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Keala Kanae review: Is Fullstaq Marketer a Scam?

Have you seen Keala Kanae on YouTube or some other social media ads he is doing?  His main course offering is Fullstaq Marketer which claims to be “The World’s Greatest Internet Marketing Training”.  Keala Kanae is making bold claims to target your common problems of not having enough money or wanting to make money online from home.

Keala Kanae must have intrigued you a bit to research online to find what is Fullstaq Marketer about.

Keala Kanae review Is Fullstaq Marketer a Scam featured image

Since the pandemic, it’s been difficult for us to come up with a strategy to earn money. We don’t know which product to sell and who to sell it to. Does this sound like you?

 Affiliate Marketing is about selecting a product to promote, building traffic that gets you a commission if someone purchases your chosen product.

Fullstaq Marketer offers courses to teach us about affiliate marketing. Now, The big question, is Fullstaq Marketer a Scam

But before we proceed let’s talk about the guy behind Fullstaq Marketer. You must have read or heard several of Keala Kanae’s reviews online. Most reviews online are  about his wealth, and how he climbs up the ladder by selling over priced  online courses. 

I am aware that we have the same questions, because It’s all over the internet!   Let’s answer those questions, shall we? 

Keala Kanae Review and Fullstaq Marketer Review: Summary

Product Name: Fullstaq Marketer (rebranded from AWOL Academy in 2019)

Founder: Keala Kanae

Type: Affiliate marketing with paid ads

Cost: $39 funnel or $99 funnel with upsells to $10,000 (other courses)

Recommended: Not Recommended

Overall Rating: 33/100

What is Fullstaq Marketer about – Summary: Keala Kanae did make loads of money from affiliate marketing.  Selling courses makes money so he created AWOL Academy with a friend Kameron George to show people how they did it.  They parted ways in 2019 and Keala rebranded AWOL Academy to Fullstaq Marketer with Keala Kanae now the sole owner/operator, so Keala keeps all the revenue.

Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate for any of Keala Kanae’s courses.  This Keala Kanae review has been researched thoroughly from testimonials and information that is publicly available.  All conclusions made by myself are opinions to help you the reader learn who Keala Kanae is, what his courses are about and whether they are right for you.

Who is Keala Kanae? And Is Keala Kanae A Scam?

Keala Kanae sells courses as an online marketer appealing to people trying to make money online. 

Like many ‘gurus’ he claims a lot and he even claims you can make money from in the first 48 hours.  His main website is a funnel to this sales page and the huge claims you can see.

We’ll dive into Fullstaq marketer and his other courses later on, but first…

Is Keala Kanae a scam? Let’s break it down:

Keala Kanae is from a well-known surfing area. Can you think of a place that’s well known for its variety of tropical fruits and holiday beach spots in the USA? You guessed it, he’s from Honolulu, Hawaii! 

Keala Kanae review Is Fullstaq Marketer a Scam Keala Kanae lavish lifestyle claims

He successfully graduated from the University of Hawaii with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. He must have got his persuading ability from his experiences. If you trace his career path from working in a coffee shop to studying human behavior, you can tell that he’s been the people person type since the beginning of his career. 

You can find him on different platforms promoting his online courses and flaunting his luxurious lifestyle. According to Forbes and HuffPost, he induced his first million dollars from his first company AWOL ‘’Another Way of Life’’ Academy and later rebranded it to Fullstaq Marketer.

AWOL Academy was a training program that teaches online marketing founded by Keala Kanae and Kameron George back in 2015. It even got pretty big, on track to hit $30M in sales in 2017 according to Huffpost. But then in 2018, it was shut down and from there they decided to part ways. Keala Kanae is a seasoned marketer and previously made a lot of money with the Empower Network.

So Keala Kanae got his first success in network marketing where he ran Facebook ads selling a high ticket affiliate program and training a team of people how to repeat these methods.  That is still what he does with the affiliate program in Fullstaq Marketer, the high ticket upsells can earn for the members who refer or recruit others into this system..

