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Bitcoin Trader Review: Is Bitcoin Trader a Scam or Legit?

You’ve probably wondered how to make more money without having to put in long hours? The solution is to invest in cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin Trader provides you with the perfect opportunity. With this cutting-edge technology, an application may be your ticket to earning that extra money you’ve always wanted without having to leave your house.

Bitcoin Trader Review Is Bitcoin Trader a Scam or Legit

Cryptocurrency exchanges are acquiring commercial licenses and small businesses. Since the bitcoin market is expanding, many traders and investors have become very wealthy.

Bitcoin Trader is one of the most widely used automatic trading software applications. Users may trade Bitcoin and earn more money with this user-friendly crypto platform.

Bitcoin Trader considers current bitcoin market trends and performs automated trades 0.01 seconds quicker than its competitors. The platform’s website makes various claims about the amount of money that can be made using the software, but how much of this can be considered reliable?Throughout this Bitcoin Trader review, we’ll go through the details of what exactly Bitcoin Trader offers and see whether their claims are legit.  Is Bitcoin Trader a scam or legit?  Read on…

Bitcoin Trader Review: Is Bitcoin Trader a Scam or Legit?

Bitcoin Trader at a Glance

Product Name: Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Revolution and many other evolving names

Type: Claimed Bitcoin Robot but takes you through to shady, unknown brokers

Minimum Deposit: $250

Win Rate: 96% Claimed

Withdrawal Duration: 24 Hours

Mobile App: No

Supported Cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, XRP, LTE, BNB, ADA etc

Recommended: Not Recommended

Overall Rating: 1/100

What is Bitcoin Trader about – Summary: Claims to be an auto trading system that claims you can earn a passive income from the bitcoin market but sends you through to shady, unknown brokers. Highly risky, probable scam and better to stay away from it.

What is Bitcoin Trader About?

Bitcoin Trader Review Sales page claims
Bitcoin Trader Sales Page – just one of the many Bitcoin Trader sales pages!

Bitcoin Trader is a public-access auto trading system that claims you can earn a passive income from the bitcoin market. A bitcoin trading robot, also known as an auto trading robot, is computer software that uses algorithms to optimize bitcoin and other cryptocurrency trading possibilities.

The purchase, selling, and trading of Bitcoin can all be made without a person’s involvement. It generates the best trading techniques using historical data from different sources on the internet, which it then applies to a range of trading assets. Then it conducts trades with brokers depending on the information received from them, using the information gathered through statistical and progression techniques.

This article’s primary purpose is to identify Bitcoin Trader’s features. These features ensure the program works as anticipated and provide traders an advantage in the financial markets. The Bitcoin Trader is advantageous since it speeds up transactions. It is also entirely accurate.

Trading robots have been a massive success in helping crypto traders in navigating the complex cryptocurrency market. These trading robots can manage hundreds of transactions at once and evaluate markets quickly and accurately. Traders may complete transactions more quickly and make more money with the Bitcoin Trader software.

The Bitcoin Trader platform’s most significant feature is its automatic function. This function ensures that the software trades on your behalf even while you are not at your computer. Using the automatic trading function, they claim that “traders may earn up to $1,300 daily with only a $250 investment. Cryptocurrency traders may experience financial independence and daily passive income with the assistance of the Bitcoin Trader.”

Bitcoin Trader Review logo

Fact Check: Is Bitcoin Trader a Scam or Legit?

Before you start trading using a platform, you should first verify its authenticity. As part of my investigation into whether or not Bitcoin Trader software is legit, my team and I focused on assessing its credibility. Doing proper due diligence by reading the website (sales page!) in detail, researching the company and the people behind it is essential.  I found some red flags so I have some serious concerns which I’ll show you below.

Bitcoin Trader Review Sales page claimed features

I also went online to look for other external reviews as well as real life user reviews from both current and previous users. During my investigation, I discovered that the Bitcoin Trader platform had received a lot of positive feedback but there are a lot of negative reviews also.

Red Flag #1:  Why are there so many Bitcoin Trader ‘Reviews’ promoting it and sending to different websites?

So looking through other ‘reviews’, what struck me first was how many of them are promoting it, all commonly claiming the selling points like the slogan “85% Success Rate” (without any proof of this) and having their affiliate links “Set Up A Bitcoin Trader Account” all throughout their posts.

Then out of curiosity, I went to some of the Bitcoin Trader sales page websites and my next concern is that they just look like low quality sales pages. 

