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What is Elvantis? | 5 Uncertainties About the Project

What is Elvantis? It’s quite a name right? Let me walk you through this very intriguing game with such a great website and NFT graphics. But is it for you?

Just before you dive in here are some of the uncertainties that we found about the project.

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What is Elvantis? Elvantis Review Summary

Product Name: Elvantis

Development Team/ Company: Undocumented (“Non-doxxed”)

Price: None

Rating: 11/100

Best For: Investors who are only putting out money that they are willing to lose

Recommended: Not Recommended

What is Elvantis  About: Elvantis is an game with a customizable Alien that is yet to release details about its full game play.

Summary: Elvantis is an NFT game that is to be released by 2022, there are a lot of fear, uncertainty and doubt about the project but there are still good points that could make you think twice about it.

What is Elvantis About?

A quick take on it is that Elvantis is a cross-chain NFT game with a Play-To-Earn (P2E) massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) model and offers collectibles. Well it might seem like the other NFT games that we’ve been seeing lately but it seems like they are very different than the others that we’ve reviewed. But just before we look into their unique features, let’s go over the terms that some cryptocurrency newbies may need to understand at first.

A non-fungible token (NFT) simply means that it’s a digital resource that can be purchased only through a specific cryptocurrency. For Elvantis they are looking into putting out their assets on platforms with BSC, ETH and MATIC. Elvantis’ native token will be ELV which they mentioned will be listed on exchanges like BKEX and LBank.

Usual NFT games these days are usually just under one blockchain. You can think of blockchain as a kind of platform where the game’s tokens or assets are hosted. But it seems like it’s different for Elvantis since they are looking into doing it as kind of a “cross-chain” kind of hosting which they aim to achieve through the Chainlink network

what is elvantis chainlink for cross chain

To put it simply, you can think of it like the game’s resources can be accessed through different platforms. It does sound like a massive feat for a game! Especially as it is a P2E game.

P2E means it’s a play-to-earn game where it provides players with rewards that can be exchanged from being cryptocurrencies to fiat currency. Elvantis offers their NFTs (digital, unique elves) as cards that you can customize with cards that you can equip with different accessories. Elvantis will also offer land sale from which they can get commissions and rewards from chests.

Is Elvantis a scam?

Company and People Behind Elvantis

A point that you have to look into most cryptocurrency projects would be its development teams and the company that handles it. During my investigation for this Elvantis review, it’s safe to say that their team and the company that handles it is not doxxed. For the cryptocurrency space, people are most of the time wary about upcoming projects and having a fully named team and founders or company is a massive plus for its integrity.

In the case of Elvantis, there was no mention of any development team, founder, or any company associated with them. Unlike the other crypto P2E game, Solchicks, that we reviewed earlier we can’t seem to find any company with that name or any mention of Elvantis being under any corporation.

Well we did find a company named Elvantis that was previously registered in the UK (now dissolved), but doesn’t seem like it’s related to this cryptocurrency game, because it was a furniture, lighting and carpet store.

what is elvantis same name different company
A company not related to the cryptogame but is of the same name

From further probing into the game, I realized that the developers or team handling it could most likely be non-native English speakers because on the day that they offered their initial tokens, they posted this on their Discord Group:

what is elvantis proof that team handling is not native English speaker
A likely proof that the game and team handling it may not be native English speakers

Well it really doesn’t matter if they are non-native speaker, yep we don’t have any issue with lapses in grammar or spelling. Point here is there is a mystery surrounding about who really is offering the tokens and the game. I mean if you were to invest in some game, wouldn’t you at least want to know who you’re giving your money to right?

Especially as they haven’t released any game demo. For now most users are actually hoping that the Certik Audit be completed so that there wouldn’t be any FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) about the project. Most investors are always wary of burning their money over rug pulls. Rugpulls are non-legitimate projects posing as token offering of seemingly good projects but will truly only start dumping tokens when people starting buying their offers.


Now what is this Certik Audit a good move to increase its credibility.

Certik Audit is considered a premium audit service for cryptocurrency projects because it can reveal certain weaknesses of a project on a blockchain and makes sure that there weaknesses of a projects could be mended. Projects with Certik Audits can be a good way to show the vulnerabilities of a project. It’s very much like a third-party company that creates a transparent assessment of project. Any issue that they may bring up during their audit are shown to public if it was resolved or not.