You can get a taste of What is Keala Kanae about here:

Keala Kanae’s current net worth is claimed to be between $3 to 5 million and his company Fullstaq Marketer LLC has reported revenue of $20 to $50 million in revenue each year. Sounds like he’s been busy, but is this enough information to determine if Keala Kanae is a scam? Read on to find out. 

How Much Does it Cost to Join Fullstaq Marketer?

This depends on when you join and whatever funnels Keala Kanae is running at the time to maximise his sales to people like you.

Keala Kanae is a clever marketer. When I first came across him in 2020 his funnel to sell his Fullstaq has varied over the years.

In 2020, on his main target page there used to be a free download offering a marketing guide eBook, claiming a lot!  Then it was a 2 hour funnel into his paid premium courses.

In late 2021,  on the Fullstaq Marketer website, you could find a video of Keala in the course section. As you watch the video, you could find a lot of information about his compelling personality and what drives people to join him in his courses.

In 2022, he tweaked his funnel further to cut the video, and just any of the buttons will take you to the Sales Page called the “Business Launch Challenge”. 

They also challenge you to join in what they call a ‘’Business or Bankroll Guarantee” which is “worth”  $1600.

Keala Kanae review Is Fullstaq Marketer a Scam- Business launch challenge sales page2 18Jun2022

It includes: 

  • Vertical Selling System worth $1000
  • One-to-One Attention worth $500
  • 30 Minute Breakthrough worth $100 

Which totals to $1600. if you decide to purchase right away he will give you a ‘discounted’ price of $39.  This is a common sales tactic, show something at inflated values and offer it for what appears to be a massive discount. 

So this is a paid funnel to learn his system where he will sell you his Fullstaq Marketer courses.  As a funnel expert, Keala Kanae has refined his funnel to improve his conversions of selling to people like you over the years. You can see he has pruned out the freebie seekers by no longer offering his free lead magnet, instead you give him $39 just to get an intro and then you get pitched his premium courses.

He confidently says that he will ‘’Set up with products proven to convert, launch your online business from scratch, get traffic to your website/funnel, get leads on your email list or he’ll pay you back double the cost of your admission!’’ he also added at the end of that ‘’the only way to lose is by not attending“. Indeed, it is a charming offer if you think about it!

If you browse their website he deviates your attention to what he accomplished. He failed to mention that the courses are interconnected and you will fail to see decent results unless you pay for the second course and so on. You will end up paying more than what is revealed on his website.

Based on my observations the courses from his website are  very similar to the AWOL Academy program. He even used the same descriptions in every module. We can expect that it will be the same concept but since a lot of people complained, he lowered the price.

How Does Fullstaq Marketer Work?

In comparison to AWOL Academy, their training courses are closely related. Fullstaq Marketer is exactly like affiliate marketing and to get a glimpse of how it works, take a look below:

Keala Kanae review Is Fullstaq Marketer a Scam How Affiliate Marketing Works

Okay, so here’s a simple way of explaining this, first you need to purchase Keala’s ‘training’ which is supposedly 2.5 days. This will help you choose other people’s products to sell, how to set up a sales funnel, and use paid advertising to generate traffic that will later on convert to sales.   So it is important to understand here, this course teaches people how to use paid traffic from social media to try and make money from affiliate marketing. 

What is Fullstaq Marketer About?  What are the Fullstaq Marketer Courses?

By now, you are probably wondering about the courses and how much they cost.The concept of the program is very appealing and will catch your attention. Keala offers 4 courses. As shown below, these are the Fullstaq Accelerator, Traffic Labs, Conversion Labs, Master Labs programs.

Keala Kanae review Is Fullstaq Marketer a Scam Masters Labs course
4 Courses offered: Fullstaq Accelerator, Traffic Labs, Conversion Labs, Master Labs programs.

Interestingly the funnel is different from the $39 “Business Launch Challenge” and between these.  The Fullstaq Accelerator is his second main funnel to sell to people by you.

Fullstaq Accelerator

Keala Kanae review Is Fullstaq Marketer a Scam Fullstaq Accelerator course

The Fullstaq Accelerator course is the first level of their training that claims it will teach you how to “create a high converting sales machine, from scratch, with any niche”. This course includes goal setting, funnel labs, the verical selling system and community access. 