Have you ever noticed dodgy looking sales pages before?
They are all over the place, promising the world, “make easy money fast” etc. So this made me think something doesn’t seem right, so I need to dig deeper.  Especially before I consider putting any money into something, with so many scams out there, particularly with crypto.  So it’s better to do more research or risk losing your money right?

Further probing into Bitcoin Trader

I clicked into 4 of the reviews and they all took me to different sales pages!  What the?  OK, something really doesn’t feel right now.  So I explored in detail…

General evaluation of various Bitcoin Trader sales page domains

So I made this table to collate my thoughts from the many Bitcoin Trader sales pages as well as data from for any clues:

Domain (I removed tracking ID’s)Address and Phone on Contact PageHosting
(Registrar, Domain; Web)

Date CreatedComments (then click any one of the orange “Visit Bitcoin Trader” buttons)No ‘contact us’ or email addressTucows Domains Inc, CanadaMay 20, 2020

-Why is it called “” that doesn’t give any confidence.
-No ‘contact us’ or email address is a big concern.
-Privacy Policy says “If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us by email.” But there is no email address provided!  
https://the-bitcoin-traders-app.financialmarketsworld.comNo ‘contact us’ or email addressMainReg INC.,
Praha, Czech Republic
Dec 18, 2020-Again, no ‘contact us’ or email address is a big concern
-Has 8 blog articles from Anton Kovačić, all posted July 31, 2020 very out of date e.g. “Best Crypto Currencies to Invest in 2020”.  Come on its a few years after 2020 already! ‘contact us’ or email addressNameSilo, LLC,
Phoenix Arizona, USA
April 4, 2022This one has fake looking testimonials. Fake testimonial led me to faceless Twitter profile @PGR_mx (BTCNEWS) which links to This shows all their “Crypto Trading Robots/Crypto Events”, see screenshot below. ‘contact us’ or email address123-Reg Limited,
RB Ventures Ltd Seychelles
Nov 23, 2020Same concerns as the first one
Websites I Found
https://cryptotrader.softwareHas blank contact us form, no email addressNameCheap, Inc.
May 20, 2020Same creation date as the first row. Suspicious.
Will they respond to the Contact Us form?
https://bitcoins-digital.comHas blank contact us form, no email addressPDR Ltd. d/b/a,
10 Corporate Drive, MA, USA
April 27, 2020Similar creation date as the first row and immediately. Suspicious.
General evaluation of various Bitcoin Trader sales page domainsNote there are MANY more domains

Does anything seem odd to you in the list above?

This seems very similar to another trading review I uncovered (Analysts Class and all the other names/websites it uses).  So “Bitcoin Trader” and the other names they go by, have changed names a few times already.  This will likely continue changing in the future. For these types of operators they do this to avoid getting caught. 

Red Flag #2:  Fake Testimonials

This is a classic for scam websites and easily found out with a bit of Google searching. After seeing so many sales pages, you get a certain feel for sensing the fake ones.  I cover this in my article about ways to avoid scams online. So after so many suspicions from the above table, I took a look at the first testimonial of this version of the Bitcoin Trader sales page (from third row in table above).

bitcoin trader fake testimonial repeated
Fake Testimonials, all 4 of them, see the proof these are stock photos below.

Ok so does this look fake to you at first glance?  Giveaways are the cheesy, unrealistic lifestyle stock images.  Then looking at the testimonials they just look too “perfect” to me. So I Googled the first one and look what I found…

Bitcoin Trader fake testimonial repeated on Bitcoin Revolution
Bitcoin doesn't load on Safari or Google

So the obvious giveaway that this is a fake testimonial is that it was back on August 15, 2019 for a supposed success using Bitcoin Revolution after only 47 days.

I did a Google Reverse Image search and all images are stock images.  You can see them from this little collage I put together from the many times each of these people’s stock images appear on the internet.


The current sales page is for a domain registered only on April 4, 2022 for a supposed success using Bitcoin Trader after only 47 days.

This is common for low quality scam sites, they have no contact details, no physical address shown on the website, they trap people – the unsuspecting ones that give them their money in good faith.  Then they shamelessly setup the same or similar website after the first website(s) gets shut down.  So they keep moving along like the ‘sands in the desert’ taking more peoples money along the way as they keep moving across different websites.

