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Is Lead Lightning a Scam – 11 Things You need to know About Lead Lightning

Welcome to our Lead Lightning review.

Is lead lightning a scam? Will soon find out!

Starting an online business can feel like a mystery, but Lead Lightning claims to be the solution. 

It’s more than a tool; it’s part of something bigger called the Power Lead System. 

Created by Neil Guess and Michael Price, it promises not just a way to make money, but also a learning experience for beginners.

In this review, we’ll break down Lead Lightning’s features and offerings. From ready-to-go sales funnels to autoresponder campaigns, it seems like a helpful toolkit. 

But, as we’ll explore, not everyone loves it, and opinions vary.

Join us on this simple journey as we unravel the workings of Lead Lightning and see if it is legit or not.

We’ll discuss its creators, the tools it provides, and whether it’s the right fit for your online business journey. Let’s dive in!

is lead lightning a scam Summary

is lead lightning a scam logo

Company/Product name: Lead Lightning

Price: $7 one time, plus upsells

Founder: Neil Guess and Michael Price

Best For: Lead Lightning is best for beginners in affiliate marketing and those wanting an affordable start, providing easy-to-use tools, but caution is needed due to potential extra costs and the program’s MLM approach.

Rating: 3.3/10

Recommendation: Not recommended unless you are a huge MLM fan

What is Lead Lightning About: A lead-generation program that is MLM focused

Summary: Lead Lightning is pitched at beginners in affiliate marketing seeking an affordable entry point, particularly those comfortable with a multi-level marketing (MLM) approach, but people should carefully consider their specific needs and be aware of possible extra costs associated with upsells.

What Is lead lightning?

is lead lightning a scam what is lead lightning

Lead Lightning is a helpful tool that doesn’t just help you make a list of people who might want to buy stuff from you but also claims to let you earn money quickly almost right away.

But it’s not just a tool; it’s part of a bigger thing called the Power Lead System

And with Lead Lightning, you get more than just a way to make money. 

They give you videos to learn from, step-by-step tutorials, and even a special group on Facebook where you can talk to other people using it and learn together.

When you sign up, you get to decide if you want to talk about Lead Lightning itself or show off the main thing you’re trying to sell. Plus, they’ll try to entice you by handing you some pretty cool tools, nice pages for your customers to see, automatic emails to send out, and a way to keep track of all the people you talk to about your stuff.

It’s all about making things simple, especially if you’re just starting and don’t know much about making money online. 

They pitch it as – no need for fancy skills or knowing a lot about online marketing they made it easy for beginners to make money and learn at the same time.

is lead lightning a scam founders

This one is a bit tricky because Lead Lightning doesn’t clearly say who made it.

But, if you look deeper, you’ll find out that Lead Lightning is actually part of the Power Lead System.

Two people, Neil Guess and Michael Price, started and now own Power Lead System.

Now, let’s talk about Neil Guess. He’s an internet marketer from Washington, and he helped start Power Lead System. Before that, he worked with Solavei, a company that sells mobile services through a marketing system.

Now, onto Michael Price. He’s also in charge of the Power Lead System.

But before he got into internet marketing, he worked in a regular job as a salesperson and was so good at it that he got an award for being the best salesperson at a really big company that’s pretty impressive!

Besides the Power Lead System, Michael also created and the Priceless Possibilities Marketing Platform.

It’s interesting that these guys know a lot about both internet marketing and regular sales.

But, some people might not like the Lead Lightning system, just so you know.

Lead Lightning is all about finding people who might want to buy what you’re selling you know, potential customers. 

It’s like looking for friends but online.

Now, you don’t have to go on a wild search for these potential customers. 

Lead Lightning gives you the scoop on where to find them on the internet kind of like a treasure hunt but with people.

Once you’ve got these potential customers in your sights, it’s time to make your move with your offers. 

And guess what? Lead Lightning is like your friendly guide, teaching you how to make pages on the internet that make people go, “Hey, I want that!”

Now, here’s how they try to lure you in – every time someone buys something because of your cool offers, you make some extra cash. It’s like a little reward for being good at finding people who might want what you’ve got and making offers that they can’t say no to.

So, if you’re the type who’s good at spotting cool things and making offers that people love, Lead Lightning could be something you consider. However please be warned that Lead Lightning claims to be a lead generation system. But it’s unusual as they mainly teach you how to promote Lead Lightning itself.

In this program, you’ll find a bunch of tools and support to boost your sales and the claim you can get those leads rolling in. 

They sell as having got your back with all sorts of materials to make sure you’re on top of your game, helping you grow your sales and connect with potential customers.