Elvantis has previously planned to not hold the public sale of their token without the Certik Audit result. They have started the Audit since last September 2021 and to this date, it’s now at 95%:

what is elvantis certik audit progress

Their original plan of having the Audit result first before selling tokens did not come to fruition as they still pushed their pre-sale tokens last December 10, 2021. Most investors were still wary of the project even if the presale tokens were sold. Well it’s understandable because without the Certik Audit, it’s not yet easy to say that Elvantis is a safe project.

But when you think about it, why would people invest on such an elusive and high-ticket audit if they are not serious with their project right? But is having the Certik Audit enough to make us set aside our doubts about the project?

How Does Elvantis Work?

Well Elvantis works just like a card game, the only difference is that you can enhance your own alien through accessories that you may get as reward from chests and you can complete collections to get more earnings on the game.

what is elvantis summary of elvantis

Each Alien (Elvantis NFT) that you can acquire are also customizable because you can change its:

  • Helmet
  • Necklace
  • Bracelet
  • Ring
  • Amulet
  • Boot
  • Belt
  • Shirt
  • Gloves
  • Pants
  • Pet
  • Weapon

what is elvantis customizable alien

Just like most games, the more that you get better accessories the more that your Elvantis will get stronger and the more that yo can acquire more Alien Cards or tools to continue progressing through the game.

There are different resources that you are bound to collect throughout the game, these are Aliens, Lands, and Spaceships. The value and rewards you can get from each depends on their rarity of each which are as follows:

what is elvantis rarity level

What exactly are Elvantis

Elvantis are the Aliens that you can acquire on the game and the one that you can use to play the game. It’s very likely that when the game is released, it would have its own marketplace where users can buy and sell Elvantis’ and other resources and accessories to move forward and gain more from the game.

They mentioned that the rarest Elvantis cannot be acquired from the game itself because it will on be available through the Presale. They have posted a teaser of some of their Ultraglow Elvantis on their Youtube Channel:


Now that’s quite a good collection! Actually Elvantis has an impressive website as they showcase their exceptional Elvantis card/ character designs.

How to Play

Elvantis doesn’t have their game mechanics yet as shown on their website:

This means that everything that they have on their whitepaper are mostly just the overview of the game concept that they have in mind. I bet people would cast away their doubts if Elvantis would post a game demo, which is clearly not on their roadmap.

But if Elvantis is an actual legitimate project it’s likely that it’s on its way now because their Q1 target for 2022 involves the release of their play-to-earn metaverse. Now that we mentioned, let’s look into their Roadmap

Elvantis Review: A yet to Fulfill Roadmap

If you’re asking if Elvantis is a scam, let me take you to a dissection of their roadmap:

what is elvantis roadmap

It seems like their plans for December was delayed, we’re not sure if it’s just because they are holding everything out up until the Certik Audit comes out or they may have been working on the other parts too. They have only ticked on over a number of their plans for December. And when I tried to read over their Discord Group, here is what a moderator in the group posted:

From ZeonCosmos — 12/17/2021:


? Dear community, ?

We want to earnestly ask the community not to do fud without first understanding what we are doing. We will not tolerate fud, we are working and striving to make everything as transparent as possible.

? The amount referring to the public presale is allocated 100% for the project's liquidity. We don't have access to that money for development. This pre sale money is blocked and used exclusively for buying and selling tokens.

Some people have been creating fud in the group arguing that the total sold will result in the project being dumped. We want to remember that the number of tokens we will have in circulation is small, in fact it is infinitely small for the size of our community. Furthermore, we must take into account the entire burning system that we have in the project, which will result in the control of inflation and scarcity of the token, since everyone will depend on it to be able to interact within the Elvantis ecosystem.

? Many here still do not understand the dimension of the Elvantis project or the expenses that a project of this size has. Many are not taking into account the amounts spent for listings on exchanges, the amount that will be spent on developing the Metaverse, the amount invested in liquidity on the CEX and DEX exchanges in each bridge, amounts spent on marketing and everything we need to develop to make this project great ! We are not here creating a pump and dump project for those who only want 10x or 100x, we are creating a project focused on consolidating in the market. Keep this in mind!

We have postponed the launch process in response to the community's request to wait for the Certik audit to be completed as it brings more confidence to the project. Even after fulfilling the community request we have fudders questioning the certik delay as if we had control over it. We will not always be able to be here tending to community guidelines as many do not understand the structure and dimension of this, many are based only on speculation aiming at pump and dump, therefore it is up to the team to decide what is best for the life of the project in the long term!