Here are the list of them, which adds to the red flag #1 above.

cryptoevent dot io looks to have all the scam trading robot websites

Red Flag #3: Bitcoin Trader Recycled Scam

The image above is like finding the devils lair.  This picture shows the various names these fraudsters have operated under.  It seems Bitcoin Code was the first name they operated under Immediate Edge, Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Revolution etc

This is good in a way. it shows you and all readers this menu of related websites to avoid.  I mean “Bitcoin Prime” with the Amazon looking logo, “Cannabis Millionaire”, do these look like scams to you?



Red Flag #4: Fake Reviews

I was really alarmed to see so many of the supposedly external ‘reviews’ that promote this Bitcoin Trader scheme.  Either they get referral/affiliate income, are part of this operation or just got sucked in by the sales page?  More than half of the ‘reviews’ on page 1 of Google at time of writing are promoting it.  I was alarmed to see this too.

Here’s an example, this ‘review’  near the top of Google.

My observations from this ‘review’.  They don’t know anything about the founders, any brokers registrations and they say they can’t verify the claimed “bot is 85% accurate”, but still recommend it with the warning “only invest funds you’re willing to lose”.  How is that OK?!   

Here’s another of the ‘reviews’ I found on Google that don’t even look into the people behind this.  Not even a little bit to help you be aware of the risks, yet they simply promote it.

These concern me. So I view this differently, that is your money you have now, I want to help you to not lose any of your money.  Rather I can even help you to make money building your own real online business instead of giving money away to these scammy operators.

So anyway, despite these enormous red flags, this and many ‘Reviews’ still promote it!

Red Flag #5: Bitcoin Trader User Reviews Raise Many Concerns

Bitcoin Trader review on TrustPilot
Bitcoin Trader Reviews on Trust Pilot May 2022

There are the occasional fake user reviews in there that are common with these types of operators when they first get started, but eventually the real user reviews come to the majority.  

So at the time of writing, that totals 73% that give Bitcoin Trader a Bad or Poor rating. This is sad that so many people have suffered here, and credit to them, they have made this known to help warn others.

Also Bitcoin Trader had a fake review profile.  See this screenshot my writer took back in Oct 2021:

Now see the screenshot I took in May 2022

Bitcoin Trader Trust Pilot took down these fake reviews Screen Shot 2022-05-28 at 11.59.30 am

Looks like their 126 ‘Excellent reviews’ from October 2021 have been found to be fake and Trustpilot has removed these fake user reviews. Well done Trustpilot!  People come to your website to Trust and you have done a good job here.

Red Flag #6: Unknown Founders

So I looked at all the websites in the table above and couldn’t find any information about the people behind this scheme.  No address, no contact details.  The only possible trace is that Twitter profile ‘BTCNEWS’ above which led me to this dodgy looking “Crypto Event” website that lists all of many of the names that they operate under!

Anyway here are the pictures and info on that website.  There are some rare contact details here for some phone numbers in Germany, but after all I have read so far, no images and with extensions on the phone numbers, I don’t need to call or contact them further.  But the details are there for you or any reader to try contacting them if you wish.  I doubt you will get a response.

cryptoevent dot io looks to have all the scam trading robot websites and about us

I included the trading drop down menu just to warn you again of all the names these people operate under.  Then look at the faceless ‘team’.

cryptoevent dot io about us meet the team has empty profiles looking suspicious

Feel free to try contacting any of these if you wish to prove to yourself what you already suspect.

Red Flag #7: Is Bitcoin Trader Scam Software?

OK, so the sales page can say whatever it wants, but what am I really getting for this trading software, what is involved, and is Bitcoin Trader legit or a scam?

I registered an account from the first two links from the table above.  Both ‘reviews’ are promoting Bitcoin Trader.  So why after I register to create an account with them do they send me to completely different ‘trading websites’?

The first review of Bitcoin Trader sent me here:

Bitcoin Trader review 1st review then sales page takes to B Finance

The second review of Bitcoin Trader sent me here, what the?…

Bitcoin Trader review 2nd review then sales page takes to Prime Invest

There are too many red flags up to now for me to deposit any of my hard earned money?  What about you?  Would you deposit money with them given what you have read so far?

I also read online that the software had a fake demo and was scam software.  I browsed around these platforms and couldn’t find the demo software.  But please be wary, any demo mode trading software can create fictional trades that show profits that are not possible in real trading.

Anyway, all that happens these days is that you get sent to unknown, shady brokers who will no doubt soon after you register thrust upon you their hordes of “account managers” to entice you with bonuses, autotraders and….(scarily) trade your account for you.  Run!