So it can seem like It’s having a handy toolkit to supercharge your business because who doesn’t want a bit of extra help to make things smoother, right?

Here is what you will get inside:

  • Ready-to-go Sales Funnels: At first, they promise these funnels are good to go, but here’s the scoop – many are outdated and might not work as well as they claim.
  • Autoresponder Campaigns: Sounds helpful, right? They handle these campaigns for you, but don’t get your hopes up – the results might not be as impressive as you expect.
  • Contact Management System: They throw in a tool for managing your contacts, but it’s not revolutionary; there are better options out there.
  • Marketing Resources: Extra help is always good, but the catch is, that the resources they provide are a bit old-fashioned. Doing your research might be a smarter move.
  • eWallet Feature: They’ve got a cool feature for managing your commissions and payments, but it’s not changing the game in the world of marketing systems.
  • Beginner-Friendly Claim: They say it’s easy for beginners, and it is to some extent, but don’t count on major success in the long run.
  • “Business in a Box” Idea: They talk about it, but it’s not the whole deal for building a successful business. It’s like a partial solution with some tools and resources.
  • Traffic Training: They offer training, but here’s the thing – the methods they teach are kinda old-school. Don’t expect a flood of traffic.
  • Commission Tracking: They highlight this as a cool feature, but truth be told, it’s not something special; other systems have it too.
  • Instant $6.00 Commissions: Sounds good, right? Well, in reality, it’s not a ticket to big earnings over time.

So, in a nutshell, Lead Lightning might seem promising, but a lot of what they offer is a bit outdated, and you might not see the significant results you’re hoping for.

Wondering who can make the most out of Lead Lightning? Let me break it down for you in a simple way:

If you’re in the business of selling leads, Lead Lightning is pitched as your go-to tool.

And if you’re one of those folks who want more people to check out what you’ve got (like affiliate marketers), Lead Lightning is your helpful guide. The best part? It starts at just $7 – seems a real bargain?

Sure, it won’t turn you into a pro at getting everyone to notice your stuff right away. 

But if you’re new to this whole affiliate marketing thing, Lead Lightning is like a friendly sidekick, showing you the ropes.

When you jump into Lead Lightning, they might offer you some upgrades. 

These upgrades are all about helping you make even more money when you sell Lead Lightning.

But here’s the thing these upgrades aren’t for everyone. They’re more for those who want to make extra cash beyond the $7 starting point. You get to decide if those upgrades are worth it.

As I mentioned earlier, Lead Lightning spills the beans on ways to get more people to notice your stuff, potentially meaning more cash for you. 

It might not cover every trick in the book, but they sell it as if you try out these ideas, those upgrades could make you more money. Gotta love those upsells ?!?

So, you won’t exactly become a wizard at all the tricks to get everyone to notice your stuff. 

They throw around a bunch of ideas, but they don’t go too deep into stuff like making your content pop up on search engines.

Still, these ideas appear as though you can kickstart your journey to making some cash right from the beginning. 

Except for YouTube, which gets a bit more love, the other avenues are touched on briefly. 

So, you won’t be the grandmaster of secret tricks after reading this, but hey, it’s all explained in a way that even if you’re just starting, you’ll catch on in no time.

Beginning with the $7 membership allows you to earn some money.

However, once you explore the other products and extra offers, you might find yourself spending more than the initial $7.

So, it’s crucial to weigh whether the money you could potentially make is worth the risk of spending more than you originally planned for in the Lead Lightning funnels project.

Think of it as starting a journey to make money, but there’s a possibility that the costs could surprise you along the way.

It’s essential to consider if the returns are significant enough to justify the extra money you might need to invest beyond the initial starting point.

is lead lightning a scam cost

Lead Lightning is a done for you (DFY) system that comes at an affordable price of just $7. This is a luring deal considering the features it offers.

But that’s not all! Once you become a part of Lead Lightning, you can earn $6 for every person you refer to the program. This is a bonus for sharing this DFY system with others.

Imagine getting a few folks to join, and not only covering your $7 but also earning extra cash. While earning big money from a $6 commission might seem daunting, there is no need to worry.

Here’s how they entice you: there are additional offers within the program that can help you increase your earnings. These are called upsells, and if you decide to take advantage of them, you can earn commissions when the people you referred decide to level up.

It’s like providing your friends with extra tools to help them succeed. Lead Lightning is not just about getting back your $7; it could be your gateway to making even more money by exploring these additional offers.

Think of it as unlocking a whole new level of money-making potential in the program. But given you are mainly selling Lead Lightning, does it really work?