It seems like as Elvantis attracted more investors, more scammers came up to sell fake ELV tokens. Plus it added that the Certik Audit isn’t released it.

Well this is a common community problem with cryptocurrency projects, of course, people are bound to get wary of where they put their money into. Especially if a project is still on its development.

How to Join Elvantis

So far there isn’t any public sale fo their tokens or NFTs yet because what they offered last December 10 was just a presale for select people who got whitelisted on their marketing competition.

Can You Make Money with Elvantis?

If Elvantis NFT could be traded and if the gameplay is good, then it’s most likely that people can actually make money from Elvantis because any good NFT game that attracts users and those that will continue to improve the game can profit well from it.

You can earn from the game through:

  • Buy and sell of NFTs through the marketplace
  • Token trading
  • Farming
  • Staking tokens


I also found on the website that they have referral rewards which works as follows:

what is elvantis referral plan

How to Make Money with Elvantis?

As of the moment there isn’t any way to make money with Elvantis because the final gameplay isn’t confirmed yet (as it is all just a concept without confirmation or game demo) plus there are no NFTs that can be acquired and tokens are not yet final. Most of the presale tokens that they offered are also locked and therefore has no means for liquidity because they only offered it on their website and not on any coin or decentralized exchange.

What is Elvantis About? Is Elvantis a Scam?

Most cryptocurrency projects are prone to be questioned if its legitimate or not because there are cases where seemingly legitiate-looking projects rugpulls their shares when people starts investing on them

I should say that Elvantis has an impressive website and card/character designs that shows how much they have invested time creating them. The only points that I don’t really like about it is that they offered their tokens on their website itself but not on any exchange. But any doubt from it is cancelled out by the ongoing Certik Audit that is most likely to conclude soon.

It’s difficult to discern if Elvantis is a scam or not because its developers, team behind it or even the company behind it are not fully doxxed which adds up to the element of uncertainty. Plus add that they offered their presale on their own website and there is no means for liquidity for their issued tokens yet.

Maybe up until the Certik Audit comes out and up until the full gameplay disclosure and maybe a game demo can help weave out the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt of users and prospective investors.

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not an Elvantis investor myself yet and this is not financial advice but an honest opinion of an upcoming project.

I have researched the website, its whitepaper, and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what Elvantis is about to offer. This is because I have been burnt from other cryptocurrency projects just that dipped in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn Ways to Avoid Online Scams then click the highlighted text. 

One important detail that I actually want to write about was on the day of the Presale. My friend was whitelisted and he was really glad when he found out that he got listed but then he showed me some of the discord messages that made him back out:

what is elvantis discord presale day issue

IDO means Initial Digital Offering, basically means the presale event. My friend mentioned that people were very wary that the project’s presale maximum crowdfund goal is too high for a project that doesn’t have a doxxed team or company. Plus the IDO was done on Elvantis’ website which cannot guarantee that the fund gathered will have a liquidity locked (or simply means that the website owners can most likely access the funds as the website as a platform for token exchange isn’t secure enough).

But this next picture was the greatest red flag for him, he told me that on the date of the presale, the website found it hard to sustain the traffic that it showed the following at times:

what is elvantis webfiles named hahaha

As an investor himself, he was not sure if the developers were just trolling or they were actually laughing… if it were me I would’ve backed out too if I saw this page! And just recently he mentioned that Elvantis has listed their tokens on unreliable coin exchanges like BKEx and LBank.

What is Elvantis up to? Is it just a case of playful devs or are they laughing on the investors themselves?

5 Uncertainties About the Project

  1. It held its presale on their own website therefore it had no guarantee on its liquidity lock, plus it risks the details of the investors
  2. No means of liquidity yet, and the exchanges that they are listed on are not that credible
  3. No demo gameplay yet or actual game mechanics (most likely under development)
  4. Is not under any identified company or owner (or team is not doxxed)
  5. Seemingly trolling behavior in naming the webfiles which were seen on the day of presale

Elvantis Review

Elvantis may look promising due to the impressive website and graphics that they use for their cards and sample characters. However these aesthetics are not enough to create FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) to users and prospective investors especially as there is the case of transparency on the people behind the game, their intention and what they did on the days of their presale.

While the Certik Audit is truly important and a precious part to establish integrity and credibility, people may likely continue to sow doubt on the project up until the Audit is finished and the game is actually released.