Red Flag #8: Fake News

A heads up.  It’s common for low grade scammers to grab a famous person’s face, stick it on a social media advert and launch it to the masses.   Why?  They hope to catch some gullible people who will be tricked enough to buy.   Also the people behind schemes like this are faceless, so we don’t know who they are.

They also probably use fake social media profiles to run their fake social media adverts.  So when they use whoever the famous celebrity to ‘promote’ their scheme or scam, there are no consequences.  Because Facebook and the other social media companies cannot catch them if they use fake profiles.  Plus as you’ve seen so far, we don’t really know who these people are.  Again, this is a common strategy for low grade scammers.

They prey on people being gullible and the click bait from their fake adverts.  So let’s look at the claims and identities they have taken so far and whether they back Bitcoin Trader or have simply been ‘played’ by having their identity/pictures stolen for fake adverts?

Has Bitcoin Trader Been Featured on the Media or Endorsed by Celebrities?

Many statements and information have circulated online, stating that celebrities and some of the most popular television shows have featured the Bitcoin Trader platform. As a result of these claims, I decided to look into them and see whether they were true.

This Morning Show and Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Trader Review This Morning Show and Bitcoin Trader

Stories featuring well-known media figures usually get a massive amount of attention. A controversial article featuring famous people or platforms sells much better.

Some were deceived by the advertisements when they initially surfaced online about This Morning endorsing Bitcoin Trader. Hundreds of investors were duped into the scam using false social media profiles belonging to the program and its hosts. A few third-party marketers created the scheme to collect registration and paid click commissions from the Bitcoin dealer.

As a result, I can confirm that This Morning never directly posted the endorsement claim. Bitcoin Trader also denied the endorsement and terminated their marketing relationship with anybody who said it was true.

Dragon’s Den and Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Trader Review Dragons Den and Bitcoin Trader

From research online, apparently the people behind Bitcoin Trader had posted their ads on the Guardian and on the BBC. claiming that two friends who appeared on Dragon’s Den created this Bitcoin Trader.  Then making this worse, the adverts included fake quotes from the TV show stars.  So the fake adverts got found out and taken down but not before some people got lured in by these ‘click bait’ fake adverts. 

These operators behind this scheme created these fake adverts to encourage investors to utilize their ‘bitcoin systems’ and boost sales. They could advertise Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Code or anyone of their multiple scheme names.  Holly Willoughby has also gone to social media to defend her reputation, proving that the Holly Willoughby Bitcoin allegations are untrue.

To my knowledge, the platform has yet to officially acknowledge or refute using the Dragon’s Den stars’ identities to mislead the public into thinking they supported their platform.  But remember, the people behind this scheme are faceless, unknown and may be only interested in taking people’s money.

Bitcoin Trader and Shark Tank

Bitcoin Trader Review Shark Tank and Bitcoin Trader

Another popular TV show, similar to Dragon’s Den, is Shark Tank. The Bitcoin Trader is not affiliated with Shark Tank, and any claims to the contrary are incorrect. Any claims to the contrary are merely attempts by opportunistic marketers to get people to buy their automated trading program, which is nothing more than a rip-off of the Bitcoin Trader software. According to my investigation, the original Bitcoin Trader is unrelated to Shark Tank in any manner.

It is sad that people got duped by these fake ads across social media.

Bitcoin Trader and Peter Jones

Bitcoin Trader Review Dragon Dens sponsor Peter Jones

One of Dragon Den’s sponsors, Peter Jones, has been linked to Bitcoin Trader, with reports claiming he has a significant stake in the business. However, I investigated this claim and can certify that it is untrue. While most investors would want to buy a piece of the Bitcoin Trader platform, Peter Jones has yet to do so.

Bitcoin Trader and Martin Lewis

Bitcoin Trader Review Martin Lewis and Bitcoin Trader

Money-Saving Expert’s Martin Lewis previously sued Facebook for fraudulently claiming to have made money from Bitcoin ventures like the Bitcoin Trader exchange.

“The latest Facebook ad that has been bothering me is the ‘Bitcoin Code’ or ‘Bitcoin Trader’ scam, which falsely claims that I recommend investing in Bitcoin. They’re not even about Bitcoin (read my actual thoughts on Bitcoin), but binary trading, which no one should touch with a ten-foot pole.”

