn’t verified to be running under active and registered company is that they can abuse and use the personal information that you will give them since they are in no obligation to any government. When I looked around the platform I found that they are merely an affiliate and they are the survey are actually running under a different website.

And what does this imply? This is quite alarming since even if CloutZap was running under a registered company, every detail that you divulge on the surveys that are under a different website, are out of the bounds of data security that is cited in their Privacy Policy page.

It’s also very fishy that the question in the survey is like phishing information from you! Imagine if you divulged your real name, age, phone number, email address and birthday… So is CloutZap a scam? It seems like it’s more than that!

Testing App

I’m not sure if there are actual applications to be tested but when I checked inside there were no applications available. I really hope that the applications to be tested doesn’t involve personal details too right?


Now here’s one of the other red flag that we found… this Anti-Fraud Policy inside the website seems to be completely copy-pasted from CashZap (see CashZap mentioned on the bottom green area) This website is very reminiscent of SocialEarn that we’ve reviewed last month!

is cloutzap a scam cloutzao fraud policy

It’s either they copy pasted this website template from CashZap or they rebranded to CloutZap. Here are the tasks included in their referral guide:

is cloutzap a scam referral guide

What basically will happen is that you will be posting referral links on your social profile, putting them out on your bio, posts, etc. What risk does this include? Any information that you give out to their partner websites can be used to hack into your profile, especially your birthday, possible answers to security questions, and email address! Not only that, by posting your referral link on your social profiles they can easily gather the active social media profiles that is associated to your name.
So is CloutZap a scam? Or is it a a rebranded CashZap? But when you have to choose, there is no lesser evil choice between the two.

Can You Really Make Money Through CloutZap?

Well SocialEarn has their Testimonials page and a Live Payments page but it’s unconvincing because they have a testimonial that was dated August 2021 when in fact their website was created a month aThere are numerous testimonials on the CloutZap website, as well as a Proof of Payments page and even a Testimonial Archive, but it’s unconvincing since they have a testimonial from August 2021 when their website was only created November of 2021 month later! There were actually two payment proofs dated on the same day, they were addressed to an Ernestine Merille and a Kathy Velasquez.

And you know what, if you read back on our SocialEarn review, these two people were also the same people having the same payout dates that was way prior to the creation of the website itself! I don’t think that it’s possible to have the same people in the testimonials, with the same payout dates!

Plus think of it, if you could actually earn from CloutZap, is it their compensation for your willingness to give out your personal data?

They also mentioned that they have 560,574+ registered users… I don’t believe that you can get that number of users in less than a year of running your business!

It also seems like earning from the website isn’t verifiable since their Trustpilot profile was flooded with positive reviews which is very unusual:

is cloutzap a scam trustpilot suspicious flooding of positive reviews

Even Trustpilot warned that CloutZap’s page has had fake reviews!

is cloutzap a scam trustpilot warning of fake reviews

More people that you can refer, more personal data that they can harvest!

How Much Does It Cost to Join CloutZap?

Registration on the website is free.

Is CloutZap A Scam [CloutZap Review]

Well, to be completely transparent with you, I am not a user of CloutZap and I truly don’t recommend it.

I have spent a good amount of time researching the website, reading testimonials, and studying information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what SocialEarn really do. This is because programs just like this have burned me in the past, and I want to keep others from going down the same path I did. You can learn more here in this article “How to Spot an Online Marketing Scam and Avoid Scams”.

I believe that CloutZap is most likely a data harvesting site SocialEarn. There isn’t verifiable proof that it is a legitimate rewards and survey website unlike Rakuten Insight which runs under a legitimate company and conducts survey on their actual website rather than redirecting them to affiliate websites that then poses abuse to user’s personal details.

Pros and Cons of CloutZap

What is CloutZap pros and cons? There are quite a number of cons and no pros that we could find

CloutZap Pros


CloutZap Cons

  • Website is NOT VERIFIABLY associated to any registered and active company
  • Surveys are served on a different website
  • Anti-Fraud Policy was almost like SocialEarn
  • Flooding of positive reviews on Trustpilot and warning of fake reviews
  • Payment Proof are the same ones used in SocialEarn

7 Suspicious Details of CloutZap

This CloutZap review has unearthed 8 red flags on why you should stay away from the platform

  • Company mentioned in Terms page is not in Nevada
  • Payment Proof is almost copied from SocialEarn
  • Survey questions are phishing for personal details
  • Survey questions are hosted on other website, therefore posing risk to your information
  • Posted payment proofs were dated months before the website was created.
  • Website mentioned 500k+ users which is impossible for a business running for less than 5 months now.
  • Unrealistic flooding of positive reviews on Trustpilot and Trustpilot’s warning of fake reviews

Final Thoughts – CloutZap Review

I don’t recommend using the website or even recommending it to others because it poses risk on personal details. Even if they would turn out to be a paying platform, no amount of money should be at par with the privacy of your personal details. Would you rather have short-term gains in exchange of your identity?

Up until there is verifiable proof that they are under a registered and active company and that they operate within the bound of ethical privacy practices is the only time that we may have to reevaluate our stance that CloutZap is a probable scam, and very likely a data harvesting website.

JUST A NOTE: If you try to look for SocialEarn’s website to look at the payment and testimonial page they had before, it’s likely that they took it down and just completely operated the referral scheme since the website we’ve reviewed just last February 2022 is no longer operational. Only the registration and referral dashboard can be accessed. But it’s good that we have proof that they are just the same as CloutZap. For reference, you can compare their payment proof details on this article.

How I Make a Passive Income Online

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  • Website is NOT VERIFIABLY associated to any registered and active company
  • Surveys are served on a different website
  • Anti-Fraud Policy was almost like SocialEarn
  • Flooding of positive reviews on Trustpilot and warning of fake reviews
  • Payment Proof are the same ones used in SocialEarn