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What is Freelance Writers Den | Is The Membership Really Worth It?

The idea behind Freelance Writers Den was to create a community that would help freelancers in their day-to-day tasks, from giving pointers or offering advice. The website was created with the intent of finding companionship among people with a similar line of work and increasing exposure for writers, which is why it has been regarded as one of the best online communities for freelancers.

This might be a question that many freelance writers ask themselves at one point of another. It’s also a question that people who are just getting into the writing industry want to know. If you’re hoping to find out if it is worth it, read on and we’ll tell you everything you need to keep in mind before signing up on its waitlist.

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What is Freelance Writers Den: Summary

Website: Freelance Writers Den

Founder: Carol Tice

Rating: 88/100

Prices of Products/Services offered: 

Membership fee: $40/ per month or $400/annually

Best For: Non-beginners

Recommended: Yes

What is Freelance Writers Den About: A community and training website for aspiring writing freelancers and those looking to expand their writing skills and business.

Summary: Nowadays, there are more and more people who decide to become freelancers. The reasons for this may vary – it could be that they want to gain independence in their work, or just because the job market is very tight nowadays. A great way of getting started as a freelancer is with Freelance Writers Den. This website not only allows people to become part of a great writing community but also offers many different writing opportunities. There are all kinds of tasks, learning resources, and a forum area on the Freelance Writers Den community.

what is Freelance Writers Den About?

Freelance Writers Den was founded as a community for freelancers, where they can share their thoughts and experiences. It’s also a place to offer advice to those who need help with something or want suggestions from someone more experienced. Freelance Writers Den is a platform that helps freelancers develop themselves professionally by offering another perspective, whether it’s about writing or working in general.

Freelance Writer’s Den has a wide array of services for its users, from offering suggestions and advice on their writing, having a section where they can post jobs and apply to them, providing training materials that teach new members how to be successful in their work, and hosting a forum where freelancers can share tips and discuss different themes. It also has a Facebook page that offers primary news about the website or any other relevant information for its users or those looking to get into writing.

Upon joining Freelance Writer’s Den, new members have access to a dedicated forum where they can share their opinions and have discussions about topics of interest. They can also receive training materials on how to improve their writing skills, as well as listings that list all the available jobs for writers.

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Who is Carol Tice?

Carol Tice is a prolific author of business books, and the founder of Make A Living Writing Blog and the Freelance Writers Den community. She believes that many people have an innate talent to write but lack instruction on how to channel it into profitable outlets, something she hopes to help with through her writing courses.

Carol Tice offers valuable advice for writers, especially new and aspiring ones to help them turn their talents into profitable outlets. She walks readers step by step through the process and avoids complicated jargon that can often be found in other books on writing. Her conversational tone makes it easy for anyone at any level to benefit from her teaching and learn valuable skills they can use in the future.

Beyond the Course

When I looked in the website details, I found that it has been around since 2011

what is freelance writers den domain details

Now that’s quite reassuring that it has been around for more than a decade now!

What is Freelance Writers Den Offering for its users?

Freelance Writers Den offers to connect business who need writing services with writers who are looking for work. They are targeting professional writers, academics or other qualified personnel that are wanting to find extra work online. This can be both good and bad because while they might have a large pool of writers to choose from, many of them will not be suited for the projects that they are looking for to fill.

Forum and Community

The community offers a place where writers can come together, network with each other and share ideas. By joining Freelance Writers Den, members are able to get information about projects that are coming up quickly, which will allow them to take on more work in one day than they might be able to on their own. This also allows for a chance at making a lot more money in a short amount of time because the projects that they are looking for to fill can go quickly and if you aren’t there, then you could lose out on a large volume of work.

In addition, as a member you have access to the members only forums where you can ask experts questions about any topic. In addition to these resources, as a member, you have the opportunity to take part in writing contests and book critiques. Imagine being paid for an hour or two of work so that you can earn a few thousand dollars by critiquing someone else’s book. Not only do you get paid, but because the person giving the critique has to be a member of the Freelance Writers Den (for our protection) it means that they are serious about this business and will probably pay on time.

The membership fee is worth it for these reasons alone, let alone all of the other resources that the Freelance Writers Den provides. For a small fee, you can’t afford not to join this business resource. Plus, if you’re having any trouble paying the fee for this month’s membership, there’s even an option to pay monthly which can help stretch your dollar even further.

Bootcamps and writing lessons

Freelance Writers Den also offers coaching and boot camp lessons in a large number of areas, including SEO writing and copywriting. These lessons are designed to help writers get a better idea of how they can improve their skills in order to make more money. While these coaching lessons might cost some money, many feel that it is very much worth the price tag when you add up what you could be making from them. There are also free courses available, which allow you to get a feel for the style of courses that they offer without having to pay anything.