Money Saving expert Martin Lewis

Bitcoin Trader and Jason Statham

Bitcoin Trader Review Jason Stratham and Bitcoin Trader

The rumor that Jason Statham has invested in Bitcoin Trader has gone viral on social media. According to some Pinterest posts, he has invested over $1 million and is one of the famous investors profiting from bitcoin robots. As previously stated, Jason Statham has not verified these claims. This implies you should handle them as though they were untrue.

Bitcoin Trader and Elon Musk

Bitcoin Trader Review Elon Musk and Bitcoin Trader

Elon Musk, an inventor and intelligent businessman, has also been linked to the Bitcoin Trader platform. It’s no wonder that fraudsters try to steal his image and falsely associate him with the Bitcoin Trader platform, given his accomplishments over the years. However, the reports are untrue since the Tesla CEO is not connected to the Bitcoin Trader platform in any manner.

Bitcoin Trader and any other celebrities

These fraudsters can steal the image and falsely associate any celebrity with their latest scam. So the scammers behind the original cryptocurrency scam Bitcoin Code and all the other copies of this with different names e.g. Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Revolution etc (refer screenshot above) have been doing this for years now, please don’t fall for it.

Bitcoin Trader Explained – What Does Bitcoin Trader CLAIM To Offer?

So this is going by the various sales pages, what they claim, OK?  Please don’t believe it will work this way given the red flags highlighted above.

The Bitcoin Trader claims to be a cryptocurrency automated trading software that utilizes precise and straightforward algorithms. Artificial Intelligence created these algorithms. Despite the complexities of the analytical process, which the algorithm handles for you, the creators of Bitcoin Trader have made this trading tool easy to browse and use for everyone. The software is now associated with other well-known auto trading platforms such as Bitcoin Code and CryptoSoft.

The Bitcoin Trader claims to allow both beginners and experienced traders to increase their passive revenue. The minimum investment is $250. By comparing massive quantities of historical data with current market circumstances, the system may identify potentially profitable trading opportunities. As a consequence, Bitcoin Trader customers may simply purchase and trade cryptos and earn money.

The comprehensive survey and study I conducted for this software helped us better understand automated trading. It lowers the time it takes to make good trading choices. In the financial markets, time is money, and making quick choices is critical to earning profits. This is why automatic trading systems dominate manual trading. So why is Bitcoin Trader so popular and claims to be profitable?

How Bitcoin Trader Works

The Bitcoin Trader claims to be a simple tool that allows anybody to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies successfully. To get started, new users must register a Bitcoin Trader account. The account setup process takes just a few minutes and is completely free.

After that, you may deposit money into your Bitcoin Trader trading account and this is supposed to activate the software’s trading features. Before you start investing real money, you may have a look at the software’s video tutorial to see how it works. The program will let you choose your trading settings, such as how much to invest in each transaction, which cryptos to trade, and the risk level. From there, the program takes over and makes transactions for you, ensuring that you benefit from your trading activities to the fullest extent possible.

How to Create a Bitcoin Trader Account

  • Registration

The first step is to register your Bitcoin Trader account. You can find the registration form on their official website, where you should initially provide some basic personal information. The registration process is free.

The trading account will generate the password once you provide the necessary information, such as your name and contact details. To prevent hackers from easily bypassing the password, it has to be strong yet readily remembered. After this, click ‘REGISTER NOW.’ This process only takes a few minutes.

  • Deposit

You may invest as little as $250 or as much as you wish in the Bitcoin Trader. In the end, I chose $250 since it enabled me to test the platform at a cheap cost. With a $250 minimum commitment, virtually anybody can earn from Bitcoin trading.

Bitcoin Trader Review Create an account with Bitcoin Trader

The deposit procedure has been modified to make transactions easier for consumers.

MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, Skrill, and Neteller are among the payment methods available. The trading platform of the brokers that Bitcoin Trader links to will verify the validity of your card and ask you to input certain information, such as the card’s expiration date and CVV number. Before I provided my credit card information, my security staff had to ensure the website was secure.

I discovered that the trading platforms behind the Bitcoin Trader platform use the most up-to-date SSL technology to secure all transactions.  But given the concerns from all the red flags I found above there is no way I will deposit money, it is likely that the operators would run off with the money.

  • Demo Trading

Once your money has been successfully deposited, you may start using the demo trading account. This will help you understand the auto trading system and how it works before investing real money. Before trading cryptocurrencies with real money, it is recommended that you test out multiple techniques on a demo account. 

