Amazon FBA Ninja Review [Is Amazon FBA Ninja A Scam]

You must have been contemplating getting into the Amazon FBA business and heard of a course that promises to teach you everything there is to know about Amazon FBA.

Great job! You are being a smart businessperson by doing all the necessary research. You probably want to find out—is Amazon FBA Ninja a Scam?

So if you want to know more about Amazon FBA and Amazon FBA Ninja then you came to the right place.

This is the Amazon FBA Ninja Review you are looking for. Read on!

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Amazon FBA Ninja Review Summary

Product Name: Amazon FBA Ninja

Founder: Kevin David

Price: $3997 (before discounts, at the time of writing)

Rating: 31/100

Best For:  Anyone who’d like to try their hand at Amazon FBA

Recommended: Not Recommended

What is Amazon FBA Ninja About: An Amazon FBA Course

Summary: Amazon FBA Ninja is a course which aims to provide all the information you need and cover all the various aspects of selling on Amazon with easy to follow methodical procedure.

What is Amazon FBA Ninja About?

Amazon FBA Ninja is a course created by Kevin David. It intends to deliver to you everything you need in one place. Amazon FBA Ninja promises to cover all the various aspects of selling on Amazon with easy to follow systematic guides.

Amazon FBA Ninja contains 8 in-depth modules. Kevin will even throw in 3 bonus modules which meticulously covers the prerequisite of selling on Amazon in detail.

The course promises to discuss and provide the following:

  • one-on-one interaction with Kevin David;
  • step by step walkthrough of PPC and AMS;
  • backend keywords;
  • lifetime Amazon FBA updates;
  • detailed tutorial video on ranking Amazon products; and
  • using Facebook advertising.

The private one-on-one access for the “Ninja Black Belts” lets you interact directly with other students and Kevin David himself. According to them, this will help avoid a likely devastating error as well as to give yourself a colossal advantage against the competition. Now, the step-by-step walkthroughs on the other hand discusses ideas regarding Amazon Pay-per-Click (PPC) and Amazon Marketing Services (AMS).

The course aims to use these two methods that will triple your sales. All this, while cutting your costs in half. You might also be interested to discover a secret hack to view your competitor’s backend keywords. By knowing this, you will instantly boost new products and create hugely profitable automatic PPC campaigns with less effort.

To add, Amazon FBA Ninja assures that you will receive free updates of the latest methods for selling on Amazon for LIFE.

Or until Amazon FBA is still a thing, I guess.

Then you will also learn about how to rank Amazon products by understanding how the ranking algorithm works. Finally, the meat of the matter, you will be taught how to sell huge amounts of your products with the help of Facebook ads as well as the concept of landing pages.

Kevin David the Amazon FBA Ninja

Kevin David currently has a podcast, known as the Ninja Podcast. He has Also known as That Lifestyle Ninja, Kevin already has multiple courses online and has a net worth of more than $5 million. 

Amazon FBA Ninja Review YT page

But who is he? How did he start?

Kevin has his share of variating jobs. His experience ranges from accounting, blog writer, and even creating gaming apps.

Amazon FBA Ninja Review kevin david

However, writing blog posts is how Kevin learned how to earn good income with Google Ads and Amazon Affiliate Program. 

After he graduated from college, Kevin achieved his much-desired job at Facebook as a Privacy Consultant and that’s where he learned about the Amazon FBA. It was his dream to be working for Facebook but he soon felt bored and wanted to live on his terms. Kevin David launched his first product Amazon FBA a month later.

How Does Amazon FBA Ninja Work?

The Amazon FBA Ninja is established on fulfillment services by Amazon also known as Amazon FBA. This business model allows you to commence an online business and be in business without stocking up on the products yourself. One of the benefits of this service is that you get to store your inventory in Amazon’s warehouse. This is so that you don’t have to worry about packing or shipping since it is all included within the fulfillment services.

It saves you time as a seller since you don’t have to make some tedious accounting anymore or rent a space to act as a warehouse. Not to mention the logistics of delivering your products to your customers.

What is Fulfillment by Amazon?