Affiliate program

Freelance Writers Den has an affiliate program where members are able to earn money by putting their link on their blogs or websites and getting people to join through them. There is both a direct way and an indirect way where you can do this. The direct way is by putting your referral link in the sign-up form that you get when you join, and every time someone signs up using it, you will get a percentage of what they pay in their first year. The indirect way is through the use of content marketing and Google Adsense ads. If you do this, then you will get a percentage of what the advertisers pay for every click that they get on these ads.

Both members and non-members can promote Freelance Writers Den and make money from it! Here are the details of their compensations for the the referrals:

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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

It’s great to know that the Freelance Writers Den offers a 7-day money-back guarantee without any conditions!

what is freelance writers den 30 day money back guarantee

Can You Make Money With Freelance Writers Den

Can you make money with Freelance Writers Den? It is possible to do so, although it does depend on the effort you are willing to put into it. You have to remember that there are many other writers on the website, all of whom are looking for jobs. What does this mean? It means that people can be picky when choosing which projects they will do – after all, their livelihood is at stake! However, if you manage to convince a client to give you a shot if you write good articles and manage to find the right clients, there is no reason why you won’t be able to make money with Freelance Writers Den!

While you can make money from the referral program, the immense number of users might make it hard for you to be picky on the available gigs on the job board! You gotta be fast.

Is Freelance Writers Den Legit?

Well, to be completely transparent with you, I am not a student of Carol Tice or Is Freelance Writers Den.

I have spent a good amount of time researching the website, reading testimonials, and studying information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what Freelance Writers Den really do. This is because programs just like this have burned me in the past, and I want to keep others from going down the same path I did. You can learn more here in this article ā€œHow to Spot an Online Marketing Scam and Avoid Scamsā€.

I believe that Freelance Writers Den is not a scam, and it’s great for its price point. However, the catch is that it’s not open every time and $40 per month is quite a big amount for beginners. I can best recommend this community access to those who already have a steady income and who are looking to expand their writing business.

Reasons why Freelance Writers Den Should be for non-beginners:

1. Non-beginners can start applying for jobs as soon as they register. Writing beginners may at first click around and learn the craft before actually applying to jobs available. Non-beginners can start getting their gigs right away, previous users have mentioned that jobs available on the board won’t underpay you as most of it pays above $50 even for quick gigs.

2. Non-beginners would have the freedom to choose their jobs niches easily and not fall into the trap of accepting clients even when you’re not interested in the topic details. This way it can preserve the quality of hires from the Freelance Writers Den community.

3. There are job posts that require higher skills and experience. Obviously, these are more competitive and require better writing skills than regular jobs that come through the community’s e-mails or any other way.

Freelance Writers Den Review


  • Active community
  • The price point is justifiable
  • Affiliate opportunity is open for both members and non-members
  • Has a money-back guarantee


  • Option to join the community is not always open
  • No hands-on tool experience
  • Membership is best for those with a steady stream of income
  • You pay a monthly membership to get gigs
  • Risk of not getting a job due to number of members/users

What is Freelance Writers Den- Overview and Final Verdict

Is Freelance Writers Den worth it?

Being a member of the Freelance Writers Den is consistently worth it. It’s not cheap, but for the price tag of $40, you get access to hundreds of articles, videos, tutorials, and templates that can save you hours or even days when trying to break into this business. You can also network with professionals and other writers who are looking to build their careers. By being in the Freelance Writers den you get access to writing opportunities and networking events, and you can learn from other writers looking for work.

If you’re new to freelancing or if you’ve been pursuing this career path for years, joining the Freelance Writers Den can help you grow and excel in your writing career.

If you’re looking for a way to make money online, then the Freelance Writers Den is a good place to start. If you’re only going to join one website to get assignments, then it should be this one. The site has been running successfully since 2011 and works with top notch companies from all over the world. You can be positive that any company on this platform is serious about its business. That’s because to be included in the list, companies must pay a fee and usually only work with writers who have proven track records of delivering high quality writing services time after time.

The site has not operated without criticism though. There are some freelancers who claim they paid the registration fee, but never got any assignment to work on. This might be so because there are too many writers who join the site every day and only a small percentage get assignments. But still this is no reason not to try your luck at all.

How I Make a Passive Income Online

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Here’s the secret, I happen to know a community that will let you check them out for free before deciding if their training program for affiliate marketing and blogging is for you or not. Since it’s free to start you can have a good take on what to expect, (no unfounded and ridiculous claims) plus John below can guide you through it with personalized coaching to help you! I haven’t mentioned the catch though…

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Freelance Writers Den

$40 monthly or $400 annually



Income Opportunity






Business Model



  • Active community
  • The price point is justifiable
  • Affiliate opportunity is open for both members and non-members Has a money-back guarantee
  • Has a money-back guarantee


  • Option to join the community is not always open
  • No hands-on tool experience
  • Membership is best for those with a steady stream of income
  • Option to join the community is not always open No hands-on tool experience Membership is best for those with a steady stream of income You pay a monthly membership to get gigs
  • Risk of not getting a job due to number of members/users