Here is the list of upsells:

  • Free Lead System Forever: Build up your leads list with no commissions, a handy tool for boosting leads without any strings attached.
  • Lead Lightning: A step up with a ready-made sales funnel for selling more stuff. It’s a one-time $7 deal, and you can earn 85% commissions, up to a cool $526.
  • Silver: An upgrade from Lead Lightning. For $29.97 a month, you get ‘killer training and courses on top-notch marketing strategies’. Plus, pocket a $15 residual commission each month.
  • Gold: The superstar of Power Lead System (PLS). The ultimate marketing system for all your business needs, at $30 a month for the system and an extra $23.97 for the affiliate program. It includes all the cool stuff from the previous products.
  • Customer: For those who just want to be customers without diving into the affiliate game. Same as Gold but without the affiliate program, and it’s $30 a month.
  • Diamond: Exclusive for Gold members. A course on solos and co-ops that could pocket you thousands without spending a dime. A one-time $147 cost, and you can snag $100 in commissions with $25 overrides.
  • Platinum: Also exclusive for Gold members. The ultimate Facebook marketing course with a video library loaded with case studies. A one-time fee of $497 gets you $400 in commissions and $50 overrides.

Worth being aware of, but the gold plan and above in this upsell funnel, seem to be part of the Power Lead System branding. Although Power Lead System is an upsell for Lead Lightning, Power Lead System is also advertised as a separate product.

In my opinion, the front end product is lacking so these upsells would be your only hope if you really want to make cash with Lead Lightning. 

The $7 program is tempting for access to tools, but they don’t spill the beans on driving traffic (which is basically the lifeblood of your business) until you splash out on the Diamond package.

In a nutshell, these extra features can look tempting to help you to amp up your money-making game by giving you more tools and resources. 

But, fair warning unless you’re a marketing pro, be ready to drop some more dough after that initial $7 checkout. 

And here’s the real talk they don’t exactly make this clear upfront until you are into their upsell funnel, and yeah, it bugs me a bit.

Finally, you will need extra cash to setup your website and get paid traffic. Most likely you won’t be able to share your links on social media. Inside Lead Lightning they let you know that social media networks block these. So think about it, where are you going to get your traffic from and how much is that going to cost you?

is lead lightning a scam refund

Good news they’ve got a 7-day money-back guarantee. 

So, if you try it out and it’s not your cup of tea, no stress! You’ve got a whole week to decide, and if it’s a no-go, just give them a shout for a refund.

But here’s the deal – the refund policy only covers what you paid for the product, not any extra fees or expenses. Keep that in mind.

Now, to get that refund ball rolling, all you need to do is shoot a message to their customer support team. 

They’re there to help you out and guide you through the process. Easy peasy, right?

Lead Lightning is like a pro at generating leads, and what sets it apart is its upfront embrace of the multi-level marketing (MLM) approach. 

Unlike some other programs that keep their MLM strategy on the down-low, Lead Lightning is all about being transparent. 

It combines bold marketing moves with a strong MLM structure.

Now, here’s the straightforward part I’m not a big fan of MLMs. 

Why? Let’s break it down. According to the Consumer Awareness Institute, a whopping 99% of folks who jump into MLMs end up losing money. 

And let’s be real, losing money is never a good scenario. 

So, while Lead Lightning does its MLM thing, my advice is to approach the MLM world with caution to steer clear of falling into that 99% statistic of money loss.

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not connected to Lead Lightning myself and I do not endorse it in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials, and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what Lead Lightning genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt by programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn Ways to Avoid Online Scams then click the highlighted text. 

Lead Lightning is for real, not a scam. When you buy it for $7, you get cool stuff like lead capture pages and email templates, but don’t have high expectations from it for this low cost. 

But here’s the cool part it’s up to you if you want to level up and grab some upsells to boost your commissions.

Now, about those commissions, it depends on which affiliate package you went for. 

If you’re a Gold member selling Silver and Gold packages, you get commissions for both sales. 

But, let’s say you’re a Silver member pushing the same packages you only cash in on the Silver package commission. It’s like a commission ladder, you know?

And here’s the thing if you’re eyeing those bigger commissions, you might be tempted to go all-in and grab the Platinum and Diamond memberships.

It’s that classic saying, “risk big, win big.” So, with Lead Lightning, your choices in what you invest in play a big role in the commissions you end up taking home.

What you also need to be aware of is that the support is non-existent. The program eventually funnels you into Power Lead System, which is also low quality. Given these reasons, we don’t recommend using Lead Lightning. There are better programs available for managing lead generation and other automation tasks.