What is the concept behind Amazon FBA?

Fulfillment By Amazon also known as Amazon FBA is a service provided by Amazon for entrepreneurs who would like to trade products online. 

Here are the basic things Amazon FBA does for sellers:

  • provide sellers with storage;
  • provide sellers with shipping assistance;
  • tracks sellers’ orders;
  • provide sellers packaging service; and
  • provide customer service to buyers.
Amazon FBA Ninja Review FBA diagram

Here are some of the benefits of Amazon FBA:

logistics and shipping requires less effortYou get discounted shipping rates
Amazon manages returns for youAmazon handles customer service management
Unlimited storage spaceFulfills orders even from other channels

Inside Amazon FBA Ninja

Amazon FBA Ninja Review website

On their website, you can find that Amazon FBA Ninja promises that you will learn how to discover and buy products that can bring about tens of thousands in monthly revenue on Amazon FBA with “ALMOST NO RISK!”

I am very skeptical about this part, much like every other program that assures you of no-risk get-rich-quick stuff only to have a disclaimer in the end that says “results are not typical.”

They will also throw in some “never before” released methods for PPC. Presumably, this can lower your costs and increase your sales by thousands. Finally, Kevin David promises to help you on how to rank all of your products on page 1 as well as a few simple tips and tricks.

So, the course has 8 modules, containing more than a hundred step by step video tutorials, for more than 40 hours long. You can even expect 3 bonuses namely:

  • International Expansion
  • Software Hacks
  • Merch By Amazon

So without any further ado, let’s jump into the Amazon FBA Ninja courses.

Amazon FBA Ninja courses

Module 1 Product Research and Selection

Amazon FBA Ninja Review woman selling multicolored lucky charms 2123112 min 1 e1591265239652

Content: Product Selection, business licensing, advanced techniques for searching products, 

Duration: more than 3 hours long (20 videos)

Part 1

Setting Up The Account

Module 1 Part 1 will talk about the things you have to know before your product research. This is also where you learn to set up your seller central account correctly.This part of the module also teaches you to avoid mistakes in choosing your seller account name as well as setting up your account. You will also be given examples of perfect FBA as well as how to find out if a product has a trademark or patent. It also features the track 999 cart method and why you will find it useful.

Part 2

Advanced Product Research Techniques

Module 2 Part 2 amazon FBA talks about three simple—but weird infallible methods to find great products to sell on amazon. You will be shown entire processes depicting how Kevin’s first FBA product earned $11k monthly as well as how doing the unusual can earn you more.Some other things you’ll get from part 2 is:

-how to find 5 products in 5 minutes by searching product portfolios from other successful sellers

-how to utilize amazon’s FBA product profitability expert-hot to utilize google trends and google keyword planner

-how to utilize best seller sub category lists

-how to discover the best products to bundle with your first private label product

-how to identify the best number of products to sell

-how to research products to sell in international markets

-how to utilize Amazon launchpad

Some of the tools you’ll be learning in Part 1 of this module are:


camelcamelcamel  (Amazon price tracker)

Part 3

Things To Do After Product Research

Module 1 Part 3 focuses on the things you need to know after completing product research. You will be guided in discovering which mistakes to avoid when originally setting your product price, as well as how to survey real amazon customers to interview about your product.

Finally, this is where you learn some essential points:

-Amazon FBAfulfillment fees

-Amazon storage fees

-Amazon long term storage fees

Module 2 Suppliers and Shipping

Amazon FBA Ninja Review steel container on container dock 122164 min 1024x683 1 e1613038257851

Content: Suppliers and Shipping, Finding the best suppliers, product cost, UPC, FNSKU, Seller Central

Duration: less than 1 hour

Part 1

Contacting A Supplier And Shipping

Module 2 part 1 will show you a manufacturer template this will help get any manufacturer to respond quickly and with their best prices. This is where you learn about how many units you should buy on your first order as well as how to negotiate with a supplier for a lower MOQ than the supplier lists on Alibaba.

This is where you learn about UPC and FNSKU as well as how to pay your supplier and protect yourself and your money. This is where Kevin shares a short story about his experience with a shady supplier and how a smart payment system allowed him to get his money back. 

