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What Is Blue Sky Amazon Course About [Your Ultimate Blue Sky Amazon Course REVIEW]

Hi! This is the Blue Sky Amazon Course review that you are looking for!

In this post, I spent a good amount of time answering the question — What is Blue Sky Amazon Course about?

When you are passionate about something you most likely want to give it your 100%. Whether you are into direct selling, buy and sell, or making money online you want to make sure you are fully equipped to succeed.

Being involved in eCommerce, you definitely are looking to invest in not only great training but in the best tools that will equip you to earn and be successful.

What Is Blue Sky Amazon Course About

Blue Sky Amazon Review Summary

Product Name: Blue Sky Amazon Sellers Academy

Founder: Sophie Howard

Price: $3,995 at time of writing but varies depending on her promotions

Rating: 30/100

Best For: Those who’d like to try their hand at selling on Amazon

Recommended: Not Recommended

What is Blue Sky About: a platform that offers courses on Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Summary: Sophie Howard started Amazon FBA only as a part-time gig in 2014 while she was on maternity leave from her job. Blue Sky is an Amazon FBA Course.

What is Blue Sky Amazon About?

So, what Is Blue Sky about and what does it offer?

The Blue Sky Amazon is a set of two courses that make up 35 hours of video content created by Sophie Howard. These Blue Sky courses are anchored on the concept of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

Sophie promises to: 

  • help you and other entrepreneurs find profitable products
  • aid in building premium brands and sell their online businesses
  • provide a step by step process to follow in selling fast on Amazon 
  • offer done-for -you services so you get results quicker

Amazon FBA is a business style that allows entrepreneurs to start an online business and sell products without stocking the items themselves.

What is Amazon FBA?

The idea of Amazon FBA is that you need to invest in stock and store it in an Amazon warehouse. Amazon takes care of all the shipments and returns.

Here is a video explaining how Amazon FBA works.


Amazon has one of the most exceptional fulfillment networks in the globe right now. With Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), you store your products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers. After that, Amazon will pick up, pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products. Amazon FBA can help you ascend your business and reach more customers as well.

The Founder

Sophie Howard started selling on amazon as a part-time gig in 2014 while she was on maternity leave from her job. 

What Is Blue Sky Amazon Course About

Aside from being a 7-figure Amazon seller, Sophie Howard has now become an online business coach. Sophie helps business people source profitable products, build premium brands and sell their online businesses. She has sold two Amazon businesses already and is currently building her third global brand.

Blue Sky Amazon Course

So what are the things you’ll find in the Blue Sky Amazon Course? Are they worth it?

Module 1

For module 1, you will learn the basics of starting your Amazon business.

It starts with a usual welcome. It gives an overview about how Amazon works, source automate and scale, as well as how to develop the right habit and mindset to be successful in the business.

What Is Blue Sky Amazon Course About Module 1

Module 2

For module 2, you will learn all about branding strategy – about how to find the right product and assess demand, competition, and the statistics of the business. You will learn to analyze which niche will work for you, how to generate product ideas, product assessment, and using a price and profitability spreadsheet.

What Is Blue Sky Amazon Course About Module 2

Module 3

For module 3, you will focus a lot about suppliers. What are the things you need to know about suppliers, how to find suppliers to work with, and effective sourcing practices. The goal is to help you find products that sell for the long-term.

What Is Blue Sky Amazon Course About Module 3

Module 4

For module 4, you are learning about barcodes and what to expect on your first shipment, delivery, and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

What Is Blue Sky Amazon Course About Module 4

Module 5

For module 5, you will learn the basics of sourcing and private labeling, creating a point of difference for an Amazon product, and branding your product.

What is blue sky amazon  about Module 5

Module 6

For module 6, you will learn about creating a listing, listing walkthrough, and an introduction to keywords as well as keyword listing.  So this is where you learn how to promote the heck out of your product.

What Is Blue Sky Amazon Course About Module 6

Module 7

For module 7 you will learn how to launch your product and employ Pay Per Click (PPC).