  1. Easy to Use: Lead Lightning is made for beginners, making it simple for people who are just starting to make money online.
  2. Affordable Start: It only costs $7 to get into Lead Lightning, which is great for anyone wanting to try it out without breaking the bank.
  3. Clear Business Model: Lead Lightning openly says it’s a multi-level marketing (MLM) program, so you know what you’re getting into.
  4. Training and Help: They offer videos, tutorials, and a Facebook group to help you learn and use the system effectively.
  5. Focus on Getting Leads: The main goal of Lead Lightning is to help you find people who might want to buy what you’re selling.
  6. Experienced Creators: Lead Lightning is part of the Power Lead System, created by Neil Guess and Michael Price, who know their way around internet marketing and sales.
  7. Money-Back Guarantee: If you’re not happy within 7 days, you can get your money back.
  1. Lack of success stories: Very few success stories from their students.
  2. Upsells: Too many upsells within their training for my liking
  3. Old-School Funnels: Some of the ready-made sales funnels might be outdated and not work as well as they claim.
  4. Limited Traffic Training: The training on bringing in website visitors might be old-fashioned, making it harder to get a lot of people to see your stuff.
  5. Resources Are Outdated: While they offer some marketing help, the resources might be a bit old-fashioned, so doing your own research could be smarter. Also unclear if their training is ever being updated.
  6. Extra Costs: To unlock more features and earnings, you might need to buy additional stuff, costing more than the initial $7.
  7. Lack of support: support is non existent
  8. Relies on Recruitment – Be Cautious with MLM: Knowing that MLMs can be risky (according to stats), you should be careful before jumping in.
  9. Not a Complete Business Solution: They say it’s a “business in a box,” but it might not have everything you need for a successful business. Plus little training on how to promote anything other than Lead Lightning.
  10. Refund Doesn’t Cover Everything: If you ask for a refund, it only covers what you paid for the product, not any extra costs.
  11. Risk of Losing Money: Even though it starts at $7, there’s a chance you could end up spending more, so think about whether the potential earnings are worth the investment.

Lead Lightning is a simple online tool for beginners, and it only costs $7.

It’s here to assist newbies with things like videos, tutorials, and a friendly Facebook group.

You get tools like customizable pages and automatic emails to make your online journey smoother.

However, keep in mind that some features, like ready-made sales funnels and marketing resources, might be a bit outdated.

It’s a good idea to do some extra research to stay on top of things.

Now, here’s how it works: you pay $7 to join, and you could potentially cover that cost by earning $6 for each person you bring in.

But, here’s the catch if you explore additional products and upsells, you might end up spending more than your initial $7.

They’ve got these extra offers like Free Lead System Forever, Lead Lightning, Silver, Gold, Customer, Diamond, and Platinum. It sounds fancy, but they come with different features and costs, adding a bit of complexity.

Here’s something important Lead Lightning offers a 7-day money-back guarantee, but it only covers the cost of the product, not any extra fees.

Now, the program is into multi-level marketing (MLM), which might ring a bell about potential financial risks.

The stats out there caution about potential losses in MLMs. Despite that, Lead Lightning is legit and not a scam.

It gives you the choice between the basic $7 plan and upsells for higher commissions, sort of like saying, “Take a risk, and you might win big!”

The biggest concern, we believe that if you buy Lead Lightning you may spend more money promoting it (paid traffic) and buying their upsells that what you’ll earn. Think about it, if you get fully upsold to make the most of their affiliate programs, you’d need to spend over $500 and that is before the cost of paid traffic.

Why should you have to pay that much to promote something? You shouldn’t! Most affiliate programs are free, especially if you are helping the owners by marketing their product, program or service.

After a lot of research and seeing the experience of their users, I do not recommend Lead Lightning as a realistic way to make money online.

Like many DFY products, it promises to get rich quick with minimal work. From their 50,000 in their private community, I’ve only seen about 3 people who seem to have achieved any kind of real success. So what would your chances be?

Thanks for reading until the end of this review to understand what is Lead Lightning about. I hope I was able to help you find out —Is Lead Lightning a scam.

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Lead Lightning


Easy to Use


Affordable Start


Money-Back Guarantee


Old-School Funnels


Extra Costs



  • Easy to Use
  • Training and Help
  • Clear Business Model
  • Focus on Getting Leads
  • Money-Back Guarantee


  • Old-School Funnels
  • Limited Traffic Training
  • Extra Costs
  • Resources Are Outdated
  • Refund Doesn't Cover Everything