Part 2

Finding A World-class Supplier And Shipping Company

Module 1 Part 2 narrates how three filters on are used by Kevin when he is shopping for dependable, quality driven, product suppliers. He would teach you the technique of using a competitor’s lower offer to encourage a supplier to match the cheaper price to ultimately overcome the myth of the minimum order quantity (MOQ) and getting MOQ’s under 500 units.

Part 3

What To Do After Finding Partners

Module 1 Part 2 discusses how to get your products inspected the right way. In the video for this part of the module, Kevin expounds on the importance of having a third party company inspect his products. The inspections were to make sure that they were up to the agreed quality standards. He also explains how to contrive the inspection as well as how much you should expect to pay for average product assessments. 

Module 3 Product Listing

Content: Product Listing, Ranking, Site Optimization, competitor keywords, PPC

Duration: More than 1 hour

Part 1 To-Dos Before creating a listing

Module 3 Part 1 talks about brand registry and registering a trademark right for your business.

You will also learn about

-the mistakes to avoid when originally setting your product price

-how to control your canonical url

-how to significantly increase your CTR and ranking

-how to prevent other seller from spying on your sales numbers

-how to discover other competitors backend keywords

Part 2

Creating A World Class Amazon Listing 

Module 3 Part 2 discusses how you can increase your organic sales by almost 200% through indexing all related keywords to your product.

From this part of the module you will also learn:

-how to build organic keyword rank fast and effectively

-how one trick depicts every word you currently index for-how to increase your listing conversions using in your product bullets

-how to create engaging videos that show up on your amazon listing

-how to create a listing together with a fully optimized title, bullet points and backend keywords.

Part 3 Optimizing Your Listings And Keywords

Module 3 Part 3 will teach you how to remove hijackers on your amazon listing quickly, what to do if you’re about to run out of stock, and the continuous process of iterating, protecting, and optimizing keywords and product listings.

Module 4 Product Launch

Content: Strategy for Product Launch, using Facebook Ads and ClickFunnels landing pages

Duration: less than 1 hour

Part 1

What To Know Before You Launch A Product

Module 4 Part 1 will show you how to find the most commonly asked questions regarding your product, how to formulate a profitable video Ad for your amazon product, as well as mistakes to avoid when running giveaways.

Part 2

How To Launch An Amazon Product The Right Way

Module 4 part 2 teaches the following essential points:

-how to price your product to maximize sales

-how to advertise directly on the #1 top 100 best sellers

-how to collect customer emails for future launches to increase sales

-how to use deals for your product launch

-how to get good traffic and sales through affiliate marketing websites for your amazon product

Module 5 Product Reviews

Amazon FBA Ninja Review woman in black and white v neck clothing using macbook 3986994 1

Content: product reviews, how to handle bad reviews

Duration: less than 30 minutes

Part 1 Discounts and promotions

Module 5 Part 1 explains these essential Amazon FBA topics:

-terms of service related to discounts

-promotions and reviews

-how to get more reviews for just a few dollars a month

-how to use Facebook review groups to get reviews

Part 2 Emails

Module 5 Part 2 talks about how one hack gave Kevin over 100 reviews in a week.

This part will also discuss the following:

-how to make follow-up emails personal to increase your reviews

-how to create emails that will make your customer think it is required to respond

-how to use short concise emails to illicit higher response rates

-how to use ellipses in your email to hook readers as well as using emojis to double your open rate and get more positive reviews and less negative ones

Module 6 PPC Campaigns

Content: Using AMS headline Ads, Amazon PPC Tricks, getting paid to sell your products

Duration: More than 1 hour

Part 1 Setting Up Amazon PPC Campaigns

Module 6 Part 1 tells you all you need to know before setting up Amazon PPC campaigns and using Amazon Marketing Services (AMS).

Kevin will cover AMS in detail, demonstrating three different kinds of promotions that can be utilized to achieve different kinds of aggressive objectives. 