Again, please be wary, any demo mode trading software can create fictional trades that show profits that are not possible in real trading.

  • Trading Process

The final step involved live trading. The trading platform intrigued us since the presence of cryptocurrencies meant that I could benefit from a broad range of currency pairings. BTC/USD, XRP/USD, BTC/EUR, and a variety of additional pairings are available options.

Set up your trading settings before investing in Bitcoin Trader. Stop loss and profit orders, trading currency pairs, and staking per transaction are all possible. At this level, you must understand cryptocurrencies and their values. This way, you may choose the currency pairs that best suit the market. After establishing the settings, you may start trading. The settings are applied daily but could be updated anytime.

It is best to test your tactics on a demo account before using them on a live account. So you can accurately assess the strategy’s performance in various market circumstances.

Bitcoin Trader Reviews on Trustpilot

After learning more about other people’s personal experiences with Bitcoin Trader, I discovered that several of them were complaining about their money not being refunded.

Bitcoin Trader Review TrustPilot negative review 1
Bitcoin Trader Review TrustPilot negative review 2

This is interesting from the former Trustpilot review profile that called out the fake reviews:

Bitcoin Trader Review TrustPilot negative review 3
Sadly this:
Bitcoin Trader Review TrustPilot negative review 4
Bitcoin Trader Review TrustPilot negative review 5

Also this warning:

Bitcoin Trader Trustpilot review Owner Caught?

Bitcoin Trader Features – Why Choose this Bitcoin Trading Platform?

Bitcoin Trader Review Sales page Why Trade with Bitcoin Trader

A variety of factors are required for the Bitcoin Trader since they allow traders to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The software claims the following as some of the valuable and critical features:

Automated Trading

The software offers cryptocurrency traders more control over their trading operations by enabling them to monitor and manage their trades in real-time regularly. Users may utilize the robot to control their trading sessions and account activity and remain informed about the present and future bitcoin market circumstances. The robot can quickly identify trade notifications, ensuring that transactions execute smoothly. All that is needed of consumers is that they choose proper stop-loss limits.

Payment System

The payout system was the first critical aspect I found. It’s because traders need the capacity to deposit and withdraw money quickly. On the Bitcoin Trader, they claim each trader may expect to make about $1,300 each day. As the deposit amount grows and you take more risks, the amount may rise. The payment procedure is quick, and you may get your money quickly and simply, just as I did. You will acquire more expertise on how to earn more money as you spend more time on the Bitcoin Trader platform.

Withdrawal & Deposits

You may fund your Bitcoin Trader account in a variety of legitimate ways. You may start trading immediately when you use your credit card to deposit funds into your trading account. After a few trading sessions, it was time to cash out. The withdrawal process is fast and easy. I requested a cash withdrawal, and it was completed in under 24 hours. This is better than other sites that take days to deposit funds and sometimes never let you enjoy your profits.

Customer Support

This system’s trading application is very user-friendly, and the trader rarely asks for help when initiating any transactions. If the trader needs it, customer support is provided through live chat and email, both of which are accessible via the Bitcoin Trader website. In addition, the platform’s customer service system is speedy and responsive.


I was interested in the Bitcoin Trader’s expenses since most businesses charge hidden fees that customers are unaware of. I was relieved to see that the Bitcoin Trader has no hidden fees or penalties while making trades. The original investment is supposedly credited to your trading account, and without any deductions. The Bitcoin Trader claims to offer one of the most acceptable fee schemes, and they claim they care about traders earning money from their trading operations.


The Bitcoin Trader claims to have worked with some of the industry’s most respected brokers. The brokers provide traders access to financial platforms and allow the Bitcoin Trader software to operate smoothly. Other services provided by these brokers include instructional resources, trading tools, safe banking options, and professional customer service.

How Much Can You Earn Trading With Bitcoin Trader

If you are willing to risk it and they don’t run off with your money, then it appears to be entirely up to you how much money you can earn on the Bitcoin Trader platform. The Bitcoin Trader program claims to make it simple for anybody to benefit from cryptocurrency trading. The truth is that the more money you deposit and risk for each transaction, the better your chances of profiting. Despite this, before investing in the bitcoin market, always think about the risks. It is advised that you begin with a small deposit and gradually raise your money as you gain experience and better know how the system operates.

Here’s a compilation of suggestions to help you make more money online with the Bitcoin Trader platform (or any similar opportunity).