He has refined this course since 2021, back then you could find three thorough video guides such as Fullstaq Onboarding, Fullstaq Edge, Fullstaq Funnel Labs.  Back then it cost a whopping $997.  These are all gone and pitched at the lower price point of $99.  But given this and his first funnel “Business Launch Challenge” are both funnels, he can change the pricing at any time to maximize his conversions.

Anyway, his Fullstaq Accelerator funnel is currently offering to give you:

  • Fullstaq 101: one of their ‘Certified Advisors’ (aka course upsellers) gives you a coaching call for your goals (and no doubt helps you decide which extra courses to buy)
  • Funnel Labs: training to build sales funnels which he calls ‘automated selling machines’
  • Fullstaq Edge: another course on goal setting, removing limiting beliefs and mindset
  • FSM Community: access to community for help and support

Interestingly he used to also pitch in his former $997 offering a “Fullstaq Onboarding”  that used to help you get started using the Fullstaq resources and had the community.  This may have been rebadged as FSM Community.

But here’s the kicker…

To really get going with his full system you will need (and be sold by the ‘Advisors’) to buy at least one other course.  Typically with these types of funnel based courses they won’t show you everything e.g how to successfully fun the paid ads to even try to get any visitors to your sales page.

But you are in luck! The 1 on 1 “Certified Advisor Call” will help…(I’m joking here, just warning you of upsell shenanigans).

Traffic Labs Course

Keala Kanae review Is Fullstaq Marketer a Scam Fullstaq Accelerator course

Claims it will teach you how to create traffic from sponsored social media advertisements. It should be purchased alongside Fullstaq Accelerator training to get effective results.

When I first started looking into Keala Kanae, this had a “coming soon” label and a price tag of $1,997, now that has been replaced by “contact us” where you’ll be sold this course by one of the ‘advisors’.

This course claims to help you get “high-converting, laser targeting traffic that’s ready to buy right now.”  It is also important to understand the sentence before that too “nothing happens in your business until you get traffic to your website.”

So what does this mean?  There’s no traffic under this system until buy this paid traffic course. So without any traffic your funnels, sales pages and offers on those sales page are completely worthless.  So you would need to spend over $2k to even get into this program.

Plus the traffic is paid ads through social media platforms to try to get this “laser targeted traffic” to buy what you would be selling.

Paid traffic can work if you find a campaign that is profitable, then you can spend more money on your social media ads to make it more profitable.

But what the ‘gurus” won’t tell you is…

Paying for social media ads is risky.

So even if you find something that works for a few days, very soon you could be losing money.

  • Social media algorithms change very often
  • Social media platforms like Facebook are making it harder to promote affiliate offers and your account can even get blocked without reason
  • At a minimum on Facebook alone, you need to fork out $10 – $20 PER DAY to keep your ads running daily. So you may be spending thousands before you even find one profitable ad
  • So you would NEED to be prepared to throw serious amounts of money at this ‘system’ to try to get it to work.

For all of these risks and reasons, i don’t want to burn cash attempting paid ads.  I prefer FREE traffic for affiliate marketing.

Paid traffic works better when you are promoting your OWN course, with your own pricing and upsells. Keala Kanae knows a fair bit about paid traffic, think about it – did you first learn about him through some of his paid ads on social media?

Conversion Labs

Keala Kanae review Is Fullstaq Marketer a Scam Conversion Labs course

Claims it imparts you how to convert your traffic from cold leads to warm leads. This is email marketing, learning to build and nurture your list and sell to them.

Again this seems to be another upsell to attempt to make this ‘system’ work.  If you go down his funnel you will have already spent over $2K to even get traffic, then any traffic you can get is only productive IF you can actually monetize it.  That’s where this upsell comes into play as apparently you’ll learn their “most coveted conversion secrets.”

Master Labs

Keala Kanae review Is Fullstaq Marketer a Scam Masters Labs course

Claims it will cover money management, strategic tax planning, and investing.  This seems to be yet another upsell.

I also want to mention that the Conversion and Master Lab courses were previously listed as “Coming Soon” on the website – but now, it says “ Contact us”. So, let me ask you a question, wouldn’t that make you think twice about buying the courses? 