Part 2 Creating Cost-effective Amazon PPC Campaigns

Module 6 Part 2 will cover the topics below:

-how to create cost-effective amazon PPC campaigns

-the PPC cheat sheet

-how to find keywords that convert

-how to discover hundreds of new exact customer search term keywords in a short time

-how to use AMS headline ads autofill textbox for PPC campaigns

-the low bid broad match discovery campaign

-how to find common misspellings and make exact match PPC campaigns

Part 3 Optimizing Amazon PPC Campaigns

Module 6 Part 3 will walk you through how to optimize amazon PPC campaigns.

Furthermore, Kevin will show you how to identify which keywords you are ranking for and hack your PPC campaigns, how to optimize a large number of PPC campaigns quickly, utilizing broad match campaigns. And finally, how to use phrase match campaign and exact match campaign.


Module 7 Marketing

Content: Instagram Influencer Marketing and FB Targeting Walkthrough

Duration: More than 1 hour 

Part 1 Building A Product Following

Module 7 Part 7 tells you all you need to know about building a product following. Learn how to make use of an Instagram influencer.

More topics in this module are:

-how to advertise and build much targeted Facebook groups related to your business

-how to make a custom Facebook Ad following for your amazon product niche based on your amazon customers

Part 2

Using  Facebook Ads

Module 7 Part 2 shows how to use Facebook Ads to drive traffic towards your Amazon listing. Also learn how to zero in on Facebook users who are most likely to buy your amazon products as well as how to sell any Amazon product on Facebook through this targeting.

Also learn how to use Facebook advertising to drive traffic directly to an Amazon product page the right way as well as using Clickfunnels to increase Amazon sales and collect customer emails.

Part 3

Scaling Amazon Products

Module 7 Part 3 is a lesson in scaling and automation of your Amazon products. You will be taught marketing resources Kevin used in 2017 as well as how to add an autoresponder that automatically links to your website.


Module 8 Protecting Your Account

Content: Hacks to Bulletproof Your Amazon FBA Business, Talking to Seller Support, Getting Free Headline Ads while Boosting Organic Rankings

Duration: Less than 1 hour

Part 1

Protecting Your Account

Module 8 Part 1 includes points for seller central. This part of the module also discusses how to make sure your account doesn’t get hacked. How to have better support staff, free headline Ads, pro Amazon inserts, and Twitter boost. Discover how to find any reviewers profile even after using a fake name, and ultimately, remove negative seller feedback.

Part 2 

Avoiding Suspension

Module 8 Part 2 will tell you how to open multiple Amazon accounts the right way to avoid risk of suspension, how to cross-list all your amazon listings, make your products appear in the frequently bought together section, and outsource Amazon customer service the right way.

This part of the module also talks about employing virtual assistants to improve your amazon business, and link your seller name to your AMS brand page.

Part 3

What To Do After Suspension

Module 8 Part 2 discusses what to do if you ever get suspended. You will learn the three secrets to getting your account back after suspension, and some plan of action to make use of. Kevin would even give you a PDF containing a professionally written action plan that has been edited and rewritten by a copyright infringement lawyer.

Amazon FBA Ninja Membership Costs

The course will only cost you $1,997, but that’s if you got a discount which could be around $2,000 at the time of writing.

Can You Make Money With Amazon FBA Ninja

If you make an effort to follow a lot of good practices in this course, you have a better chance at being successful with Amazon FBA and earn a sustainable income.

A lot of people, Kevin David included have become very successful in this business model.

In substance, you have to have between $5,000 to $10,000 to even begin with Amazon FBA. Regrettably, if you only have a few hundred dollars in your account, Amazon might not be the best fit for you.

Is Amazon FBA Ninja a Scam?

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not a student of Amazon FBA Ninja myself and I do not endorse it in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials, and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what Amazon FBA Ninja genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt from programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn Ways to Avoid Online Scams then click the highlighted text.

Now that I made this clear— is Amazon FBA Ninja a Scam? I don’t find anything about Amazon FBA Ninja to call it a scam. In fact, the business model that Amazon FBA Ninja is teaching you about is a well-founded venture.