What Is Blue Sky Amazon Course About Module 7

Module 8

For module 8, you will learn how to run your Amazon business. Discover how to set up an account, what is growth phase, how to grow your profits, entrepreneurial decision making, and how to keep your business resilient.

What Is Blue Sky Amazon Course About Module 8

Module 9

For module 9, you will learn how to regularly check your account (daily, weekly, monthly), discover the tools you will need and use, and the different lessons you need to learn about the Amazon FBA business.

What Is Blue Sky Amazon Course About Module 9

Module 10

Finally, for module 10, you will learn outsourcing, and handling a team to manage your Amazon business.

What Is Blue Sky Amazon Course About Module 10

There are a lot of other things that Blue Sky offers too, such as Advanced Modules, cash flow method, and drop flipping.

Below are the modules covered in these courses.

What Is Blue Sky Amazon Course About Advanced Modules

How Does Blue Sky Work?

When I signed up for the free webinar, I was brought to a page that invites me to upgrade to VIP and get 2 of Sophie Howard’s bestselling Amazon Books. It will also include an Audio Book as well as her “Top 10 Hot Amazon Product Niches Cheat Sheet” all for the price of $37. 

What Is Blue Sky Amazon Course About webinar

If you ever get enticed to sign up, this is the page you’ll be seeing:

what is blue sky about  upsell sign up

Background Info on Blue Sky Amazon Courses

Sophie Howard Amazon Navigator Review - Sophie Howard Courses

Sophie Howard is a 7-figure Amazon seller and online business coach.

Sophie helps entrepreneurs source profitable products, build premium brands and sell their online businesses. She has sold two Amazon businesses, one for 7-figures USD and currently building her third global brand.

Sophie created the Amazon Blue Sky Training Program formerly known as Amazon Navigator. This online training aims to aid online sellers source profitable products. It includes a step by step process for you to follow and get up and selling fast on Amazon. She also offers some done-for-you services so you get much faster results.

Sophie Howard and her team offer coaching as well as invite students to join her on Trade Show trips around the world to source unique products for online selling. She teaches a very different approach to product selection, sourcing and making sure that your Amazon business is profitable, sellable and stands the test of time.

What else is covered in the course?

Sophie covers these topics regarding Amazon FBA, as well as others:

How to deal with international suppliers
Techniques to product selection
Best practices in sourcing
How to sell on Amazon
Creating an Amazon account

Blue Sky Amazon Costs

According to the result of my research, the Blue Sky course cost around $3,500 to $3,995, it varies depending on her promotions.

If you go to the BlueSkyAmazon website, you won’t find the price advertised anywhere. I had to dig for it, here it is at time of writing.

You won’t even really find much details about the course either unless you pay. The only way I found the information within this post is through researching and reading a few reviews from those who spent to be members.

On the page, you will be asked to register, or sign up for a free webcast.

Can You Make Money With Blue Sky Amazon

When you sign up for Sophie’s course, you should be ready to do some work upfront, conduct intense research, spend ample time in the market and prepare a fair amount of capital. These are the things you need to be ready to give when you get into Amazon FBA.

Like any business, there are lots of upsides to selling on Amazon, however, there are also quite a few downsides too. This particularly when it comes to the required capital.

Basically, you’ll need around $5,000 to $10,000 just to get started and place your first order. Amazon is a capital-intensive business model. Unfortunately, if you are someone rubbing pennies together, Amazon FBA might not be the business model for you. You can be as hardworking as you want but if you don’t have dough a loan might just be such a big risk.

How to Make Money with Blue Sky Amazon?

To make money with Blue Sky is to really do your best to follow what the course tells you. If you can’t go all out with what the course is teaching, you might just be wasting precious money.

Another idea with the Amazon FBA business is how to score some good products. Sophie was able to do this during her early years on Amazon, but cheaper retail products are starting to be very hard to find nowadays due to extensive competition at the bottom end of the marketplace.

Is Blue Sky Amazon Course a scam?

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not a student of Blue Sky Amazon myself and I do not endorse it in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials, and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what Blue Sky Amazon genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt from programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn Ways to Avoid Online Scams then click the highlighted text.