Fullstaq Elite

This course isn’t listed on the official courses page, but from researching online apparently this course is

… reserved for our most serious clients who know that Building, Growing, and Scaling Online Businesses is the key to creating a lifestyle by their own design. It’s for the Wise Marketer that understands the value of peaking behind the curtain.”

This upsell appears to include all of his other courses and mentoring inside a private Facebook group.  I’ve read of the price tag of $5,800 but cheaper if you’ve bought his other courses. More recent reviews show this price has increased to $10,000 (see review below). 

Fullstaq Marketer Fullstaq Elite review Elite program costing $10,000
Elite program costing $10,000

That is some serious outlay there targeting the experienced internet marketers.  if you are a complete beginner, this is probably a very risky starting point to invest so much in courses that rely on paid traffic which can be fickle.

How much does it cost to join Fullstaq Marketer?

Depending on which funnel you came in from, the starting costs are:

  1. The “Business Launch Challenge” starting price is currently $39
  2. The Fullstaq Accelerator is currently marketed at $99
Keala Kanae Review Business Launch Challenge funnel checkout page
“Business Launch Challenge” starting price is currently $39
Keala Kanae Review Fullstaq Accelerator Sales page pricing
“Fullstaq Accelerator” Sales page pricing currently $99

After which you will get a “Clarity Call” from one of their ‘Certified Advisors’ (aka course upsellers) and that’s where you can be upsold anywhere from $1,997 to $5,800. As shown to you above, the cost will depending on which upsell courses you buy but you will need more than these two starting points as you will have no traffic otherwise with either of the front end courses.

This is only the beginning of the costs, to attempt to run an online business under this paid traffic model….

Fullstaq Marketer additional monthly costs

To attempt to make money from applying this course you would typically need at least $364+ a month.

You would need hosting/domain, the many tools Fullstaq Marketer recommend as well as ongoing costs of paid traffic:

Website hosting and domain name$10+
Tracking tool such as ClickMagick$37
Paid traffic (Facebook ads)$200+
Cost per month$414+

Did you see this anywhere in the Fullstaq Marketer website?

No? That’s because that won’t be disclosed anywhere but will become the start reality for anyone attempting to make money through these methods.

For anyone seriously committed to Fullstaq Marketer this would be a necessary business expense and you should see it that way. 

Keala Kanae review Is Fullstaq Marketer a Scam- Business launch challenge sales page5 Funnel of how it works 18Jun2022
Business launch challenge sales page video of how it works

Please ask yourself, particularly if you are new, how long would it take you to start seeing any revenue to exceed these monthly costs?

Fullstaq Marketer Testimonials – What Are People Saying About Fullstaq Marketer?

There are Fullstaq Marketer Testimonials can be found on their sales page. Everything that’s mentioned mainly focuses on their positive feedback. Most of them claim to have quit their jobs to pursue a  full-time online marketing business. They have more time with their family and they don’t have to go anywhere to earn money, some of them claimed that they acquired more compared to their previous jobs. 

Most students that enroll in the Fullstaq Marketer Courses are grateful that they met Keala and claim that he has changed their lives. 

You can find  a lot of success stories from Keala Kanae’s review section like what’s shown below: ‘’if you have a chance to work with him, take it!’’ said one of his students.

Here are the testimonials from his website – who really believes these testimonials on sales pages? 

Keala Kanae review Is Fullstaq Marketer a Scam sales page testimonials
Fullstaq Marketer Sales Page Testimonials

FullStaq Marketer Reviews Online 

So what we know so far is that Fullstaq Marketer (and the Business Launch Channel) are funnels that are part of this system. This is a training program with upsells that claims to teach you what you need to know to make money online. Essentially it uses paid traffic to try to earn revenue from affiliate marketing.

But will it work for you?

For you to fully assess this, it’s best to really see what others that have taken the courses have said on the independent review websites.

I researched loads of review sites like TrustPilot, BBB and also YouTube reviews to see objective reviews online.

I have compiled the most common positive and negative Fullstaq Marketer reviews so you can see it for yourself. (Positive reviews are found on Fullstaq Marketer Website.)