A lot of people have succeeded in Amazon FBA, however, this might not be the best for all.

To start, if you only have a few dollars to invest, this business might present immense trouble for you. 

Kevin David also doesn’t seem to have a good background with people on Reddit.

Amazon FBA Ninja Review angry review

This one actually made me laugh.

Amazon FBA Ninja Review funny review

Amazon FBA Ninja Ugly Truths Revealed!

Disorganized. Some of the lessons tend to be a bit topsy turvy.  It can be difficult to follow the flow and identify which you should really perform first.

Overpromise results. Programs and courses such as these tend to over promise results. Beginners might also be easily sucked in especially when they see Kevin’s Youtube channel and videos showing his obvious success. The truth is, Amazon FBA can be very difficult for you.

What I Like About Amazon FBA Ninja

Comprehensive. What Amazon FBA Ninja lack for organization they make up for content. In all fairness, they try their best to be specific and detailed in walking you through. 

Huge Facebook community. Support is essential and most of the time other people’s experiences can really help us. This is what you get with Amazon FBA Ninja. They claim that they have the largest Facebook community in the world.

My opinion – Amazon FBA Ninja

The Amazon FBA Ninja is anchored on a legit business model which is Amazon FBA. I have mentioned this a couple of times on this course,

Personally, I find affiliate marketing a much better way to earn a reasonable income online. Affiliate marketing generates a passive income for me from my own laptop. The good thing is, I know where you can learn some really good stuff.

A Badass Amazon FBA Ninja Alternative

Thanks for reading until the end of this Kevin David Amazon FBA Ninja Review. As I mentioned, AFFILIATE MARKETING is the choice for me. So, is Amazon FBA Ninja a Scam? No. But is Amazon FBA the best thing? Well..

Amazon FBA is a dog eat dog world. There’s a lot of risks for you and you better be prepared for it most especially if you are just starting out in eCommerce. 


First, you’ll need to find a supplier (typically in China), then you wire them a large sum of money and they ship your products to Amazon’s warehouses. Storage costs at Amazon’s warehouse can add up and this can really hurt you financially.

With intense competition, you’ll find you spend more and more time in your day just to try to turn a profit. Competition can kill your business, anyone seeing you be thriving with a product can replicate what you are doing. Another bad news is that you may even have to compete with your suppliers, once they see what you are doing, they can do the same.

You need more time and effort to find products that are worthwhile. After that, you need to promote these products as well as create quality product photos and detailed descriptions to post on Amazon. 

Finally, the sore thumb of Amazon FBA: Advertising.

Now buddy, this is the real kicker, to get on page 1 of Amazon, Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC) is becoming increasingly necessary. Also the cost of ads is increasing with the competition.

Why do you have to do this, you ask? Well, If you are not one page 1 of Amazon, you WILL NOT be selling anything.

You will need to learn selling trends and timing. Are you going to be on the right side of the craze as the trend is rising or falling?

Overall low net profit after all the rising advertising costs and increasing competition.

It doesn’t end there though, you will also have to worry about:

  • Shortages of Stocks
  • Increasing Cost of Goods
  • Higher Fulfilment Costs

However, I’m not hating here (really), I may be biased but I am simply airing out my opinion and hopefully giving you sound advice. If you want to be in the Amazon FBA business, then I can tell you how to get FREE traffic and other traffic sources for your Amazon FBA.

I want to let you in on a secret about a better Amazon FBA Ninja Alternative and a great way to make money online from my #1 recommendation below.  I can personally coach you to build your own online business, with the right blend of best practice training, community, tools and support.

Amazon FBA Ninja Review pic in pink edited 1

Joana is a dedicated content writer. She learned how to search for keywords well and write straightforward perky content writing for EFYL. She loves learning a lot of new things as she writes about them.

Above all, she sees herself as a cool wife, mom, and furmom. She used to be an elementary and college teacher but chose to work from home to have more flexibility with her time and be more connected with her family and rescuing stray and abandoned pets.