So, is Blue Sky Amazon a scam? It isn’t. It is a legit company based on a real and working business model.

Perhaps, what bothers me most is how they advertise Amazon FBA as a somewhat get rich quick scheme. Well not really that shady but they make Amazon FBA so easy when in reality, it could be so darn hard.

Blue Sky Amazon Course on Trustpilot that has a LOT of negative reviews, and at the time of writing a lot of them were really pretty recent. They have a 50% bad rating.

What Is Blue Sky Amazon Course About teaching style trustpilot

Here are reviews with accusations that the course is a scam, probably because they feel it does not deliver.

Here are some reviews about a manipulative sales strategy:

What Is Blue Sky Amazon Course About manipulative sales
What Is Blue Sky Amazon Course About manipulative sale2

Some of the reviews call the course a scam.

What I Don’t Like About Blue Sky Amazon Course

Expensive compared to other courses. At 4 figures, this course is really quite heavy on your pocket. Also they seem to have a manipulative sales process that doesn’t really deliver.

What Is Blue Sky Amazon Course About rip off
What Is Blue Sky Amazon Course About teaching style

Short refund policy. Aside from being expensive, Blue Sky has a very short money-back guarantee which lasts only 7 days. This leads to the rip-off accusation above. They seem to have a very bad record on refunds.

Focused on the cheap stuff. The students who signed up on this course often focus on the cheaper items to sell. Probably, because this is what the course introduced as this is also Sophie’s secret to success during her time.

Overpromises results. It’s great that you can sell to a lot of people without having to pay for and keep a huge inventory, but the course tends to make it sound like a walk in the park and that’s a big downside for me. 

More isn’t always better. The modules and lessons in the courses seem to be a LOT. But does it really take that much? Some of the lessons and topics seem to actually be redundant across the lessons. 

What I Like About Blue Sky Amazon Course

Legit Business Model. Blue Sky teaches you important concepts in relation to Amazon FBA. It is a legit business model where quite a few people have been successful such as Sophie Howard.

Speaking from Experience. The good thing about the course is that it is created by someone who made it big through the business she is teaching you about. Real experiences can be of high value.

Coaching and support group. You need all the help you can get and having a coach and regular calls as well as an active support group is quite valuable. Everyone can share which works and which don’t.

Beginner – Friendly. Because of the presence of coaching, as well as topic contents, this course is ideal for those who have little idea about Amazon FBA.

My opinion – Blue Sky Amazon Course

As I mentioned about the Blue Sky Amazon Course and the concept of Amazon FBA, it speaks of a legit business model.

The way Amazon FBA works is that you send your products to Amazon, they will store products in their warehouses. When a customer orders one of your products:

  1. Amazon picks
  2. packs, ships
  3. tracks the order for you

Their services can be expensive but one thing you get is their customer service as they also handle returns and refunds.

All this does come at a price. Amazon charges both storage fees and fulfillment fees.

Also you should be aware of the risks of Amazon FBA:

  • Amazon FBA had a great risk involved in you are just starting out in eCommerce. You’ll need to find a supplier typically in China, then you wire them large sum of money and they ship your products to Amazon’s warehouses.
  • Storage costs at Amazon’s warehouse can add up.
  • With intense competition, you’ll find you spend more and more time in your day just to try to turn a profit.
  • You may even have to compete with your suppliers, once they see what you are doing, they can do the same.
  • More time and effort to find products worthwhile to promote as well as quality product photos and detailed descriptions
  • Advertising. This is the real kicker, to get on page 1 of Amazon, Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC) is becoming increasingly necessary. Also the cost of ads is increasing with the competition. If you are not one page 1 of Amazon, you will not be selling.
  • Shortages of Stocks
  • Increasing Cost of Goods
  • Higher Fulfilment Costs
  • Competition can kill you, anyone seeing you be successful with a product can replicate what you are doing.
  • You will have to learn selling trends and timing, will you be on the right side of the fad as the trend is rising or falling?
  • Overall low net profit after all the rising advertising costs and increasing competition.