Invest Wisely – The single most important thing to know when starting a trading career, in the perspective of any long-term investor, is the idea of risk management. You may prevent suffering any disappointment if you measure your positions correctly. According to sources, Bitcoin Trader offers a set of instruments, such as stop losses, to help you manage this risk. Begin with a small investment and gradually increase your earnings.

Withdraw regularly – Profits should be generated regularly and as quickly as possible to avoid negative cash flow. Why? It’s because the bitcoin market is, by definition, highly volatile. The price of an item may change much more quickly than you would anticipate. You should withdraw the money when the price is high.

Stay Updated – While the Bitcoin Trader program will take care of everything for you, you must continue studying and staying up with current market trends. You’ll be able to discover the most up-to-date methods for increasing your profits this way.

Invest Your Extra Money – It’s a cliché in the bitcoin trading industry for a reason. “Only invest what you can afford to lose,” as they’ve said. An “all-in” approach may quickly leave you with no choices if the market as a whole takes a turn for the worse. To “remain in the game,” it’s essential to size your transactions correctly. All trading has risks, so keep a part of your assets in fiat money just in case anything goes wrong.

Save Your Extra Profits – Long-term investors will tell you that there is never a terrible moment to take profits. It’s easy to get overconfident when you’re on a winning run and think it’ll continue forever. Don’t be a glutton for punishment. It is a good business strategy to remove money from the table when gains are made. Make sure to take advantage of the chance and turn your paper profits into actual money in your bank account as soon as possible!

Ask for Professional Advice – Before considering investing in this financial asset, it is recommended to study the macroeconomic prospects for cryptocurrencies from professionals. These professionals use Twitter as one of their most popular social media channels, and you should do some initial research to figure out which currencies you want to trade.

What Bitcoin Trader Claim That Makes It Profitable


The nature of the medium makes online trading unpredictable. However, Bitcoin Trader was created to make trading as simple as possible. The findings indicate that the program can execute and recognize efficient price actions, according to the developers.


Can trading companies also provide traders the opportunity to put their trading strategies to the test? A trading strategy is evaluated through past market data to see whether it will be profitable in the future. Backtesting may provide a trader an indication of how a strategy performs on the market without putting their money at risk. When a company plan is tested, it is examined and improved to see how it works before being implemented.


Bitcoin robots should not be underestimated. As a result, their reaction time to market changes and volatility is relatively quick. Trading orders are issued immediately once the trade rules or criteria have been fulfilled, including protective stop losses and profit goals, to guarantee that the transaction is successful. In the volatile crypto-monetary trading market, a difference of a few seconds in the time to initiate or finish a transaction may significantly affect the transaction outcome. These are tasks that bots excel.

24/7 Operation

A trading bot allows traders to profit from market opportunities at any time of day or night. The bot is available 24 hours a day. While you’re away, your Bitcoin trading bot continues to work.

What Countries Does Bitcoin Trader Operate?

Bitcoin Trader services are available in the United Kingdom, UAE, France, Germany, Canada, Spain, Italy, Australia, Kenya, Thailand, India, Uruguay, Nigeria, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, South Africa, Nederlands, and New Zealand.

With Bitcoin Trader, getting started is fast and easy. After creating your account, make a €250 deposit and begin trading with your favorite cryptocurrencies. 

What I Like About Bitcoin Trader


  • Nothing at all

What I Don’t Like About Bitcoin Trader


  • Major Con is that Bitcoin Trader is a con, the red flags I pointed out above should have you and anyone fortunate to read this – to run away from Bitcoin Trader
  • They are not regulated. Your money is therefore not secure. Your deposit is non-returnable.
  • It is known to quickly consume large sums of money, making it challenging to trust.
  • It has a gradual withdrawal process that takes 5 to 7 working days.
  • Cannot trust Bitcoin Trader because it is a scam.  It is built on lies.

Is the Bitcoin Trader a Scam or Legit: The Verdict!

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not a user of Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Evolution and Bitcoin Prime etc or a user of any of the shady, dubious looking brokers that these websites send you to and I do not endorse them in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials, and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what Bitcoin and all the other names it operates under genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt from programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn Ways to Avoid Online Scams then click the highlighted text. 