Amazon FBA Ninja




Value for Money




Course Content


Business Model



  • Comprehensive
  • Huge Facebook community


  • Disorganized
  • Overpromise results

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  1. Hey nice review you have about Amazon FBA Ninja, your thoughts are indeed invaluable.
    I have heard little about about the Amazon FBA Ninja from a friend. Having searched again and coming into this article, I have gotten a better perspective of its framework. However, despite the fact that Amazon FBA is a legitimate business, the cost to sign up is on the high side and as a college student with low income, I don’t think that it is a perfect opportunity for me to earn, I will definitely read about your recommendation.

    • Thank you Edah,
      I’m glad you are taking your research seriously before committing.
      My advice is the do your research, and understand if its the right business model (considering full costs to launch and ongoing) and then make a committed effort to master it.
      I mention the recommended affiliate marketing business model too, I suggest choose the business model that interests you both and then dive in, put in the time and effort consistently until you are successful.

      Feel free to let me know if you need any further help.

  2. What an informative review you’ve got here on Amazon FBA Ninja…there are indeed a lot of “attractive” programs out there persuading you to sign up with them and offering you quite an attractive percentage in their sales of their products, the Amazon FBA Ninja is one of them… it is imperative therefore that you should carry out a thorough research on this platform before you sign up with them in order not to get hooked up by the wrong one..

    • Thanks Evansee,
      If there is anything more you need to help you make your decision or get started, please feel free to contact me.

  3. Hello Joana, a big thanks to you for sharing this insightful and unbiased review on Amazon FBA Ninja, I have heard some few things about the Amazon FBA Ninja platform but wasn’t really clear to me, which is why I am making this research.
    Anyways this research really helped. It’s filled with all the information on the platform. 
    Well done. It really helped.

    • Thanks a thousand!
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    • Thanks Skuchmane,

      I appreciate you sharing the Amazon FBA Ninja review with your mum and anyone else.  If you have any questions later, feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to help you out.

  5. Thanks for coming up with such an educative post. Though Amazon FBA Ninja teaches on how to start a successful Amazon FBA business, the reviews so far has not been too outright engouraging.
    It makes it difficult to ascertain the credibility of the Amazon FBA Ninja course. Maybe its not a scam but I believe there are better platforms out there.

  6. Hi

    Thank you very much for this interesting review of Amazon FBA Ninja, as I have often thought about joining an Amazon FBA scheme in the past. The biggest problem is that one scheme looks very much like another, they all promise similar things but it involves as much good luck rather than good judgement. it seems so complex as you need to know what is hot at the moment and what is not, or you will buy totally wrong products and you will end up out of money and warehouse full of products that nobody wants to buy. Affiliate marketing is cheaper and does not need in much more in the way of expensive, whilst with FBA you need a large initial investment.

    I know which I would go for.



    • Thank you Antonio,

      You logic and reasoning are solid, the risks and issues you have highlighted with the Amazon FBA business model are all true and anyone considering this should take heed of them.  Thanks for sharing your insights.

  7. I was looking into Amazon FBA Ninja actually and when I googled some more info, your article showed up. I am glad that you wrote this article, because I think that almost 4,000 dollars spending on this is totally not worth it !

    Do you know of any other online courses that are good and not that expensive ? Especially about selling products from Amazon and/or affiliate marketing ?

    That would help me out a lot, 

    thanks !



    • Thanks Lizzy,

      Just for clarity the course will only cost you $1,997, but that’s if you get a discount which could be around $2,000 at the time of writing.  In terms of cheaper courses, then you might want to look at either:

      Proven Amazon Course or $29/monthly, or $499 for lifetime access or

      Marketplace Superheroes which has a $10 intro course, then you can see if the full $997 course is what you want to do.

      With the Amazon FBA business model, to do it professionally, make sure that you have at least $10,000 in capital. By the time you pay for the course, your inventory, Amazon Management System and PPC advertising, you will have spent pretty much all of it. 

      In terms of Affiliate Marketing, this has a much lower cost business model and I have highlighted all the key considerations in why I chose this business model.  The best place to get affiliate marketing training is from the online business mentoring community I am part of – Wealthy Affiliate.

      If you have any more questions, please let me know.



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