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what is eazybot about: is EazyBot a scam or legit?

If you’re here, you’re probably curious about the legitimacy of EazyBot. Maybe someone recommended this business to you. Both ways, you’ve come to the right place to know what is Eazybot about. Before you invest your money in these kinds of businesses, you should take a closer look at the facts. So, let us investigate this further —is EazyBot a scam or legit?

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What Is Eazybot About Review Summary

EazyBot logo

Product Name: Eazybot

Founder: Top Secret

Price: $600

Rating: 5/100

Best For: anyone who wants to try cryptocurrency trading to earn income online and try to earn income through multi-level marketing

Recommended: Not Recommended

What Is Eazybot About: 

Summary: In this post, we look into what is Eazybot about. They claim to be a cryptocurrency program. However, there may be a very thin line between Eazybot and a pyramid scheme.

What Is Eazybot About?

EazyBot is a cryptocurrency trading bot that claims to make automated trading simple and accessible to anyone, even those with no prior experience.

what is eazybot about website

Background Info

EazyBot’s website domain (“eazybot.com”) acquired its registration for the first time in 2018. On December 23rd, 2021, the private registration was last updated with an incomplete address in Dubai, UAE. Hmm…sketchy.

If you look at its LinkedIn page, it lists 2022 as the company’s founding year. 

Eazybot Founder

Now, let’s learn about the company’s leadership. Not only that, but who is their CEO? Because it’s also a good idea to verify that this person is real. EazyBot, on the other hand, does not even provide this information. In truth, we’re not sure who’s in charge here. I don’t know about you but I don’t think this is a good impression.

Further investigation reveals Mohamed Omer Ali to be the founder and CEO of EazyBot:

What is EazyBot about Founder

Ali claims that he was “working in the elevators and escalators new installation industry” before reinventing himself as a crypto bro. His LinkedIn profile doesn’t divulge much information, nor does EazyBot’s website.

How Does Eazybot Work? How Does Eazybot Work?

EazyBot does not sell any goods or services to the general public. All they have is an affiliate program that they will be asking you to promote. This means that you will earn more money if you can get more people to participate. This also suggests that they are giving securities.

It all boils down to the fact that the more people you hire and the more money you invest, the more money you’ll make.

Wouldn’t that be more like a pyramid scheme? 

What Exactly Is a Pyramid Scheme?

Pyramid schemes are not only illegal, but they are also a colossal waste of your precious time and money. Unhealthy schemes like these rely solely on the recruitment of new members to generate their revenue. So don’t be surprised if a business like this fails the moment the number of potential recruits drops.

There can only be so many people you can recruit until you’ve reached the last person on earth. ?

Do you want to steer clear of these kinds of businesses bordering on being scams? Take note of these important points:

If the business looks like its main source of income is from recruiting more and more people rather than selling a product, it is time to run the other way. Some businesses try to sell a product as a front but put greater pressure on members to gather new recruits.

A business that focuses more on recruitment rather than marketing company merchandise is a clear characteristic of an illegal pyramid scheme.

If you care about where your money goes, I strongly suggest that you should be suspicious of businesses that don’t earn through product sales. Consider it a red flag if a company, only makes significant cash through the following:

  • continued expansion of your “downline”
  • You get commissions from the sales made by new consultants/distributors you recruit.

You should also be wary of income claims that are exaggerated. Many schemes brag about the exorbitant earnings of a few top performers.

Many of these schemes will try to entice you with the promise of a six-figure income or thousands of dollars per week. They even tell you that you can do it from the comfort of your own home!

Ready to make Passive Income Online?
Hi, I’m John. I created a passive income online. And I had no marketing skills or online experience when I started.

Eazybot Products


As mentioned earlier, Eazybot does not have a product. They have a “trading” process as the main component of their business. This makes it all the more suspicious to me.

Can You Really Make Money with Eazybot?

Yes. You can definitely make money with Eazybot. That is if you are willing to recruit friends and family in the scheme.

They say that you can start making money with EazyBot without shelling out any money. But if you intend to trade, it is recommended that you start with at least $600.

Eazybot is more an MLM than trading

EazyBot is your typical MLM trading bot scheme. Like any MLM, affiliates must sign up, pay a fee for access (or face higher ROI fees), connect EazyBot’s bot to their trading account, and invest funds through it.