Common Positive Reviews

  • Training and program is step by step to help you
  • Offers complete training programs and mindset to become an online marketer
  • Motivational three days from the business launch challenge and is comprehensive training

The most common positive reviews seem to be around how motivational the three day event is. For example:

Fullstaq Marketer Review Common Positive review

Common Negative Reviews 

  • Surprise or disappointment at the extra costs 
  • More complicated and much more expensive that expected
  • Lack of success – not getting any leads and not making any money
  • Not much help unless you are one of they people that buy the Elite program upsell costing $10,000

As a common complaint, some people have mentioned that the prices are too high, too time consuming, and unreliable as seen in the images below:

Fullstaq Marketer Fullstaq Elite review 2
Fullstaq Marketer Fullstaq Elite review 1
Fullstaq Marketer Review Common Positive review 1

Is Fullstaq Marketer a Scam?  

Is Fullstaq Marketer a scam? 

Based on what we have discussed so far, other online reviews mentioned that they will provide you the training they promised. However, they charge you a lot. You can find similar training that’s more cost-effective.

In my opinion, Fullstaq Marketer is not a scam. But the price he offers is not for everyone. If you’re going to ask me if there is a better alternative? I would definitely say Yes! There is a better alternative to gain the same knowledge that will not drain your bank dry like these courses.. 

Is Keala Kanae a scam? He is qualified to teach and a lot of people are satisfied with what they paid, he is an effective digital marketing coach. 

However, some of his words are misleading. You’ll hear a lot about his money and material things on social media to keep you motivated and obligated to pay more to see results. 

Next let’s look at the Fullstaq Marketer pros and cons

What I Like About Fullstaq Marketer 

Here are some of the Fullstaq Marketer pros and reasons people may buy into these courses

  • Keala is a qualified internet marketing coach with impressive proficiency. 
  • He provides extensive modules with an effective teaching method. 
  • It is indeed less expensive than AWOL Academy. They give you what is promised but it allocates the same level of knowledge.  

1. Keala Kanae is an experienced internet marketer

Keala knows his stuff and made lots of money from affiliate marketing. Do you want to see evidence of this?

Here’s Keala in one of his recruitment videos…

Keala Kanae review Is Fullstaq Marketer a Scam Recruitement Video

This is so cheesy, does it put you off also?

These supposed checks received could be bills due or anything for all we know.  But he claims they are from “selling a health product that I ran ads for”.  It was probably a product from Clickbank (see below).  He also claims to have learned a lot from over 12 years of failure before he became successful with this.

With a little digging you can find that Keala’s company is making somewhere in the $20 to $50 Million in revenue each year.  That’s what selling a course with high ticket upsells and memberships has done for him.

2. Tools, Skills and Mindset training

Does include mindset training also.  Not all affiliate marketing training programs have this.  There was common positive feedback about this aspect.

3. You can get mentor support with the Elite Program upsell

If you can get a 1 on 1 mentor in online marketing your chances of success are much higher.

Note that you will get far less help if you only buy the entry level courses and upsells.  Common feedback was that “FullStaq crew, didn’t go into much detail on adding ‘other’ offers from product/service sites like ClickBank”.

You can also check this out to see how you can get 1 on 1 mentorship and support from an active community of experienced and caring internet marketers as well as personal mentoring from me.

What I don’t Like About Fullstaq Marketer 

Here are some of the Fullstaq Marketer cons and concerns I have.

1. Unknown costs to start and must buy VERY expensive upsells to make system work

The courses are not complete and you would need to buy upsells to make it work. Fullstaq Accelerator is the flagship entry course.  However with that alone you don’t even learn how to get any traffic.  In internet marketing, an online business without traffic is like a signpost in the desert.  So to make Fullstaq Accelerator work you do need to buy Traffic Labs to get traffic and at $1,997 this is where it gets very expensive.

Then in order to convert that traffic to make money, you’ll need to buy Conversion Labs and by then it has gotten seriously expensive, probably around $5K by this point.  If you haven’t already been upsold by their sales reps to buy the Fullstaq Elite, potentially costing $10,000 to get the whole shebang of this system.  This is eye-wateringly expensive. 