What I Like About Elvantis

  1. Great graphics
  2. Ongoing Certik Audit
  3. Integration of Skynet and Oracle Security

What I Don’t Like About Elvantis

  1. Unreliable coin lisiting platforms
  2. Presale was held on their own website
  3. Webfiles named with “HAHAHA”
  4. No liquidity means for issued tokens
  5. Team is not doxxed
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My Opinion – What is Elvantis About

It seems like Elvantis is a promising project IF graphics are the only measure of credibility. While it does present good aesthetics which is a sign that they have invested time and effort to do it, it’s very typical for cryptocurrency projects to insinuate fear, uncertainty and doubt because there are a number of seemingly good projects that has rug pulled before, burning lots of investors.

It’s great that Elvantis is pushing through their Certik Audit, integrating Skynet and Oracle Security for its users. However they may need to find more credible listing partners to add up more credibility to their project and to not interfere with any future exchange activities of their users. I don’t recommend Elvantis yet because it had quite a dubious presale plus most cryptocurrency games are best judged when the actual game is released.

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She has a degree in Psychology, and quick fact: she can’t read your mind. She has authored articles on the School of Positive Transformation.


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Income Opportunity






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  • Great graphics
  • Ongoing Certik Audit
  • Integration of Skynet and Oracle Security


  • Unreliable coin lisiting platforms
  • Presale was held on their own website
  • Webfiles named with "HAHAHA"
  • No liquidity means for issued tokens
  • Team is not doxxed

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    I found a YouTube video to see if I could get a better look at the game, and I didn’t really see any gameplay either! I did however see a couple of models. I will say one thing, if there was an NFT based game that had good graphics and good gameplay, the creator would be rich! You cannot get gamers to put the controller down, I would know, I missed out on dinner quite a few times in my childhood because I didn’t want to leave my room!

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  5. Hey Matthew & Deloris,
    Thank so much for reading my honest Elvantis review and sharing your thoughts here.
    I’m really glad you learned all you wanted and I appreciate the positive feedback. Yes as you can appreciate as a regular reader of my website, I review a LOT of these opportunities. There are 5 key uncertainties about this Elvantis project that will keep me away from this opportunity for now.

    Also in terms of making money online, I also agree with you. Personally I would much rather build a real online business that helps people than relying solely on crypto “opportunities” which are constantly being released. Fact based, proven since 2005 and a lot more quality (Training, tools, mentoring, community & support) and for reasonable pricing. This is why I recommend this over all others. And yes you have read that there is no need for any credit card information to create a free account to see if it suits your style. The perfect scenario is to make profits from your online business and invest those profits in assets like crypto.

    It’s been my pleasure to help you, John

  6. Hey David,
    Thank so much for reading my honest Elvantis review and sharing your thoughts here. Also for coming back and having a second read and comment too. Great to hear that you are a gamer and share those perspectives.

    Did you read also about the other popular crypto games. Axie Infinity and MyDeFi Pet and Solchicks? Feel free to check out my reviews here.

    I’m really glad you learned all you wanted and I appreciate the positive feedback. Yes as you can appreciate as a regular reader of my website, I review a LOT of these opportunities. There are 5 key uncertainties about this Elvantis project that will keep me away from this opportunity for now.

    Also in terms of making money online, Rather than spend 13-15 hours gaming…. Personally I would much rather build a real online business that helps people than relying solely on crypto “opportunities” which are constantly being released. Fact based, proven since 2005 and a lot more quality (Training, tools, mentoring, community & support) and for reasonable pricing. This is why I recommend this over all others. And yes you have read that there is no need for any credit card information to create a free account to see if it suits your style. The perfect scenario is to make profits from your online business and invest those profits in assets like crypto.

    It’s been my pleasure to help you, John

  7. Hey Shalisha,
    Thank so much for reading my honest Elvantis review and sharing your thoughts here.
    I’m really glad you learned all you wanted and I appreciate the positive feedback. Yes as you can appreciate as a regular reader of my website, I review a LOT of these opportunities. There are 5 key uncertainties about this Elvantis project that will keep me away from this opportunity for now.

    “Doxxed” has a few meanings. It has the negative meaning of someone leaking your information (“docs”) online without your consent. In this context here we are talking about the development team being hidden or info about them is not documented. We don’t know who is behind Elvantis so this makes it a massive risk and red flag for me. If you don’t know who you are dealing with and their background, the risk of rugpulls and investors losing their hard earned money is far far greater.

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