A Better Way To Start A Home-Based Business

Thanks for reading until the end of my post as I answer the question “What is Blue Sky Amazon Course about?”


All you need to do is create your own affiliate website which will generate a good amount of traffic for you every day. There are many ways for you to monetize this specific type of traffic. 

But if you still have your heart set on FBA you can learn how to get FREE traffic and other traffic sources for your Amazon FBA business from my #1 recommendation below.  Plus I can personally help you to build your own online business, with the right blend of best practice training, community, tools and support.

Joana is a dedicated content writer. She learned how to search for keywords well and write straightforward perky content writing for EFYL. She loves learning a lot of new things as she writes about them.

Above all, she sees herself as a cool wife, mom, and furmom. She used to be an elementary and college teacher but chose to work from home to have more flexibility with her time and be more connected with her family and rescuing stray and abandoned pets.

Blue Sky Amazon






Opportunity for Income


Business model


Refund Policy



  • Legit Business Model
  • Beginner-Friendly
  • Has Coaching and support
  • Provides real-life examples


  • Strict Refund Policy
  • Expensive
  • Overpromise results
  • Redundant content

4 thoughts on “What Is Blue Sky Amazon Course About [Your Ultimate Blue Sky Amazon Course REVIEW]”

  1. This course is way too expensive and although I am not planning on selling on amazon it would be lovely to give it a try to learn about Amazon FBA and what is involved selling on Amazon FBA.  But again it is way too expensive. 
    There are lots of people out there who would dive into it immediately but I think the cost should be taken down to a more reasonable amount. Although a first hand experience of the course might change my opinion about the cost. 

  2. Thanks for your feedback, yes that is one of the key things that jumps out at you when asking what is Blue Sky Amazon Course about.  The cost, the value and can I make money with Amazon Blue Sky Sellers Academy.

    When I was reviewing this course, one think that really stood out to me was the amount of alarming negative personal testimonies from actual users.   I have referenced some of the key ones in this  post.  There are many that felt it underdelivered, they use manipulative sales strategy, some even called it a scam.  But to the concern you raised – it is expensive compared to other courses and doesn’t really deliver. This was a common theme in the reviews.  Another alarming observation is that some users are saying the positive reviews are fake ones.

    Red flags galore here.  There is free training available on YouTube said other users.  But weighing up all the costs and risks of Amazon FBA.  My key takeaway, is that if you can’t afford to spend around $5,000 to $10,000 just to get started PLUS the costs of Amazon PPC to get ahead on ads if you get into Amazon FBA, affiliate marketing is a better choice for people looking to build a long term sustainable online business.  Plus the skills can also be used and transferable to other business models like eCommerce, Amazon FBA and Dropshipping. Especially how to get traffic.

  3. I have read John’s review on Blue Sky Amazon, and I would like to give my opinion on it.

    As a digital marketer who works full-time on helping myself and clients building online businesses, I can’t say I’m an expert in Amazon FBA and this industry yet.

    But, I reckon Affiliate Marketing is a better choice for beginners who want to learn to make money online.

    Simply because eCommerce is riskier than Affiliate Marketing (yet it still has a lower risk than other business models), and its startup cost is a lot higher than Affiliate Marketing

    So, if you’re reading this comment right now, and you’re a beginner who want to learn to make money online. I highly recommend you listen to John’s advice and give Affiliate Marketing a shot.

    It takes almost zero cost to get started, and you can learn more about the #1 recommendation that John has mentioned earlier. 

    ***Hint: His #1 recommendation is a “Secret Platform” where you can hone this high-income skill for FREE!***

    His advice and recommendation will change your life.

    I’m not kidding. I’m not the kind of person who’d make fun of a life-changing decision that I know it can leave so much positive impact on your life.

  4. Thanks for chiming in Zac,
    I can see clearly that you are clearly excited and enjoying your journey with affiliate marketing.  It is great to know you don’t have all the headaches, risks and costs with the Amazon FBA business model and this expensive Blue Sky Amazon Course.
    Thanks for sharing your positive experiences.

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