EazyBot is the latest bot scheme in what appears to be a flood of low-cost trading bots into the MLM underbelly.

Multilevel Marketing (MLM) is what you call a strategy used by companies to sell products and services. A typical MLM encourages current members to promote and sell their products to others. Aside from this, they are also asked to bring in new recruits.

With direct selling companies, distributors are paid a percentage of their recruits’ sales. New recruits join the distributor’s network or downline and are encouraged to make sales to earn money.

Many MLM schemes are legal. However, there are illegal operations that work as pyramid schemes. As mentioned in a previous section, this mainly happens when there is more emphasis on recruitment, and if there is no product involved. cough!

How to Make Money with Eazybot?

There are seven ways to make money with Eazybot. Again, this is if you are comfortable with the fact that it is almost like a pyramid scheme.

Affiliate You need to sign up as an EazyBot affiliate
Affiliate CoachYou need to recruit 3 Affiliates who each invest at least $600 with the bot
M1 CoachYou need to recruit and maintain 1 Affiliate Coach
M2 CoachYou need to recruit and maintain 2 Affiliate Coaches
Super AffiliateYou need to recruit and maintain 3 Affiliate Coaches
M1 Super Affiliate You need to recruit and maintain 1 Super Affiliate
M2 Super AffiliateYou need to recruit and maintain 2 Super Affiliates
M3 Super AffiliateYou need to recruit and maintain 3 Super Affiliates
M3 Super AffiliateYou need to recruit and maintain 4 Super Affiliates
M5 Super Affiliate You need to recruit and maintain 5 Super Affiliates
Champion AffiliateYou need to have an M5 Super Affiliate. This should be in five separate downline legs. You can personally recruit them or otherwise probably someone else from your downline. They should be able to generate and maintain $500,000 in total downline bot investment volume
Crown AffiliateYou need to have a Champion Affiliate in five separate downline legs (can be personally recruited or otherwise), and generate and maintain $1,000,000 in total downline bot investment volume

You can also earn through commissions.

Referral Commissions

EazyBot pays referral commissions at the first and second levels of recruitment (uni-level). Referral commissions are paid as a percentage of subscription fees collected from Novice and Pro VIP recruited affiliates: 40% for level 1 (affiliates personally recruited) and 10% for level 2.

ROI Fee Commissions

Personally recruited affiliates pay 8% of ROI fees as ROI Fee Commissions, which increases by up to twenty levels based on rank and personal recruitment criteria:

You should recruit 1 affiliate to unlock levels 1 and 2
You should recruit 2 affiliates to unlock levels 1 to 4
You should recruit 3 affiliates to unlock levels 1 to 6
You should recruit 4 affiliates to unlock levels 1 to 8
You should recruit 5 affiliates to unlock levels 1 to 10
You should recruit 6 affiliates to unlock levels 1 to 12
You should recruit 7 affiliates to unlock levels 1 to 14
You should recruit 8 affiliates to unlock levels 1 to 16
You should recruit 9 affiliates to unlock levels 1 to 18
You should recruit 10 affiliates to unlock levels 1 to 20

If you are an Eazybot affiliate coach, you earn ROI Fee Commissions at 10 levels of recruitment.

Is EazyBot A Scam Or Legit - compensation diagram
  • 8% on levels 1 to 5
  • 1% on levels 6 to 10

M1 Coaches

You earn ROI Fee Commissions down 15 levels of recruitment on their personally recruited Affiliate Coach downline.

  • 8% on levels 1 to 5
  • 1% on levels 6 to 15

M2 Coaches

You earn ROI Fee Commissions down 15 levels of recruitment on their two personally recruited Affiliate Coach downlines.

  • 8% on levels 1 to 5
  • 1% on levels 6 to 15

Super Affiliates

You earn ROI Fee Commissions down 15 levels of recruitment on all personally recruited Affiliate Coach downlines

  • 8% on levels 1 to 5
  • 1% on levels 6 to 15

M1 Super Affiliates

You earn ROI Fee Commissions down 18 levels of recruitment on their personally recruited Super Affiliate downline (Affiliate Coach downlines remain at 15 levels)

  • 8% on levels 1 to 5
  • 1% on levels 6 to 18

M2 Super Affiliates

You earn ROI Fee Commissions on their two personally recruited Super Affiliate downlines down 18 levels of recruitment (Affiliate Coach downlines remain at fifteen levels).