They are also not upfront about not letting people know that the tools to operate this paid traffic business model are expensive and need to be purchased separately. 

Do you like surprise costs and learning you’ll need to keep buying at least 3 of his products?

2. Ongoing expenses of paid traffic model and ongoing upsells

As well as being lured by the constant upsells by the ‘Certified Advisors’ you’ll have ongoing costs to run this business model as covered in “Fullstaq Marketer additional monthly costs” of $364+ a month.  This makes it very risky for beginners.

As I mentioned above in analysis of the upsell course ‘Traffic Labs’, paying for social media ads is very risky.

So even if you find something that works for a few days, very soon you could be losing money with the changing algorithms and these platforms making it harder to promote affiliate offers.

At a minimum on Facebook alone, you need to fork out $10 – $20 PER DAY to keep your ads running daily. So you may be spending thousands before you even find one profitable ad.  So you would NEED to be prepared to throw serious amounts of money at this ‘system’ to try to get it to work.

For all of these risks and reasons, i don’t want to burn cash attempting paid ads.  I prefer FREE traffic for affiliate marketing. You will get the skills, knowledge and traffic from learning how to get free traffic.  Then when it works you can amplify your results with paid traffic.  But for any new online marketer to start out with paid traffic is like losing money hand over fist.

Beginners be warned, you can seriously burn cash with this paid traffic system and upsells.

3. Questionable lack of success stories

With the claim “the world’s greatest internet marketing training”, do you expect there to be loads of positive reviews and success stories?  I’d certainly expect to see them.

So I searched far and wide.

This one stands out in YouTube, at just 95 seconds it is very vague, Samantha is an actor and hasn’t responded to any questions so this makes it questionable whether it was a paid promo.

Keala Kanae review Is Fullstaq Marketer a Scam Samantha Belle Actor questionable positive review unanswered comments

Samantha’s YouTube channel makes no further mention, Instagram and Facebook profiles are silent on Fullstaq Marketer.  She’s moved on to “The Fulfillment Experience” in 2022.  I emailed to ask for feedback on the Fullstaq Marketer program and she was kind enough to share her experiences.  She is no longer an active member of Fullstaq Marketer, no longer does affiliate marketing or run any ads, but had a positive experience.

Keala Kanae review Is Fullstaq Marketer a Scam Samantha Belle Actor questionable positive review
Samantha’s YouTube channel makes no further mention, Instagram and Facebook profiles are silent on Fullstaq Marketer. 

Plus he uses a 2 hour webinar to sell his upsell courses to you. You won’t learn any secrets to “make $10,000” or anything that he claims, there is always a ‘catch’ and you have to pay more to learn anything from him.

There are a few red flags for me here.

4. Has some MLM features with the certification levels from upsell courses

This could be a pro or a con depending on your perspective.  If you don’t like paying for more upsell courses to get higher level ‘certification’ then this is definitely a con.  But if you like being upsold too and paying $$$ for all the courses then at least you can get some $ back it seems.

This student explains that after you reach certain higher levels from buying more of their courses “after you start mastering things in the program and there are different levels, you can tutor other people that are in the course if you are certified. So you can begin already reaping the benefits and getting that return on investment”.  So students like this guy are actively recruiting into the program too.

This guys recruitment link and entire domain is no longer active so this is saying something about lack of success.

There are recruiters galore for Fullstaq Marketer.  Just warning you so you can watch out for them.

Keala Kanae review Is Fullstaq Marketer a Scam YouTube Reviews chasing referral commission

5. Teaches you to sell Clickbank products

One landing page recruiting video of Keala Kanae shows him teaching you to sell Clickbank products.  Many consumers prefer to buy products and services from more reputable sources than Clickbank.  I personally find these crappy B grade or C grade products and buy products from far more reputable sources than Clickbank.

Keala Kanae review Is Fullstaq Marketer a Scam Teaches you how to sell Clickbank products

Would you even take products like this yourself?  How do you feel about paying for paid traffic to promote these types of products? 

6. Risky Money Back Guarantee

The front end  product Fullstaq Accelerator on its sales page has a 14 day money back guarantee.  