Here is a summary of the research I conducted, which shows that the Bitcoin Trader is not legit and probably a scam:

  • The 8 Red Flags I highlighted above had me running away from this but not before I warn as many people as I can with this honest Bitcoin Trader review.
  • It claims to be a software with compelling success statistics on the fake sales pages, but all that happens these days is that you get sent to unknown, shady brokers who will no doubt soon after you register thrust upon you their hordes of “account managers” to entice you with bonuses, autotraders and….(scarily) trade your account for you.  Run!
  • One last laugh from one of the ridiculous Bitcoin Trader sales pages

They claimed that using their system; you could “earn at least $1,300 each day”. The term “at the very least” refers to the bare minimum. This means they are claiming you can earn $1,300 each day and nothing less when you start using this platform. Earning that much money every day could ensure financial independence for everyone, but is it true with Bitcoin Trader?


So, can you make $1,300 a day with Bitcoin Trader?

NO, you would be lucky to see any money you put into this ever again.

Best to stay away from Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Revolution and whatever names it goes by.

My Opinion on Bitcoin Trader

After spending time researching the Bitcoin Trader system, it appears to be a scam.  Don’t risk it, life is too short to lose money to scams.

I am a big believer in the future of Bitcoin and Web3 quality layer 1 solutions such as Ethereum.  The digital asset industry is growing and developers and users are growing rapidly.  Sure there is volatility with the market cycles and you need to do your own research on this.  If you do want to buy some Bitcoin, don’t do it with this claimed software or the brokers waiting behind the scenes, instead if you are interested in investing or making money in cryptocurrency trading, start a free demo account with regulated brokers.  You can get virtual money to test trading, learn everything and start small.

Here are some crypto exchanges that I personally use and trust.  

Crypto ExchangeDetailsUS residentsLink
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Affiliate Disclosure: If you choose to open an account and start trading with any exchange from our list, you will receive a benefit and we might get a referral commission too. It helps us to run this website and help more people with our reviews.

Please understand that before you do anything with digital assets/cryptocurrencies, know they are volatile, so investing/trading them is risky.

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But now we wonder if we can actually earn that big in a day… I’d love to you know.

Well here’s the hard truth, if you can actually earn that amount in a day it would be either you worked hard for it or you got lucky. It’s actually possible especially if are willig to put in consistent effort so you can have both an active and passive form of income. 

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Bitcoin Trader


Trading Results


Income Opportunity




Business Model



  • None (other than Bitcoin Trader is easy to expose)


  • Red Flags galore
  • 10+ Cloned websites - probable scam operation
  • Probably will lose your money
  • Fake celebrity endorsements on social media ads
  • Has all the red flags of a scam

2 thoughts on “Bitcoin Trader Review: Is Bitcoin Trader a Scam or Legit?”

  1. I wanted to learn more about Bitcoin investing and found your Bitcoin Trader review in search and am happy to learn so much, including what to avoid! 
    I have invested in cryptocurrency with Hyperverse because they do everything for me. I don’t have to trade or do anything they do everything for me. I just invested $400 and now it has grown to $1300 dollars in a matter of 5 months. I don’t know if this is a good idea after reading your article. I have a feeling if you do your own rating you can make more money. 

    Have you heard of Hyperverse and if you do hear about it what do you think? Is it a good investment?

    I will really have a look into it after I have seen your article. 


  2. HI Eiki,
    I appreciate your kind words and am glad you liked my honest Bitcoin Trader review.
    I have been approached by many crypto and trading opportunities including Hyperfund, now known as Hyperverse Crypto.
    You see the due diligence process I do for anything I consider investing in and this is reflected in the reviews here on Earn From Your Laptop.
    There are too many ‘crypto or trading opportunities’ that have red flags, such as fake founders, fake testimonials, fake reviews etc  If you see any of these, please run, run far away and don’t invest your precious hard earned money in risky schemes.

    We plan to do a Hyperverse review and have notices a few red flags so far.  Please have a close look at the founders/CEO:
    1. Ryan Xu (also known as Zijing Xu)  has ran a few ponzi schemes in the past
    2. Ryan Xu’s partner in  Sam Lee (Chairman of Hyperverse / Hyperfund and past partner of Ryan’s in the Big HCash Scam) – have they been seen recently? can you find them?  If not, that is a huge red flag.
    3. CEO of Hyperverse / Hyperfund – Steven Reece, rumour has it that this is a fake/paid actor.

    Hyperverse or Hyperfund is not looking good in our early research.  What have you found so far about Hyperverse?
    Please share your views about this or further research on them.
    Take care and do your own research, John 

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