M3 Super Affiliates

You earn ROI Fee Commissions on all personally recruited Super Affiliate downlines, up to 18 levels of recruitment (Affiliate Coach downlines remain at 15 levels).

M4 Super Affiliates

You earn ROI Fee Commissions on their first four personally recruited Super Affiliate downlines down 520 levels of recruitment.

Note that remaining Super Affiliate downlines are paid 18 levels, while affiliate Coach downlines remain at 15 levels.

M5 Super Affiliates and higher 

You earn ROI Fee Commissions on all personally recruited Super Affiliate downlines down 20 levels of recruitment (Affiliate Coach downlines remain at 15 levels).

ROI Fee Commissions Check Match

EazyBot offers an 8% check match on ROI Fee Commissions are paid down two levels of recruitment:
level 1 ROI Fee Commission match: 8% level 2 ROI Fee Commission match: 3%

Global Champions Revenue Pool

EazyBot allocates 3% of monthly subscription revenue to the Global Champions Revenue Pool. Every month, Champion Affiliates are paid based on their Global Champions Revenue Pool participation.

When you qualify as a Champion Affiliate you earn one share. Als each additional downline leg with an M5 Super Affiliate beyond your rank-required five legs makes you one more share.

Global Crown Revenue Pool

Each month, Crown Affiliates receive shares as payment in the Global Champions Revenue Pool. Qualifying as a Crown Affiliate generates one share, and each additional downline leg with a Champion Affiliate past your rank-required five legs generates one additional share.

What happens is EazyBot takes 2% of monthly subscription revenue. They then allocate it into the Global Crown Revenue Pool.

Founders Club

EazyBot contributes 5% of monthly subscription revenue to the Founders Club pool. The first 1000 EazyBot affiliates who sign up at the Pro VIP tier and qualify at Super Affiliate will receive equal shares in the Founders Club pool.

Ready to make Passive Income Online?
Hi, I’m John. I created a passive income online. And I had no marketing skills or online experience when I started.

Is Eazybot A Scam Or Legit?

We only see a login form when we visit their website, “eazybot.com,” we only see a login form. Looking deeper, the company registered its website for the first time in 2018. However, there is another major red flag in the website’s December 2021 update.

Just to be fully transparent with you, I am not connected to Affiliate Nation myself and I do not endorse it in any way.

I have researched the website, testimonials, and information on the Internet to get to the bottom of what Affiliate Nation genuinely does. This is because I have been burnt by programs just like this in the past and I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes. If you’d like to learn Ways to Avoid Online Scams then click the highlighted text. 

The new registration includes a Dubai address. In case you didn’t know, Dubai is infamous as the world’s most scam-friendly city. For some reason, many con artists prefer to carry out their schemes in this location.

How Much Does Eazybot Cost?

EazyBot is a company that provides access to a cryptocurrency trading bot with the following plans:

FreeNovicePro VIP
Trade two coins for free on a single exchange.$250 annually, with the ability to trade up to ten coins on up to two exchanges.$995 annually, allows you to trade any approved coin on up to five exchanges.

You use Tether to pay these subscription fees (USDT). Affiliates of EazyBot must invest at least $600 per coin in the bot.

What is Tether?

Tether is a cryptocurrency that is hosted on several blockchains, including the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains. Its tokens are issued by the Hong Kong company Tether Limited, which is controlled by Bitfinex’s owners.

By the 13th of March 2022, an EazyBot marketing video revealed their tradeable coins. Tron, ripple, cardano, polkadot, dogecoin, litecoin, uniswap, luna, bitcoin catch, ethereum, chainlink, polygon, stellar, and monero are among them.

The cost doesn’t end here.

EazyBot will also be charging you ongoing ROI fees in addition to subscription fees:

  • Affiliates on the first tier earn 30%.
  • Affiliates in the Novice and Pro VIP tiers receive a 20% commission.

EazyBot’s MLM side makes money from affiliate subscription fees. Although not explicitly stated, the assumption is that commissions and bonuses are in USDT, as well.

What I like about Eazybot

Nothing. Really, it’s just too sketchy to me that it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

What I don’t like about Eazybot 


Sketchy Founder

I don’t know about you, but a business having a face is key to building trust. If and when you and other people who joined Eazybot have a complaint, it’s a good thing to know who’s responsible.