Keala Kanae review Is Fullstaq Marketer a Scam Fullstaq Accelerator 14 day Guarantee

However this recruiter video back in March 2022 had a longer 30 day money back guarantee. What is going on?

Keala Kanae review Is Fullstaq Marketer a Scam Fullstaq Marketer review video 14 March 2022 used to be 30 days

Why would they reduce the time that buyers of Fullstaq Accelerator have to get their money back?  This is a concern to me.

Reading through the many complaints on BBB, a common concern is how strict they are on the 14 days, they won’t refund even $1 if you exceed 14 days.  The real problem for you with this is you hardly progress through the training and may also realise all the upsells and ongoing business costs from this system well after this time.

Keala Kanae review Is Fullstaq Marketer a Scam Refund Complaints are many
This poor person spend $12,000 on this system and complained

My Final Thoughts

Fullstaq Marketer has great potential and Keala is an eligible person to teach effective online marketing strategies. However, given Fullstaq Marketer offers a “full stack” of programs, you’ll need to buy at least three of them to have a chance to make this paid traffic system work.  Then the ongoing costs of paid traffic and running the other tools can drain your cash leaving big holes in your pockets.

But if the events and motivational style is what you need to get you to do anything in online marketing AND you have a spare $10k to start with this system, then it may suit you.

We should also consider the previous clients of AWOL Academy. It seems like he detached himself from them without considering the amount of money they invested, the effort, and time students devoted to achieving such knowledge.

It is debatable whether he will be more generous to Fullstaq Marketer students compared to how he left AWOL Academy clients.

Apparently, Keala is more motivated to promote his business rather than prioritizing his services. Although he offers impressive online training, I believe his services are overpriced. There are better and cheaper options that share the same teaching but are way cheaper than Fullstaq Marketer.

Watching his ads and courses, it does seem like you may need to lure people to buying stuff from you.  I mean, would you even buy stuff from ClickBank? 

Is there a Better Alternative? 

Thanks for reading until the end of my post “Keala Kanae Review: Is Fullstaq Marketer a Scam” 

Keala’s lavish lifestyle is bluntly displayed using adverts on various social media platforms, it is obvious that the guy is living his dream. And to sustain his way of living he obviously needs to continue what he’s doing.

If you have deep pockets to support his way of living you can join his team. No one will stop you, but if you are looking for quality digital marketing training and way cheaper than Keala’s offers? Yes, It exists! 

So by now, If you’re uncertain about Fullstaq Marketer and its high costs paid traffic model and higher cost upsells, let me offer you an alternative that you might find more suitable for your needs and your budget.

My favorite way to make money online or from home is also through affiliate marketing

Just like what Fullstaq Marketer offers, I can personally teach you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing. 

But unlike Fullstaq Marketer, you don’t need to be stuck promoting Clickbank products or the likes of it. Here’s why I recommend this alternative for you.

  1. You are free to promote anything you want – you can have your own business. Plus it’s free to get started and give the training a test drive.
  2. All you need is your computer with internet connection and your goals to achieve – so you have freedom to work from home or work from anywhere. No hype and rah rah three day events, you follow proven training, apply what you learn and this type of business grows in time.
  3. You’ll learn real skill starting with FREE traffic so you won’t be burning holes in your pockets.  
  4. Your efforts are cumulative – as you continue to put in consistent effort, your traffic and income will grow. No need to gamble on paid traffic like Facebook ads. Rather you’ll gain the skills and traffic from FREE traffic.  So this is a much lower cost business model.
  5. Your earning potential is unlimited, many people make full-time incomes online and you can also outsource and scale your online business
  6. Even complete beginners can do it with the right training – here’s what I recommend and I can personally mentor you to help you earn.

My advice is to invest your precious time into building your own real online business to give you income you can rely on longer term, rather than simply relying on promoting specific risky products, expensive ads, and tools that you need to pay for.It is free to start and I can help you get started with it. If you then decide to commit to this and potentially go full-time, you can always choose to take the Premium option which is just $49/month inclusive of resources, tools and a helpful community. PLUS you’ll get personal mentoring from me.  If you’re curious about it, here is a link to my comprehensive review of the Wealthy Affiliate program.