Nope, your recruiter isn’t enough. Chances are, they have no idea what they’re truly selling either. Or worse, they know exactly what they’re doing and don’t care if they bring you in to be a bottom feeder. This is as long as they get the commission they need.

Securities Fraud

Take a look at this exchange from a youtube video about Eazybot.

Is Eazybot A Scam Or Legit - securities fraud

What is securities fraud?

Securities fraud, also known as stock fraud or investment fraud, is a misleading technique in the stock or commodities markets that leads to investors making purchase or sale decisions based on incorrect information, often resulting in losses and in violation of securities regulations.

Potential Pyramid Scheme

The fact that Eazybot has neither a product nor service is a GINORMOUS red flag. Andres Kindred even went as far as calling it a Ponzi scheme.


$600?! I don’t know about you but that is quite a huge chunk of cash.

My Final Thoughts on Eazybot 

There is a big possibility for you to be duped in cryptocurrency. In fact, there are already different scams involving cryptocurrency investments. To deceive unwary customers, scammers may develop false versions of official crypto wallets or bogus cryptocurrency trading sites. cough! cough!

The thing here is I have strong reason to believe that Eazybot isn’t reliable or trustworthy enough to put your hard-earned money in.

What Is Eazybot About? My #1 recommendation to make money online

Hey! You made it to the end of my post What Is Eazybot About!

There are other lucrative passive income opportunities available for you other than MLMs like Eazybot. MLM does not appeal to me. With Eazybot specifically, it doesn’t really seem like a reliable or stable source of income. Not to mention, you have to shell out a huge amount of money.

Affiliate Marketing is my #1 preferred business model. I believe this is the best for anyone looking to make money online.

What I have for you is:

  1. A supportive community
  2. Great training
  3. Supportive coaches who will assist you in setting up a genuine affiliate marketing opportunity
  4. The training teaches you to become a brand ambassador and earn directly from referrals.

If you want to make money online in an honest and sustainable manner, you may require the expertise of a professional as you learn how to start an online business.

And that’s exactly what we offer!

Why do I think it’s a good idea? Here’s why:

?You don’t have to put your friendships at risk in order to make money.

?We have reliable coaches who truly wants you to succeed (not just so they can earn a commission.)

?It is a genuine passive income opportunity.

?You can grow your business any time you want.

If you want to do this full-time, going premium costs only $49 per month.

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Opportunity for Income





  • NONE


  • sketchy founder
  • Securities Fraud
  • Potential Pyramid Scheme
  • Potential Pyramid Scheme

2 thoughts on “what is eazybot about: is EazyBot a scam or legit?”

  1. Wow. Thank you very much for this review. I am really happy you shared this in-depth information with us. To me, EazyBot looks like a perfect MLM scheme and there are even signs of being a SCAM. Not just because as you said, the owner is in Dubai (the mecca of SCAMS). MLM is an ineffective strategy to earn money, as only the owner and maybe the top 1-2% can earn decent money. The rest will earn something close to zero. Additionally, the securities frauds are so serious and the fact that there is **NO** PRODUCT INSIDE EAZY BOT, that I would not join the company. On the other side, your recommendation is something that everyone who is looking for opportunities to earn money online, should try. Cheers

  2. Hey Julius
    Thank you for reaching out to me, I am glad that you liked my honest EazyBot Review.
    yes the red flag alert went up when my serial MLM friend tried to recruit me into yet another one of her schemes. As if the failures of EmpiresX (owners ran off) and Intelligence Prime Capital (fake owners) and are not enough. She has not learned from those collapses and simply latches onto the next Scammy, MLM’y ‘opportunity’ that will also hurt innocent people by taking their money.

    As you say, with NO PRODUCT, this is sounding more like a ponzi scheme. The worst kind of cam.
    Plus the recruiting and try make money until it collapses like a house of cards, hurts many people. I wouldn’t join this formulaic ponzi looking scheme…ever!
    Thanks for sharing your preference in sharing your preference of affiliate marketing/building a REAL online business. I can help you or all readers build a real online business from home (that has NO recruiting) and taps into the almost 5 billion users of the internet but making helpful content that helps people. If you are interested to learn more, click on any of the buttons in the article or email me at [email protected]

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