Fullstaq Marketer

$39 or $99 + $10,000 upsells

Price with upsells


Business model


Ongoing business costs


Reliable source of income after all costs


Trusted product



  • Keala Kanae is an experienced internet marketer
  • Tools, Skills and Mindset training
  • You can get mentor support with the Elite Program upsell


  • Costs to start are hidden until youj join
  • Upsells are VERY expensive
  • Paid traffic is expensive and risky for beginners
  • Questionable lack of success stories
  • Seems MLM-like with recruiting into high ticket upsells

8 thoughts on “Keala Kanae review: Is Fullstaq Marketer a Scam?”

  1. Hey John,

    That was very informative, I have actually seen some Keala videos and caught on quickly on what was really going on, seeing some good feedback made me questioned myself and went looking for some answers, glad I found this.

    While the guy is doing the typical selling a dream he seems to have some good fundamentals, but for the price tag it seems the only one benefiting really is him. While I get we are all looking for some secret sauce to make it big online, many don’t realize a big percentage is personal effort you put in yourself, thank you for this and showing a better alternative.

  2. Hey Victor,
    Thank you for reaching out with your comments, I am glad that you took the time to read my honest Keala Kanae Review.
    You make some great point, personal effort is critical to achieving online success and chasing a secret source (think almost all of the products sold on Warrior Plus to lure people into trying to make east money online buying and buying a series of courses with expensive upsells like Fullstaq Marketer are both no guarantees of success. Your own personal efforts are a huge percentage of your chances to be successful, this involves consistent committed effort. For those reasons and after reviewing 100+ courses/programs etc, that’s why I still recommend the better alternative.

  3. Thank you for the breakdown on Keala Kanae.  I have always wondered about his product and thought it would be an upsell scam.  I have run into many of these online and it is disappointing to know that this is yet another one, but relieving to have someone expose the ins and outs of Mr. Kanae.  I hope one day to find a real online product that does what it claims without the hidden upsell, and claims of riches.

    Thanks again.

  4. Hey, thank you for taking the time to read my honest Keala Kanae review.  Also thanks for sharing your opinions and comments.

    As I mentioned in the review, Keala Kanae is not a scam but the entire program is a series of upsells which most people don’t like.  So given these upsells and other costs are not known or shown upfront, only after people have joined, that is why many people get frustrated after they buy into this and learn only afterwards.

    That’s why I researched so thoroughly and showed all the ins and outs, costs and upsells that I could find.  For these reasons and after reviewing 100+ progress/courses etc, that is why I keep recommending the better alternative. Feel free to check it out through any of my links above and also to email me with any questions or help you need at [email protected]

  5. Thank you for this informative Keala Kanae review. There really is some truth here, but it’s not exactly for everyone’s budget at first. My understanding here is that you have to buy a few courses to get everything working properly, but it’s may suit some people who can afford that. I will have to look at everything in detail one more time. I am sure that this article of yours will help many people be wary when roaming the Internet looking to make money online and to avoid various scams. Thank you and I wish you success.

  6. Hey Zvezdan,
    thank you for taking the time to read my honest Keala Kanae review. Also thanks for sharing your opinions and comments.
    Yes Keala Kanae’s courses and especially the upsells are not for everyone.

    For the reasons given in the article and after reviewing 100+ progress/courses etc, that is why I keep recommending the better alternative. Feel free to check it out through any of my links above and also to email me with any questions or help you need at [email protected]

  7. Thank you for this review of Fullstaq Marketer. As you point out, the program has a lot of upsells, which is definitely a red flag. There’s really no telling what you’re going to get when you sign up for something like this, and as such, I tend to be wary of them. A program that lets you know about all of the cost upfront is less shady. Otherwise, you’re just taking your chances.

    Thanks for saving others the trouble with your review!

  8. Hi Zvezdan,
    Thank you for reading my honest Keala Kanae review and thanks for sharing your opinions and comments.
    Yes Keala Kanae’s courses and especially the upsells are not for everyone. This is a big red flag that you don’t see on the sales videos.
    That’s why I do these honest reviews, to help your and all readers make the best decision for yourself.

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